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#215 : Les foudres de la haine


Adam Kane est dans le colimateur d'une mystérieuse organisation, les "Foudres bleues". Il réussit à échapper à une première tentative d'assassinat grâce à l'aide Shalimar.


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Titre VO
Under the cloak of war

Titre VF
Les foudres de la haine

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James Binkley ... Guard
Laura Catalano ... Serena
Jonathan Goad ... Thug
Allan Hawco ... Scientist
Joris Jarsky ... Ben McTeague Jr.
Carmelina Lamanna ... Lucy McTeague
Phillip Shepherd ... Brako
Sebastian Spence ... Noel
Angelo Tsarouchas ... Bartender

                                                  Under the Cloak of War


[Opening Scene: A convention center during a fancy black tie party. Dressed in black suits, Brennan and Jesse stroll across the room.]
Brennan: Man, I hate these things. A bunch or rich people standing around congratulating each other on how much better they are than everybody else.
Jesse (laughing): Oh, it's good to see the tailor left enough room for the chip on your shoulder.
Brennan: Man, you don't like these things any more than I do.
Jesse: No, I don't. But this is where I came from. The trick, you see, is that nobody does. You just have to be cool enough not to let it show.
Brennan (sighing): Yeah, whatever. [He looks across the room at Adam, who is happily conversing with a circle of his colleagues.] Well, at least Adam seems to be enjoying himself. Well, it's good to see him out. [Emma and Shalimar walk up to them in evening gowns.]
Jesse: Oh. Wow, you guys look amazing.
Shalimar (smiling at Emma): Yeah, well, I don't know how I'm gonna climb a wall in this thing. [She spins around for Brennan's benefit.] So? Aren't you gonna say anything?
Brennan (stammering): You look good. You look really good.

[Across the room, Adam's holding forth with his colleagues when a beautiful blonde in a red gown joins the group.]
Adam: Regulation of advanced genetic funding is in everybody's interest.
Serena: Finally. Someone who speaks the truth. All the others are worried about is their precious funding.
Adam (smiling): I'd like to think so, thank you. I'm sorry, I don't know you. I'm Adam Kane.
Serena (taking his offered hand): Serena.
Adam: Serena....
Serena: Just Serena.
Adam: I'm sorry, so are you interested in genetics?
Serena: I work in the gene sequencing lab at Berkley.
Adam: Really? You don't, uh, seem like your average scientist.
Serena: Well, now you're being judgmental. I'd expected more from you.
Adam: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Serena: I'll have to find a way for you to make it up to me.
Adam: Maybe I could buy you a drink. [She nods.] I'll see you guys later. [He goes upstairs with her.]
Shalimar (watching from across the room): Well, there's another side of Adam we're seeing.
Brennan: How much do you want to bet he takes her home tonight?
Jesse: No way.
Emma: Come on, Adam's a man. And she is definitely a woman.
Brennan: Double or nothing they share breakfast in the morning. [Shalimar narrows her eyes.]
Adam (walking Serena along the balcony): So, tell me about yourself.
Serena: Myself. Well, I told you where I work.
Adam: No, no, something more personal. Like, your last name. Serena what?
Serena: Ah, my last name. Well, it's a secret.
Adam (stopping): Really?
Serena: Mmm-hmm.
Adam: Well, I'm good at keeping secrets.
Serena: Really?
Adam: Yeah.
Serena: All right, then. [Placing an arm around his neck, she whispers in his ear.]
Adam: Really?
Serena (nodding): Mmm-hmm.
Adam: Well, that's a beautiful name.
Serena: Now, there's only one thing. Now that you know, I'm going to have to kill you. [Behind his neck, she snaps open her metal bracelet to form a dagger. Adam grabs her wrist as she attacks him; he notices the blue tattoo of a lightning bolt on her wrist as they struggle.]
Adam: Who sent you? Who sent you? [Serena elbows him in the face, and he falls to the floor. Glimpsing the fight from the ground floor, Shalimar dashes up the stairs.]
Shalimar (grabbing Serena's arm as she plunges the knife down towards Adam): I don't think so! [ Serena takes a few swipes at Shalimar with her knife, then, seeing Adam getting up, lunges at him again. Shalimar kicks her over the balcony's railing, and the rest of Mutant X rushes up to the railing to see her body lying on the ground below.]

Opening Credits. "Under the Cloak of War."

[Coming away from the railing, the team heads towards the stairs.]
Brennan: Adam, what the hell happened?
Adam (massaging his neck): I wish I knew.
Shalimar: Come on, you must have some idea why she was trying to kill you.
Adam: Well, I'm assuming it must have something to do with my speech at the conference.
Jesse: Well, Adam, it could be any one of a number of people we've taken down. I mean, I can think of a few who wouldn't mind a little payback.
Adam: Yeah, well, whoever it is, they've gone to the best to try to do it.

[Back at Sanctuary, the team sits around the main room as Adam explains what he saw.]
Adam: The woman who tried to kill me had a tattoo of a blue lightning bolt on her wrist. Now, I always thought that the existence of the so-called Blue Bolt was a myth. But after the research that I've done today, they're real.
Jesse: You know, I might not be up on my crime lore, but what does a bit of body art have to do with someone who's trying to kill you, Adam?
Adam: In the world of covert operations, Blue Bolt are rumored to be an elite assassination ring.
Brennan: Well, that woman who tried to kill you today was definitely more than a rumor.
Adam: I noticed. And my sources also came through with some pretty frightening confirmation. Blue Bolt is supposed to have training and weaponry second to none. They claim to be able to get to anybody, anytime, anywhere.
Emma: Look, I know you don't want to hear this, Adam, but I think you should reconsider speaking at the conference.
Adam: No, I've been hiding out in Sanctuary long enough. These people are not going to scare me away.
Jesse: Adam, she tried to kill you. These people mean business.
Adam: I have to take a chance. There's too much at stake here.
Shalimar: Well, if you're set on speaking at that conference, then what we have to do is eliminate that threat.
Brennan: No, no, no, no. We need to infiltrate them. Keep them away from Adam until after the conference.
Emma: And find out who ordered the hit.
Jesse: Right. So who goes in?
Adam (looking at Brennan): I think it's obvious. [Brennan nods expectantly.] To run with the hunters, we need our own predator. [He walks over to put his arm around Shalimar. She smiles at him. Brennan frowns, shaking his head.]

[Scene: Inside a skyscraper in the heart of the city, a man sits at his desk in front of his computer. On the right side of his screen is a picture of Adam laughing with a man and a woman; on the left, he is speaking with the Blue Bolt head assassin Noel via video link.]
The Man: I thought she was your best operative!
Noel: She was. He must have had help. He couldn't have taken her on alone.
The Man: I don't want to hear excuses. For what I'm paying you, I expect nothing but results.
Noel: That is exactly what you will receive, you have my guarantee.
The Man: I don't want guarantees. I want Adam Kane dead before he speaks at that conference.
Noel: I underestimated him the first time. Next time, there will be no mistake. [He cuts off the connection. The man enlarges the picture of Adam's face, zooming in on his eyes.]

[In Sanctuary, Adam's going over his plans with Shalimar as they walk towards the lab. Brennan out of his room behind them.]
Brennan: Adam. All right, look, I want to talk to you about this whole undercover thing, okay? I'm not so sure it's such a good idea.
Adam: You mean the idea, or the idea of sending Shalimar in?
Brennan: Okay, no offense, Shal, but I've had way more experience in the underground.
Shalimar: You think I can't do this?
Brennan: No, that's not what I said.
Shalimar: No, you said you think you can do this better than I can!
Adam: All right, look. You're both great professionals, but Shalimar's agility, the speed of her fighting skills, and her predatory nature make her a natural for this organization.
Brennan: Do we even know anything about these guys?
Adam: Yeah, how to contact them. At a bar on the east side called Mother's Milk.
Brennan: And?
Adam: Well, that's it. No names, no contact, nothing. Just a tip that I got that if you want to find Blue Bolt, you go to Mother's Milk.
Brennan: Well, come on! What about Shalimar's backup? We need floor plans, we need schematics, we need a map of the area, we need to figure out where we're gonna position ourselves.
Adam: Brennan, she's going in alone. One face is suspicious; four faces, it sets off alarms. Okay, she's gonna be in constant contact with us via comlink. We're gonna have her covered, don't worry. Now we've still gotta get you prepped, right? [Shalimar nods.] Come with me. We're gonna try to make contact tonight. [Shalimar starts to follow him into the lab.]
Brennan: Wait, Shal. Shal, listen. Just for the record, I don't doubt your skills.
Shalimar: Yeah, well you could've fooled me.
Brennan: I'm just worried about you, that's it.
Shalimar: That's your problem, Brennan, not mine. Okay, you wanna worry about someone, worry about the people who are trying to take out Adam. [She stalks off towards the lab. Brennan sighs and goes back to his room.]
Jesse (at the computer): Well, I made you up a fake rap sheet and registered it with all the local databases.
Shalimar (reading the paper he hands her): Well, multiple assaults, suspected homicide, attempted homicide, nice.
Jesse (shrugging): Well.
Adam (looking over her shoulder): So you're okay with this?
Shalimar: Well, I'm about to walk into a den of ruthless killers, what's to be anxious about?
Adam (chuckling): Right. Let's get you on your way. [Walking Shalimar out, he nods at Jesse.] Good job.
Jesse: Yeah.

[Downtown, Shalimar enters the Mother's Milk bar, where a dozen tough-looking men and women play pool and sit at tables scattered around the room. Monitoring her from his computer in Sanctuary, Jesse frowns as the sign "Connection Dropped" appears on his screen.]
Brennan (hovering over his shoulder): What is that?
Jesse: I don't know. Looks like Shalimar's comlink just went down.
Brennan: What, are they on to her?
Jesse: Nah, it's too soon. No, they must have some kind of anti-surveillance jamming in place or something.

[Inside the bar, Noel looks up from the pool table as Shalimar approaches the bartender.]
Shalimar: Mineral water with a twist.
The Bartender: Does this look like a mineral water room to you?
Shalimar: Not for somebody who just came in here to drink.
The Bartender: Don't tell me. You're looking for companionship.
Shalimar: I'm looking for work. I've heard this might be the place to find it.
The Bartender: From who?
Shalimar: From someone who'd probably end up dead if I told you.
The Bartender (nodding to a man sitting behind Shalimar): I think you probably got the wrong place here, Goldilocks.
Guy (walking up to her): I've been waiting for someone like you.
Shalimar: I bet you haven't.
Guy (putting his arm around her shoulders): Oh, I have. Before they find you in an alley somewhere, you and me are gonna have a good time.
Shalimar (smiling): Really? A good time? [She turns to him, reaching up to caress his neck.] 'Cause for me, a good time is doing stuff like this. [She smashes his head against the bar.] You know what else I enjoy? [She punches him in the stomach.] And what's really fun is this! [Hurling him across the room, she kicks away two more men as they rush her, punches out two more, and slides a sixth down the bar onto the floor. Standing in the midst of the six bodies strewn on the floor, she calls out into the air.] Anybody else wanna have some fun? [Behind her, the bartender pours her mineral water and plops a lemon into it. Smiling at him, she takes the glass.]
Noel (sauntering up to her): That was good. Where'd you learn to fight like that?
Shalimar: Here and there. Where I grew up, I spent half my time fighting off punks like that.
Noel: You're here for a reason?
Shalimar: I heard this was the place where somebody like me could find work.
Noel: And what is someone like you?
Shalimar: Someone who does what needs to be done and gets paid a lot of money for doing it. You understand? The things weaker people don't have the stomach for.
Noel: And you're sure you do?
Shalimar: Well, there are people who could vouch for me. If they could still talk.
Noel: There might be an opening. If you're as good as you say you are.
Shalimar: Try me. [Reaching up to stroke her hair, Noel injects her with a sedative from his ring. She collapses against him.]
Noel (whispering as she loses consciousness): You'll get your chance. Let's both hope you're up to it.

*******Commercial Break********

[Brennan finds Adam working in the lab.]
Brennan: Hey, Adam. It's been an hour since Shalimar went into that bar and we still haven't been able to locate her comlink signal.
Adam: Well, it's gonna take some time for her to win those people's trust.
Brennan: Yeah, but what if she's in trouble?
Adam: Well, what do you want to do? You wanna send in the troops, crash in there? Blow the cover? I mean, how's that gonna help the mission?
Brennan: Adam, forget about the mission for a second! You're the one who's too proud to give up going to this conference and that's why she's risking her life in the first place. And why don't you think about her?
Adam: I am thinking about her. Mostly thinking that you're overprotective.
Brennan: No, no, I am concerned. There is a difference.
Adam: Shalimar is one of the most powerful mutants ever recorded.
Brennan: What difference does that make? These guys have got weapons, they've got things that we've never even heard of before.
Adam: Well, she's also smart and she's careful. Of course I worry about her. I worry about her the way I worry about sending any of you into one of these situations, but I gave her a mission. I mean, how do you think she's gonna feel if we send in the troops and tell her that, no, we didn't trust her to handle it?
Brennan: Adam, you know I'm worried about her feelings. But more importantly, I'm worried about getting her back here in one piece.
Adam: What she needs right now is not your worry. She needs is your support, the way a partner supports a partner, by trusting in what she can do. And giving her whatever backup she needs. [Brennan stomps out.]

[Waking up, Shalimar finds herself lying on a bed in a darkened room. Seeing Noel sitting by the bedside, she tries to sit up, but finds that she's too weak.]
Noel: Easy. My name is Noel. You really are something special. That would have kept anyone else out for another six hours.
Shalimar: Good. That'll give me more time to kick your ass.
Noel: You wanted a job. This is how it starts. Precaution. I'm sure you understand.
Shalimar: I understand that as soon as I'm back on my feet, I'm gonna tear you apart.
Noel: I like the attitude. But you might find that harder than you think. Where did you learn to fight like that.
Shalimar: I told you.
Noel: I know what you told me. And while you were out, I ran your prints and got your arrest records. But it doesn't add up. You don't get that fast or that good fighting in the street. You've had training.
Shalimar: You know everything you need to know.
Noel: You're good and you're beautiful. That makes you dangerous. I need to make sure that danger isn't to me. [He plays with her hair.] Rest now, Shalimar. We'll talk later. [He walks out of the room.]
Shalimar (sitting up drowsily, talking into her comlink): Adam. Adam? Oh, damn it. [Getting out of bed, she tiptoes out of the room into the hallway. Hearing Noel talking to another man in the next room, her feral eyes flash as she hides behind the wall to listen.]
Noel: It's under control. I told him I wouldn't fail again.
Brako: People are beginning to lose faith in our organization. That is a bad thing.
Noel: Nobody should have been able to stop Serena. You know that.
Brako: All I know is, Benjamin McTeague is paying a premium fee and deserves premium service. We'll send you another operative.
Noel: No. I have one of my own. Someone you don't know about. Someone new.
Brako: You are the point person on this mission. You're risking a lot on an untried operative.o
Noel: The action will happen as planned, I promise.
Brako: Remember, Noel. A second chance is rare. Beyond that, there is nothing. [Brako leaves.]
Shalimar (into her comlink): Adam. I don't know if you're getting this, but I heard a name. The one who is hiring Blue Bolt is McTeague. The man said it was Benjamin McTeague.
Emma (sitting at a computer in Sanctuary, hearing Shalimar's patchy signal): Shal, are you there? Shal! [As Adam and Brennan walk over, the signal goes dead. Adam presses a few keys in vain.] McTeague, is that what she said?
Brennan: Yeah, that's what I heard. [Adam turns away, sighing heavily.] What, you know him?
Adam: Yeah.
Brennan: How?
Adam: For 10 years, he was my best friend. [He heads off towards the laboratory. Brennan and Emma look at each other.]

[Back in Noel's hideout, Shalimar hears Noel coming and pretends to slump against the wall weakly.]
Noel (helping her stand up): You shouldn't have rushed it.
Shalimar: Well, you didn't think you could keep me in there forever, did you?
Noel: I don't think anybody could make you do anything you didn't want to do. I just hope we want the same things.

[At Sanctuary, Emma walks up to Adam as he gazes out the laboratory door.]
Emma: Hey.
Adam (shaking his head): I was wondering how long it would take you to ask.
Emma (smiling): So, what's going on? Who's McTeague?
Adam (sighing): He was my closest colleague. He was brilliant, talented, passionate. Well, we had a falling out over 20 years ago, you know, he dropped out of sight. I haven't talked to him since.
Emma: Well, if you were one of his friends, why would he want you dead?
Adam: Well, he was one of these guys who believed in unrestricted research, you know? No matter what the risk.
Emma: Well, that attitude could justify anything.
Adam: That's right. And that's exactly what he was doing. So we agreed to disagree and we left it at that. [He starts working on his palm pilot.]Emma: Well, that's a really good story. Now why don't you tell me the real issue? [Adam stops working.] 'Cause I know there's a lot more between you than just philosophical differences.
Adam (turning to face her): I'm sorry, did I forget to mention that I fell in love with his wife Lucy? [He walks off.]
Emma (staring after him): Yeah, I guess you did forget to mention that.

[Shalimar walks into the practice room of Noel's hideout, watching Noel practice his moves. Seeing her enter the room, he stops.]
Shalimar (coming in): Never seen anything like your style. What's it called?
Noel: You keep your secrets, I'll keep mine. How are you feeling?
Shalimar: Better. [She sees the blue bolt on his wrist.] That's an interesting tattoo.
Noel: A lot of blood was spilled to earn this mark. You may earn one of your own.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, I'm not much of a joiner. I'll be happy with the money.
Noel: You're a lone wolf, like me. But even a lone wolf needs a pack at times.
Shalimar: Well, give me a job. Show me what it's like to be in your pack.
Noel: You prove yourself to me, Shalimar, and you'll have your job.
Shalimar: Didn't I prove myself tonight?
Noel: Anyone can fight. I have to see you kill. [He leaves. Disconcerted, she calls Sanctuary over her comlink.]
Shalimar: Adam. I don't know If you can hear me, but I need backup.
Jesse (sitting at the computer, calling Adam over): Adam, come here, I'm getting something from Shalimar. Shalimar, it's okay, I've got you. Go ahead. [Adam rushes over.] I'm boosting up her signal and got her. Even got a location on her.
Shalimar: Look, I'm in, but he wants me to prove myself. He's asked me to kill someone for him.
Adam (looking at Jesse, disturbed): All right, we've got your location. We've got the name McTeague. We're on our way to get you out. [Looking towards Brennan's room, he calls Brennan.] Brennan! [Brennan runs over.]
Shalimar: No, you can't! He'll just send someone else in to take you out. I need to get this assignment.
Adam: All right, you stay on it. Do as he tells you. We'll be there.
Brennan: You can't actually expect her to kill somebody.
Adam: Well, of course not. That's why we have to provide the victim. [He grabs Jesse's shoulders. Looking at him, Jesse sighs.]

[Scene: Noel and Shalimar are walking down an empty downtown street at night.
Noel: You can feel it, can't you? The night. It's almost like you don't even have to use your eyes to see.
Shalimar: How'd you know?
Noel: Because you're like me. You do your best work at night. It's when you're most alive.
Shalimar: You think we're alike?
Noel (taking her arm, stopping her): I know we are. I've seen you fight, remember? For people like us, it's not just violence. It's a communication. It's like poetry.
Shalimar: That's a lot to pull from me pounding a few guys in a bar.
Noel: It tells me a lot about the kind of lover you want.
Shalimar: And what kind of lover am I?
Noel: You take no prisoners and you deserve the best.
Shalimar: And you know what the best is?
Noel: I do. It's someone who appreciates everything about you, everything you bring to the table. And who will let you go as far as you can.
Shalimar: You know somebody who might fit that bill?
Noel: You know, I just might. [He starts walking again. Behind his back, Shalimar rolls her eyes and follows him.]
Shalimar: You said something about a test. You have somebody picked out?
Noel: They'll present themselves to us.
Shalimar: Present themselves?
Noel: It'll be someone who doesn't expect it. Someone who doesn't deserve it. Someone who doesn't even suspect that there are people like us out there.
Shalimar: And what are people like us?
Noel: People who enjoy it. [They pass by a group of oil drums, behind which Brennan is crouching]
Brennan (into his comlink): Jess, you got that?
Jesse (hiding down the street): I've got them. They're heading my way.
Brennan (standing up): Good. I hope you've got your victim look down.
Jesse (grinning): I'm all over it. I'm gonna meet them halfway down the block. Emma? Make sure nobody enters the street from your end, okay?
Emma (peering out from behind some trash cans): Okay.
Noel (suddenly stopping): And they present themselves. [In front of Shalimar and Noel, an elderly homeless man with a cane rummages through some garbage near a stoop. Shalimar looks horrified. Coming out from behind the corner, Jesse begins to stroll down the street towards them, pausing slightly when he sees the homeless man.]
Jesse (muttering into his comlink): Where'd he come from?
Emma: I don't know; he wasn't there a minute ago.
Noel (to Shalimar): I thought you were going to prove yourself.
Shalimar (quickly): I am. [Scanning the street, she sees Jesse walking towards them and nods at him.] With him. He's younger, more of an opponent.
Noel (impressed): Maybe you do have what it takes. [Shalimar looks surprised when he takes a knife out of his coat and hands it to her.] Look him right in the eye when you do it. Make it up close and personal.
Emma (watching from her hiding place): Jesse, she's got a knife. The bullet-proof vest isn't gonna cut it.
Brennan (looking out from behind the oil cans): Jess! You have to pull out. If you phase, he's gonna see it.
Jesse (continuing down the street, talking through his teeth): Okay, change of plans. I'm gonna phase the knife.
Emma: Jesse, no!
Jesse: It's the only way.
Brennan: Jess! [Taking the knife from Noel, Shalimar starts towards Jesse. Behind her, Noel takes his gun out of his coat and waits.]
Shalimar (coming up to Jesse, whispering): God, I hope you know what you're doing. [She points the knife at him. He reaches out with his hand, phasing the knife as she drives it into his stomach and twists. Groaning, he tears the blood bag under his shirt and collapses to the ground. Shalimar turns and returns to Noel.] So, I got the job?
Noel (smiling, holding up his gun): That, and I don't have to kill you. You get your first assignment tomorrow. Congratulations. [He grabs her by the neck and kisses her. She pulls away angrily, then lets him kiss her again. Brennan watches from his hiding place in disgust.]

*******Commercial Break*********

[The Double Helix flies into the sunset, carrying Brennan, Jesse, and Emma back to Sanctuary.]
Brennan: You know, I don't know what you were thinking, Jess. If you didn't phase that blade at exactly the right moment, she would have opened you up.
Jesse (grinning): Well, it's a good thing my timing is impeccable.
Brennan: Yeah. Lucky this time.
Jesse: Lucky? Why is it that when you take chances they're called calculated risks?
Brennan (chuckling): Well, 'cause I do the calculations. [Sitting behind them, Emma smiles.]
Jesse: Well, at least now we have a fix on Blue Bolt's headquarters. We'll be able to keep an eye on every move this Noel guy makes, right up until the conference.
Brennan: Well, I mean, is this striking anybody else as being way too easy? I mean, she meets him in a bar and the very next day he's trusting her with an important mission?
Emma: She proved herself. And in case you haven't noticed, Shal can be pretty persuasive.
Brennan: Just the same, I can't wait for them to start making their move so we can start making ours.

[Shalimar and Noel are sparring in the practice room of his hideout. They talk in between bouts of fighting.]
Shalimar: So, are you gonna tell me about the job?
Noel: You'll know when the time is right.
Shalimar: You don't trust me.
Noel: Should I?
Shalimar: I'm gonna kill someone for you.
Noel: Don't fool yourself. You're doing it for you.
Shalimar: Maybe, but I'm still curious. Who is he; why does he have to die?
Noel (frowning at her): He? I didn't say it was a man.
Shalimar (realizing her mistake): I just assumed. You wouldn't hurt a lady, would you?
Noel: He's nobody. He's the guy in the street. He's the target. And he has to die because somebody's paying us to make it happen. I keep it that simple. You will too. [Wrestling with her, he grabs her in a choke hold close to his face.]
Shalimar: Isn't there anything complicated in your life?
Noel: You.
Shalimar: Me?
Noel: Before yesterday, I never set eyes on you. But I feel like I've known you forever.
Shalimar: You might not like me if you knew me better.
Noel: I know whatever I need to know. [Shrugging away his arm, Shalimar throws him to the ground and leaps on top of him, chopping her hand down on his neck He looks up at her, gasping.] Nice move. You gonna finish me off?
Shalimar (smiling at him): I can't. I think you've complicated my life too. Say uncle. [He kicks her legs out from under her and rolls on top of her. They kiss.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Adam and Jesse walk down the stairs towards the computers, talking about Jesse's search for Benjamin McTeague.]
Jesse: I ran a search of all the companies that could be affected by your upcoming speech. No McTeague. However, I did a cross reference and came up with The Phoenix Corporation.
Adam: Phoenix. Yeah, I know the name. They provide research to a lot of the companies that would have a problem with my speech.
Jesse (handing him a paper): That's right, the power behind the power. Guess who I found? The masthead of the company, the chairman of the board, Benjamin McTeague.
Adam: Time to pay a visit.
Jesse: Woah, wait, wait a minute. What are you gonna do, just waltz right in there?
Adam: Well, yeah. He's not gonna have his killer with him. It's the last place he'd expect to see me.
Jesse: Okay, but, so, so what? He's just gonna cancel the hit 'cause you ask him to?
Adam: Well, I think he'll think twice about it when he knows we're on to him, yeah. You stay here, you monitor Shalimar. [Heading towards the exit, Adam calls out for Brennan and Emma.] Brennan! Emma! In the Helix, five minutes! [Jesse watches him leave, shaking his head.]

[Inside his office, The Man watches on his computer screen as The Helix lands on a nearby rooftop. Soon afterwards, Adam barges through the door. The Man swivels around in his chair, showing that he's a young man in his 30s.]
The Man: Saw you on my security screen. Very impressive.
Adam (standing in the doorway, frowning in confusion): I'm looking for Benjamin McTeague.
The Man: You've found him.
Adam (in astonishment): You're his son?
Benjamin McTeague Jr.: My father died five years ago. But I don't suppose you two were close at the end.
Adam (walking in): Someone's trying to kill me. I was given his name as the person that's responsible, but it's you.
Ben Jr. (standing up): That's a powerful accusation. Any proof?
Adam: You know there isn't.
Ben: Well, then, I wouldn't go spreading it around. All the accusations might damage your credibility and I understand you're gonna need that later today for the Senate conference?
Adam: Oh, so is that what this is all about? About your funding for genetic research? Obviously you guys have enough money to buy whatever influence you need.
Ben: If I wanted to kill someone, it wouldn't be about money.
Adam: Then what?
Ben: You know, I'm almost surprised you haven't asked about my mother.
Adam: How is she?
Ben: Dead.
Adam: She was a wonderful woman; I'm very sorry to hear that.
Ben: Yeah, but not so sorry that you ever inquired after her. She died when I was 15 years old. She left my father a few years after you two were together. I mean...you and my father, of course.
Adam: When your father and I stopped working together, things were very complicated.
Ben: Oh, I'm sure they were.
Adam: Look, we were talking about who was trying to kill me.
Ben (walking up to him): Oh, were we? See I wasn't sure whether we were talking about genetic research, my sad family situation or what. By the way, did I mention how my father died? Killed himself. Shortly after my mother left him. He was a sad man. A wounded man. First a wedge was driven into his marriage, and now after all this time, someone threatens to destroy his company.
Adam: You may know something or think you know something about what happened between your parents and me while we were working together, but you don't. Your father and I had our differences, he was a brilliant man. But he lost himself.
Ben: He was what he was. And you have no right to talk about him like that. Leave my office. Now.Adam (smugly): I'm gonna speak at this conference today. And you can't stop me.
Ben: You know, my mother? She used to talk about you like you were some kind of hero. But now? Now, I see it's more like a...like a hero complex. [He goes back to sit at his desk.]
Adam: I'm gonna speak at this conference, no matter what it does to your business, no matter what happens to me. And there's nothing you can do about it.
Emma (opening the door, then frowning as she gets a hit off of Ben): Adam, I'm sensing there's more security. We've gotta get out of here. [Adam leaves with her.]
Ben (calling up his security guard on his computer screen): Get me the operative immediately.
The Guard: Yes sir.
Ben (smiling to himself): Nice to finally meet you, Adam Kane. Too bad there'll never be a second meeting.

********Commercial Break********

[Shalimar's examining some of the weapons in Noel's practice room when she senses someone behind her. Grabbing a knife, she spins around and throws it across the room. It barely misses hitting Noel's face and sticks in the wall next to his head.]
Shalimar (relieved to see it's just Noel): I'm a very bad person to sneak up on.
Noel (walking over to her, glancing back at the knife): I see that.
Shalimar: So, um, when are we heading out?
Noel: Soon. [His cell phone rings, he walks across the room to answer it. Shalimar's eyes flash feral as she listens in.] Yes? There could be no leak. If someone knows, it's from the man himself. [Turning, he stares at Shalimar's back suspiciously.] The plan is in place. It will go off as arranged. [He hangs up.]
Shalimar: I'm gonna go get ready. [She leaves the room.]

[Inside Sanctuary, Emma finds Adam working in the lab again.]
Emma: So. What was that all about at McTeague's office?
Adam (glancing at her): I'm not sure.
Emma (sitting down in the middle of the room): You really cared about his mother.
Adam: Well, Lucy and I knew that it was unfair to Ben to continue, so I left it up to her to make a choice, and she did what she thought she had to do.
Emma: She stayed with him. [Adam nods.] And you think the son knows about you and his mother?
Adam: Well, he did everything but say so. And I think his anger is as much about his perception that I somehow broke up his parents' marriage as it is about my speech at the convention.
Emma: You know, I got a hit off him when I was in there.
Adam: And?
Emma: His mind is filled with hate and anger and love and all of them way off the scale.
Adam: So you think he's dangerous?
Emma: No, I think he's more than dangerous, Adam. I think he's insane.
Adam (sighing, looking at his watch): All right, look. It's almost time to go to the convention. I'm gonna get ready. You get the others.
Emma (getting up): Okay.

[Shalimar anxiously waits for Noel in the practice room. He finally walks in, carrying a metal box.]
Shalimar: You ready to go?
Noel: Almost. There's been a breach in the organization's security.
Shalimar: What's that mean to us?
Noel (handing her a picture of Adam): Maybe nothing.
Shalimar: This is the target?
Noel: He intends to speak at a genetics conference. We have to stop him before he does.
Shalimar: What if he has backup?
Noel (opening the box, removing a silver bracelet): I have to assume he will. Hence, my choice of weapons.
Shalimar (smiling at him): A bracelet.
Noel (fitting it onto her wrist): We've obtained the target's DNA. It's been programmed into the gun's ammunition.
Shalimar: Programmed?
Noel (activating the bracelet): The projectile is essentially a guided missile. When you fire this within a 30 foot radius of the target, the charges will track the target, no matter how he tries to evade it.
Shalimar (a little spooked): Wow. [She turns her wrist, examines the bracelet.] Where's the latch to get it off?
Noel: There is none. [Surprised, she looks up at him.] The security breach has my people worried. It has me worried. If you try to remove the weapon before it takes out the target, it'll self-destruct. And it'll take out your arm, up to the shoulder.
Shalimar (staring at him in shock): Why?
Noel (hugging her, playing with her hair): You can do this, Shalimar. You prove yourself here, and we can disappear for a while. Travel the world and hunt in other cities.
Shalimar (obviously spooked, holding out her arm): Take this off me.
Noel (leaning his head against hers): That's not an option. Just do the job. And then we can be together. [He heads towards the door. Shalimar stares at her hand.]

[Scene: The convention center. Adam leads Emma, Brennan and Jesse through the front doors.]
Adam: All right, so you all know your assignments. [He looks back at Jesse.] As soon as Shalimar's comlink becomes active, you locate her, shut down whosever's with her. [He points to Emma.] You tell me whenever you sense something.]
Emma: You got it. [Brennan and Jesse peel off towards the back.]

[Up on the second floor, Shalimar and Noel step off the elevator.]
Noel: The best place to make the hit is the conference center. There'll be nowhere to hide. [Shalimar just stares at him, frightened.] Don't worry! I'll be covering the balcony. I'll take out anyone who's protecting him.
Shalimar (glancing down at her wrist): Noel, what happens if something goes wrong?
Noel: Don't let it. [He walks off down the hallway. Shalimar calls her teammates.]
Shalimar (into her comlink): If anyone can hear this, I'm in the building.
Brennan: Where?
Shalimar: Second floor. He wants me to make the hit in the conference room. My backup's gonna be on the balcony. [Brennan and Jesse look up to see Noel walking along the balcony.]
Jesse: I got him.
Shalimar: He's gonna be trying to take out Adam's protection, so keep a low profile, guys.
Brennan: You got that, Adam?
Adam (walking with Emma): All right, Brennan, see what you can do about taking out the backup.
Shalimar: Wait, there's something else. Adam, he's strapped some kind of weapon onto my arm. It's keyed into your DNA and...if I don't shoot you, it's gonna self-destruct and take off my arm.
Adam (exchanging a shocked look with Emma): Jesse? You think you could phase that off her?
Jesse: Sensor's probably wired to blow the minute it leaves her arm. Nah, it'll go off as soon as I start.
Adam (sighing): All right, well, listen, team. We've gotta come up with something or one of us is gonna die.

********Commercial Break********

Adam (voiceover): All right, everybody ready? Here's what we're gonna do.

[Emma and Jesse walk into the conference room and stand in the front row, talking. Up on the balcony, Noel watches as Adam comes in and begins shaking hands with some of the people standing around the room. Shalimar strides down the hallway, calling Adam as he makes his way to the podium.]
Shalimar (into her comlink, pretending to rub her nose): I can't do this, Adam. What if something goes wrong?
Adam (nearing the podium): Shalimar, we don't have a choice. I want you to pull the trigger...Now. [Shalimar comes to a halt at the back of the room. She points her arm at Adam and ignites the missile, which flies at Adam. At the last moment, Jesse grabs Adam and phases them both, allowing the missile to shoot through them.]
Adam (seeing the missile coming back at them): Jess! [When it comes back around, drawn to Adam's DNA, Jesse masses in front of Adam. Emma tackles Adam to the ground as the missile explodes against Jesse, harmlessly. The terrified crowd flees the room. Watching from the balcony, Noel pulls two guns out of his sleeves and aims them at Adam.]
Brennan (coming up behind him): Hey! You just didn't deserve her. [He sends an electrical arc at Noel, who leaps from the balcony in time to avoid being electrocuted. Noel lands on the floor near Shalimar, dropping his guns. Jesse rushes over, but Shalimar warns him away.]
Shalimar: Jesse, don't. He's mine.
Noel (standing up): Things could have turned out differently, Shalimar.
Shalimar: No, they couldn't. One of my friends would be dead.
Noel (shrugging): We all have to die sometime. [With a roar, he attacks her. Fending off his blows, Shalimar back-kicks him in the stomach, sending him sliding across the floor. Getting up, he pulls a metal bar from his sleeve and swings it at her. She senses him coming with her feral hearing, knocks the bar out of his hand, and kicks him back onto the floor. Sitting up again, he grabs a small gun from a strap around his ankle.]
Shalimar (shaking her head): Don't do this, Noel.
Noel (slowly standing up): You know me. You know what I have to do.
Shalimar: And you know what I have to do. [He raises the gun. She spins into the air, aiming a powerful kick into his chest. He falls back onto the floor and lies still. Shalimar smiles.]

[That night, Shalimar walks through Sanctuary's garage, where Brennan's working on his motorcycle.]
Brennan: Oh, hey, Shal. Look, I'm glad you're here. [She stops, waiting.] I was, uh... I just wanted to say, yeah, I was overprotective, but I never underestimated you.
Shalimar: You know you can't just go through the roof with worry every time I go out on a mission.
Brennan: Yeah, I know, okay? I mean, I know you could probably take me to pieces if you wanted to.Shalimar (grinning): Obviously.
Brennan (coming over to sit closer to her): You know, I was thinking...you were in there with him. What if you never came back? To...to us, you know, the team.
Shalimar (walking up to him): And what would that be like? For the team.
Brennan: Well, I...I don't know what we'd do without you. [He smiles up at her.]
Shalimar: That's nice. [She kisses him on the lips and walks out. Brennan smiles to himself.]

[In the main room, Adam sits on the couch, playing chess with himself. Emma comes to sit next to him.]
Adam: Hey.
Emma: Hey. You okay?
Adam (grinning): Yeah, I think the conference went well. I think I turned a few politician's heads and now the big money lobbyists don't turn them back, I--
Emma (interrupting him): I meant, about McTeague's son trying to kill you.
Adam (sighing): Yeah, well, I can't say that that made my day.
Emma: Maybe we should talk to the police.
Adam: No, because we don't have any hard proof that he's the one who ordered the hit.
Emma: You know, it kinda sounds like you're protecting him.
Adam (sighing): Well, maybe I am. Though I don't know why.
Emma: Well, he's the son of someone you loved. You know, maybe you feel like you owe her.
Adam (looking at her): Maybe I do.
Emma: Yeah, but you can't just close your eyes and pretend it's all better now. 'Cause Ben is still out there. And he's insane.
Adam: Yeah. [They sit together in silence, contemplating the implications.]

The End

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