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#221 : Les apprentis sorciers


Le docteur Koby découvre une créature en creusant sous la glace. Une fois remontée à bord du bateau qui abrite leur trouvaille, le Docteur Koby prévient Adam de sa découverte et lui montre les premières images. Adam est impatient d'examiner l'ADN de la créature, l'équipe de Mutant X rejoint alors le bateau, mais Emma a d'étranges préssentiments au sujet de cette créature. Ils s'avèrent fondés.


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Les apprentis sorciers

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Don Dickinson ... Jock McAllister
Michelle Duquet ... Dr. Louise Koby
Joel Harris ... The Protocanth
Jason Knight ... Menotti 
Hardee Lineham ... Capt. Martin Freeman 
Martin Roach ... First Mate Owen Taylor


[Opening Scene: A freighter floats in the freezing waters of the Arctic Circle in the midst of a driving blizzard. Sheltered from the weather inside a nearby cave, a few workmen are digging up the frozen ground with shovels when Dr. Louise Koby enters, carrying a searchlight.]

Dr. Louise Koby: Hey, guys, slow down. You're not shoveling driveways here. This cave's been untouched for half a million years. We don't know what we might find that might help us prove the Protocanth existed. [A radio on the ledge beside her crackles, carrying the voice of the ship's captain.]
Captain Martin Freeman (on his radio, watching the storm from his cabin on the ship): Dr. Koby, there's a storm working its way towards us. I want you and your team back on board this ship immediately. [Hearing no answer, he tries again.] Dr. Koby! Do you copy?
First Mate Owen (into his radio, standing on the deck): Nothing wrong with the radio, Captain. I can hear you just fine.
Freeman: So can she. She's ignoring me. Get down there and drag her out.
Taylor: Aye, Captain. [He calls into the cave.] Dr. Koby! Time to wrap things up! There's a storm coming through! [A workman comes up behind Dr. Koby, who is scraping at a block of ice.]
Workman: Doctor, did you hear what he said?
Dr. Koby (sighing): All right. [Standing, she buries her pickax in the wall of ice next to her and starts to turn away. The ax causes some snow to fall away from the wall. Turning back, Dr. Koby stares at the wall in awe.]

[Scene: The main room of Sanctuary. Emma strolls around the room reading a book. Brennan sits cross-legged on a ledge, also reading a book. Adam, sitting at a computer working, looks up as the large computer monitor in the center of the room beeps. A fuzzy image appears on the screen and Dr. Koby's voice comes over the video feed.]
Dr. Koby: Adam? Adam? [The screen clears a little, showing her grinning face.]
Adam: Louise?
Dr. Koby: Adam, I found it! The Protocanth exists.
Adam (going over to the monitor): Where are you?
Dr. Koby: I'm on an ice fissure off Palmer Island near the Arctic Circle. It's exactly where my father said it would be! Oh, Adam, this goes way beyond my wildest expectations. I have a fully formed specimen.
Adam: Can you, um....can you show us what it looks like? [Putting down their books, Emma and Brennan join him.]
Dr. Koby: Okay. [To the cameraman.] Come this way. [To Adam.] It's been perfectly preserved in ice for millenia. [The camera shows a blurry close-up of something buried inside a block of ice.]
Brennan (looking at Adam, laughing): This must really be something. You just lit up like a Christmas tree.
Adam (grinning widely): Okay, I know this is probably not very exciting to you, but a discovery like this, this is once in a lifetime.
Dr. Koby (popping her face into the picture again): How's that?
Adam: Well, it's not good. It's still a little murky.
Dr. Koby (to the cameraman): Okay, come closer. [The camera closes in on the block of ice.] Oh, Adam, you've got to see this!
Adam (walking closer to the monitor): Oh, my God. [Behind him, Emma grabs Brennan's chest, breathing heavily.]
Brennan: You okay?
Emma (eyes glued to the screen): Something's wrong. Very wrong. [She faints.]
Brennan (catching her): Emma? Adam! Emma!

Opening Credits. "Reawakening."

[In the main room of Sanctuary, Adam picks up his two packs from the pile of cases on the floor and heads towards the exit.]
Adam: Okay, everybody, let's get a move on! We wanna make it to Dr. Koby's ship before nightfall! [He passes Brennan and Shalimar, who are packing up the last of their things.]
Brennan: Still don't know why she couldn't have found this thing in the Caribbean. [Adam barks a laugh, then goes up to Jesse.]
Adam: So, how's the Helix?
Jesse: Oh, it's just fine. For use in every climate except the one we're going to. Adam, you know we should be testing the Helix for use in extremely cold weather before we go.
Adam (patting his shoulder): No, it's gonna be fine. Don't worry.
Jesse: I'll consider that a great comfort when the turbines freeze and we plummet into the Atlantic. [He goes back to his room.]
Shalimar (to Brennan): See the way she reacted to that video?
Brennan: Yeah, I saw.
Shalimar: Ever known her instincts to be wrong? [Brennan sighs. Emerging from her room, Emma throws her bag on the pile and stares sullenly after Adam.]

[Hours later, the Double Helix is finally nearing its destination.]
Shalimar: You have us flying halfway around the world. Adam, tell me this is more than just a sudden interest in archeology.
Adam (crouching by her seat): Hey. This isn't just some ancient artifact. This is a lost species. This thing was thought to be the ultimate predator, so you can imagine the secrets that are locked in its DNA. [He playfully rubs his hands together, mad-scientist-like.]
Jesse (holding his head wearily): Not to mention all the frequent flier miles we've logged on this trip.
Adam (looking at Emma): How are you feeling? If I'd known you were gonna react like that, I would've warned you.
Emma: I don' t know why I got such a bad hit off that thing.Adam: You think it was just your flight response, you know? You see a snake and you back off?
Shalimar: I think our programming for this thing goes pretty deep. I got a weird feeling about it too.
Brennan: Hey, where'd this thing come from anyway?
Adam: Well, you'd have to go back to the Precenozoic period. You know, but this thing is a biped, right? So there are some scientists who actually theorize that this thing is related to man.
Brennan: Woah, wait, hold up. You're saying we might have evolved from this thing?
Adam: Yeah. Well, if evolution hadn't taken a different turn.
Emma (looking at the snow outside the window): I don't see how anything could have survived in such a brutal climate.
Adam (looking out over her head): Yeah, but see that's the thing. Back then, this was all like the tropics.
Brennan: All right. We're about to get our up close and personal look at the missing link. Coming up on Dr. Koby's ship. [The Helix shakes, causing Adam to stumble backwards.]
Adam (going back to the co-pilot's seat): Woah. Jess!
Jesse (waking up, going to the instrument panel): I don't know.
Adam: What's going on?
Jesse: Looks like the landing gear won't deploy. It's probably the weather.
Brennan: Are you saying we can't land?
Jesse: Hold on, I'm trying to unfreeze it. [He flips a switch.] There.
Brennan: Well, let's bring her down.
Jesse (going back to his seat): Yeah.
Adam (to Brennan): Let's put it right on the deck. [The Helix lands on the deck of the ship as the crew watches from the balcony.]
Dr. Koby (running down the stairs to meet them): Adam!
Adam: Hey!
Dr. Koby (hugging him): I'm so glad you came!
Adam: Oh God, you couldn't keep me away!
Dr. Koby: We just extricated the specimen out of the block of ice. I started the thawing procedure.
Adam: But wait, are you using saline solution or the Langley method? [She smiles at him.] Now, I haven't forgotten everything your father taught me.
Dr. Koby: The Langley method. It's slower than saline, but I wanted to preserve as much of the integrity of the tissue as possible.
Adam: Good, good. Oh, I'm very very excited.
Dr. Koby: Can't wait!
Adam: God, it's freezing! [Finally remembering Mutant X standing behind him, he points to his teammates.] I'm sorry, everybody, this is Louise.
Dr. Koby and Shalimar (waving at one another): Hi!
Owen (to Shalimar and Jesse): I'll show you where you can get settled. [Dr. Koby leads Adam, Emma, and Brennan inside.]
Dr. Koby: It was one of those great strokes of luck or fate, like it was sitting there, waiting for me to find it, wedged under the outer shell of the glacial wall.
Brennan: Well, then how the hell did you get it out?
Dr. Koby: Well, it wasn't easy. Could've used the extra hands. This way. [As they walk towards the hold, a loud screeching noise echoes overhead.]
Emma: What is that?
Dr. Koby: Pretty loud, I know. It's the sound of the ice closing in around the ship. But don't worry, these freighters can withstand anything. You'll get used to it. [She walks on.]
Emma: I doubt it.
Dr. Koby (waiting for Adam at the top of the stairs): So, are you gonna be amazed?
Adam: I can't wait. [He follows her down.]
Brennan (to Emma): Hey, you don't have to come down if you don't want to.
Emma: Yeah, I do. [She follows him down the stairs into the hold. In the center of the room, a makeshift tent of long plastic sheets has been created around a large slab of ice thawing on a long metal table. Dr. Koby pushes aside the plastic curtain and leads them to the table.]
Adam (peering at the green figure encased inside the ice): Wow. That's amazing From what I can see, there's virtually no decomposition.
Dr. Koby: The temperatures in this region never rise above freezing.
Brennan (unzipping his coat): Means that sucker got himself flash frozen.
Adam: Well, Brennan, as crude as that analogy might be, you're not far off.
Brennan: Oh, man. Looks even more brutal in person. [Reaching behind him, he pulls Emma up to the slab of ice.] Hey, come here. Check this guy. He's not gonna bite. Come on.
Emma (swallowing hard): I...uh...I need some fresh air. [She leaves the room.]
Adam (touching Brennan's arm): Why don't you, um, watch her. [Brennan follows Emma out.]
Dr. Koby (handing him a scalpel): Would you like to do the honors?
Adam: Yeah, I would love to. Thank you. [He scrapes a little mucus from an exposed section of the Protocanth and spreads it on a microscope slide, which Dr. Koby encloses in a metal case. Adam touches the Protocanth and quickly pulls his finger away.] Ow! The membrane on this specimen is still active. I just felt a stinging sensation.
Dr. Koby (beaming at him, nodding): So what do you think?
Adam: I think that you have found the Protocanth.
Dr. Koby (bouncing happily): I know! [She hugs him.] To hear you verify it makes all the difference.
Adam (grinning): Well, you deserve it. I know it hasn't been easy following in your father's footsteps.
Dr. Koby: He deserves all the credit. His journals are what got me here.
Adam: No, but he lost his life and the lives of, what, nine crewmen trying to make this discovery? You were very brave, carrying on his research. He'd be proud. [He takes the case from her.] So, shall we?
Dr. Koby: Yeah.

[At the helm inside the bridge, Captain Martin steers the ship through the freezing waters.]
Crewman's voice (over Martin's radio): Stand through to move to maximum power to get through this ice.
Owen (leading Jesse and Shalimar into the bridge): You can throw your stuff there for now.
Martin: Figured by that fancy plane you got there, you'd be part of Dr. Koby's team. Reeks of a fat research grant. Never seen anything like it.
Shalimar: I hear there's something else on board that no one else has ever seen before.
Martin: Ask me, it should have stayed that way. I've worked this freezing slice of hell my whole life. Pulled things up from the sea that looked like they came from another planet. But nothing like that. There's been bad luck from the start.
Owen: Almost lost a man pulling it aboard. Winch broke, almost cut him in half. Now the weather knocked out our communication system.
Martin: And for the last two hours, I haven't been able to wiggle us out of this ice field.
Jesse: Well, couldn't it all be just a coincidence? I mean--
Martin: You mean what? We're on the edge of nowhere out here. We run into trouble, we're on our own. [As if on cue, a banging sound echoes through the ship. Martin picks up his radio to contact his engineer.] Talk to me, Jocko.
Jock: Captain, we've got a problem down here. The main engine's thrown a rod. We're gonna have to shut her down.
Shalimar: We should let you guys get back to work. [She and Jesse head from the room.]
Martin: That's it. Our luck is about to change. [Owen follows him out.]

[In Dr. Koby's small lab, she and Adam examine the sample under the microscope.]
Adam: Strange. This is the sample we just took from the creature. But it looks like it came from living tissue.
Dr. Koby: It's half a million years old, how can that be?
Adam: I don't know. I mean, even if it was perfectly preserved, the cellular collapse would have been instantaneous when it died.
Dr. Koby: Could the extreme temperature have prevented that from happening?
Adam (shaking his head): Well, it's conceivable, but highly unlikely.

[Brennan follows Emma up onto the deck.]
Brennan: Huh. Frozen fishsticks really got you freaked out, huh?
Emma (leaning against a pole): It's a lot deeper than that.
Brennan: Yeah, how?
Emma: Look, I know how this is gonna sound, but I got a really powerful vibe from that thing. [Brennan laughs] You know what, I knew I shouldn't have said anything to you. [She walks away from him.]
Brennan (sighing): Look, Emma, I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have laughed, but you know, it sounds so-
Emma: I know how it sounds, but you have to believe me, Brennan.
Brennan: Okay, don't jump down my throat here, but maybe you were picking up a vibe from one of the crew members.
Emma: No! What I was feeling wasn't human.
Brennan (rubbing her arm): Are you cold? You're shivering. You should go inside.
Emma: It's not the cold.

[Meanwhile, Owen and Martin sneak down into the hold, where the Protocanth, now completely defrosted, is lying on its table. Martin kneels by the table to unfurl a large tarp.]
Owen: Captain, are you sure we should be doing this?
Martin (looking up at him): This is my ship, and I want this thing out of here now. Find some rope. [As he works, his forehead grazes the Protocanth's arm. He stands up, rubbing his eye.]
Owen: Thing's really got you scared.
Martin: I'll show you how scared I am. Find me the rope! [Owen finds some rope and hands it to him.] I'll do it myself. [Suddenly, the Protocanth opens its eyes and latches onto Martin's face with its arm. Owen backing away in horror, then runs for help. Upstairs on the deck, a terrified Emma looks at Brennan.]
Emma: It's alive! [Brennan stares at her, confused.]

*******Commercial Break********

[Dr. Koby, Adam, and Shalimar return to the hold to find the Protocanth gone from the table and a length of rope on the floor.]
Dr. Koby (hands on her hips): I gave explicit orders that the Protocanth was not to be touched!
Adam: Well, so, this thing couldn't just have disappeared. You think someone from your crew moved it to the lab?
Dr. Koby: No. The captain's been getting his crew riled up with ridiculous superstitions.
Adam: So you think he's responsible?
Shalimar: I gotta tell ya, he didn't seem real happy having it on board.
Dr. Koby: He's trying to get rid of it. Adam, we've gotta find him. [She and Adam hurry up the stairs. Shalimar's about to follow them when she hears a noise. Her feral eyes flash as she searches the room; she jumps when Owen cocks a gun behind her.]
Owen (pointing the gun at her): That thing is out there. You've gotta get me on your plane and fly us outta here. Now.
Shalimar: Sorry. We're all booked. [She kicks the gun out of his hands and grabs him by the throat.]
Owen: We've gotta get outta here! That thing will kill us all.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Owen: The creature. It killed the captain.
Dr. Koby (rushing back into the room): That's enough!
Adam (running in after her): It's okay!
Dr. Koby (pinning him against the wall by the collar): Where is he?
Owen: I told you!
Dr. Koby: You're lying.
Owen: It's the truth. We came down here to throw that thing overboard, when all of a sudden, it woke up! It locked onto the captain's face with some kind of tentacle!
Dr. Koby (rolling her eyes): You plan on tucking us in after this story?
Owen: It's the way it happened. I swear!
Adam (pulling her hands off): All right. No, let him go, come on. Shalimar, take him up to the galley. [Over his comlink.] Brennan, Emma, I need you to find the captain.
Dr Koby (watching Owen walk off with Shalimar): Don't tell me you actually believe him?
Adam: Well, I'll feel a lot better when we find the captain.

[Emma's searching fearfully through the corridors when she notices slime dripping down from the ceiling. Looking up, she sees the captain's dessicated body lying on a grate above her. She backs into Brennan as he comes up behind her.]
Emma: There he is! This is what I felt, his terror as while he was dying.
Brennan (taking her arm): Let's get outta here.

[In Dr. Koby's lab, Dr. Koby examines the captain's skeletal remains on the lab table. Adam walks up to Emma, who stands a short distance away with her back to the table..]
Emma: Adam, how can this be happening?
Adam: Well, all we have is the crewman's report. He says that the creature attached a tentacle to the captain.
Louise (behind them): There's literally no liquid left in his system. It's as if his internal organs were freeze dried.
Adam: Why would it do that?
Emma: It was feeding.
Louise: That's quite a leap.
Adam: No. Emma's a telempath. She's been sensing an energy in the creature from the start.
Emma: That's why it kills, because it's hungry. And it's getting stronger. [Turning around.] We're not going to survive unless we get off of this ship now.
Louise: No, we need to contain it. Adam, you realize what this could mean to science.
Shalimar (coming in with Brennan): Is that all you care about, Doctor? A man just died.
Louise: I understand that, but I'm just-
Shalimar: But what? It wasn't enough that your own father lost his life and the lives of all of his men?
Adam: Shalimar, you are way out of line. Nobody could have anticipated this.
Brennan: Well, that's just it, Adam. We have no idea what to expect from this thing.
Emma: What if all we're doing is serving up its next meal?
Shalimar: Or did that even factor into your equation?
Dr. Koby: All I'm trying to do is prevent this from happening again.
Adam: Look, like it or not, Pandora's Box has been opened.
Brennan: Yeah, well, we need to figure out a way to close it. [They all look at Dr. Koby.]

[Downstairs in the boiler room of the ship, the Protocanth opens its arm and sprays acid at an electrical circuit panel. Everyone in the lab looks up as the lights flicker and go out.]
Brennan (to Shalimar): Let's go. [They head out of the room.]

[Jesse watches over a dozen crewmen as they wait together in the galley. When the lights flicker, engineer Jock walks over to Owen.]
Jock: Now the power's going crazy. I think those boilers are gonna burst. I've gotta get down to the engine room! [Owen nods, and Jock heads towards the door. Standing in the doorway, Jesse holds up a hand to stop him.]
Jesse: I told you, nobody leaves. We've got to stay together.
Rocko: On whose orders? Dr. Koby or the captain's?
Owen (coming up behind them): The captain's dead. [Jock looks at him in surprise.] He knows it. He just doesn't wanna tell you what's going on.
Jock: Is that true?
Jesse: Look, just calm down, all right? We've got the situation under control.
Owen: Who are you kidding? That creature is in control.
Young crewman (behind him): What?
Jesse: We've got it contained in the hold, which is why we need to all stay together, up here.
Owen: No way, we need to take that thing down!
Jock: Damn straight!
Jesse: My team is working on that. But we have no idea what that thing is capable of.
Young crewman (nodding): He's right. We should stay together.
Owen: Stay out of this.

[Shalimar and Brennan carry searchlights down to the engine room, searching for the Protocanth.]
Shalimar: Do me a favor, watch my back?
Brennan: Yeah, I was gonna ask you to do the same thing. [As they pass by, the circuit panel that the Protocanth fried emits a burst of sparks.]
Shalimar (training her light on the panel): What the hell is that?
Brennan: Well, it looks like this thing's trying to turn up the heat. Look, I'm gonna check out over here. [He goes down the corridor. Shalimar paces slowly down the other direction, her feral eyes flashing, then widening as the Protocanth jumps out at her from behind a wall and knocks her to the ground with its arm. Rushing back to her, Brennan unleashes electrical arcs from both hands at it. The Protocanth wails and runs off.]
Brennan (kneeling by Shalimar): You okay?
Shalimar: Yeah. For now. [She covers the burn on her arm.] I have a feeling it's gonna come back for more.

*******Commercial Break*********

[In Dr. Koby's lab, Adam examines Shalimar's wound as Brennan paces back and forth behind them.]
Brennan: I'm telling you, Adam, I hit it with enough force to kill 10 people. It kept on going.
Adam (lifting Shalimar's arm): Well, there doesn't seem to be any nerve damage. How does it feel?
Shalimar: Like I just showered with a jellyfish.
Brennan: You know, the place was a mess too. There's broken steam pipes everywhere, and...
Adam (interrupting him): What a minute. Steam pipes?
Brennan: Yeah.
Adam: Okay, so maybe that's how this thing managed to revive itself. The heat.
Dr. Koby (leaning against the wall): Of course! It originally thrived in a tropical environment.
Emma (sitting on the table): Well, I don't mean to scare anybody, but in case you haven't noticed, it's gotten awfully hot in here.
Brennan (taking off his shirt): Yeah, no kidding. It's like 90 degrees in here.
Adam: All right, so I think this thing is trying to turn this ship into its own Caribbean island.
Dr. Koby: The galley. It's right over the engine room. It's gotta be cooking in there.
Adam: That's exactly where Jesse's watching the crew. [He calls Jesse over his comlink.] Jess!
Jesse (guarding the door): Yeah, Adam, I'm here.
Adam: Jess, you've gotta get the men up to the bridge immediately.
Jesse: Why, what's going on? [Behind him, the crewmen quiet, looking over at him.]
Adam: The creature thrives on heat. You're not safe there.
Jesse (turning to the group): Change of plans. We've gotta get up to the bridge as quickly as we can. [Nobody moves.] Come on! [Some of the men start towards the door.]
Owen: Hey, hey, hold it! Forget it. I'm not going anywhere until you tell us what's happening.
Jesse: Look, we don't have time, we've gotta move. [He pushes one of the men towards the door.] Go!
Owen: I think I'll take my chances right here.
Jock (holding his shotgun): I'm with Owen.
Jesse: Okay, look. This creature is smart. It's figured out how to turn up the heat in here because it's hungry. It wants to feed on us. Please, let's go.
Young crewman (nodding): We don't have time to fool around. Come on.
Jesse: Good, go. [He looks back at Jock, who shakes his head. Six men stand behind Owen and Jock. Giving up, Jesse runs out of the room.]
Jock: I'm going down to the engine room to look after those boilers. Thing gets in my way, it's getting a lead lunch.

[Back in the lab, Dr. Koby opens a metal suitcase and pulls out a dart gun.]
Dr. Koby: This traquilizer contains a concentrated dose of liquid pavalon. A single drop of this could take down an elephant.
Brennan: I hate to break it to you, Doc, but if I couldn't take that thing down, neither can you.
Dr. Koby: Well, I have to try.
Shalimar: Plan on doing this alone?
Louise: Look, I know none of you signed up for this...
Shalimar: Oh, we are way past that talk.
Brennan: Yeah, let's go kick some Protocanth ass.
Dr. Koby: Be careful for what you wish for, right Adam? [She follows Brennan and Shalimar out.]
Adam (calling after them): Watch yourself out there. [Turning, he notices Emma's starting to hyperventilate.] Emma, what are you doing?
Emma (holding her head): It's hungry.
Adam: Emma, I don't want you to connect with this thing. Emma, don't go there!
Emma (coming out of her trance): I wasn't trying to, Adam. It was connecting with me. It senses my fear.

[Jock reaches the engine room and sees slime dripping from the control panel.]
Jock: What the...?
Owen (calling over his radio): Report, Jock.
Jock: Looks like this thing was having a field day down here. [He cautiously steps towards the boiler room.]
Owen: What's going on down there, Jock? [Jock's about to answer when the Protocanth attacks him from behind, fastening its arm to his face.]
Owen (hearing his screams): Jock? Jock! Jock! [The radio goes quiet. He looks up as a knocking sound comes from the behind door of the galley.]

[Dr. Koby, Shalimar, and Brennan are walking down a corridor when they hear screaming up ahead of them.]
Dr. Koby: It's in the galley! [She runs down the hallway.]

[In the lab, Adam calls Jesse over his comlink.]
Adam: Jesse! What is going on down there?
Jesse (ushering his six men up to the bridge): Close the door.
Adam: Jesse!
Jesse: Adam, I only managed to get about half of the crew out. The rest refused to leave; I didn't have a choice.
Adam (sighing): All right, you did the right thing. Stay in touch!
Emma (sitting behind him): They panicked.
Adam (going to her): So what, it hunts us down by sensing our fear? [Emma nods.] Jesse, I want you to come down and get Emma.
Jesse: Will do.
Emma: No.
Adam: Emma, if fear is the thing that draws this thing out, then I can't afford to have you down here.
Emma: Adam, I can handle it.
Adam: But what if you can't? What if your connection with this thing triggers another feeding frenzy? [She nods.]

[Dr. Koby leads Shalimar and Brennan into the galley, which is strewn with dessicated bodies.]
Dr. Koby: Oh...
Shalimar: Oh, my God. They didn't stand a chance.
Dr. Koby (sinking to the ground in shock): I didn't know. They blamed my father for losing his crew. All these years, I just wanted to clear his name. I had no idea what I was unleashing. [She looks up at Brennan.] How many people can you get in your aircraft?
Brennan (looking at Shalimar): I don't know. Six, maybe seven?
Dr. Koby (getting up): Ellaby outpost is 300 miles south of here. It's time we start an evacuation.
Brennan: Okay, let's go. [He calls Adam.] Adam, it's a graveyard in here; we're gonna start an evacuation. [He and Shalimar head towards the door.]
Adam: Where's Dr. Koby?
Brennan (looking behind him, realizing she's disappeared): Dr. Koby! Adam, she's gone!
Shalimar: I guess she just couldn't resist taking a shot at that thing.
Adam (sighing): All right. Well, let's find her and let's get her up in the bridge. I'll get Jesse and Emma to prep the Helix.
Shalimar: Let's just hope she doesn't get herself killed.

********Commercial Break*********

[In the Double Helix, Jesse's crouched over examining an instrument panel near the floor.]
Emma (coming up behind him): So, should I start bringing the crew aboard?
Jesse (glancing back at her): We're not going anywhere anytime soon.
Emma: What's going on?
Jesse: I figured out why we had such a tough time landing before. The preheater on the intake is fried.
Emma (freaking out): Well, how long is it gonna take for you to fix it?
Jesse: I don't know, but I'll tell you one thing. Without it, we're not going anywhere. [Emma plops down in the co-pilot's chair, staring at him.]

[Gun at the ready, Dr. Koby goes down to the engine room to search for the Protocanth. Adam calls her over the radio.]
Adam: Louise, where are you? Louise, would you come in, please? Louise, do you read me?
Dr. Koby (finally answering): All I need is one shot. I've got enough sedative in this thing to knock out an army.
Adam: Yes, but you don't know how this drug will react with the Protocanth's physiology. So I need you to get up to the bridge, please.
Dr. Koby: I can't, Adam. I just lost half my crew. I should have evacuated when we found the captain's body.
Adam: Louise, you cannot do this alone. I need you to get up to the bridge please. Do you read me, over?
Dr. Koby: I'm gonna bring this thing down.
Adam: Louise. Louise!

[Brennan and Shalimar walk through the ship searching for Dr. Koby.]
Shalimar: Dr. Koby? [She reaches out to open a door.]
Brennan: Woah, wait. Better safe than sorry. [He lights a tesla coil, then opens the door. They look in, but the corridor's empty.]

[Back in the Helix, Emma nervously paces back and forth behind Jesse as he works on the panel. Unable to take the suspense, she bends over him to look over his shoulder.]
Jesse (burning his finger): Would you please stop that? It's a little distracting.
Emma: I can't help it.
Jesse: How about giving yourself a little telempathic hit of tranquility?
Emma: I wish, but unfortunately, it doesn't work like that!
Jesse (jumping back as sparks fly up in his face): Then how about giving me a little hit of patience, cause I'm just about to snap here! [He goes back to work. Emma stands back for a few seconds, then, unable to help herself, she hovers over his shoulder again. Jesse glares back at her.]

[Shalimar and Brennan tense as a figure appears around the corner and comes towards them. Brennan reignites his tesla coil, but soon sees that it's Adam.]
Adam: Any sign of her?
Shalimar: No. [They follow him back down the stairs.]

[Meanwhile, Dr. Koby finally spots the Protocath hiding behind some oil barrels across the room from her. Ducking down, she fumbles with the safety release on the tranquilizer gun, aims, and shoots it square in the chest. The Protocanth is knocked backwards, but immediately gets back up. Dr. Koby flees back to the lab, frantically searching for something to use as a weapon. Grabbing a small knife, she crouches behind the lab table, waiting. Something pounds on the door.]
Adam (calling to her): Louise! Open the door! [Sighing in relief, she lets Shalimar, Adam, and Brennan in.]
Dr. Koby: I shot it with the tranq, but it wouldn't go down!
Adam: All right, don't go off on your own again! Okay, until we can find a way to control this thing, the only thing we can do is deprive it of food supply!
Brennan: I'm down with that. [Something heavy crashes against the door behind them. The Protocanth roars.]
Shalimar (looking up): I don't think it likes that idea.
Dr. Koby: There's gotta be something we can use to slow it down.
Brennan (leaning against the door): Yeah, drop a three ton block of ice on its skull.
Adam: Wait, ice. That's not a bad idea. What do you use to freeze your samples?
Dr. Koby: Liquid nitrogen.
Adam: You've got some?
Dr. Koby: Yeah, I think so, over here. [She dashes across the room. The Protocanth bashes against the door.]
Shalimar: Guys, you might want to hurry. That door's not gonna hold. [Adam screws a nozzle into the liquid nitrogen canister just as the Protocanth breaks into the room. Standing, Adam sprays the nitrogen at it; the creature squeals and runs from the room.]
Brennan: Looks like we found our silver bullet.
Adam (noting that the canister's empty): Yeah. Too bad we're out of silver.

*********Commercial Break*********

[Brennan solders the door's hinges as the group tries to figure out what to do next.]
Adam: It's almost impossible to believe that the Protocanth could have existed out there for a half a million years and still be a viable life form.

Dr. Koby: It's an extreme form of hibernation.
Brennan: Yeah, now we have to figure out how to put it back to sleep.
Shalimar: Yeah, but we're out of nitro.
Dr. Koby: There should be more tanks in the hold.
Shalimar: Why don't we just coat ourselves in barbeque sauce for that thing.
Dr. Koby: Look, we don't have a choice. We can't just leave it here alive. That thing would go to any lengths to survive.
Adam: She's right, what if it made it to the mainland?
Shalimar: That's impossible!
Adam: Well, you know, the impossible has a way of happening around here. [Outside, the Protocanth returns and starts banging on the door again.]

[Emma paces back and forth in the Helix behind Jesse.]
Emma: How much longer is this going to take you?
Jesse: All I know is every time you ask me that, we burn through another ten seconds that we can't buy back.
Adam (calling over his comlink): Jesse.
Jesse: Yeah?
Adam: Because of your ability to phase, you're the only one who can avoid the Protocanth and move around the ship safely. We need you to get some canisters of liquid nitrogen which are stored in the hold...
Dr. Koby: Lower deck, starboard side.
Adam: Lower deck, starboard side. Jesse, hurry!
Jesse (getting up): I'm on my way.
Emma (sitting in the co-pilot's seat): Okay, Adam, look. Without fear, this thing is blind. So you guys have to do everything you can to stay calm and clear your mind of all thoughts. [Brennan scoffs.]
Adam: No, no, she's right. It's our only defense.
Emma: Just close your eyes and try to take deep breaths. Just relax. [Obeying her instructions, the group sits on the floor, trying to relax as the Protocanth bangs away on the door.]
Adam (seeing Louise start to hyperventilate): It's okay. Look at me. It's all right. Just take a deep breath. [She calms temporarily, then starts to freak out again.] Louise! Louise!

[Jesse runs through the hold, searching with a flashlight for the canisters of liquid nitrogen. Leaving the Helix, Emma goes through the corridors, heading back down towards the lab. The Protocanth breaks through the door again, sensing Louise's fear. Just as it's about to attack them, Emma calls to it from behind.]
Emma: You want fear? [She shoots a psionic blast at its head.] Come and get me. [It chases her out the door.]
Adam (getting up): Emma, no!
Shalimar (racing out the door): She's using herself as bait.
Brennan: We've gotta get to the hold before she does!

[Jesse finally finds the canisters of liquid nitrogen as Emma reaches the hold, the Protocanth in hot pursuit. She spins around to find it crouched across the room, staring at her.]
Emma (backing away slowly, shaking her head): I'm not afraid of you. I'm not afraid of you. [The Protocanth roars, lifting its arms to attack her.]
Adam (standing behind them): Emma! Down! [Emma dives to the floor as Adam, Brennan, Shalimar, and Jesse all shoot liquid nitrogen canisters at the Protocanth.]
Brennan: Yeah! [Surrounded by a freezing mist, the Protocanth collapses on the ground and lies still.]
Emma (looking up at them): Is it over?
Dr. Koby: Not quite.

[Cut to: The cave, when Brennan and Jesse shovel ice over the Protocanth's body. Adam and Dr. Koby walk up to them.]
Adam: Well, the crew managed to pull the ship out of the ice.
Jesse: Great, so we don't need to evacuate.
Brennan: Good.
Emma (carrying equipment up to Dr. Koby): This is everything from the lab.
Dr. Koby (taking the suitcase Shalimar hands her): Thank you. [Shalimar pats her arm as they gaze down at the mound of ice.] If it's buried, it's like it never existed. I put a warning in there in case anyone stumbles on it.
Adam: Good idea. I know how hard this must be for you.
Dr. Koby: If this ever got out, this whole area would be swarming with research parties wanting to bring it back to life. I don't want that to be my father's legacy. Or mine.
Shalimar: Some things are better left undiscovered.
Brennan: I can think of at least one. [They leave the cave.]

[Up in the Double Helix again, the team flies back to Sanctuary.]
Jesse: Adam, you think the world will ever see that thing again?
Adam: Well, it will be a couple of thousand years of global warming before that glacier melts, and hopefully by that time, people will have evolved enough to be able to handle whatever the protocanth can throw at them.
Emma: They'll never be able to deal with it. It'll get free and it will keep killing.
Adam: We don't know that.
Emma: I know it. Adam: Look, Emma, I know that you connected with this thing on some--
Emma (glaring at him): I knew, and you should have trusted me.
Adam: We will next time.
Emma: Yeah. Well, next time, I won't give you a choice. [Adam stares at her in surprise. Turning away, Emma lapses back into her own thoughts.]

The End

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