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#205 : La force de l'esprit

Ashlocke menace de détruire la ville entière et, par le même occasion, l'équipe de Mutant X si Adam ne trouve pas un moyen de le maintenir en vie.


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Titre VO
The future revealed

Titre VF
La force de l'esprit

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Jonas Chernick ... Josh
Elle Downs ... Vendor
Michael Easton ... Gabriel Ashlocke
Sandrine Holt ... Patricia
Joanne Kelly ... Kim
Sasha Ormond ... Link #1
P.J. Ingram ... Link #2

                                                         The Future Revealed  

[Opening scene: Morning, in the stockyard outside an oil refinery. Brennan and Shalimar walk amongst the stacks of oil barrels on their way to meet an escapee from Gabriel Ashlocke’s group of new mutant followers, The Strand.]

Brennan: Nothing. Well, so far it doesn’t smell like a trap. Maybe this kid’s actually on the level.
Shalimar: Well, you can’t blame him for being careful. Considering how Ashlocke treats his friends, I don’t even want to know what he’d do to a defector.
Brennan: You know what? Before you bring out your violin, let’s just remember that nobody actually forced the Links to give themselves over to Ashlocke.
Shalimar (looking at him skeptically): Really? Sure about that?
Brennan: I’m just saying, let’s...uh...let’s make sure that this guy really wants to break free of this sociopath before we let our guard down. All right?
Josh (coming out from behind an oil barrel): Stop! Stay where I can see you. Are you sure you weren’t followed?
Shalimar: No, it’s just us.
Brennan: What’s up? Where’s everyone else? I thought you said there were more people who wanted to get away from Ashlocke.
Josh: Yeah, there were ten of us, but Ashlocke got the others before they could escape. I barely made it out. Look, I don’t know what he’s gonna do to them. You’ve gotta help them get out.
Shalimar: Yeah, but we need to know a bit more first.
Josh: I don’t know what happened. It used to be about all of us working together, you know? Now it’s just all about Gabriel.
Brennan: Imagine that.
Josh: Look, Gabriel’s really sick, but he’s still strong. He’s planning something really big, he calls it his Last Testament? I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, it scares me.
Shalimar (taking his arm): Well, we should get you out of here. We can talk about it on the way to someplace safe. [Josh suddenly doubles over in pain.]
Brennan: You okay?
Josh (handing him a piece of paper): Yeah, take it! Take this, help them! Ashlocke, no! [Gabriel’s voice issues from Josh’s mouth.] You tried to steal me from Gabriel. That was a stupid mistake. [Josh aims two fireballs from his hands at Brennan and Shalimar, who dive for cover. Josh continues igniting the oil barrels in the yard.]
Shalimar: Ashlocke’s got him!
Brennan: Josh, don’t! I don’t wanna hurt you! [Shalimar looks up in surprise when she sees Gabriel walk into the yard.]
Gabriel: I knew you’d be the one to come. You just can’t stay away, can you? The Links are mine! You think you can break us apart? [He grins, looking around at the blaze surrounding them.] Oh, I forgot. You don’t like fire, do you? Well, think fast. I have big plans for you. [He disappears, leaving her trapped in a circle of flames.]
Brennan (calling over his comlink to Jesse in the Double Helix): Jesse, bring it in! Shal’s in trouble! [He leaps over some flaming oil barrels to grab Shalimar.] Come on, come on! We’ve gotta get out of here!
Shalimar (panicking): No! I can’t!
Brennan: Come on, we don’t have a choice, okay? Everything’s about to explode! [He picks her up and uses his electropropulsion to jet straight up into the air as the entire yard explodes in a gigantic fireball. Jesse picks them up mid-air and flies the Helix back to Sanctuary.]

Opening Credits. “The Future Revealed”

[Under the light of a sparkling disco ball, Gabriel is in the main room of an old dance club, making a speech for a gathering of his mutant followers, including Kim and Patricia.]
Gabriel: We have built something here the world has never seen before. We have a power that never existed before. Love, devotion, and a loyalty to our own kind that society couldn’t even dream of. [He caresses Kim’s face, then turns back to them.] You are the chosen ones. You are the ones that are gonna reach out there and grab the destiny that was built inside your genetic structure. Because the ones that are running it now, well they’re only about greed and votes and weakness. But we’re gonna change all that. Because it’s our turn in the big chair. No more running and hiding. We’re the main attraction, top of the bill. 'Cause we can make miracles happen. The kind of miracles that make people want to stand up and cheer. The kind of miracles that will keep down anybody that stands up against us. What’s coming next is gonna take all your strength and courage. So get ready, boys and girls. One way or another, destiny is only a breath away.

[Back at Sanctuary, Brennan’s filling Adam in on what happened at the oil refinery as they walk towards the main room.]
Brennan: Kid didn’t have a chance, Adam. Ashlocke knew he’d be there. He wanted us to see what he could do.
Adam: You know, as his control over The Links has grown stronger over the last few weeks, I think his madness has grown with it. [Shalimar comes downstairs to join them.]
Brennan: I don’t know. The kid was talking about something Ashlocke was planning...something called his Last Testament.
Adam: Yeah? Well, according to my projections, he doesn’t have time left to accomplish much of anything.
Shalimar: Well, good. Maybe I can get this guy outta my head. He keeps toying with me.
Adam: Well, ‘cause once he tunes into your mind, it’s tough to get him out.
Shalimar: Yeah, no kidding.
Adam: Well, I’m hoping that as his physical condition degenerates, his psychic abilities will weaken too.
Emma (coming in): Yeah, well, Ashlocke is not gonna let himself just fade away.
Adam: Right. But trying to guess his next move is like, well, chasing our own tail. I think what we have to do is concentrate on saving The Links and the other new mutants that we can.
Jesse (coming up): How are we gonna do that? Wait for Ashlocke to call and tell us where they’re hiding?
Brennan (handing Adam Josh’s paper): Well, we may not have to do that. The kid slipped this to me.
Emma (reading the bill): The Meow Club. I remember that place. My parents used to go dancing there.
Brennan: Well, maybe it’s under new management.

[After Gabriel’s speech, The Links start to disperse except for Kim and Patricia. Gabriel walks over to Patricia.]
Gabriel: What do you think? I still got it?
Patricia: You were brilliant.
Gabriel: Yeah, well, the truth is like a fresh drink of water. You are gonna play a very important role in our destiny, Patricia.
Patricia (looking at Kim in surprise): Me?
Gabriel: Hmm. We’re in our final days, and we can’t be apart. The Links can’t be alone again.
Patricia: What are you saying?
Gabriel: You are the only one who can help fulfil this destiny. If I go, everyone has to come with me.
Patricia: You mean kill them?
Gabriel: Go out in one bright beautiful flame. All of us.
Patricia (shaking her head): Gabriel, I can’t do it.
Gabriel (taking her head in his hands): I hate it when people say no to me. Tell me you will fulfil our destiny.
Patricia: I will.
Gabriel: It will be our little secret. You can keep a secret, can’t you? [She nods, mesmerized. He kisses her, then lets her go.]

[Shalimar’s typing on a computer in the main room when Gabriel suddenly appears by her side.]
Gabriel: Did you miss me? It’s okay, you don’t have to answer. I’m not here for conversation this time. [He waits, and she pages through the security system specs on the computer screen for him to read.] Thank you Shalimar. I feel so close to you. [He disappears.]
Emma (coming up to her): What’s going on? [Shalimar jumps.]
Shalimar: Oh, God. He was here again.
Emma: Honey, I don’t see anything.
Shalimar: Yeah well, I didn’t see him either, but I know he was here. Isn’t there something you can do? I mean there must be something you can do to keep him out of my head.
Emma: He can get to you, but ultimately, it’s your mind. You can fight him, you just have to stay on guard.
Shalimar: That’s just great.
Adam (calling down from the balcony with Jesse and Brennan): All right, Shalimar, Emma, time to go. Remember, stealth is the key word. You’ve gotta get in and out without setting off any alarms. And Shalimar, the mission is to save The Links, not to take out Ashlocke.
Shalimar: Look, Adam. I know you feel some kind of responsibility for that maniac, but your dog is rabid, and it’s your responsibility to put him down, and maybe your conscience has a problem with that, but I assure you, my conscience is fine with it! [She stalks off.]

[In the Meow Club, Gabriel and Kim are making out on the couch; he leans back to rest for a minute.]
Gabriel: I love the fast hit from Shalimar’s mind. Her rage is always so...stimulating. [Kim rolls on top of him to kiss him, but he pushes her off.] Not now, Kimmy. We’re on the move. Everybody’s going; they’re visiting. [He kisses her and gets up.]

[Flying towards the club in the Double Helix, Jesse’s going over the floor plans on his computer.]
Jesse: Yeah, these plans aren’t going to be a lot of help. I have no idea what kind of alarms Ashlocke’s put in.
Brennan: Alarms are the easy part. Getting The Links out of there in one piece is gonna be the trick.
Emma: You okay?
Shalimar:You’re the one who can read minds, you tell me.
Emma: You were pretty hard on Adam back there.
Shalimar: Well, Ashlocke’s not pulling any punches, and we can’t afford to either.
Emma: Don’t confuse Adam’s compassion for weakness.
Shalimar: Well, I judge people by their actions. And Adam, as far as Ashlocke’s concerned, I don’t know which way he’s gonna jump sometimes.
Brennan: All right, guys, target in a half a click. [He flies the Helix towards the roof.] Video shows Ashlocke has stepped up security from his previous hideouts. It’s a barred gate with security posts, two Links on the roof, more in the front, more in the back.
Jesse: Getting in undetected is looking harder by the minute, huh?
Brennan (to Jesse): I’m taking her down. Go to stealth mode. [He lands, and they all head out of the Helix.] All right. We’ll introduce ourselves to the guards; you take care of the alarm system. [Brennan and Shalimar leap down behind the two guards on the roof. Brennan aims an electric arc at the first guard, but he ducks behind the second, who masses to protect him. Meanwhile, Jesse phases through the roof into the building to deactivate the alarms. Just as Shalimar and Brennan finish beating up the guards, Jesse emerges from the door in front of them.]
Jesse: Let’s go! [They follow him inside. Jesse walks up behind a Links, who is on his cell phone.]
The Link: The alarm system’s off up front. Does anybody know what’s going on?
Jesse: I do. [The Link pulls back his arm to punch him, but smashes his fist against Jesse’s massed body. As he massages his hand, Brennan comes up and puts an arm around his shoulders.]
Brennan (coming up): Hey, hey, buddy, you okay? Yeah? Wrong answer. [He shocks him unconscious, and Mutant X walks into the main room. Patricia follows them from a safe distance.]
Brennan (looking around): If you were Ashlocke, where would you hide your rebel mutants?
Emma: Something’s wrong.Shalimar: We were expected. [A group of 15 Links walks into the room in front of them.]
Jesse: Oh, it’s a trap.
Shalimar: No kidding!
Brennan (backing up): All right, guys, check this out. We don’t have to do this. Ashlocke is crazy, he doesn’t care about you guys! [The first Link aims a fireball at them, but Brennan forces him back with an electrical arc. Then all the Links begin unleashing their powers at Mutant X. Patricia runs in front of them, creating a protective force-field between The Links and Mutant X.]
Patricia: No! My shield will slow down the electrons if anything tries to pass through it. But not for long.
Brennan: Uh...all right, Jess, how about a little help, huh?
Jesse (phasing the wall behind them): Emergency exit, coming right up.
Shalimar (taking Patricia’s arm): Let’s go. [Mutant X and Patricia walk through the wall just as her shield breaks down, allowing the fire and energy balls through.]
The Head Link: Let’s go! [The Links chase Mutant X up the stairs.]
Patricia (running up the stairs towards the roof): Ashlocke’s planning something that’s going to hurt people. I can’t stay for it.
Brennan (running into the Helix): Come on, get in! Hang on. [He flies off, leaving The Links on the rooftop, staring up after them. Brennan tries to call Sanctuary on his comlink.] Adam, we’re on our way back. Adam! [There’s no response.] Comlinks must not be getting through.
Shalimar: Why don’t you try the video link?
Brennan (into his monitor): Adam, we’re on our way back. It was a trap, Ashlocke was ready for us. [The team stares in shock when Gabriel appears on the screen, dragging Adam along by the collar.]
Gabriel: I’m sorry. Adam is busy right now. But you can leave a message after the beep. Beeep. [He cuts off the connection.]
Shalimar: He’s in Sanctuary.
Brennan: How the hell did Ashlocke get into Sanctuary? He shouldn’t even have been able to find it!
Jesse: So much for impregnable.
Brennan: No. Ashlocke is powerful, man, he’s not that powerful. He had to have had the access codes.
Shalimar: Yeah well, with Ashlocke, nothing’s impossible. He could be listening to us right now, for all we know.
Emma: I’d know.
Shalimar: No, you wouldn’t know! He’s been one step ahead of us the whole time. Adam should’ve taken him out when he had the chance, but he didn’t want to go there, and now look where it’s got him! He’s probably dead already.
Brennan: No! If Ashlocke wanted Adam dead, he would have been dead right away. He wants something else.
Jesse: Yeah, like what?
Brennan: Well, that’s what we’re gonna find out.

[Inside Sanctuary, Adam jerks out of Gabriel’s grip.]
Adam: What do you want?
Gabriel: Always right to the point. What’s the matter, Adam, no time for small talk? Guess not. Ah, that’s okay. I don’t have much time to waste. Neither of us do. [He walks over to Kim, who’s sitting at the computers behind him.] Kimmy, I want you to meet Adam. He’s the one that we have to thank for everything. He’s the man who made us who we are. He kept me in a pod most of my life. You know, all those years, my mind was fully alert. It was like being buried alive. [He returns to face Adam.] And now that I’m out, I want to keep on living. And I need you to help me do that.

[Up in the Double Helix, the team is approaching Stormking Mountain.]
Brennan: All right, I’m coming in. Hangar door open.
Jesse: Okay, we’ve got a problem. The hangar door’s not responding.
Brennan: Override it.
Jesse (trying): Nothing!
Shalimar: You know, Brennan, it’s not opening. You might want to slow down.
Brennan: I’m trying! Sanctuary’s defense shield’s jamming our controls!
Jesse: Switching to full manual. Hold on!
Emma: Any time now, Brennan, would be good.
Jesse: Go! [Brennan pulls up at the last minute before the Helix smashes into the mountain.]
Brennan: Well, I guess we should’ve expected that.
Emma: We’re gonna have to find another way in.
Jesse: I wouldn’t count on it. Adam designed that system. If Ashlocke’s in charge of security now, we’re screwed.
Patricia: Gabriel’s in there. We can’t got in. He’ll kill all of us.
Brennan: Oh. Well, on that cheery note, I’m gonna land this puppy and see if we can fix her guidance system. [They land on the beach at the foot of the mountain.]

[Inside Sanctuary, Kim’s watching the Double Helix’s movements on her computer.]
Kim (to Gabriel): They’re out there, but noone’s getting in or out of here unless you want it to.
Gabriel (turning to Adam): I always wondered if we’d get this chance to talk. Just the two of us, without your freaks interfering.
Adam: They’re not freaks.
Gabriel: I know. I know, I am. I’m the freak. And I’m proud of it. You made me like this. [He creates an energy ball and starts playing with it.]
Adam: You amuse yourself, don’t you?
Gabriel (spinning the ball around Adam’s body): Hmmm.
Adam: Stop it!
Gabriel (making the ball disappear): All you had to do was ask. See, I’m not such a bad guy.
Adam: Tell that to all the people that you killed. Like the Link at the oil refinery.
Gabriel: That was your fault! He was mine, and your people trying to steal him got him killed. Don’t forget it. [Behind him, Kim picks up a computer part.]
Adam: Don’t touch that! [When Gabriel turns to see what Kim’s doing, Adam quickly presses a button on the computer behind him. Inside the Helix, Emma’s computer beeps.]
Emma: Guys, we’re getting a live video feed from inside Sanctuary.
Jesse (turning on his monitor): Well, let’s bring that up. [They watch the conversation between Adam and Gabriel.]
Adam: All right, I can’t do what you want, Gabriel. I can’t keep you alive.
Gabriel: You can’t, or you won’t?
Adam: Both.
Gabriel: You did this to me! You made me like this! What, now you’re just gonna let me die? What kind of monster are you?
Adam: Can’t help!
Gabriel (grabbing his arm): Really? Tell you what. Why don’t we play a little game? Let’s see just how big of a monster you are?
Adam: I’m not playing any games.
Gabriel: It’s a very important game, Adam. The lives of, say, oh ten million people depend on it. Events triggered by my death will end all life within 50 miles of downtown. There. Now we’ll see if you’ll play the game.
Adam (sighing): All right, fine. All you had to do was ask.
Kim (at the computer): Gabriel. He’s got a video feed coming out of this room. [Gabriel rushes to her side. Looking up, he destroys the video camera on the wall with an energy blast, cutting off Mutant X’s view.]
Gabriel: That was stupid, Adam! You do something like that again, the city won’t have to wait for my death. I will wipe it out in a heartbeat!
Adam: You want me to create something to stabilize your genetic structure, you give me a blood sample. [Gabriel holds out his hand to Kim, who hands him a vial of his blood.]
Gabriel (giving the vial to Adam): Get to work, Adam. [Adam snatches it out of his hand and stalks back to the lab. Gabriel kisses Kim’s neck and sends her in after him.]

[Patricia’s walking on the beach when Emma catches up to her.]
Emma: Hey! What’s Ashlocke talking about?
Patricia: I don’t know.
Emma: You can’t lie to me. You know how he’s planning to kill all those people.
Patricia: I don’t know anything. Gabriel doesn’t want to hurt anything. He just doesn’t want us to be alone.
Brennan (coming up to them): Hey, Emma! Let me talk to you for a second. Come here. Listen, whatever Ashlocke is planning is back in the city. You and Shal take Patricia back. Get her to open up and take you to it.
Emma: Okay. What about you guys?
Brennan: Well, Jesse and me are gonna break into the mountain.

[Sitting on the couch in Sanctuary, Gabriel rolls up his sleeve to reveal a gaping wound in his arm.]
Gabriel (to himself): It’s gonna take a big band-aid to cover that one. [He hastily covers his arm when Kim comes in.]
Kim (sitting next to him): It’s gonna be okay. Isn’t it?
Gabriel (playing with her hair): It’s taken care of. Adam will fix it. He has no choice.
Kim: Good. Because...um...because I love you. I mean, we all do, but...um...especially me.
Gabriel: I know. [He kisses her.]

[Panting, Jesse and Brennan hike up the mountain face until they reach the outer vent of Sanctuary.]
Jesse: This is what I get for cutting aerobics from the workout, huh?
Brennan: Well, the hard part’s yet to come.
Jesse: Thanks for mentioning that.
Brennan: What do you think?
Jesse: I don’t know. The way I remember it, it’s only 8 inches thick. Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll just get in, and phase you through.
Brennan: All right. [Jesse phases through the outer vent, only to be electrocuted by a disrupter field inside.]

[Jesse’s ejected from the vent backwards into Brennan’s arms.]
Brennan: Hey, you okay?
Jesse (holding his stomach): Adam planned for that.
Brennan: Well, so much for the gentle approach. I got it, dude. [He zaps the vent with all the electricity he can muster, but to no avail.]
Jesse: Not even a scratch.
Brennan: When Adam said Sanctuary was impregnable, I didn’t think he meant impregnable from us. [He points to the mountain face.] Can you make it through that?
Jesse: Uh....I don’t know. 8 inches of door is one thing, but 20 feet of solid rock? I run outta steam halfway through, I’m a fossil.
Brennan: Well, considering what Ashlocke’s planning, that might be a better option.

[Gabriel watches from the lab doorway as the blood cells from Adam’s latest experiment shatter into fragments. ]
Gabriel: So that’s all I have to look forward to. Thanks to you and the good folks at Genomex.
Adam: I’m gonna fix you. You see the last five attempts have improved in stability, right now, they’re experiencing a little snapback effect.
Gabriel: You can’t afford too many more failures, Adam. Hell, even Dr. Frankenstein had a better track record.
Adam: I’m doing the best I can.

[Emma, Shalimar, and Patricia have returned to the Meow Club, which is now empty.]
Shalimar: Emma, can you sense anything?
Emma: I’m not getting impressions from anyone except the two of you. They’re gone.
Shalimar (to Patricia): So what about the others, do you know where they went?
Patricia: We moved when Gabriel told us. Nobody knew where we were going.
Shalimar: Look, he’s planning on wiping out an entire city.
Patricia: He doesn’t want us to be alone.
Shalimar: So if he dies, everybody dies?
Patricia: He loves us.
Shalimar: No, he doesn’t! All he’s offering you and the others is death.
Patricia: It’s not like that.
Emma: It is. That’s why you ran away from him.
Patricia: I just want to–
Emma: Want what? Look, Patricia, if you help us, then we can help you.

[Meanwhile, in Sanctuary’s lab, Gabriel is still confronting Adam.]
Gabriel: Your precious Mutant X. What happens when their genes start spinning out of control? Have you even told them yet? [Adam doesn’t answer.] Of course not. Hey, keep playing God, Adam. It’s only their lives on the line.
Adam: I was trying to save lives. Gene technology seemed a way to make that happen.
Gabriel: Oh, please. Gene tech was just the latest toy all the scientists were dreaming about. You were years ahead of the rest of the world, and you got drunk on all the things you thought you could do with it. You didn’t even think about the crimes you were committing.
Adam: I was a doctor! I was concerned about the suffering I saw every day: MS, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, not using gene technology to try to help people would have been the crime! Now, look, I’m very sorry for what happened to you. I truly am. But I’ve worked for years to try to make it right.
Gabriel: You don’t have years anymore, Adam. You’ve got hours.

[Standing on Stormking Mountain, Jesse and Brennan are thinking of ways to break into Sanctuary.]
Jesse: It’d be just like him to put a back door on the security codes, hm?
Brennan: Huh. I’ve got a feeling this is about more than just breaking into Sanctuary. I think you want to beat Adam’s unbeatable system.
Jesse: Well, why not? Might make him notice me, huh?
Brennan: What are you talking about, man? You’ve been in everybody’s face since the get-go.
Jesse: I meant, make him notice I’ve changed. I’m not the same kid he took pity on.
Brennan: Well, I hate to say it, but I don’t think Adam’s the one who’s got questions about you being grown up, Jess.
Jesse: Whatcha saying?

Brennan: I’m saying you’re thinking too much. C’mon, you’ve proven yourself 20 times over, at least. Now if you want Adam to think you’re an adult or a leader, I don’t know, a space alien. Whatever it is. You’re the one who has feel comfortable with it. ‘Cause once you’re comfortable with it, everyone else will accept it.
Jesse: All comes pretty easy for you, huh?
Brennan: Yeah right, you should have seen me ten years ago. I almost electrocuted anybody who got within 20 feet of me. You think you’re screwed up? I didn’t even know what species I was.

[Shalimar and Emma rejoin Patricia in the main room after searching the Meow Club for evidence of what Gabriel is planning.]
Shalimar: Upstairs is clean.
Emma: Nothing downstairs either.
Shalimar: Well, whatever weapon Ashlocke is planning on using, it’s not here.
Emma: Patricia, you trust us, don’t you?
Patricia (nodding): Yeah.
Emma: Then why won’t you help us?
Patricia: Gabriel wouldn’t want it.
Emma: Don’t think about Gabriel.
Patricia: He saved us. I owe him.
Shalimar: You don’t owe him anything.
Emma: Let us help you and your friends.
Patricia: Look, I don’t know what Gabriel’s planning. All I know is that I have to get far away from here. Would you help me?

[In the lab at Sanctuary, Gabriel watches as Adam works at his microscope.]
Adam: If this doesn’t work, are you still planning on destroying the city?
Gabriel: I didn’t ask for this, Adam. The power. The sickness.
Adam: I never gave up on you.
Gabriel: I’m sure you didn’t. You knew what I was like and still you tried to help me. If the situations had been reversed, I’d have killed you. You know, I always sort of thought of you as my real father, Adam.
Adam: You know, it doesn’t have to be like this, Gabriel. If this procedure works, you can do anything. You can go anywhere you want to go.
Gabriel: A second chance. I like the sounds of that. Can you give me a second chance, Adam? [Adam tries the experiment again. He smiles when this time the cells on the screen don’t self-destruct.] It’s holding!
Gabriel: How long to synthesize enough for a treatment?
Adam: Not long.
Gabriel: Good. Because that’s exactly how long I have to live. [He leaves the lab and stands outside the door, connecting to Patricia’s mind. Inside the Meow Club, Shalimar hears Gabriel’s voice in her head.] Patricia’s mine. You won’t change that. [Shalimar turns around and sees Gabriel’s image standing across the room.]
Shalimar: Emma!
Emma: I know. I sense him. [She hugs Shalimar’s shoulders.] Concentrate. You can force him out. [Shalimar concentrates and Gabriel disappears, only to reappear beside Patricia.]
Patricia: No! [Under Gabriel’s influence, Patricia creates a force-field to separate them from Shalimar and Emma.]
Shalimar: Leave her alone!
Gabriel: You guys just don’t get it, do you? Here you are trying to figure out my plan, and here she is, right underneath your noses. Patricia’s powers don’t just slow down electrons, they also excite them too.
Shalimar: What do you mean?
Gabriel (smiling): Oh, I can’t tell you everything. [He vanishes.]
Emma (to Patricia): You don’t have to do this.
Patricia: Yes, I do. [She heads out the door. Shalimar strikes the energy field in frustration. As soon as the field comes down, she and Emma run after Patricia, but she’s long gone.]

[Inside Sanctuary’s lab, Kim is guarding Adam as he works on his computer. Outside the mountain, Jesse and Brennan are climbing around, searching for a way in when they receive a call over their comlinks from Emma and Shalimar, who are searching the area for Patricia.]
Jesse (climbing up Stormking Mountain with Brennan): Let me get this straight. She’s Ashlocke’s plan?
Shalimar: Yep, and we let her slip right through our fingers.
Emma: That’s why she wanted to get away so badly, so Ashlocke couldn’t call on her.
Brennan (shedding his jacket): Well, the next question is, what is Ashlocke calling on her to do?
Shalimar: I don’t know, but he said it had something to do with her ability to excite electrons.
Brennan: What, like an amplifier?
Shalimar: I guess, but I don’t see how that can threaten a whole city.
Jesse: Look, it could if she had access to a power plant. She could turn every toaster, tv set and computer in the city into a bomb.
Emma (looking at Shalimar in shock): We’ll find the nearest substation. We’ll contract you there.

[Kim looks up when she hears an alarm go off on Adam’s computer. Before she can come over to see what he’s doing, he shuts the computer off and returns to Gabriel’s cure. Jesse and Brennan, returning to the Double Helix, hear the alarm coming from the Helix’s computer.]
Jesse (hurrying to his seat): Hey, it’s from Sanctuary!
Brennan: What, Adam?
Jesse: I don’t know. I’m gonna try something. [He turns on the computer, displaying a diagram of Stormking Mountain.] There. See this electronic beacon?
Brennan (looking over his shoulder): Yeah.
Jesse: Watch what’ll happen if I superimpose a map of the original caves. [He points to part of the picture of the mountain’s caves.] That fissure extends almost to the inside wall of Sanctuary. Adam’s giving us an invitation.
Brennan (getting up): Well, let’s RSVP!
Jesse (following him out): Yeah.

[Gabriel paces in front of the lab table where Adam’s working quickly.]
Gabriel: When will it be finished?
Adam: Just try to relax. It’s almost there.
Gabriel (opening his shirt): I’ll relax when my body stops trying to tear itself apart. [Adam winces at the sight of the glowing hole in Gabriel’s chest.] Well, I can’t say that in my short time back I haven’t experienced all of the emotions. Love, hate, anger, and now fear. Gotta admit, I could’ve taken a pass on the last one.
Adam: We’re all afraid of dying. It’s how we deal with it that defines who we are.
Gabriel: Don’t give me philosophy! Give me what I need. [He trudges out of the room.]

[Having reached the Metro Light and Power plant, Patricia stands underneath a transformers and calls out to Gabriel.]
Patricia (fearfully): Gabriel. I don’t want to do this.
Gabriel (in her mind): You don’t have a choice.

[Guided by the light of Brennan’s tesla coil, Jesse and Brennan search the dark caves beneath Sanctuary.]
Jesse: There. Adam set the marker behind these rocks over here. You know, if he put it in the wrong place, we might not make it through.
Brennan: Come on, Jess, that’s not even an option. Open it up.
Jesse: All right. [He phases them through the rock in front of them, and they pass through into Sanctuary.]
Brennan (taking his arm): You okay?
Jesse (nodding): It’s good to be home.
Brennan: Come on. [They head down the hallway to look for Adam.]

[Meanwhile, Shalimar and Emma arrive at fence outside the power station.]
Emma: She’s here. I can feel her. Come on.

[Kim and Gabriel stand by the lab table as Adam finishes preparing the treatment.]
Adam (taking off his jacket): Lie down. I’ll give you the anesthetic.
Gabriel: No anesthetic.
Adam: The effects could be painful.
Gabriel (smiling): I need to keep my faculties. If your procedure doesn’t do what it promises, I have a city to kill. [Gabriel walks over to Kim and cradles her face in his hands.] It’s time to go, babe. In case it doesn’t happen. Go ahead. It’s gonna be okay. [She kisses him and leaves reluctantly.]

[Emma and Shalimar find Patricia holding onto the transformers, amplifying their electricity.]
Emma: Patricia! Patricia, no!
Patricia: Stay back! I’m fulfilling our destiny.

[In the lab at Sanctuary, Adam stands over Gabriel on the lab table, holding the needle.]
Gabriel: What are you waiting for?
Adam: How do I know I can trust you?
Gabriel: You don’t. If I live, the city lives. You can trust me.
Brennan (rushing in with Jesse): Adam! [Gabriel immediately grabs Adam by the throat; Brennan fires up a tesla coil.] Let him go!
Gabriel: Easy, boys. I’m still in this game. [He looks back at Adam.] Do it! Do it! Do it now! [Adam punctures his throat with the needle and yanks himself out of Gabriel’s grip as Gabriel falls back into the chair, unconscious.]

[At the power plant, Emma and Shalimar try to reason with Patricia.]
Emma: Patricia, you’ve got to shut him out.
Patricia: I can’t.
Shalimar: Yes, you can. He’s in my head too, but I’m fighting him!
Patricia: He’s in our minds because he loves us.
Shalimar: He gets into your head and makes you do things that you don’t want to do. That’s not love, that’s rape! Come on, I’m fighting him. You can too.

[Adam, Brennan, and Jesse look on as Gabriel suddenly wakes up.]
Gabriel (sitting up, smiling): Well, that certainly feels better.

[Shalimar continues to reason with Patricia.]
Shalimar: You don’t have to kill all those people. You don’t want that.
Patricia (shaking her head): He’s too strong!
Shalimar: No, he has you and the others thinking he’s some kind of god, but he’s not! He’s an infection.

[In the lab, Gabriel unsteadily gets out of the chair, grinning.]
Gabriel: Congratulations, Adam. I feel like a new mutant. And as a reward, I’ll kill you last. [Jesse starts towards Gabriel, but Adam holds him back.]
Adam (smiling smugly): No, no, don’t bother. He won’t be killing anybody.
Gabriel (creating an energy ball): Oh, I won’t? You can’t be naive enough to think that you could trust me.
Adam: No, but you were naive enough to think that I’d actually allow you to go on killing.
Gabriel (suddingly realizing): The serum.
Adam: It never worked.
Gabriel: But I saw the results.
Adam: You thought you did. Trust me. [Gabriel looks down at his hand as gaping hole forms in his palm.]

[Shalimar yells encouragement to Patricia.]
Shalimar: I still feel him inside my head! He’s haunting me! You know what I’m talking about, you feel it too.
Gabriel (calling Patricia): No, Patricia. Do it now!
Shalimar: Think about your friends, Patricia. Don’t let them die.
Gabriel: Do it, Patricia!
Patricia (turning off her powers): Sorry, Gabriel.
Adam (realizing Gabriel’s about to explode): Now, now, now! [He quickly pulls Jesse and Brennan out of the lab.]
Gabriel (shouting after them): Wait! I’m not finished! [He screams as his body erupts in a fireball of light. The explosion throws Jesse, Adam, and Brennan to the floor.]
Shalimar (over her comlink): Brennan, we got her. [She takes Emma’s arm as they look up at the dejected Patricia.] It’s over.

[Later that day, Mutant X assembles in the main room at Sanctuary.]
Emma (to Adam): It must have been hard for you. We know how you felt about Ashlocke.
Adam: Yeah well, you know, I really did try to help him over the years. In the end I just didn’t have a choice.
Shalimar (sitting down on the couch): Well, I gotta tell ya. It feels pretty good knowing I’m the only one left inside my head.
Brennan (sitting on the arm of her couch, smirking): Well, it may be good for you, but it worries the rest of us, though. [She smacks him in the arm.]
Adam: So, how’s Patricia?
Emma: She’s in pain. I think she loved him right till the end.
Brennan: What about the Links, Adam? What’s gonna happen to them, now?
Adam: Well, hopefully some of them will drift into normal lives, you know? I’m just afraid that a lot of them are gonna be infected by his influence.
Jesse: Now there’s a lovely thought.
Adam: Well, let’s not kid ourselves. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of his legacy. Not by a long shot.

[Scene: A sunny tropical beach. Kim walks up to a vendor’s stand on the boardwalk and picks out a baby mobile.]
Kim: Perfect! I’ll take it.
The Vendor: Is this a gift, ma’am?
Kim: No, it’s for me. And my baby. [She smiles, massaging her belly.]

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