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#307 : La main de Dieu

L'équipe de Mutant X accepte la mission de localiser et de capturer une créature super-puissante qui possèderait les pouvoirs de Dieu.


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James Bulliard ... Burke
Shane Daly ... Cody
Johnny Goltz ... Wayne
John Ralston ... Carl 
Jeanette Roxborough ... Terra
Peter Stebbings ... Kristoff

                                 The Hand Of God

[Opening scene: In the midst of another Dominion mission, the Mutant X team is in the Double Helix, searching for a new mutant's hideaway in the forested mountains.]

Lexa: Hey, is anything reading yet?
Jesse: Nope.
Brennan: I thought that thermal scanner of yours could pick up heartburn in a chipmunk.
Jesse (laughing): It can. Maybe the guy we're looking for has been laying off the chili peppers. Oh, the fuels cells are down to 30%. If we don't score soon, we'll have to head back to Sanctuary.
Lexa: No. We can't turn back now. My contacts tell me our target is vital.
Shalimar: Well, maybe if your contacts had told us a little bit more about this guy, maybe we'd be able to make that decision ourselves.
Lexa: And guess why they didn't tell you?
Jesse: You know, while we're on the subject, who are they?
Lexa: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. What difference does it make? [Brennan turns the Helix around.] What are you doing?
Brennan: Let's try that again, Lex. Who are these people?
Lexa (giving in): Okay. For the past few hundred years, they've been working behind the scenes, policing abuses of science. They call themselves The Dominion.
Jesse: That the same guys who sent Galileo to The Inquisition?
Lexa: No, they don't hate science, just its misuse. I mean, they've stopped disasters that could've killed the world 20 times over.
Shalimar: Like what?
Lexa: Threats from sciences you've never even heard of. See, Adam and Genomex, they're just one of their interests.
Jesse: Like the guy we're chasing today, huh?
Lexa: Exactly. So we bag him and leave him in the delivery slot.
Shalimar: Without knowing why?
Lexa: Look, you know what I know. He's a supermutant who's got Apocalypse Now in the woods with his own cult. The point is, he's dangerous, and he has to be stopped. Of course, finding him is the hard part.
Jesse: Ah, I've got a hot spot off the starboard wing.
Brennan: Could be that elusive chipmunk. [Jesse laughs.] I'm gonna bring her down, take a closer look. [An alarm sounds, and the computer flashes "Warning: Unidentified Energy Beam Detected, Weapon Impact Immanent."]
Lexa: What the hell is that? [A yellow beam flashes over the Helix, and they begin to dive.]
Brennan: Someone's shooting at us!
Jesse: Core temperature is critical! So is the oil temperature!
Brennan: Dammit! My stick is locked!
Lexa: Guys, we're burning up!
Jesse: We've been hit by some kind of a microwave weapon. The electronics and control systems are fried.
Brennan: All right, can you reroute the controls around the damage?
Jesse: Yeah, yeah, I'm trying! [A fire breaks out in the back of the Helix.]
Brennan: All right, I'm gonna try and bring her down!
Jesse: Okay!
Shalimar (grabbing the fire extinguisher): I've got it!
Lexa (noticing that the back hatch is opening by itself): Shal, watch out! [Shalimar is jolted by the swaying cabin and falls out the back hatch. Lexa rushes to the hatch opening and yells out after her.] Shalimar! Shalimar!

[On the ground, Cody dismounts from his microwave accelerator weapon to join his partner, Terra. They watch the plume of black smoke issuing from The Double Helix as it descends towards the ground.]
Terra (feral eyes flashing): Good.
Cody (smiling): Yeah.

[Cut back to Lexa's horrified face as she screams after Shalimar.]
Lexa: Shalimar!

Opening credits. "The Hand of God."

[The Double Helix is still nosediving. Pulling away from the hatch entrance, Lexa returns to her seat.]
Lexa: Guys, we've lost Shalimar!
Brennan (fighting the controls): Brace yourself; we're going down! [The Helix crashes across a lake and lands on the shore. Recovering from the impact, Brennan calls over the intercom to Shalimar.] Hey, Shal, can you hear us? [Cut to: A tree branch in the woods. A few drops of blood fall on it, and the camera pans upwards to find Shalimar's scratched face as she rests unconscious in a tree, impaled on a tree limb. Cut back to Brennan in the Helix, as he tries again.]
Brennan: Shal, talk to us. (To Jesse.) Can you get a reading on her signal? [Jesse searches.] Come on, Jess!
Jesse: I got it.
Brennan: Shal, talk to us!
Lexa (standing behind them): Guys, let's get out of here. Whoever took us down is gonna want to finish us off. Let's go.
Brennan: No, no. We're not going anywhere without her.
Jesse (looking at the controls): We're not going anywhere, period. This bird is down for a while.

[Still standing by the microwave weapon, Cody and Terra watch the skies.]
Cody: The danger's been neutralized.
Terra: Maybe.
Cody: There's no way anybody could survive the blast from that cannon. It was--
Terra: I could've. They have to be after the same target. Get to the crash site and finish off anything still alive.
Cody: What about the target?
Terra: I'll take him alone. We'll connect once I have him. [She runs off.]

[In the Helix, Jesses's working at the controls while Brennan's gearing up to go after Shalimar.]
Brennan: Jess, can you get a fix on her location?
Jesse: Nah. Her comlink is active, she's just not responding.
Brennan: Well, at least she's alive.
Jesse: Well, barely. Her signal's weak.
Lexa (walking up to him): Brennan, no one could have survived that fall.
Brennan: You don't know that. All right? She's one of the toughest people I know.
Lexa: Yeah, maybe so, but she can't fly. [Suddenly, Shalimar's comlink signal beeps.]
Brennan: Shalimar? Hey! Can you hear us? We're here. [The screen splits to show Shalimar in the tree.]
Shalimar (crying): I'm hurt bad. I'm bleeding.
Brennan: Hang on. We're coming.
Jesse: I've got a fix on her. She's eight clicks northwest of here.
Shalimar: Bren, I don't think I'm gonna make it.
Brennan: You hang on; we're coming! [He calls over his shoulder to Jesse and Lexa.] I'm going after her.
Lexa (to Jesse): I'm going with him. [She follows Brennan out.]
Brennan (jogging up the mountain side, seeing Lexa behind him): You'd better not slow me down.
Lexa (catching up): Don't worry.
Brennan (looking at his GPS): We're heading that way.
Lexa: Are you kidding? That's straight up!
Brennan: Yeah, it's also northwest like the man said.
Lexa: Well, maybe we can go around.
Brennan: Yeah, that could be 10 miles out of our way. Shalimar might not have that kind of time!
Lexa: Yeah, we'll make great time this way.

[Up in the tree, Shalimar peers at the blurred image of a man coming towards her.]
Shalimar (murmuring): Brennan? Brennan? [The man comes closer, and she sees it's not Brennan.] Help me.

[In the Helix, Jesse's working on the electrical wiring when he notices a change in Shalimar's position on the computer's tracking screen.]
Jesse (over the intercom): Shalimar. Shal, are you okay? [She doesn't answer.] Brennan, Lexa something's going on. Shalimar's signal is on the move.
Brennan (climbing up the mountain): What?
Jesse: Yeah, I don't understand it, but she's moving futher north of her last location.
Lexa: Someone's moving her.
Brennan: Yeah, like the guy we're trying to find.
Lexa: Yeah, or someone else looking for him.
Jesse: All right, guys. I'm gonna keep an eye on her signal; I'll feed you the updated coordinates, all right?
Lexa: Yeah. (To Brennan) Let's go. We've gotta catch up.
Brennan: Why the sudden change in attitude? Excited about finding Shalimar or just about your mission?
Lexa: Maybe they're one and the same.
Jesse: Shalimar, I know you can't speak. But if you can hear me, Brennan and Lexa are coming for you. Just hang in there. You can't give up on us now, all right? [Cut to: The man from the tree, Burke, is carrying Shalimar through the woods. She's unconscious again; the sawed-off tree limb protruding from her abdomen. Burke reaches a hidden camp, but his way is blocked by a sentry holding up a bow and arrow.]
Sentry: She can't come in here.
Burke (shoving him aside): Get out of my way. [He takes Shalimar inside and lays her on the table. As Shalimar awakens and moans in pain, another member of the group, Carl, comes up.]
Carl: Who is she?
Burke: I don't know. I found her in the woods.
Carl: So why'd you bring her here?
Burke: For Kristoff.
Carl: She's an outsider. She's not deserving. [He breaks off as Kristoff enters the room.]
Kristoff (approaching the table): Move aside.
Carl: Kristoff, no. Look at her. She's too far gone. It's too dangerous.
Kristoff (seeing Shalimar's feral eyes flash): I've made my decision. [Sitting on the table next to her, he grasps the tree branch and pulls it out. He places a hand on her head and another on her wound, transferring the wounds to his own body.]
Carl: Kristoff, you must be careful, please! Kristoff, please! [Kristoff gasps in pain as Shalimar's scratches appear on his face and blood spews from his abdomen. Two followers help him off the table.] I warned you. Easy, easy! Take him to his chamber. [They carry Kristoff from the room.]
Shalimar (healed, sitting up): What'd he do?
Carl (to Burke): Find her someplace to rest. And tell her nothing. [Burke carries Shalimar out.]

[Meanwhile, Brennan and Lexa are still scaling the mountain, following the GPS instructions.]
Brennan (yelling back to Lexa): This way. [He jogs ahead through some brush and suddenly steps right off a cliff. He grabs a tree branch to stop himself, dropping the GPS to the rocks far below. He slowly pulls himself up.]
Lexa (searching for him): Brennan? Brennan?
Brennan (emerging from the brush, panting): We should go this way. [He points in a new direction.]
Lexa (noticing his empty hands): Hey, where's the GPS?
Brennan: It's gone.
Lexa: How gone?
Brennan: Very gone.

[Back at the camp, Shalimar's asleep in bed, dreaming of the events that led up to her fall. She awakens, touches her healed stomach and tries her comlink ring.]
Shalimar: Brennan, Jess. Can anybody read me?
Brennan (walking with Lexa): Oh, thank God.
Jesse (in the Helix, running to the computer): Shalimar, where are you? [The screen splits three ways to show the different parts of the group.]
Shalimar: There was a guy here who just healed me with his hands. He's gotta be the one we're looking for.
Jesse: Then he controls the power of life and death. No wonder the Dominion wants him, huh?
Lexa: Look, you're still in danger. We don't know what they've got planned for you.
Shalimar: No, Lex. He's not the guy you said he was. He's a healer, and his people aren't violent.
Brennan: So then there is someone else looking for him. That's who must have shot us down.
Lexa: Hey, can you get to him?
Shalimar: I just told you I just told you he saved my life! I'm not going to kidnap him for you or for anyone else.
Lexa: He has to be stopped.
Shalimar: No, he doesn't. I've seen him. I was connected to him.
Lexa (trying a new tact): What about the guys who were after him? You think they're gonna leave him alone? You have to get him out of there.
Brennan: Shal, she's right.
Shalimar: Fine, you know what? I'll talk to him. I'll see if he'll to come back to Sanctuary with us and maybe we can figure it out from there. [She turns as Burke enters the room.] You're the one who saved me.
Burke: I didn't save you; I just found you. Here's some water. [He hands her a container.]
Shalimar (smiling): No, you did. You brought me to the man who healed me. But, um, I don't understand. How did he do that?
Burke: It's a miracle. That's all you need to know. We've all experienced it.
Shalimar: You've all been healed by him?
Burke: We owe our lives to him. [He turns away.]
Shalimar: Wait. Who is he?
Burke: That you don't need to know.
Shalimar: It's just that...when he was healing me...when he was touching me, I felt like we were so connected. You know, like he took my pain into himself.
Burke: He did. And he can heal himself if the injury isn't too serious.
Shalimar: What if it is too serious? [Burke gives her a troubled look and leaves the room.]

[In the grounded Helix, the control panel Jesse's working on finally lights up.]
Jesse: Brennan, I got enough power to fire up the thermal scanner. [He looks at the results.] Uh-oh. There's someone on the path up ahead of you, headed towards the camp. Watch yourselves.
Brennan: Okay. [Cut to: Terra running through the woods, then back to Jesse in the Helix.]
Jesse: Oh, nice. I've got some visitors too.
Brennan: How long before they get to you?
Jesse: Uh, about an hour.
Lexa: You can get the Helix off the ground by then, right?
Jesse: I guess I'd better.
Brennan: All right, Jess, we lost our GPS system. Can you guide us to Shalimar?
Jesse: Yeah, no problem. Just keep heading northwest. I'll track you and keep you on course.
Lexa (stopping): Brennan, you're going to have to make a choice when we get there.
Brennan: What choice?
Lexa: Shalimar's not focused.
Brennan (frowning): You know, maybe you should have fallen out of the plane.
Lexa: I'm serious. She's got a mission to complete.
Brennan: Look, just because she doesn't look at this the same way you do doesn't mean she's not focused. She'll do the right thing. Let's keep moving.

[Terra's running easily through the woods when her earpiece beeps.]
Terra: Talk.
Cody (into his radio): Terra? I've searched the whole south quadrant. I can't find squat of that other ship. Figure they might have pulled up at the last minute and might have gone another mile or two north.
Terra: Find them! Nothing can interfere with the delivery of Kristoff.
Cody: I'll continue the sweep. I'll call you if I find it.
Terra: What about our contact in Kristoff's camp?
Cody: No, he's still holding out on their location.
Terra: Everybody can't be smart. Patch him through. [Cody flips a switch, connecting her to Carl.] My man says you have a problem.
Carl (on a walkie-talkie): You have the coordinates for the money drop?
Terra: I got them.
Carl: I'll deliver Kristoff as soon as I get the money.
Terra: So entrusting.
Carl: Yeah, that's right. And don't try tracking this signal. [He breaks the connection.]
Terra (to herself): As if I need a signal. [She runs off, heading towards the camp. Carl and his partner Wayne spin around as Burke emerges from his hiding place behind them.]
Carl (holding up his gun): Don't move.
Burke: You sold him out!
Wayne: Shut up!
Burke: You sold us all out.
Carl: Burke.... [Wayne knocks Burke out with the butt of his gun. Carl shakes his head.] You fool.

[Leaving her room, Shalimar wanders around the camp until she finds Kristoff resting in his chamber. She sits on his bed and pulls down the sheet to see the closing wound in his abdomen. He opens his eyes.]
Shalimar (smiling): Hi. I'm Shalimar.
Kristoff: Hi, Shalimar.
Shalimar: I know you're suffering for me.
Kristoff: I couldn't bear to see you suffer.
Shalimar: Is there anything I can do?
Kristoff (touching her arm): Stay with me until the pain passes. I know we're the same. Mutants. I saw your eyes. I've never healed one of my own kind before. It was familiar, intimate.
Shalimar: Yeah. I came to warn you. There are people coming. I can help. [He coughs.]
Carl (entering the room): What are you doing here?
Shalimar: I just came to thank him.
Carl: Can't you see he's sick? Come on. Get up, get up! [He grabs her arm, but Shalimar shrugs him off. He nods to Wayne.] Take her away. Watch her. [Wayne pushes her out of the room.] Kristoff, she's dangerous. She doesn't understand. You should get rid of her.
Kristoff: She's under my protection.
Carl: You know, it's going to kill you this time. You have to choose.
Kristoff: There's no one here deserving.
Carl: There is someone. A traitor.

[Cody drives down the dirt path until he discovers The Double Helix. Getting out, he calls Terra.]
Cody: I found the ship.
Terra (walking through the woods): Good.
Cody: You might be right about the survivors. I picked up communications on ultra-high frequencies somewhere close to your location.
Terra (smiling): I can taste them.

[In the Helix, Jesse's working on some wiring, talking to himself.]
Jesse: All right, come on, Jess. You can do this. Okay. [Pulling apart a smoking panel.] Oh, man. [He gets to work.]

[Meanwhile, Kristoff's followers have gathered in the main room at the camp. Carl drags in Burke, who has his hands tied behind his back and a cloth around his mouth. Carl holds up the walkie-talkie.]
Carl (to Kristoff): I found him calling someone on this. Lucky for us I stopped him before he could give away our position.
Kristoff: Let him speak.
Carl: Why? So we can hear more lies?
Kristoff: Do it. [Wayne pulls off the cloth gag.]
Burke: It was Carl!
Carl: What did you expect? The truth? I heard him! He was trying to sell us out!
Burke: Kristoff... [Hearing the shouting outside her room, Shalimar calls Jesse.]
Shalimar: This turned out bad, Jess. I think he's dying.
Jesse (taking the penlight out of his mouth): What?
Shalimar: The injuries Kristoff took from me are too much for him to handle. I think it's killing him.
Jesse: Shal, this is not your fault.
Shalimar: Yeah. I just need to find a way to help him. [Jesse opens his mouth to answer, then hears the tracker beeping.]
Jesse: Well, whatever it is you decide to do, do it fast. Whoever it is that's chasing him is moving in. On both of us. [In the next room, Burke pleads for his life.]
Burke: Kristoff, no. Please, listen to me.
Wayne: He's lying! I was there. I saw everything.
Carl: Kristoff, you have to do it. For all of us. Save yourself. Let me take the traitor.
Kristoff: I've made my decision. Prepare him.
Burke: What?! No! No! Kristoff, no! Kristoff, no! [Carl and Wayne re-gag him and holding him down on the table.] Kristoff, no, please!
Kristoff (stroking Burke's forehead): Accept your fate. [Kristoff transfers his injuries to Burke, who screams as blood gushes from his abdomen. Knocking out her guard, Shalimar races into the room.]
Shalimar: No, stop it! What are you doing?! [She looks down at Burke's lifeless body, then up at Kristoff.] What have you done?

********Commercial Break*********

[Horrified at Burke's death, Shalimar grabs Kristoff's arm.]
Shalimar: How could you do that? He saved me!
Kristoff: I did what I had to do. You don't understand.
Shalimar: Oh, I understand murder.
Carl: Get her out of here.
Kristoff: Leave her.
Carl: Kristoff, she can't be trusted!
Kristoff (to Shalimar): Come with me. [She follows him outside.]

[Back in the woods, Terra picks up the branch Shalimar bled on and smells it.]
Terra: Feral. [She drops the wood and heads off.]

[Sliding through the bowels of the Helix, Jesse notices an electrical fire in one of the sections.]
Jesse: Whoa! Brennan, Lexa?
Brennan: How's it going, Jess?
Jesse: Well, I found the problem. The wires under the main control board are fried.
Brennan: Can you fix it?
Jesse: Yeah...It's gonna take a little time, though, and those guys that are chasing me are getting close.
Lexa (dismissively): Oh, you'll make it.
Jesse: I'm glad one of us is so sure.
Brennan: We still on track?
Jesse (looking at his pad): Perfect. Except...
Lexa: Except what?
Jesse: Well, that heat signature that was up ahead of you has vanished.
Lexa: They're jamming us.
Jesse: Either that or they're so close that the computer can't separate the images. Watch out, huh?
Lexa (smiling at Brennan): Out of sight, out of mind? [She turns invisible.]

[Shalimar and Kristoff walk through the woods together.]
Kristoff: Burke was a traitor.
Shalimar: I don't believe that. He saved my life and you murdered him!
Kristoff: I saved your life!
Shalimar: You killed him with what you took from me; that's on my head.
Kristoff: Who are you to question my decisions?
Shalimar: When you healed me, I thought we had a connection.
Kristoff (nodding): We do.
Shalimar: What you did makes me sick.
Kristoff: Should I have let you die?
Shalimar: I would never have chosen to kill Burke so that I could live.
Kristoff: You didn't have to choose. But I did. I can give the gift of life. If I decide to withhold it, that's killing too. Because I can choose, I must choose. You think that's easy? My whole life, people have been trying to use my power. My parents tried to use my gift in a side show ministry; doctors tried to exploit me to make fortunes. Until I escaped, I spent three years trapped in a private clinic. To test the limits of my abilities, they would torture subjects to the point of death, then make me save them. To save one was to condemn another. They'd make me pass it on so I could do it all over again the next day.
Shalimar (chastened): I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Kristoff: When I escaped, I swore that I would never let anybody use my power ever again. If I'm to be cursed with this gift, I'll be the one that decides who lives and who dies.

[Walking up the path ahead of Brennan, Lexa turns visible and picks up the stick that Shalimar bled on.]
Brennan: Shalimar must have landed somewhere around here.
Lexa: She can't be far, then. [She turns invisible again.]

[Shalimar and Kristoff are still walking thorugh the meadow.]
Shalimar: Kristoff, remember when I told you there were people after you.
Kristoff: They're coming to kidnap me. And you're here to save me?
Shalimar: It's not safe for you here. I want you to come with me.
Kristoff: Why? So your side can control me instead of someone else's?
Shalimar: I wouldn't do that to you.
Kristoff: You wouldn't mean to. But you would.
Shalimar: Look, if you come with us, you would control your power.
Kristoff: Really? You'd never be tempted to call on my power, and have that pain transferred to someone else?
Shalimar: I would never ask you to make that choice.
Kristoff (sighing): But you would. I can't go with you, Shalimar. [He walks away.]

[Jesse's soldering electrical panels under the Helix, soldering electrical panels. Meanwhile, Brennan and Lexa have separated, looking for the enemy agent.]
Brennan: Hey Lex, you see anything?
Lexa (invisible): Nothing. I think he passed us by. [Unknown to her, Terra's in the tree above her, silently monitoring her progress with her feral vision. Leaping to the ground behind Lexa, Terra kicks her in the back, forcing her to turn visible again. As Terra stands over Lexa, Brennan runs up.]
Brennan (aiming an electrical arc at Terra): Hey! [Terra cartwheels out of the way, draws her gun, and shoots Brennan in the chest. Lexa shoots two lasers at Terra, but they miss. Terra flees into the forest.]
Lexa (rushing to Brennan's side): Brennan! Oh, no. Brennan! It's okay.

*******Commercial Break**********

[Lexa's sitting with Brennan, trying to stop the bleeding with gauze. She calls Jesse.]
Lexa: Jess, Brennan's hurt real bad. How much longer until the Helix is up in the air?
Jesse: Uh, just a couple minutes, I should have it. Shal, are you getting this?
Shalimar (hurrying down the path towards Lexa and Brennan): How is he?
Lexa: He's lost a lot of blood. I'm gonna need some help soon.
Shalimar: I'm on my way.
Jesse: All right, guys, I'm gonna have to power down the ship to finish this up. [He blows on his shoulder as stray sparks burn his skin.] Ow, ow. I'm not gonna be able to track you anymore. [Cut to Cody, driving in his jeep. He stops and looks through his binoculars. Seeing The Helix on the ground, he smiles.]

[Lexa's holding Brennan's head up as she waits for Shalimar.]
Lexa: Brennan? Brennan, stay with me, okay? Brennan?
Brennan (opening his eyes): Sorry, Lex. I didn't mean to ruin your mission.
Lexa (smiling): Just relax, okay? Stay quiet.

[Shalimar's racing through the woods when she's ambushed by Carl and his men, holding guns.]
Carl: Stop right there! See, I just knew you were trouble.
Shalimar: Only you don't know how much.
Carl: Well, I don't know who or what she is, boys, but maybe they'll pay extra for her, huh? [The men laugh.] The two of you, you hold your positions. You watch her. We're going to head back to camp. Let's go. [As he and Wayne walk off, Lexa's voice sounds over Shalimar's comlink.]
Lexa: Shalimar, where are you?
Shalimar: I'm on my way. Sorry, guys. Gotta go. [She punches out her two captors and starts back down the path.] I'll be there soon, Lex!

[Finishing his work beneath the Helix, Jesse returns to the co-pilot's chair to try the computer. He grins triumphantly when the board lights up.]
Jesse: Yes! [An alarm goes off.] Oh, no! [Quickly getting up, he crawls back under The Helix.]

[Inside the camp, Kristoff is addressing his followers.]
Kristoff: Our enemies are coming. Once again we must pick up our lives and move to ensure our freedom. We may have to fight our way out, but I know I can count on you.
Carl (walking in): No, I think we should stay. I told you I stopped Burke before he could tell them where we were.
Kristoff: The decision has been made, Carl.
Carl: Kristoff, this time the decision is mine. [He and his men draw their guns.] Don't move.
Kristoff: What are you doing?
Carl: I'm tired of running. I'm sick of living in the woods, in caves. I just wanna cash in.
Kristoff: Burke was telling the truth. You murdered him!
Carl: No. You murdered him. Just because you've got this damn trick you can do does not make you qualified to decide who lives and who dies. No matter what you may think, you are not a god. To me, you're nothing but a freak. And all these idiots here, they may think they owe you something, but I don't. I'm outta here. And I hope whoever ends up buying you puts you to some good use.
Kristoff: I can't let you do this.
Carl: Kristoff, you don't have much of a choice right now. [Terra enters the room and hurls a knife into Wayne's back. He falls to the ground.]
Terra (pointing her gun at Carl): And neither do you.

[In the woods, Shalimar finally reaches Lexa and Brennan.]
Lexa: Hey. Shal, it's bad. I don't think he's gonna make it.
Shalimar (leaning over him): Yes, he will. Brennan? Hey. I'm not gonna let you die. [She picks him up.]

***********Commercial Break***********

[In the camp, Terra grabs Carl by the throat and holds the followers at gunpoint.]
Terra: I know what you're thinking. Try to take me, and your precious Kristoff dies first. And don't try to follow me.
Carl: What about me?
Terra: What about you? You thought I was going to deal with a punk like you? [She knocks him unconscious with the butt of her gun.]
Kristoff: Don't hurt anybody else. I'll go with you. [Terra follows him out of the camp.]

[Shalimar carries Brennan's body towards the camp. Lexa follows, looking doubtful.]
Lexa: He's lost so much blood.
Shalimar: Kristoff will heal him. We'll make it.

[In his jeep, Cody drives up to the Double Helix and gets out. Jesse's sitting in his seat, flipping switches.]
Jesse: Come on, baby, you've gotta work this time. [He pulls up the roster on the computer; all systems say "Pass."] Yeah! [He starts the engine. Outside, Cody runs back to the Jeep as The Helix leaves the ground. Seeing that he's powering up the microwave weapon, Jesse laughs as he turns the Helix around and sweeps down at the Jeep. Abandoning the weapon controls, Cody dives for cover and Jesse takes the Helix back up into the air.]
Cody: Damn it! [He powers down the weapon.]

[Terra's escorting Kristoff down the path at gunpoint when they come across Lexa and Shalimar, bending over Brennan on the ground.]
Shalimar: Kristoff! [Lexa fires off a laser at Terra, and she falls. Lexa runs towards her. Shalimar walks up to Kristoff.] My friend's dying.
Kristoff: Yeah? Well, what do you want me to do about it?
Shalimar: Can you save him?
Kristoff: You see? You're just like the others. Take the pain from me and mine and give it to someone else.
Shalimar: No. Save him and give it to me.
Kristoff (stunned): You're ready to die for him?
Shalimar: Yeah. [A short distance away, Terra leaps out of the brush and kicks Lexa in the face again, knocking her unconscious. Shalimar pleads with Kristoff once more.] Please save him. [She points at Terra.] Get away from her! [Looking over, Terra's feral eyes flash. Shalimar flashes her eyes in return. They fly at each other and meet mid-air. As they fight, Kristoff goes to Brennan and transfers the gunshot wound to himself. Finally knocking Terra out, Shalimar turns back towards Kristoff and Brennan. Behind her, Terra sits up. Just as she points her gun at Shalimar's back, Lexa wakes up and fires a double laser at her, killing her.]

Lexa (happily helping Brennan up): I thought I'd gotten rid of you for good.
Brennan: Better luck next time. [They walk over to Shalimar, who is holding Kristoff's head in her lap.]
Shalimar: Kristoff. Kristoff, no. Give it to me.
Kristoff (closing his eyes): It ends here.
Shalimar: No. No. [She looks up at Lexa and Brennan in shock.] He's gone! [She kisses Kristoff's cheek. Jesse calls them from overhead in the Helix.]
Jesse: All right, guys, I've got this bird in the air, but I don't know how long she's gonna stay there. Let's move.
Brennan (taking Kristoff's hand): There's nothing more we can do, Shal.
Shalimar: He died for you, Brennan!
Brennan: I know. And I'm sorry.
Shalimar (sobbing]: I can't leave him here. [Kristoff's followers emerge from the camp, crying.]
Brennan: They're his family. He belongs with them. [Shalimar gently places his head on the ground and goes with Lexa and Brennan to the Helix. Jesse flies off with Lexa sitting next to him, and Shalimar and Brennan together in the rear.]
Jesse (to Lexa): Your people won't be pleased.
Lexa: Well, at least the competition didn't get him. That's enough for them.
Jesse: And for you?
Lexa: He's a commodity. He always was.
Jesse: With The Dominion, what would he have been?
Lexa (shrugging): Let's just say he's probably better off this way. [They look at each other.]
Brennan: Shal, it was his decision. There was nothing we could do.
Shalimar: He was just trying to find a way to live with his power.
Brennan: Yeah, like all of us. You were ready to die for me today.
Shalimar: We risk our lives for each other all the time.
Brennan: No, that was more than risk. You were going to sacrifice yourself for me.
Shalimar (smiling): Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Brennan: Thanks.

[Down on the ground, Carl wakes up and comes running out of the camp, waving his gun at the followers mourning over Kristoff.]
Carl: Back! All of you, back! [He stands over Kristoff's body.] You think you got away by dying, huh? Think again. I'll find another bidder. [Kneeling, he grabs Kristoff's collar.] You know why, Kristoff? Because somebody out there's gonna want to pull you apart to find out what makes you tick! [Kristoff's hand shoots up, grabbing Carl's wrist. Kristoff transfers the gunshot wound to Carl, who gasps in agony and keels over. Kristoff's eyes snap open.]

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