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#115 : Le syndrôme de Lazare

Emma et Brennan passent leur soirée ensemble à danser dans un club branché de la ville. Emma, qui est de nature plutôt réservée, se laisse séduire par un mystérieux jeune homme répondant au nom de Caleb. Elle se retire avec son nouvel ami pour être plus au calme. Au moment où leurs lèvres se rapprochent, Caleb aspire l'énergie vitale d'Emma. Heureusement Brennan intervient à temps et, après un rapide combat, il met l'agresseur en fuite. Suite à l'incident, Adam charge Brennan et Jesse d'enquêter au club pour retrouver la trace de Caleb.


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Titre VO
Lazarus syndrome

Titre VF
Le syndrôme de Lazare

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Raven Dauda ... Maria
Andrew Gillies ... Dr. Ken Harrison
Larissa Laskin ... Pamela Fries
Andrew Kenneth Martin ... Caleb Mathias

                                           Lazarus Syndrome   


[Opening Scene: Inside the popular Red Club nightclub, a large crowd is dancing to the beat of loud techno music. Sitting at the bar, Emma watches Brennan on the dance floor, smiling flirtatiously at a blonde woman on his way back to the bar.]

Emma: Don't waste your time. She's not interested.
Brennan: Uh-huh. Maybe she's interested; she just doesn't know it yet. [He returns to the woman, but as he’s about to say something to her, she kisses the man next to her.]
Brennan (turning away): Damn!
Emma (laughing): I told you.
Brennan: Blah, blah, blah.
Emma (to The Bartender, Maria): Hey, can I get a virgin daiquiri?
Maria: You got it.
Emma: Thanks.
Brennan: Whoo! Aren’t you the wild and crazy woman tonight?
Emma: Hey, I’m taking it easy tonight.
Brennan: Well, that’s a big surprise. You take it easy every night. Come on, let’s get funky, girl!
Emma: You know, just because you think I’m a little conservative doesn’t mean that I’m... [She trails off, sensing a strange vibe from Maria, who has been staring at them.]
Brennan: Doesn’t mean that you’re what? Uptight?
Emma: You think I’m uptight?
Brennan: Maybe a little. You can loosen up some.
Emma: I am the most easygoing person I know!
Brennan: Mm-hmm.
Emma: Mm-hmm. [Maria brings her drink.] Thanks. [Brennan pulls out his wallet.]
Maria: It’s taken care of. The gentleman behind you?
Emma (turning around to face a dark-haired man standing behind her): Thank you.
Caleb Mathias: Caleb. Dance with me. [She follows him to the dance floor. Brennan watches for a while, then turns back to the bartender.]
Brennan: Excuse me. Can I get one more, please? Thanks. [By the time he turns around again, Emma and Caleb have left the dance floor to go for a walk outside, arms linked.]
Caleb: I never thought I’d meet someone like you in a place like this.
Emma: You know, I don’t even know your last name.
Caleb: Mathias. Caleb Mathias.
Emma: It feels like I’ve known you my whole life. [She chuckles.] God, that sounds like the biggest come-on line.
Caleb (stopping): No, it doesn’t. Not coming from you. [He kisses her.]
Emma (pulling away): Maybe we should slow down.
Caleb: Come on, Emma. Just one more kiss? [He kisses her again, then opens his mouth and starts drawing pink light from her mouth into his. Coming around the corner to check on Emma, Brennan runs over and kicks Caleb. As Emma slumps against the wall, Brennan and Caleb fight until Brennan threatens him with a tesla coil and Caleb flees into the night.]
Brennan (helping Emma up): Are you okay?
Emma: Yeah, I think so.
Brennan: What the hell happened right there?
Emma: I think he was trying to kill me.

Opening Credits. “Lazarus Syndrome”

[At Sanctuary, Brennan and Adam are walking down the hallway towards the main room, talking about Emma’s attack.]
Adam: I don’t understand. Where were you when this was going on?
Brennan: Well, I was sitting at the bar. It all seemed harmless enough, I mean, the guy looked completely normal. [They join Emma near the main computer.]
Emma: He was. At first it was just an innocent kiss, but then something started to happen. I couldn’t breathe, and I felt like I was suffocating.
Brennan: And that’s when I came around the corner. And it looked like the guy was sucking the life right out of her.
Adam (going to the computer): All right. Let me see what I can find out about this guy from the database. What’s his name again?
Emma: Caleb Mathias.
Adam: Caleb Mathias. Meanwhile, why don’t you and Jesse go back to the nightclub, see what you can dig up?
Emma: I’m going too.
Adam: No, no, wait, wait. Until we know more about this guy, I’d feel better if you just stayed here.
Emma: And I’d feel a lot better if I went with them. The last thing I wanna do is hang around here playing the poor victim.
Adam (nodding): Yeah, all right. [As she walks away, Adam looks at Brennan.] Watch her. [Bennan nods, following Emma out.]

[At Genomex headquarters, Mason’s standing in his office with GS agent Pamela Fries.]
Mason: We are in the middle of a crisis that desperately needs to be stopped. [He pulls up the profiles of six female new mutants on his computer.] Six promising new mutant recruits have been found dead within the past five months. Any theories, Miss Fries?
Pamela: Have you ruled out the possibility these recruits defected to Mutant X?
Mason (going to his desk): Do you mean to tell me in your expert opinion that Adam is trying to form some kind of new mutant sorority?
Pamela: Of course not, Mr. Eckhart. I’m merely trying to rule out the obvious.
Mason (picking up his coffee): Yes, well, you’ll excuse me if I find your investigation...[He takes a sip.]....God. About as cold as this coffee.
Pamela: Oh. Allow me. [She sticks her finger in the coffee, which heats to boiling. She sucks off her finger, smiling at him.]
Mason (glaring): Given the grave circumstances, I do hope your new mutant abilities prove more useful to me than as a human hotplate. [He replaces the mug on the desk.]
Pamela: I believe we’re dealing with a mutant serial killer. His victims have been preyed upon, if you will. He knows what he wants.
Mason: So he takes them by surprise.
Pamela: Lured, is a more apt description. This monster we’re looking for isn’t wearing a hockey mask or wielding an ax. He’s handsome, charismatic and charming, with the ability to disarm his victim with a gesture.
Mason: Your hypotheses are intriguing. But at this point, I’m much more interested in results.
Pamela: I understand. My investigation has pinpointed a possible suspect. I’m confident that the killer is--
Mason (interrupting her): Good. I want an end to this murder spree immediately.

[In the Red Club, Maria’s cleaning up behind the bar when Emma, Jesse, and Brennan walk in.]
Maria: The club’s not open.
Jesse: Yeah. We just wanna ask you a few questions, though.
Emma: You probably remember us from last night. [She points to Brennan.] We were both here. You served us.
Maria: Hey. We get a lot of traffic.
Brennan: Yeah, one of your party boys attacked our friend last night.
Emma: He bought me a drink?
Jesse: His name was Caleb Mathias.
Brennan: Six foot, dark hair, medium build.
Emma: Haunting eyes?
Jesse: Know anyone who fits that description?
Maria (shaking her head): Sorry. But when you pour drinks for 8 hours and get hit on by anything wearing pants, faces start to blur. [Reaching out with her mind, Emma sees Maria being intimidated by someone. Maria senses Emma’s connection and stares back at her. Laughing it off, she shakes her head again.] I wish I could be of more help. [She walks away.]
Brennan: Did you sense anything?
Emma: She’s scared.
Jesse: Let’s take a look around, huh? [As they walk around the room, Caleb peers out at them from beneath the stairs.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Adam joins Shalimar in the lab as she searches for Caleb’s name in the computer.]
Adam: Any luck?
Shalimar: No. I’ve searched the database up and down and I can’t find a Caleb Mathias anywhere. It’s like he doesn’t exist.
Adam: Well, maybe he gave her an alias. I mean, clearly he exists, right? The question is, what does he want with Emma?
Shalimar: Wait a minute. Take a look at this. I just pulled up the missing persons file. [She shows him the six new names on the C9 list of missing new mutants: Brianna White, Connie Filo, Jenny Smith, Megan, Sandra Porsche, and Janet Dryden.]
Adam: Yeah?
Shalimar: Six women over the last have gone missing over the last five months in the vicinity of that club.
Adam: So it’s not an isolated incident.
Shalimar: I don’t think so. They all have the same profile. All young attractive women.
Adam: Yeah. We need to get her off the street. [He calls over his comlink.] Brennan?
Brennan (in the club’s garage): Yeah, what’s up?
Adam: I want you and Jesse to get Emma back to Sanctuary immediately.
Brennan: Why, what’s the rush?
Adam: It’s just not safe for her out there right now. I don’t want to take any chances.
Brennan: All right, we’re on our way. [He turns when the garage door behind him opens, revealing Caleb standing in the street. He smirks at Brennan and walks away. Brennan chases him, holding up a tesla coil.]
Caleb (turning around): What, no rematch? [Shutting off the electricity, Brennan fights Caleb with his fists instead. Down the street, Pamela pulls up in her black GSA car and rolls down her window to watch the fight.]
Pamela (to the GS agent sitting beside her): That’s him. [Jesse and Emma emerge from the club just in time to see Pamela’s car speeding directly at Brennan and Caleb. Shoving Brennan out of the car’s path, Jesse phases so that the car drives through him and hits Caleb, who flies over the car and lands on the pavement. Jesse, Brennan, and Emma stand over Caleb’s body, then look up as Pamela screeches to a halt just long enough to see that Caleb’s dead. Then she takes off down the street.]
Brennan: Nothing more we can do. Let’s get outta here. Come on. [Jesse starts to follow him, then notices that Emma’s still staring down at Caleb’s body.]
Jesse (taking her arm): Emma. Come on, let’s go. [She reluctantly leaves with him.]

[Pamela returns to Mason’s darkened office as Dr. Harrison is examining Mason’s fake skin with a magnifying glass for damage.]
Pamela: Mr. Eckhart, the killer you sought is dead, finally putting an end to his rampage.
Mason (eyes closed): Yes. I understand your weapon of choice was a GSA vehicle.
Pamela: I must admit my methods were a little unorthodox, but I didn't want to risk losing him.
Dr. Harrison: Were you at least able to retrieve the remains of Mr. Mathias? So we can perform an autopsy?
Pamela: Eh...there was a commotion...
Dr. Harrison (looking up from his work): Miss Fries. In order to truly understand the criminal mind and to prevent this catastrophe from happening again, it is imperative we have a subject to examine.
Mason (looking at her): Perhaps the next time you decide to do a hit and run, you'll be prudent enough to pick up the body before you run. [Sighing, Pamela leaves the office. Dr. Harrison turns back to his work.]

[Emma’s meditating in the dojo of the darkened Sanctuary when she hears footsteps approaching her.]
Emma (getting up in alarm): Brennan? Jesse? Who’s there? [She starts down the steps in her bare feet, then whirls around when she hears Caleb’s voice behind her.]
Caleb (standing in the dojo): Hello, Emma. [She gapes at him.] Aren’t you glad to see me? How about one more kiss? [Emma turns to run for help, but he appears in front of her, blocking her way. She races towards the lab.]
Emma: Adam! Adam! [When Adam comes out of the lab with Shalimar, Emma grabs his hand and pulls him towards the main room.] You’ve got to do something! He’s here!
Shalimar: Who’s here?
Emma (pointing): It’s Caleb, he was standing right here! [She looks around, but he’s disappeared.] It must have been a vision, but... But it was so real! [She turns back to them.] Something happened when he kissed me. I can’t explain it, but it...it’s like we’re connected somehow.
Shalimar (going to her): Hey, Emma. It’s okay. You’re okay now.
Emma (shaking her head): No. I think he’s alive. I think Caleb is still out there somewhere.
Adam: Emma. Emma, you saw him die with your own eyes.
Shalimar: So did Brennan and Jesse.
Emma: I don’t care. He’s alive, I feel it. And if we don’t do something, he’s gonna kill again.
Adam (shaking his head): Oh, Emma.
Emma: What? You think I’m crazy.
Adam: No one’s saying you’re crazy.
Emma: You don’t have to. [She stalks out.]
Adam: Emma...
Shalimar (going after her): Emma, wait!
Adam (calling after Shalimar): Keep your eye on her! [He goes to find Jesse and Brennan.] Guys, I want you to hack into the county morgue and check out their surveillance records.
Jesse: The morgue? What for?
Adam: Emma thinks Caleb’s still alive.
Brennan: What are you kidding? The guy’s toast.
Jesse: Adam, she’s just a little freaked out, that’s all.
Adam: I hope you both are right, but we know enough about her psionic abilities that we’ve gotta check this out. Agreed?
Brennan: Yeah. [He and Jesse go to find a computer.]

[Emma returns to the Red Club. Hearing footsteps behind her, she turns and sees Shalimar enter the room.]
Emma: Why are you following me?
Shalimar (walking towards her): 'Cause I'm worried about you.
Emma: You're worried that I'm losing my mind and that I'm seeing things.
Shalimar (shaking her head): You know that's not true, Emma.
Emma (shrugging): I don’t know what’s happening to me.
Shalimar: Wanna talk about it? Might help.
Emma: It’s like he’s still got some kind of hold on me.
Shalimar: Caleb?
Emma: Yeah. I was drawn here for some reason.

[Back at Sanctuary, Jesse’s pulled up the county morgue’s surveillance video tape on the main computer.]
Jesse: Brennan, check this out! 1:47 pm, two paramedics show up with the body of Caleb Mathias.
Brennan: Yeah, so? He looks pretty dead to me.
Jesse (drinking a bottle of water): Yeah, me too. But wait till you see this. [They watch as Pamela enters the morgue.]
Brennan: Hey, wait a minute. That’s the chick from the GSA who tried to run me down.
Jesse: Yeah. It gets worse. Look who she leaves with. [A few minutes later, Pamela leaves the morgue with a man. As they walk through the doors, he turns slightly, and they see that it’s Caleb.]
Brennan: Oh my God.
Jesse: Yeah.
Brennan: This jerk just doesn’t want to stay dead.

[Emma and Shalimar have searched the club without seeing any sign of Caleb.]
Emma: Sorry, this was a waste of time.
Shalimar (smiling): Not if it put your mind at ease. I don't mind looking. So what about you? You picking up anything?
Emma: No, I tried. I’m not getting anything. Why don’t we just head back?
Shalimar: Okay. I’m gonna run to the ladies’ first. [She leaves the room.]
Emma (over her comlink): Hey, Adam, we’re on our way back.
Adam (in Sanctuary): Good. See you here. [Emma’s headed towards the door when she sees a shadow pass across the top of the staircase. Without waiting for Shalimar, she starts up the stairs.]

[Adam’s sitting at the computer on the second floor when Jesse and Brennan come up to him.]
Brennan: Hey, Adam, Emma was right.
Jesse: Caleb is among the walking dead.
Adam: Great. And now I now why we couldn’t locate him in the database. It’s because he’s listed as deceased.
Brennan: So, what? He can revive himself after death?
Adam: It looks that way.
Jesse: You mean like a modern day vampire?
Adam: Yeah.
Jesse: How is that possible?
Adam (getting up): Well, we know that there are new mutants that can subsist off of the absorbed energy of plant life, right? So maybe what we’re dealing with is an evolving mutation with a similar ability.
Jesse: So you mean this guy is feeding on the life force of new mutants.
Brennan: Yeah, by giving them the kiss of death.
Adam (nodding): Or something like that.

[Shalimar comes out of the bathroom, calling to Emma.]
Shalimar: Emma, you ready to go? Emma? [Looking around the empty room, she spots Emma’s comlink ring on the floor and picks it up in dismay.]

[Holding Emma’s ring, Shalimar calls Adam at Sanctuary as she rushes around, searching for Emma.]
Shalimar: Adam, something’s wrong. I can’t find Emma anywhere.
Adam: Where are you?
Shalimar: The Red Club. Emma wanted to come one last time just to make sure she wasn’t crazy. I left her alone for two minutes. When I got back, all I found was her comlink.
Adam: All right, Shalimar, I want you to come back to Sanctuary immediately.
Shalimar: What about Emma?
Adam: I’m gonna send Brennan and Jesse. Now, don’t worry, they’re gonna find her. I want you to come back here ASAP. You understand?
Shalimar (gazing sadly at Emma’s ring): Yeah. I’m on my way.

[Underneath the club, Emma wakes up in a dark cellar to find herself chained to the wall. Caleb stands over her.]
Caleb: Welcome to my world. My home.
Pamela (chained to the wall next to her): Morning.
Emma: Why are you doing this, Caleb?
Caleb: I don't have a choice. I have to, to survive.
Pamela (standing): What do you want, sympathy? You filthy parasitic freak.
Caleb (grabbing her chin): Well, aren't you the bold one? [Conjuring up an image of Caleb’s hand on fire, Emma projects it into his mind, and he quickly draws his hand back from Pamela’s face.] Nice try, Emma. But your little mind games won't work on me.
Emma (standing): What are you going to do with us?
Caleb: Never ask a question that you don't want answered. [He goes up the stairs. Emma tugs at the chain on the wall.]
Pamela: Don’t waste your energy. The cuffs are titanium reinforced. [She sits back down.] Looks like you’re screwed.
Emma: What about you?
Pamela: As a precautionary measure, Eckhart implanted me with a GSA tracking device. My people should be on their way.
Emma: Well, I hope for your sake they show up in time. [She sits down.] Unless you want to put our heads together and work as a team.
Pamela: We are chained in a cellar in the middle of God knows where. What did you have in mind?
Emma: I’m a psionic. What about you?
Pamela: Elemental. I can raise and lower my body temperature.
Emma: Really? How low can you go?

[At Genomex, Mason’s waiting in the lab for the arrival of Caleb’s body for an autopsy. Dr. Harrison walks in to give him the bad news.]
Dr. Harrison: I’m afraid we lost contact with Miss Fries at the morgue. More alarmingly, the body of Caleb Mathias has mysteriously disappeared.
Mason: Well, where is it? It couldn’t have just gotten up and walked out.
Dr. Harrison: I’m afraid, sir, that is exactly what has happened. I had one of our techs retrieve a blood sample from the scene of the accident. [He shows him the results on the computer.] These cells not only appear to be alive, they’re actually regenerating.
Mason: How is that possible?
Dr. Harrison: It’s my theory we’re dealing with a new mutant whose serial killing rampage is driven not by criminal deviant behavior, but by practical necessity.
Mason: That’s fascinating. So he actually has the power to survive death? I want this new mutant captured immediately, so we can examine his precious DNA.
Dr. Harrison: Oh, but sir, he could be anywhere.
Mason: Well, that’s where you’re wrong, Dr. Harrison. Call security and get Miss Fries’s tracking codes. Her global satellite system will be able to pinpoint her exact location. [Dr. Harrison nods.] Let’s just pray he has her.

[In the cellar, Pamela’s trying to lower her body temperature enough to break the metal handcuff on her wrist.]
Pamela: No, it’s useless.
Emma: You can do it, Pamela. You just need to lower your body a few more degrees.
Pamela: I can’t. I’m not strong enough.
Emma: I told you, I’m gonna help you, but I can’t do it alone. I need you to concentrate. Now close your eyes and focus all your energy on the handcuffs. Good. That’s it, keep going. [Emma psionically sends an images of an avalanche on a polar icecap into her mind to help her, and the handcuff freezes.] Now! [Pamela smashes the handcuff against the wall, and it shatters.]
Pamela: It worked!
Emma: Now try me. [Pamela starts walking out of the room.] Pamela!
Pamela: I don't think so. Eckhart's got this thing about us helping the other side. Sorry. [She shrugs and heads up the stairs.]
Emma (calling after her): You can’t just leave me here! You know what he’s gonna do to me!

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar finds Adam in the lab.]
Shalimar: Caleb’s alive?
Adam: Yeah. I’m afraid so.
Shalimar: He’s got her, doesn’t he? [Adam doesn’t answer.] I’m gonna go get her.
Adam (grabbing her arm): No, no, no. I don’t want to lose you. It’s too dangerous for you out there right now. You just let Brennan and Jesse find her.
Shalimar: Yeah, and what if they can’t?
Adam: There’s a chance that he’s got her locked away somewhere, just as insurance.
Shalimar: What happens if he needs to feed?
Adam: Well, hopefully, we’ll find her before that happens.

[In the cellar, a dejected Emma’s still sitting on the ground, when she hears footsteps coming down the stairs. She’s relieved to see that it’s Pamela.]
Pamela (tossing the key at her feet): Here.
Emma (standing): Thank you.
Pamela: Don’t spread it around. [She starts towards the stairs again, but her shoe gets caught in the grating on the floor. Bending down to tug it out, she hears Caleb returning and hides behind the wall until he reaches the bottom of the stairs. Confused, he stares down at the shoe in the grating. Pamela tries to run up the stairs behind him, but he grabs her and leans in for a kiss. She immediately lowers her body temperature once more, freezing him in place and shoving his frozen body to the ground. ]
Pamela: Huh. Now that was cool! [She retrieves her shoe from the grating. As she’s putting it on, Caleb quickly thaws out and attacks her from behind.]
Emma: Pamela, look out! Pamela! Caleb, no! [Caleb kisses Pamela, drawing out her life force. Dropping her lifeless body on the floor, he turns to look at Emma.]

[In the cellar, Caleb’s walking towards Emma. She tries to stall him.]
Emma: Pamela’s been implanted with a tracking chip. Her people are looking for her. If you don’t get her out of here now, they’re gonna find you. [Caleb hesitates.] I’m telling you the truth, Caleb. You’ve got to trust me.
Caleb: Why are you trying to help me?
Emma: Because I don’t believe that you want to hurt me. I think you do it to stay alive. It’s your mutation. But if you don’t get her out of here now, they’re gonna find us.[He picks up Pamela’s body and carries her out. Once he’s gone, Emma takes her boot off the key and picks it up.]

[Upstairs in the club, Jesse and Brennan are questioning Maria again.]
Maria: I already told you. I don’t know anything.
Brennan (grabbing her shoulder): Well, that’s not gonna work for you this time.
Jesse: Where’s Caleb?
Maria: Look, I don’t have to answer any of your questions.
Brennan: Yeah, you do. Look, he’s got someone that means a lot to us, and we’re not gonna just walk away.
Jesse: Look, we know you’re scared. We just wanna get our friend back.
Brennan: What, are you hiding him?
Maria: I...don’t know anything. I’m not responsible.
Jesse: But you are involved. Somehow.
Brennan: Wait, you’re a new mutant, aren’t you?
Maria: I have the ability to detect other new mutants.
Jesse: You’ve been helping him, haven’t you?
Brennan: You’ve been feeding him his victims, one by one.
Maria: It’s not that simple! He was gonna kill me.
Brennan: Then tell us where he is! We can protect you.
Maria: You can’t. No one can. You don’t get it, do you? Caleb can’t be killed. He just keeps coming back. [She walks away.]

[In the lab, Shalimar’s pacing in front of Adam, who sits on the lab table.]
Shalimar: We have a problem. If Caleb can regenerate every time he’s killed, then we can’t stop him.
Adam (standing up): Not necessarily. As soon as he regenerates, he needs to feed on new mutant life force to recharge his metabolism, right? So, what if he’s killed again before he can recharge?
Shalimar: Think that can kill him for good?
Adam: Well, it might just be the win we need to shut him down.
Brennan (over his comlink): Adam.
Adam: Yeah, Brennan, go ahead.
Brennan (outside the club, heading to the car): Wo it turns out the waitress has been feeding Caleb his new mutant victims.
Jesse: And she won’t tell us where he is.
Adam: Wait, she won’t tell you because she doesn’t know, or because she’s afraid to?
Brennan (getting in the car): Because she doesn’t wanna be his next meal.
Jesse (getting in): We’re gonna head over to her apartment now, take a look around.
Adam: All right, good. You guys let me know what you come up with. [Stopping, he looks around the empty lab.] Shalimar? [Realizing she’s gone, he hits the biochair in frustration.]

[Having unlocked her handcuff, Emma’s running towards the exit when she hears Caleb returning. She dashes back to the wall and puts her hand behind her back.]
Caleb: Okay, Emma, I did it. I got rid of her so they’re not gonna find us.
Emma (unenthusiastically): Good, Caleb. That’s great.
Caleb: Oh, what’s the matter?
Emma: Nothing, I’m fine.
Caleb: Your handcuffs, they’re uncomfortable?
Emma: No, no, that’s fine. [She stands, and the handcuff falls onto the floor.]
Caleb: So you were trying to get away?
Emma: No, that’s not it.
Caleb: Liar! Don’t insult me, Emma. I was hoping that you were different. I thought you understood me.
Emma: I do, Caleb, I was just scared! I didn’t know what to do.
Caleb: How can I trust you, Emma?
Emma: What do you want from me?
Caleb: Kiss.

[Upstairs in the club, Shalimar stands at the bar menacing Maria.]
Shalimar: I'm going to make this real easy for you. I know you know where Caleb has my friend.
Maria: Look--
Shalimar: No, you look. All I'm asking you to do is what you've done for this creep time and time again. Tell him you've found another one. [Her feral eyes glow.] Take me to him. Now. [Maria slowly turns and looks at the stairs behind her. Shalimar tiptoes downthe staircase down into the cellar.] Emma? Emma! [Seeing Emma’s body on the ground, she runs to her and cradles her in her arms.] Emma? Emma? No! Oh, God! [Shalimar carries Emma upstairs and places her on a table. Crying, she strokes her hair. ] I’m so sorry, Emma.
Caleb (calling down from the balcony): It’s over. She’s gone. [Tears glistening on her cheeks, Shalimar runs up the side of the wall and back-flips over the balcony to stand behind Caleb.]
Shalimar: I’m not gonna let you do this to anyone ever again.
Caleb: You can’t stop me. No one can. [Shalimar leaps at him. Caleb tries to fight her, but she kicks him off the balcony, and he lands on the floor below, his neck broken.]

[Seeing that Caleb’s dead, Shalimar returns to kneel at Emma’s side, crying. She calls Sanctuary over her comlink.]
Shalimar (sobbing): Adam. Emma’s dead. [Adam covers his face with his hand.] I didn’t make it in time. She’s gone.
Adam (suddenly realizing): Well, wait, where’s Caleb?
Shalimar: I killed him.
Adam: Shalimar, that’s when he regenerates and needs to feed. [Behind Shalimar, Caleb sits up and straightens his neck. Concentrating on her grief, Shalimar doesn’t hear him or Adam’s words.] Shal, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I need you to get out of there, now. Shalimar? Shalimar? Shalimar! [Finally hearing Caleb behind her, Shalimar stands and turns around.]
Jesse (coming up behind Caleb): When are you going to learn to stay down?
Brennan (on the balcony): Caleb! Kiss yourself goodbye. [He zaps him with all the electricity he can muster, and Caleb finally falls back to the floor. Brennan slides down a pole to the ground.] Your nine lives are up. [Jesse, Brennan, and Shalimar go to stand sadly over Emma’s body. Behind them, Caleb’s body disintegrates, releasing all the life forces he absorbed. Her life force restored, Emma wakes up.]
Shalimar: Oh, she’s alive! [She hugs Emma gratefully as Brennan and Jesse grin.]

[Back in the lab at Genomex, Dr. Harrison and Mason stand by Pamela’s body.]
Mason: Pity she couldn't be more helpful. I'm afraid the only thing left for her to tell us is the method by which she died. Forensically speaking, of course.
Dr. Harrison (going to the table): Hopefully, we can discover how the new mutant absorbs the life force of the other new mutants. [Just as he’s about to make the first incision, Pamela suddenly bolts upright.]
Pamela (looking around): What's going on?!
Mason (looking at Dr. Harrison): Well, so much for the autopsy.
[Back at the nightclub during party hours, Shalimar and Emma stand on the crowded dance floor.]
Shalimar: Are you sure you should be out partying like this?
Emma: I'm fine! Besides, this is exactly what I needed.
Seth Howard (coming up to them): How are you two doing? [Emma and Shalimar giggle. Then Brennan and Jesse appear on either side of Seth.]
Brennan: Hey! Wanna take a hike?
Jesse: You heard him.
Seth (taking the hint): Next time. [He leaves.]
Brennan: Yeah, right.
Emma: Okay, this is ridiculous, you guys. I'm fine. I can handle myself. Now go out there and have some fun. Or please, at least let me. I mean it, go! [Jesse and Brennan reluctantly walk away.]
Brennan (to Emma): Be good.
Shalimar (laughing): Yeah, right. [Emma starts to walk across the dance floor when she hears Caleb’s voice behind her.]
Caleb: Emma! [She turns around to see him standing in the middle of the floor.] So how about it? One more kiss?
Emma: You can’t hurt me anymore, Caleb. You’re dead. [He vanishes into the air. Emma jumps when a hand grips her shoulder.]
Adam: Hey.
Emma (relaxing): Hey.
Adam: Can I buy you a drink?
Emma (putting an arm around his shoulders): How about a dance?
Adam: All right.
Emma: All right.
Adam: And then I'll buy you a drink.
Emma: Okay. [They join Shalimar, Jesse, and Brennan on the dance floor. Shalimar hugs her.]

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