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#211 : L'escroquerie

Brennan est appelée au secours par Becky, son ex petite-amie, qui a des problèmes après avoir tenté d'arnaquer un sénateur.


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The grift

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Craig Blair ... QJ soldier
Sheila Brand ... Waitress
Dean Copkov ... QJ-14 B
Christina Cox ... Becky Dolan
Tig Fong ... QJ-14 A
Jack Langedijk ... Daniel Foster
Alan C. Peterson ... Stephan Bailey
Patrick Salvagna ... Connor Dolan

                                          The Grift 

[Opening Scene: Brennan’s room in Sanctuary. Sitting in front of his desk, Brennan plays a woman’s video recorded message over and over again on his computer: “I’m sure I’m the last person you ever wanted to hear from again. I mean you probably hate me. But I really, I really need to see you, Brennan. To finally say I’m sorry, and give you back your share of the money.” He stops the tape and rewinds it to hear the last part again: “I really need to see you, Brennan, to finally say I’m sorry.” He pauses the tape, gazing at her face for a moment before hitting the play button again: “And give you back your share of the money. You can find me at our old apartment. Just don’t tell anyone about this, okay?” He pauses the tape once again, focusing on her eyes. Finally, turning off the computer, he grabs his car keys and heads out of the room. In the main room, Emma’s working at the computer when Brennan passes by on his way to the exit.]

Emma: Hey. Where are you going?
Brennan (heading out the door): Nowhere.

[Driving down the street, Brennan skids to a stop as a young boy runs out into the street front of him.]
Brennan (leaning out the window): Hey, kid, watch where you’re going!
The Kid (walking up to him): Hey, nice car. G2 dual carbs?
Brennan: Of course.
The Kid: Mom’s waiting for you in the alleyway. She says the apartment’s not safe.
Brennan (confused): Oh, yeah? Who’s your mom?
The Kid (giving him an odd look): Who do you think? [He runs back down the alleyway. Brennan follows him, and sees the woman from the video, Becky Dolan.]
Becky (hugging him): Oh, you came!
Brennan (pulling away): You knew I would. What’s going on?
Becky: Oh, I’ve really messed up this time. Brennan, I am so scared!
Brennan (chuckling): You know, for a minute there, I actually thought that you were going to apologize and give me back my money. I guess I’m just an idiot, huh?
Becky: No, no, I am sorry. Okay? So there’s your apology, right? And I will get your money back at some point.
Brennan: Yeah, yeah. So what’d you pull this time, Becky?
Becky: Look, it’s serious, Brennan, or I wouldn’t have called.
Brennan: So then, call the cops.
Becky: I can’t go to the cops! They’re involved. The cops, the feds, you name it.
Brennan (backing away): You know what? That’s just too bad. And I’m sorry, but you’re just gonna have to dig your own way out of this one.
Becky: All right, then, don’t do it for me. [She glances at The Kid.] Do it for your son.
Brennan: Oh, that’s a good one, Becky. Drop the act, okay? I’m not one of your marks.
Becky: I’m on the level, Brennan. Connor’s your son. Look at him. [She turns to Connor.] Go keep an eye out, okay?
Connor: Okay. [He goes to stand at the corner, looking out at the street.]
Becky: I wasn’t even gonna tell you, but–
Brennan (interrupting her): You know what? Stop! Okay, you called me looking for protection, and then when I say--
Connor (calling her over): Mom!
Becky (running over to Connor): Damn it, you were followed. [Brennan peers around the corner to see a police car pull up near the alley.]
Brennan: Get your stuff. Come on. [Grabbing their arms, he begins to pull Becky and Connor back down the alley, only to have a black car pull up in front of them.]
Connor: Feds!
Brennan (to Becky): Well, nice to see you’re not neglecting his education. [A man in a suit gets out of the black car, aiming his gun at them. Brennan shocks him unconscious, then pulls Becky back towards the cop car.] Come on. [Two cops emerge from the police car, drawing their guns. Brennan shoots two electrical arcs at the car behind them, forcing them to take cover as it explodes. Brennan takes Becky and Connor’s hands and they flee out of the alley.]

Opening credits. “The Grift.”

[In the main room at Sanctuary, Jesse and Shalimar are standing in front of the computer when Adam walks up to them.]
Adam: So what’ve you got?
Shalimar: Well, we’ve been monitoring the police scanners. Check this out. [She pulls up a video of an electrical arc causing a police car to explode.]
Jesse: We pulled this cop cam footage off the police database; this just went down.
Adam: Well, it’s impossible to tell if the electrical charge came from a weapon or from a mutant.
Jesse: Well, if it was a weapon, the most something that size could throw off would be about a thousand amps.
Adam: Any way of figuring out the intensity of the arc by checking out the cop car?
Jesse: It’s worth a try.

[Brennan drives Becky and Connor to their old apartment. Becky’s about to get out of the car when Brennan stops her.]
Brennan: Okay. You need to tell me what’s going on.
Becky (turning to Connor in the backseat): Connor, go outside, please.
Connor: What are you gonna tell him that I don’t already know?
Becky: Just go play somewhere where I can see you, all right?
Connor (getting out of the car): Whatever.
Brennan: All right, Becky. So who’d you con this time?
Becky: Look, it didn’t start out that way, all right, Brennan?
Brennan: No, it never does, does it? Give me the name.
Becky: Daniel Foster.
Brennan: The guy running for Congress?!
Becky: Mmm-hmm. We got to know each other pretty well, and...
Brennan: And what, you were just play him up against the wall?
Becky: Yeah. Then I found out he liked to carry around a lot of cash.
Brennan: So you picked his pocket.
Becky: No. He liked to carry around a briefcase full of cash. So I got him into the habit of letting me hold it when he got into the car and then I’d hand it to him through the window.
Brennan: Yeah, until the last time when you handed him a different briefcase.
Becky: Except that there was something else inside the briefcase. There’s a disk. I mean, I don’t even know what’s on it, but it must be valuable, because he’s been trying to kill me since I took it. I’m gonna sell the disk back to him. That’s where you come in.
Brennan (shaking his head): No. No, this is not where I come in. I’m not helping you blackmail him.
Becky: Well, then, I’m as good as dead. And so is Connor.
Brennan: Nah, I’ve got places we can stay. I’ve got a friend of mine who has his own high government contacts.
Becky: No! Foster has friends everywhere! This has to be totally under the radar. I mean, you can’t be in contact with anyone.
Brennan (looking at Connor bouncing a ball in front of the car): All right, fine. I’ll help you. But I’m not just gonna disappear, so I need to make a call.
Becky (nodding): Thanks. [She gets out of the car. Brennan pulls up Sanctuary on the car’s video link.]
Brennan: Yo, Adam.
Adam (at Sanctuary’s main room computer): Go, Brennan.
Brennan: Yeah, I’m sorry I haven’t checked in with you, man, I lost track of time.
Adam: I understand. I appreciate the call.
Emma (joining Adam at the computer): The last time I saw you, you bolted out of here without saying two words.
Brennan (grinning): All right, here’s two words for you: I’m sorry.
Emma (not laughing): What happened to you?
Brennan: Ah, you know, I got a friend that came into town last minute, and afraid I was gonna miss him.
Adam: So, when are you heading back?
Brennan: Uh...you know....actually...uh...he’s getting married. He wants me to be his best man.
Emma (not buying it): When’s the wedding?
Brennan (watching Becky and Connor talking in front of the car): Uh...couple of days. Hey, check it out...uh...I’ve gotta run, so....uh...let me...let me call you when I can, huh?
Emma: Wait, where are you?
Adam: Wait, hey! [Brennan cuts off the connection. Adam looks at Emma, shaking his head.]

[Scene: The bustling campaign headquarters of Daniel Foster. Campaign stickers and posters (Vote Daniel Fostor for Senate, He’ll Keep It Real) line the walls of the office and aides hustle around answering phones. Daniel Foster makes his rounds around the room, stopping to look over a report with one of his aides.]
Daniel (triumphantly handing him the report): Ah, you did it! Do it again.
The Aide (grinning): Yes sir. [He walks back to his desk.]
Daniel (to a woman sitting at her desk): Hey, Bernadette, have a good lunch?
Bernadette: Yeah.
Daniel (leaning over to the man sitting next to her): Where’s Ernie? [The man points across the room, and Daniel walks over to Ernie, grinning.] Ernie, come on. What have you got for me?
Ernie (happily handing him a report): The polls have just come in. They’re going up, huh?
Daniel (patting him on the back): I could kiss you. Don’t get your hopes up.
Ernie: Okay. [Daniel heads into his office, where Stephan Bailey is sitting next to the desk, waiting for him.]
Daniel (handing him the report): The polls have me up 10% over the incumbent. I’ve got this thing practically sewn up!
Stephan: Not if that disk goes public.
Daniel (laughing): It won’t. Come on, this girl’s no Erin Brokovich, trust me. She’ll sniff around for her little payoff, and then she’ll be outta here.
Stephan: Save the bull for your constituents. We have a real problem here. If you lose this election, I don’t have the defense contract.
Daniel (sobering): I have people on this. And we will find her.
Stephan: Not if she sees them first. I think it’s time to use my guys.
Daniel (looking spooked): Is that really necessary?
Stephan (standing): I’m not willing to let some small-time con woman do anything to jeopardize this election. [He walks out of the office.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Emma’s in Brennan’s room sifting through his bureau drawers when Shalimar walks in.]
Shalimar: What are you doing?
Emma (looking through his bookcase): I’m sorry, but I don’t buy Brennan’s “buddy from out of town” speech. There’s something else going on.
Shalimar: Really?
Emma (pulling the covers off his bed): Yeah. I sensed it the moment he took off. He was, you know, all wound up, not a guy going to meet an old friend.
Shalimar: What, so that gives you the right to just rifle through his things?
Emma (closing the photo album she’s pulled off the shelf): You’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just...the hit I got off of him was really strong. You know, he was overwhelmed by these hurt and unresolved emotions.
Shalimar (smiling): Well, why didn’t you say so? [She glances over at Brennan’s computer.] I mean, that’s as good as a search warrant in my book, so... [They sit down at the computer. Shalimar pulls up Becky’s message.]
Becky (on the video): I’m sure I’m the last person you ever wanted to see again. I mean, you probably hate me. But I really need to see you. I mean, to finally say I’m sorry.
Emma (shaking her head, pausing the video): I should have figured it out.
Shalimar: Why, you know this woman?
Emma: Yeah. Not just any woman. Becky Dolan. Out of high school, she was Brennan’s world. Then sometime after that, she ripped him off, disappeared, and broke his heart.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, looks like she found a way to wrap him around her little finger again.

[Brennan drives up to Becky’s old apartment and walks inside with a paper bag of food. Inside, Connor’s playing with some plastic cups on a table as Becky watches him.]
Brennan (eating a french fry out of the bag): Well, lunch is served. Well, I never thought I’d see this dump again.
Becky: Yeah, you and me both.
Connor: So is this where all the magic happened?
Brennan (glancing at Becky, who’s laughing): Shut up.
Connor (digging through the paper bag): No, really. How long has it been since you’ve seen each other?
Becky: Connor, why don’t you...I don’t know...go get some wood or something for a fire?
Connor: Ever since he showed up, you’ve been trying to get rid of me.
Becky: Oh yeah? Well, it’s just because you’re soooo annoying.
Brennan: Yeah. Listen to your mother. [Brennan lights a tesla coil and throws it at a pile of trash in the middle of the floor, starting a fire.]
Connor: Woah! Am I gonna get to do that? [He tries flicking his fingers.]
Becky: Just because he can, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to.
Connor: I was just trying to ask my father some questions.
Brennan: Hey! If you were able to do it, you’d know by now.Connor: Damn it.
Brennan: Watch your language! Go get some wood like your mother asked you. [He winks at Connor, who starts towards the door. Becky smacks him playfully in the arm on his way out of the room.]
Becky (staring after Connor, chuckling): What a piece of work.
Brennan: Yeah, that’s your kid. [Sitting in front of him, Becky puts an arm around Brennan’s neck and kisses him. He pushes her away.]
Becky: I’ve missed you, you know.
Brennan (getting up): Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you cleaned me out and took off.
Becky (following him): Oh, come on. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been any good at.
Brennan: Well, I’ll give you that. You’re definitely good.
Becky: Well, I want out of the game now. I don’t have the stomach for it anymore.
Brennan: Is that why you’re using me again?
Becky: I didn’t have anywhere else to turn, Brennan. I hid the disk and I need you help to get it back. Connor knows where it is. Come on, is that using you?
Brennan: Well...yeah. At least I know what I’m getting myself into this time. I’m kind of curious what’s on that disk myself.
Becky (sighing): I really have missed you. [They kiss.]
Connor (walking in on them): Hey guys! I got the....wood.
Brennan: He definitely has your timing.
Connor: So...are we gonna go get the disk or what?
Brennan (letting Becky go): Yeah.

[At the Foster campaign headquarters, Daniel Foster’s sitting at his desk in his office on the phone with his secretary.]
Daniel: Put her through.
Becky (on speaker phone): Hello, Daniel.
Daniel: Hm...My Rebecca. I wasn’t sure I was gonna hear from you again. [The camera pulls back to reveal Stephan sitting in front of the desk holding a device, listening.]
Becky: Well, I have something of yours which seems to be in rather high demand.
Daniel: I suppose you’ve had enough time to come up with a price?
Becky: Two million.
Daniel (seeing Stephan nod): Done.
Becky: I’ll call you when I’m ready to do the exchange.
Daniel (hanging up): Did you manage to trace the call?
Stephan: Yes. Yes.

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar and Emma have moved to the main room and are looking up Becky Dolan’s rap sheet in the computer database.]
Shalimar (listing Becky’s aliases): Becky Dolan, Natalie Jones, Lucy Warner...which one did Brennan fall for?
Emma: The original recipe. She’s hot, it’s not hard to imagine why he fell so hard.
Shalimar: Yeah, I don’t think she’s so special.
Emma: Yeah, well, the question is, what is he doing with her now?
Jesse (standing with Adam at the computer across the room): Well, whatever it is, it isn’t good. I tested the police car and based on the disintegration of the metal, there’s no doubt that the force of that arc came from...
Emma: Brennan.
Adam: Well, I don’t know of anybody else capable of firing off a charge like that.
Jesse: So why would he do this?
Shalimar: Yeah, and why would he lie to us?
Emma: Well, maybe he’s ashamed.
Adam: Or maybe he’s trying to protect somebody.

[In Stephan’s headquarters, six men stand back to back in the center of the room, their eyes closed. Stephan walks around to the first two and presses a button on a remote controller, opening their eyes.]
Daniel (walking behind him): Who are they?
Stephan: They are my most lethal black ops soldiers who died during classified operations.
Daniel: Died?
Stephan: Hmm. They’re living, but not in the conventional sense. They have limited brain function, which I control by implants.
Daniel (frightened): My God.
Stephan (holding up Becky’s photo in front of one of the men): Find Rebecca Dolan. Get the disk that she has in her possession. Then kill her and anyone else she’s come in contact with. Understood? [The men nod.] Move out. [The two men pull themselves out of their stations and march out of the building.]

[Rock music plays in Brennan’s car as he drives Connor up to the Cherry Restaurant.]

Brennan: Yeah, tell me about it. So, you in school?
Connor (getting out of the car): You don’t have to act interested. Mom already told me you’re not into the whole father thing.
Brennan (getting out): Hey, wait a minute. I didn’t even know I was a father until today.
Connor: Yeah, whatever.
Brennan: Hey, kid! I’m just going at this whole thing blind just like you.
Connor: Fine, I’ll cut you some slack.
Brennan: Thanks. So is this where your mom hid the disk, or are you just scamming me for a free lunch?
Connor: It’ll cost you a burger and fries to find out.
Brennan (pushing him into the restaurant): Get in there.

[Shalimar’s working on the computer in the main room of Sanctuary. Finding a newspaper article on Becky, she looks over her shoulder at Adam.]
Shalimar: Hey, Adam. Look what the photo database turned up on Becky. Recognize the guy she’s with?
Adam (coming over): Yeah. That’s Daniel Foster. That’s the guy running for Congress.
Shalimar: This photo was taken a week ago at a fundraiser. My guess? She screwed with the wrong guy. Now she needs Brennan to protect her.
Adam (frowning): That’s weird.
Shalimar: What?
Adam: I think I recognize the guy in the background. Can you enhance that image?
Shalimar: Yeah. [She enlarges the photograph.]
Adam: Larger. Oh, man.
Shalimar: Who is he?
Adam (headed back to his own computer): Stephan Bailey.
Shalimar: Is he a friend of yours?
Adam: Not exactly. He was a heavyweight in special ops till he went into the private sector. Made a fortune with high-tech weaponry.
Shalimar (walking over to him): So what’s a guy like that doing at a fundraiser?
Adam: Exactly. Buying himself a politician.

[Inside the Cherry Restaurant, Brennan and Connor are sitting at a table eating.]
Brennan: All right, that’s your third burger. When are you planning on getting to work?
Connor (holding out his hand): Just give me a quarter.
Brennan (reaching into his pocket for a handful of change): Damn, you really are like your mom.
Connor: Okay, just give it to me.
Brennan (handing him a quarter): All right. [Connor gets up and goes over to the jukebox. Putting in his quarter, he calls the owner over.]
Connor: Hey, lady. I just tried pressing C-12. The machine just ate my money.
The Owner (coming over): Oh, I’ve been meaning to put a sign on this thing. It’s been on the fritz.
Connor: Bet it would cost an arm and a leg to fix it, huh?
The Owner (smiling over at Brennan): Worse than plummers, kid.
Connor (glancing back at Brennan): I’ll bet my dad could fix it.
The Owner: Yeah? I don’t know.
Brennan (getting up): No, no, no. Trust me, if it’s an electrical problem, I’m definitely your man. [Walking over, he puts an arm around Connor’s shoulders.]
The Owner (tossing him the keys): I’ll tell you what. If you can get this thing working, your lunch is on me.
Brennan: You got it. [Opening the door, he peers inside.] It’ll take me a few minutes to figure it out...
Connor (nodding at him): C-12. [He turns to The Owner.] Hey lady, can I maybe have a piece of pie to go?
The Owner: Sure, why not? [They walk over to the counter, leaving Brennan at the jukebox alone. He reaches into the C-12 slot, pulls out the disk, and pockets it. Then he reattaches the wires that Connor had pulled apart, and the music starts to play. Over at the counter, The Owner looks up at him and grins.]
Brennan (handing her back the key): Well, thanks for the free lunch. [He grabs Connor’s shoulder and steers him towards the door.] Let’s go.
The Owner (holding out the pie): Hold on, honey, you forgot your pie!
Brennan (ruffling Connor’s hair): Oh, it’s not good for his teeth anyway.
Connor: Come on!
Brennan (pushing him out the door): Nooo.
Connor: Nice work, Dad.
Brennan: Yeah, I guess we make a pretty good team. [As they head back to the car, Brennan sees Shalimar and Emma leaning on it.] Oh, great.
Emma: So, you think your buddy would mind two more crashing his wedding?
Brennan: You know, I would appreciate it if you guys would turn around and pretend you never saw me.
Connor: They’re hot.
Brennan: Connor, get in the car.
Conner: Come on, tell me. Are they single?
Brennan (pushing him towards the car): Connor, get in the car!
Shalimar: Brennan, do you have any idea what this woman’s gotten you into?
Brennan: I’ve got it under control.
Shalimar: Really? What, by exploding cop cars and almost exposing Mutant X?
Brennan: I told you, I’ve got it under control.
Emma: Brennan, Foster’s people aren’t about to back down on this one.
Brennan: I can handle it! [He goes to open the car door that Shalimar’s leaning on.] Excuse me. Shal, do you mind? [She reluctantly moves away from the door.]

[Meanwhile, Becky’s sleeping on a couch at the old apartment when Stephan’s two Black Ops soldiers show up. Waking up at the sound of metal striking the floor, she crouches behind a cardbord box and opens her cell phone to call Connor.]
Becky (whispering to herself): Oh my God. [In Brennan’s car outside the restaurant, Connor’s cell phone rings.] Connor?
Connor: Mom?
Becky: No– [The Black Ops soldier tears down the box she’s hiding behind and grabs her arm. She starts to scream, dropping the cell phone.]
Connor: Mom? Mom! [He turns to Brennan, who is getting into the driver’s seat.] Brennan, Mom’s in trouble! [Brennan backs the car out of the parking lot and peals off towards the apartment.]

[One of the soldiers pushes Becky up against the chainlink fence surrounding the room. She picks up a metal bar and clubs him in the face, but his partner grabs her arm, forcing her to drop it.]
Becky: I don’t have the disk! Let me go! [Pushing her back against the fence, the soldiers aim their guns at her, their eyes glowing blue.]

[Pulling up outside the apartment, Brennan and Connor get out of the car and race inside. Brennan stops at the entrance.]
Brennan (holding Connor back): Shhh! Okay, I’ll handle this.
Connor: I have to help her.
Brennan (giving him the car keys): I said I’ll take care of it. Keep the car running. [Not listening, Connor starts to head inside again. Brennan pulls him back.] Hey! Go! [He points towards the car.]
Connor: Okay. [He runs out the door; Brennan dashes inside.]

[As Becky pleads with the Black Ops soldiers, one of them x-rays her brain, searching for the information.]
Becky: I don’t have the disk! Tell your boss he’s wrong.
The Soldier: You know where it is.
Becky: If I knew where it was, I think I’d tell you!
Brennan (running in behind them): Hey! You don’t want to do that! [The soldiers turn, raising their guns. Brennan zaps them with two electrical arcs, temporarily confounding them.. He shouts at Becky.] Run! [She flees towards the door. Diving out of the way as the two soldiers open fire on him, Brennan sprints to the door, hotly pursued by the soldiers.]
Becky (driving the car up to the doorway): Get in! [Brennan leaps into the back seat. The soldiers fire after them until they disappear around the corner.]

[Parked next to a lake in a recreational park, Becky and Brennan sit in the front seat talking about the Black Ops soldiers.]
Becky: I looked right in their eyes and there was nothing there.
Brennan: Yeah, I know.
Becky: God, Brennan, if you had gotten there one minute later, I’d be dead by now.
Connor (leaning forward from the back seat): Fork over some cash. I’m hungry.
Brennan: What are you kidding me? Do you have a hollow leg?
Connor: I’m having a growth spurt.
Brennan (handing him a bill): Here. Don’t eat the change. [Connor jumps out of the car. Brennan picks up his computer from the back seat.] Well, I think it’s time we figure out what all this excitement is all about.
Becky (turning away): Oh, I don’t think I want to see that.
Brennan (putting in the disk): Come on, if you’ve got the stomach for blackmail, you should definitely be able to handle this.
Becky (looking over his shoulder): So what’s on it?
Brennan (scrolling down the page): It’s a list of illegal contributions made to the Foster campaign. [The list includes Makeup Artist Eva Coudouloux, Location Manager Aine Furey, Ron Talbear, Assistant Location Manager Denis Sincic, 2nd Unit Locations Lisa Jensen, Editor Paul Whitehead, Property masters Geoff and Jim Murrin, 1st assistant property master Rae Crombie and set buyer David Maltese.]
Becky: What? They’re willing to kill me over this.
Brennan: This disk will not only bring down Foster, it’ll bring down every corporation that’s ever lined his pockets.
Becky: Brennan, we had a deal.
Brennan: Yeah, that was before I saw what was on this disk.
Becky: That disk is not yours to give.
Brennan: Well, it’s not yours either. And I’m not giving you a choice.
Becky (getting out of the car): Oh, you are exactly the same! You won’t play unless you get to call all the shots.
Brennan (calling out to her): I know a place where you and Connor can be safe! I’ve got a guy that I trust, I just have to get the disk to him!Connor (coming back with a hot dog in each hand): Hey, what’s going on?
Becky: Nothing. You’re father’s just letting us down.
Brennan: Hey, you know? End of discussion!
Becky: All right, fine! Whatever you want.
Brennan (getting out of the car, handing her a room key): Take Connor here and lock the door. Take it! [She angrily snatches it out of his hand.] It’s nothing fancy, but it’s gonna be fine. Okay? Go inside and wait for me. Okay?
Becky: Fine.
Brennan (walking back to sit in the car): Man!
Becky (to Connor): Come on. [They walk off.]
Brennan (turning on the car’s video link): Hey, Adam.
Adam (at a computer in Sanctuary): Brennan. Where’ve you been?
Brennan: Sorry, I’ve been a little tied up.
Adam: Yeah, well, you have no idea what you’re involved in.
Brennan: Yeah, well, I’m beginning to get an idea after my run-in with the walking dead.
Adam: QJ-14s. They’re built to be virtually unstoppable.
Brennan: Yeah, tell me something I don’t know.
Adam: I’m trying to find the frequency that controls them, but at this point, I don’t know what they’re after.
Brennan: Well, they’re after a disk that Becky stole. It’s got a list of illegal campaign contributions.
Adam: Okay, that’s good. But you’ve got to let us help you, though.
Brennan: That’s fine, but I need to arrange for protection for Becky and her son.
Adam: We’re on it. [Adam cuts off the connection.]

[Brennan arrives at the apartment he gave Becky the key for. Finding the door ajar, he starts to walk into the room.]
Brennan: Becky, I thought I told you to lock this... [He realizes that the room has been turned upside down.] Becky? Connor! [Running past the bed, he sees Becky lying on the floor behind it. He picks her up.] Becky, what happened? Where’s Connor?
Becky (sobbing): Oh, God. They took him! Those things took him!
Brennan: Where did they take him?
Becky: Oh, this is all my fault! If I hadn’t been so greedy, this wouldn’t–
Brennan (grabbing her shoulders): Listen to me! Where did they take Connor? I’ll find him.
Becky: They said I had to meet them and give them the disk or they were gonna kill him. They’re gonna kill him!
Brennan: Listen! I’m not gonna let that happen. Okay? Now tell me where they want you to make the switch.
Becky: They said that there’s a gazebo in the middle of Ridgewood Park and to leave the disk there in one hour.
Brennan: Okay, where is it?
Becky (looking up through her tears at the ceiling lamp): Up there. [Brennan retrieves the disk from the lamp.] God, if anything happens to him, I don’t know what I’d...
Brennan (holding her head): Listen, nothing is gonna happen to him. I promise you, nothing is gonna happen to him. Okay? I’ll find him. [He runs out of the room.]
Becky (running after him): Please bring him back.
Brennan: I will. Stay here. [He shuts the door after him and speeds off in the car. Wiping away her tears, Becky goes to the bed and picks up her cell phone to call Daniel Foster.]
Becky: Yeah. The gazebo in Ridgewood Park in one hour.
Daniel (sitting in his office): I’ll be there. With your money.
Becky: You have to promise to back off. I don’t want him hurt.
Daniel: You’ll get your money. Say, Rebecca. That’s what you wanted all along, wasn’t it? [She hangs up. Behind her, Connor walks into the room.]
Connor: You didn’t just do what I think you did. You set Brennan up, didn’t you?
Becky (shaking her head): It’s not like that. Brennan was gonna turn over the disk and we were gonna end up with nothing.
Connor: So what did you do?
Becky: Well, baby, I just did what I had to do for us to survive.
Connor: Tell me now, or I’ll hate you forever!
Becky (sighing): I told Brennan...I told Brennan they were going to kill you unless he turned over the disk in Ridgewood Park. Connor, don’t look at me like that. I did this for us. They promise they’re not gonna hurt him.
Connor: You’re selfish, you know that? It’s one thing screwing over complete strangers, but how could you do this to my father? [He runs out the door.]

[Jesse and Shalimar are waiting for Brennan in another park. Shalimar paces back and forth.]
Jesse: Would you stop that? You’re making me nervous. Brennan’s just running a little late, that’s all.
Shalimar: No, he’s blowing us off. I can feel it.
Jesse: Oh, are you Emma now?
Shalimar: No, it goes deeper than that. He just... He really likes that woman.
Jesse: You know, that woman does have a name.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, I’ve got my own special name for her.
Jesse (grinning): Oh, meow!
Shalimar: In case you haven’t noticed, Becky’s managed to play Brennan from the start.

[Back at Sanctuary, Adam’s working at the computer when Emma walks in.]
Adam: I’m trying to tap into the band frequency of the QJ-14s. I believe that they’re controlled by an infrared beam which taps into the temporal lobes of the brains of these...
Emma: Death soldiers.
Adam: Yeah.
Emma (shaking her head): God, I still can’t believe this whole thing is real.
Adam: Well, it is, believe me.
Emma: So you’re somehow trying to tap into their brains?
Adam: Yeah. I’m hoping this sequence will allow me to do that.

[Meanwhile, in Ridgewood Park, Brennan goes up to the gazebo and places the disk on the railing, waiting. Connor rides his bike up to the gazebo.]
Connor: Brennan!
Brennan (running down to him): What are you doing here?
Connor: Mom lied.
Brennan: What?

[Cut to: Sanctuary. Adam’s finally tapped into the brain waves of the QJ-14s as the soldiers arrive at Ridgewood Park]
Adam: Look at that.
Emma: What is it?
Adam: It’s the QJ-14s video feed. They’re searching for Brennan. [He and Emma see what the soldiers are seeing as they search around the park.]

[Cut back to the Park.]
Connor (to Brennan): I’m okay.
Brennan (looking around the park): Get out of here! Get out of here now! [Connor rides away on his bike just as two QJ-14s approach the gazebo. Brennan grabs the disk off the railing and runs off as fast as he can in the opposite direction. The QJ-14s follow Connor with their eyes, sending the video feed back to Stephan in his headquarters.]
Stephan: Where is he? [The QJ-14s focus in on Connor.] No, it’s a diversion. Pursue the original target. [Ignoring Connor, the soldiers head towards the gazebo.]

[In Sanctuary, Emma and Adam monitor the action with the QJ-14's video feed.]
Emma: Can’t you shut these things down?
Adam: No. Cause the infrared spectrum is a lot more complex than a radio frequency. But luckily, the QJ-14s tracking signal is showing me where they are.
Emma: Well, we need to get Jesse and Shal over there now. Brennan’s gonna need all the help he can get. [She heads off to call them.]

[Daniel Foster’s standing nervously in Stephan’s headquarters, watching Stephan direct the QJ-14s by remote control.]
Daniel: Oh, that’s it. I can’t do this anymore.
Stephan (walking over to him): What? What are you talking about?
Daniel: The situation’s out of control. Those things you created have failed to achieve their mission.
Stephan: They haven’t failed. We just need to remain patient.
Daniel: Yeah? Well, I’m not willing to sit silently by anymore.
Stephan: No. You do what I tell you. I created you, remember?
Daniel: No. No, you created those walking zombies. I’m not taking your commands anymore. Yeah, I’m coming clean before all this breaks in the news. I can still win this election when the press paints me as the victim of this scandal. [He pulls out his cell phone and starts dialing a number.]
Stephan: You are a victim.
Daniel: What? [Drawing his gun, Stephan shoots him.]

[Back at the apartment, the door opens and Becky walks in with Connor.]
Becky: Foster was prepared to pay us 2 million dollars.
Connor: And you’re nuts.
Becky (shutting the door behind them): No, it’s true, he promised.
Connor: Let’s say that’s true. Then what?
Becky: Then what, what? Then we’re done. Then we can have enough to live on and start having a normal life.
Connor (helping her straighten up the apartment): With Brennan?
Becky: You like him, don’t you? Yeah. Yeah, I like him too. He’s got other responsibilities, other people he lives and works with.
Connor (sitting on the bed): So what? Maybe just the three of us can hang out. We’re his family.
Becky (sitting on the table across from him): Look, I gotta tell you something, and it’s going to make you hate me.
Connor: Brennan’s not my father, is he?
Becky: No. Look, I’m sorry, baby. It’s just if I hadn’t lied to you, I couldn’t make him believe it too and I couldn’t afford to take that chance for us, you know? I didn’t think he’d help--
Brennan (barging into the room, slamming the door behind him): Is everything a game to you?! You can’t stop conning people, can you?
Becky: Look, I was a kid when I had him, Brennan. I had to survive. What did you expect me to do?
Brennan: Stop treating everyone in your life like an easy mark!
Becky: I never wanted anyone to get hurt, least of all you. You don’t understand how hard it is. I mean, just the two of us?
Brennan: You know, you’re sick, Becky.
Connor (getting up to stand in front of her): Don’t talk to her like that!
Brennan: I’m sorry, Connor, okay? I’m really, really sorry.
Connor: Just leave. Leave us alone.Brennan: No. Okay? Listen! Those things are not gonna stop coming after us until we’re all dead.
Connor (pushing him away): Well, that’s my problem now. I said go!
Brennan (rubbing his shoulder): Connor, I know you’re hurting, okay? I know this is painful for you.
Connor (shrugging his hand off): I said go! [Opening the door.] Go! [Sighing, Brennan walks towards the door...and sees the QJ-14s walking towards the apartment. He pulls Connor inside and shuts the door.]
Becky: Come on! [Connor runs to Becky; Brennan stands with his back against the door.]

[Brennan holds the door shut as the QJ-14 ram repeatedly against it.]
Becky (holding Connor): Just give them the disk, Brennan, they’ll leave us alone!
Brennan: It’s way too late for that! Okay. [He grabs the couch and stands it up against the door. All three of them strain to hold the door shut. Brennan calls for help over his comlink.] Adam, they’re back!
Adam (at Sanctuary’s computer, watching the video feed with Emma): Brennan, I know.
Brennan: How about some help?
Emma: Jesse and Shalimar are on their way.
Brennan: Yeah, well what am I supposed to do in the meantime?
Adam: I’m trying to find a way to block the signals that control those things.
Brennan: Well, start flipping some damn switches!
Adam: I’m working on it.
Brennan (to Becky): Okay, take Connor and go in the bathroom.
Becky (grabbing Connor): Okay, come on. Come on, Conner.
Brennan: Go!
Connor (fighting her, reaching for Brennan): No, we can’t just leave him!
Becky (pulling Connor away from the door with all her might): No, come on!
Brennan (leaving the couch to help Becky drag Connor into the bathroom): I said, go in the bathroom! Come on!
Adam (calling Brennan as he and Emma fly out of Sanctuary in the Double Helix): I’ve traced the signal to its source. We’ll have a better chance of jamming it from there. [Brennan emerges from the bathroom just as QJ-14 A pushes his way through the front door. He raises his gun, but Brennan rams into him, sending them both through the glass window into the parking lot outside. Sitting on top of him, Brennan punches him in the face over and over again. QJ-14 B is aiming his gun at Brennan’s head when Jesse and Shalimar finally arrive.]
Jesse: Hey, pal! Didn’t anyone ever tell you to drop dead? [He masses as QJ-14 B opens fire on him. Before Jesse can run out of breath, Shalimar leaps at the soldier, but he knocks her into the side of a parked truck. Jesse manages to get in one punch before he too is thrown against a brick wall. QJ-14 A, getting tired of being pummeled, begins choking Brennan.]
Adam (up in the Double Helix with Emma): Come on...
Emma: Adam, we’re directly above the transmitter.
Adam (smiling as the computer beeps and displays the message “Locked”): I’ve got it. I found the frequency. [He presses some buttons on the screen. Outside the apartment, Shalimar’s ready to throw another punch at QJ-14 B, when he suddenly slumps to the ground. Across the parking lot, QJ-14 A stops choking Brennan and slumps to the ground as well. Jesse and Shalimar run over to Brennan; Becky and Connor run out of the apartment.]
Connor (helping Becky pull Brennan to his feet): You okay?
Brennan (hugging Connor with one arm): Are you kidding? That was nothing. [Reaching out with his other arm, he hugs Shalimar too.]

[Up in the Double Helix, Adam sighs in relief and looks over at Emma.]
Adam: They’re safe.
Emma: What about Bailey, is he just gonna walk away?
Adam (pulling up Bailey’s photograph on his computer): I don’t think so.

[Cut back to Stephan pacing around his headquarters, shaking his remote controller, which is flashing the signal: “Offline.” Behind him, one of the QJ-14s opens his eyes.]
Stephan (concentrating on the controller’s screen): What’s going on? Why aren’t you moving? Get up! Get up! [As he watches, an image of himself standing in the room suddenly appears on the screen.] What the hell? [He spins around to find all four remaining QJ-14s in the center of the room staring at him. They begin to surround him.] Back. Get back! No! Stop!

[Watching the video feed from up in the Helix, Emma smiles.]
Emma: Come on, crank it up a few notches. Let’s see him really sweat.
Adam: Well, as tempting as that sounds, I think in the long run, I’d rather see him fry.

[Brennan, Becky and Connor are walking down the street toward the Cherry Restaurant, talking.]
Brennan: So, your mom and I were talking about you.
Connor: You trying to do that father thing again?
Brennan: Sorry, can’t help myself. [He whistles for a taxi.] So your mom is gonna try to go straight, and I’m counting on you to make her keep that promise.
Connor: Is that my job?
Brennan: No, your job is to keep in touch with me. ‘Cause whether you like it or not, I’m gonna be looking out for you.
Connor: You know you don’t have to do this.
Brennan (smiling): Why, ‘cause you’re not my son? [He pats Connor’s shoulder.] Like I said, I can’t help myself.
Connor: Yeah, sure, whatever.
Brennan: Yeah, sure, whatever. [He directs Connor into the cab.]
Becky: I’m sorry I messed up your life again.
Brennan: That’s okay. It seems to be what you do best.
Becky: Well, maybe it’s time I find something else I’m good at, huh?
Brennan: Yeah.
Becky (crying): I want you to know that you were never a mark to me. You‘re the only person I’ve...that I’ve ever trusted. [They hug.]
Brennan (letting her go): Get outta here. [Getting out of the back seat of the cab, Connor comes back to hug Brennan one last time. Brennan strokes his hair, then pushes him towards Becky.] Go. [Becky and Connor get into the cab. Brennan leans down to the open window.] Take care of yourself, okay?
Becky (smiling at him as the cab pulls away): Yeah, you too. [Brennan stares after them.]

[Mutant X sits at a table in the Cherry Restaurant sharing a plate of french fries when Brennan walks in.]
Shalimar: Here he is.
Adam: Hey. For a minute there, we didn’t think you were gonna make it. [Brennan pulls up a chair and sits next to Emma, sighing.]
Emma (rubbing his back): Are you okay?
Brennan: You know, for the longest time, I never...never even imagined being a father. And now, I can’t imagine not being one.
Jesse: Conner will be okay.
Brennan: Yeah. Yeah, he’s tough.
Shalimar (smiling at him): Just like you.

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