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#319 : Filles de rêve

Un homme, propriétaire d'un club privé pour milliardaires, clone de jolies femmes pour les offrir comme dociles esclaves sexuelles à ses membres. Gia, une amie de Shalimar, l'appelle à l'aide. Mais Shalimar aussi se fait cloner.


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Matt Gordon ... Nolan Blackledge
Amy Ciupak Lalonde ... Britney Zadora 
Ramona Pringle ... Tiffany
Jennifer Steede ... Gia Duchamps 
Craig Warnock ... Kevin Gitre
Ted Whittall ... Sebastian Conway
Lorry Ayers ... Nurse
Tim Eddis ... Businessman
Daniel Kelly Fiddick ... Cab Driver
Mariecka Weathered ... Dancer
Jessica Barrow ... Dancer
Jennifer Bohr ... Dancer
Alicia Bruce ... Dancer
Carrie Clayton ... Dancer
Nicole Rocke ... Dancer
Karen Gittens ... Dancer

                                    Dream Lover

[Opening Scene: Techno music plays in an upscale gentlemen's club packed with men ogling scantily clad female dancers. Dressed in a revealing army costume, Gia Duchamps paces nervously through the room searching for her friend Britney. The club's owner, Sebastian Conway, leans on a table conversing with one of the wealthy clients, Kevin Gitre.]

Sebastian: Anything you want.
Kevin Gitre (pointing at Gia): That's the one.
Gia (spotting Britney, she goes over and takes her arm): Come on, let's get out of here. Whatever is going on, this place is creeping me out big time. God, I knew this job was too good to be true!
Britney (seeing an older man standing behind Gia): Baby! There you are.
Gia: Um, Britney? What's going on?
Britney: I've finally met the man of my dreams.
Gia (looking at the man, shaking her head): They got to you too, didn't they?
Britney: I don't know what you're talking about. [She heads off with the man. Disgusted, Gia leaves the room to find a phone. Exchanging glances with Kevin, Sebastian follows her.]

[Scene: In Sanctuary, Brennan waits impatiently for Shalimar as she's stands in front of her mirror, dressing to go out.]
Brennan: Shal, c'mon! What're you doing? The movie starts in one hour. We're gonna miss the previews again!
Shalimar (coming out of her room): Would you keep your pants on? We have plenty of time.
Brennan: What?
Shalimar (giggling): Or better yet, take those off.
Brennan: What? You ain't ready. [He's rushing her towards the door when the computer signals an incoming call.] Come on, come on! Voice mail, voice mail!
Shalimar: Hang on, hang on. [She goes back to answer the call.] Yeah?
Gia: Shalimar, it's me, Gia.
Shalimar (signaling Brennan over): Gia.
Gia: I didn't know who else to turn to. You've gotta help me!
Shalimar: Gia, I told you last time, you've gotta check yourself into rehab.
Brennan (checking his watch): Oh, man...
Gia: Shalimar, I'm straight, I swear!
Shalimar: Well then, what's wrong?
Gia: I can't talk about it here. Can you just meet me? I'm at the Cl- [Sebastian comes up behind her and hangs up the phone.]
Shalimar: Meet you where? Gia?
Sebastian (grabbing Gia's arm): Come on, Gia. You've got a new friend who's dying to meet you.
Gia (feral eyes flashing): I'm outta here. [She knocks Sebastian to the ground and turns to leave, only to find her way blocked by four guards. She takes out two of them before Sebastian tases her into unconsciousness.]
Sebastian (to the guards): Taker her downstairs. [The guards pick her up and carry her out.]

[Back in Sanctuary, Shalimar's still trying to get the signal back.]
Shalimar: That's weird. Why would she just hang up like that?
Brennan (laughing): Well, maybe her dealer finally came through. Come on. [He turns to leave.]
Shalimar: No, Brennan, you heard her. She sounded really freaked out.
Brennan: Shal, how many times are you going to let her drag you down this road? All right, I know ferals are tight, but...
Shalimar: You know, it's not like that.
Brennan: Look, if it's important, she's gonna call back, right? Come on! Movies, movies, previews! Come on, come on!
Shalimar: I guess so. [She follows him out.]

[Cut to: A technical laboratory underneath the gentlemen's club. Behind a glass panel, Gia lies on one of two tables. Outside of her chamber, Sebastian's talking about her with his scientific partner, Nolan Blackledge.]
Sebastian: This one's special. She put up quite the fight.
Nolan (stuttering): You know, I think-I think maybe we, you know, this, I'm not feeling good about this. Maybe we should wait.
Sebastian: Don't be such a coward. She's already paid for. Start the procedure. [Lights flash in the chamber as a clone of Gia slowly forms on the table next to the real one. Nolan smiles.]

Opening Credits. "Dream Lover."

[Scene: Lexa's office in Sanctuary. Lexa's resting quietly inside a tanning booth when Jesse saunters into the room and knocks on the lid.]
Jesse: Salon night at Sanctuary, is it?
Lexa (sighing and opening the lid): Do you want something, Jess?
Jesse (grinning to see her wearing only a towel): Yeah.... [Following his gaze, Lexa pulls the towel up.] Listen, while we're still on good terms with The Dominion, do you think you could get your friends to get us a crank 38 dual processor for the Helix?
Lexa: What's wrong with the old one?
Jesse: Oh, nothing. It's just this one is bigger. Better.
Lexa: What's in it for me?
Jesse: Sorry?
Lexa (sitting up): If I'm gonna call you in a favor, what are you willing to do for me? Hm?
Jesse: Um.... What do you want?
Lexa: Hm... Oh! Well, you could paint my toenails. [She holds up her nail polish.] Hm?
Jesse (laughing): Dream on.
Lexa (laughing): Dream on?
Shalimar (calling from the next room): Hey, Jess?
Jesse (turning away reluctantly): Yeah? [He walks out to find Shalimar and Brennan walking back into Sanctuary. Shalimar goes to the computer.] Hey! So, how was the movie?
Brennan: I'll tell you when I actually get a chance to see it.
Shalimar: Hey, Jess, can you do me a favor? I need you to run a trace on a call I got earlier from a friend of mine.
Jess (sitting at the computer across from her): All right, I'll see what I can do.
Brennan (mockingly): Gia Duchamps. [Jesse looks at him.] Mmm-hmm. Shalimar seems to think something's happened to her.
Shalimar: I thought she was gonna call back, and she didn't. I have no way of getting a hold of her.
Brennan: Shal, seriously. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Besides, you know how Gia always flakes out on you.
Shalimar: Brennan, will you stop it, please?
Jesse: Well, the caller ID was blocked.
Shalimar: Yeah, I know.
Jesse: Well, it's gonna take some leg work, but I should be able to trace the call through the phone company.
Shalimar: The sooner, the better, okay?
Jesse: Yeah. [She walks off.]
Brennan (chuckling with Jesse): Whatever.

[In the laboratory under the club, Sebastian and Nolan are going over the design of Gia's clone with Kevin.]
Sebastian: So, Mr. Gitre, before we complete the design, is there anything you would like us to add to Gia's psychological make-up?
Kevin (grinning): I just want her to be classy on the outside and nasty in the bedroom.
Nolan: Right. According to your specifications, Gia will be athletic, able to speak French fluently-
Kevin: And she'll do anything I tell her to?
Nolan: Within reason. Understand that Gia's been designed for pleasure, nothing more.
Kevin: But she is human?
Sebastian: Better. She's what we call a synthetic. It's a form of organic nanotechnology. The best part is, she'll never age, and she'll never argue.
Nolan: Rest assured, she's been bioengineered to look and feel completely human. Her own mother wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Sebastian: Trust me, Mr. Gitre. You're going to be completely satisfied.
Kevin: Oh, I'm sure I will. [He places a suitcase full of money on the table.] And a hell of a lot cheaper than another divorce.
Sebastian (closing the suitcase): There's one last thing. This transaction has to be completely confidential. Now I can't stress that enough. Any noncompliance will result in the immediate termination of this agreement....with extreme prejudice. Understand?
Kevin: Yes.
Sebastian: Good. [Kevin signs the contract.] Mr. Gitre, Gia.
Clone!Gia (walking in): Hello, lover. [She crosses to Kevin and kisses him.]

[Back to Sanctuary. Shalimar's waiting for Jesse to trace the call, when Lexa (now dressed) comes up to her.]
Lexa: You're really worried about this girl, huh? I didn't know you two were so close.
Shalimar: Yeah, well we were. Before I joined Mutant X, I lived on the streets for a while, and Gia and I kinda looked out for one another.
Lexa: Hm. I guess we all brought along a little baggage when we joined Mutant X.
Shalimar: It's just that last time I talked to her, I really thought she was gonna get her life together, you know?
Lexa: You know what, Shal? If there's one thing I've learned is, never underestimate a feral. [They smile at each other.]
Jesse: Woo-hoo! I traced the call. [Lexa and Shalimar join him.] It came from...an ultra exclusive gentlemen's club called Narrow's Wake. It's run by a man named Sebastian Conway. [On the computer, a virtual woman pops up on the screen.]
Melonie: Hi! I'm Melody. Welcome to Narrow's Wake. Members can proceed by entering your password now.
Lexa: Wait a minute. Gia was some kind of high-class playmate?
Jesse: Oh, high-class I'll say. You've gotta be Fortune 500s to breathe the air in there.
Shalimar: Maybe. If you're a guy. [She smiles at him and walks away.]

[Cut to: Narrow's Wake. Shalimar walks in, dressed to the nines, searching around for Gia. She approaches one of the call girls standing at the bar, Tiffany.]
Shalimar: This place is really jumping tonight.
Tiffany: Always!
Shalimar: I'm looking for a friend of mine. Her name is Gia Duchamps. I think she works here.
Tiffany: Lucky girl. She made friends with a real whale. [Shalimar looks confused.] A hot catch? A guy with lots of money?
Shalimar (nodding): Must be an occupational hazard. Um...do you know where she is now?
Tiffany: Saw her head back to the Platinum Lounge a little while ago. Guess they must be really hitting it off. You working?
Shalimar (pretending not to have heard her): I'm sorry?
Tiffany: A girl like you could bring in a couple grande in tips a night. Sebastian would adore you.
Shalimar: Well, he sounds like a guy I should meet.
Tiffany: He knows how to keep his girls happy.
Shalimar (seeing Clone!Gia emerge from the Platinum Lounge): Thanks. [Clone!Gia, on her way to join Kevin by the door, doesn't even notice Shalimar until she grabs her arm.] Gia! Hey!
Sebastian (shaking hands with Kevin at the door): Thank you for doing business with us. I really hope you enjoy yourself.
Clone!Gia (to Shalimar): I'm sorry?
Shalimar: What's going on?
Clone!Gia (smiling too broadly): I'm sorry. I think you must have me confused with someone else.
Shalimar: This isn't funny! You called me!
Clone!Gia: I don't know what you're talking about. [Kevin walks up to them.]
Kevin: Hi. Kevin Gitre.
Shalimar (shaking hands with him): Hi.
Kevin: Gia, we really should be going.
Clone!Gia: Of course, angel. [She walks out the door with him, leaving Shalimar standing there, perplexed.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Lexa's working at the computer when the screen goes blank and flashes "Program not responding."]
Lexa (pounding on the keyboard): Oh, not again! I'm gonna kill it!
Jesse (walking in and looking over her shoulder): Huh.
Lexa: Yeah. [Rather than help her out, Jesse saunters away slowly, grinning.]
Lexa (staring after him): Hello? Damsel in distress, aisle two!
Jesse (back turned to her): Yeah, it has really locked up on ya. I bet you'd like some help.
Lexa: Oh, what do you want? Me to paint your toenails?
Jesse (coming back to her): You know, I was actually thinking more along the lines of...I don't know...full body massage.
Lexa (laughing): Oh, really? [He nods.] Now who's dreaming?
Jesse (seeing Shalimar walk in): Hey! Did you find your friend?
Shalimar: Sort of. She was acting really strange, though. It was like she didn't even recognize me.
Lexa: Hm. Oh, well, people change.
Shalimar: Not like this. I mean, she was really different. Look, Jess, do you think you can find anything on the guy she left with? His name's Kevin Gitre.
Jesse: Sure. [Smiling, he hovers over Lexa until she realizes he wants her chair.]
Lexa (getting up): Oh, right.
Jesse (taking her place): Yeah.
Lexa: Look, maybe your friend blew you off because she was trying to play this guy.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, if she did, then she was really convincing.
Jesse (searching the computer): Gitre...All right. He's married with two kids, has a slammin' house in the suburbs....Ooo, he's loaded with a great big gold L. He's the heir to a candy fortune. Guess who just leased a condo in the city.
Lexa: Mmm-hmm. Cozy little love nest for the mistress, maybe? [Brennan walks in.]
Jesse: Yeah, she's got a great big allowance. He just withdrew a quarter of a million dollars from his bank account two days ago.
Brennan: Well, that's a lot of money to be throwing around.
Shalimar: Maybe it's time we find out what he's spending it on. [Brennan follows her out.]

[Shalimar and Brennan are walking down the hallway of Kevin's apartment when they hear howls coming from his room.]
Shalimar: Do you hear that?
Brennan: The hell is she doing to him? [Bursting into the room, they see Clone!Gia and Kevin on the bed; Clone!Gia in a mask holding a whip and Kevin dressed in frilly red lingerie.]
Kevin: What the hell is going on here?
Brennan (laughing): Oh, that's funny. I was about to ask you the same thing.
Shalimar: Don't worry, Gia. We're here to help.
Brennan (to Kevin): So you, uh, wanna tell me what's going on here....Princess?
Kevin: I don't owe you any explanation. Now get the hell out before I call the police.
Brennan: Uh, no. You might wanna rethink that, ‘cause I can always call up your wife and tell her about your little fetish here.
Kevin: Ah, so is that what this is? A shake-down for more money? Well, you tell Sebastian he's messing with the wrong man. We have a signed contract!
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Kevin: Gia. She's mine. I can do whatever I want with her.
Clone!Gia (picking up a sharp paperweight from the bedside table): You shouldn't have said that, lover.
Kevin: Stay out of this, Gia.
Clone!Gia (eyes flashing silver): That was supposed to be our little secret. [She stabs Kevin in the back with the paperweight, then pushes his body into Brennan. She runs to the window and leaps through the glass, falling onto a taxicab below. Her body dematerializes into tiny silver particles which drip to the ground, then she reforms and lopes off into the night. As Shalimar and Brennan look down from the window above, the stunned taxi driver leans out his window to stare at the dent in his roof.]
Shalimar: She's gone!
Brennan: No. That's impossible!

********Commercial Break*******

[Sebastian strides into the lab under Narrow's Wake. Clone!Gia lies on her table in the chamber as Nolan hooks her up to some wires.]
Sebastian: What the hell did she do?
Nolan: I've rigged her retinal scanners. We're about to find out. [He punches a few buttons on his computer, and Clone!Gia's eyes project video images of what happened at Kevin's apartment from her perspective. Nolan freezes the video after she kills Kevin.]
Sebastian: Well, we can't say we didn't warn him. [He looks at the image of Shalimar.] I know her. She was talking to Gia last night, probably a friend of hers.
Nolan (stuttering): I, I, I don't like this at all! I told you the girls we use should be runaways. No friends, no next of kin. We don't-we don't want anyone prying into our affairs.
Sebastian: Relax, Nolan. That's what I'm here for, remember? I take care of these things.
Nolan: Oh, take a look around, huh? Things are out of control!
Sebastian: As far as the police are concerned, he was killed by a psycho streetwalker. [He punches a button on the computer and Clone!Gia vanishes in a bright flash of light.] A streetwalker...who no longer exists.

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar and Brennan are walking down the stairs from the second floor with Brennan.]
Shalimar: I know it sounds crazy to you, but everyone has their own distinctive scent, and that wasn't Gia.
Brennan: Well, maybe she changed her perfume.
Shalimar (sarcastically): Yeah, Brennan. That must be it. Look, I don't know why I didn't pick up on it at the club, but so many people around...
Brennan: All right, all right. Let's just say that that wasn't Gia.
Shalimar: It wasn't. And whatever that was, wasn't human. [As they reach Jesse at the computers, Lexa walks in.]
Jesse: Well, I've been looking into our mystery man Sebastian and coming up with nada. It's as if the guy never even existed.
Lexa: You know, I'm starting to agree with Shal. I mean, there's gotta be something more than just partying going down at that club.
Shalimar: Then I think we need to take a look around. From the inside. [She walks off, Lexa follows her.]

[A few hours later, Shalimar's in her room in a dressing gown putting on lipstick when Lexa comes in holding up a pair of sheer stockings.]
Lexa: Hey.
Shalimar: Hey.
Lexa: So...what do you think? A little too Moulin Rouge?
Shalimar (laughing): A little too somethin'. You know, I can handle this on my own if you don't want to go.
Lexa: Are you kidding? I am not letting you go back in there alone.
Shalimar: It just makes my blood boil.
Lexa: Don't get me started.
Shalimar: I can't even imagine how desperate Gia must have been to take this job.
Lexa: Yeah, you know what? That's just it. There's an endless supply of girls just like Gia waiting to take her place.
Shalimar (looking into the mirror): Add two more to the list.

[Scene: Narrow's Wake. Sebastian's sitting at a front table overseeing the club when Shalimar and Lexa walk up to him, wearing long overcoats.]
Shalimar: Sebastian Conway?
Sebastian: Mmm-hmm.
Shalimar: I was here last night.
Sebastian (faking surprise): Really? Well, I'm sorry we didn't hook up.
Shalimar: I heard that you might be looking to recruit some new girls. [They drop their overcoats, revealing their sexy call-girl outfits.]
Sebastian: Very nice. [Nolan walks up behind him.]
Nolan: Excuse me...uh, I need...Can I talk to you right now?
Sebastian: Go back to your seat, Nolan.
Nolan (staring at Shalimar and Lexa): Yeah.
Sebastian: Now. [Nolan skitters off, and Sebastian turns back to Lexa and Shalimar.] It pays 200 dollars a night. The tips are yours to keep. You start immediately. Any questions?
Shalimar (looking at Lexa): Nope.
Sebastian: You play your cards right, girls, you could walk out of here with the man of your dreams. [They smile at him and he goes over to Nolan.]
Shalimar (quietly to Lexa): Really.
Nolan (to Sebastian): What, are you, are you out of your mind? What are you doing, hiring them?
Sebastian: It's like The Godfather, Nolan. You keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
Nolan: Oh. Yeah. No. No, no, no, no, that is a mistake, see? Things are way out of control.
Sebastian: I think what we have here is a golden opportunity staring us in the face.
Nolan: No, you know what I think? I think it would be prudent to shut down. Yeah, you shut down, you let things cool off.
Sebastian: Of course you would do that, Nolan. That's why I call the shots around here. [He walks off.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Jesse's investigating Narrow's Wake by pretending to be a rich man interested in the club.]
Melody's voice: Congratulations. Your exceptional credit has preapproved you for Nero's platinum membership. Any questions?
Jesse: Oh, let's go interactive, huh, Melody? [He presses some keys and Melody's image appears.] Hi. So, how does this all work.
Melody: Since you're obviously a man with discerning taste, Narrow's has provided you with an array of companions to match your every desire.
Jesse: Wow, you make it sound so easy, like all I gotta do is take a stroll through your showroom and pick out a model.
Melody: That's basically it. Because of your resource status, Sebastian Conway has invited you for a personal consultation to discuss how Nero's can better assist you in your decision.
Jesse: I like what I hear, but first I'd like to know, well, what I'm getting myself into. So let's just suppose that I find a model that I'm interested in...well....getting to know a little better. What then?
Melody: Mr. Conway will answer all concerns you may have.
Jesse: Melody, please. I'm a type A personality. What then?
Melody: If a client shows a special interest in one of our girls, they're escorted to the Platinum Lounge to get to know them better. [Brennan walks up, looking over his shoulder.]
Jesse: I see. Sounds pretty easy.
Melody: No one has ever walked away dissatisfied.
Jesse: I bet. [Seeing Brennan watching him.] Look, let me think about it and I'll get back to you, okay? [He turns Melody off.]
Brennan: Somebody's looking for love in all the right places.
Jesse: Yeah, something like that. All you need's a healthy bank account to get to the head of the class.
Brennan: Yeah. What do you think this Platinum Lounge is all about?
Jesse: Well, my little girlfriend here was being coy, but it sounds like it's where all the magic happens.
Brennan: Well, I guess if you've got a bankroll, a quarter of a million bucks is a small price to pay for the perfect woman.
Jesse: Yeah. I still think I'd like to find a woman the old fashioned way.
Brennan: What, through pity and alcohol?
Jesse: Works for me.
Brennan (laughing): Good for you.
Jesse: Hey.

[At Narrow's Wake, Lexa and Shalimar are busy flirting with various men around the room. One man calls Sebastian over and points to Shalimar.]
Brennan: Hey Lex, how's it going over there in Sodom and Gomorrah? [The screen splits two ways to show Brennan and Jesse in Sanctuary and Lexa at the club.]
Lexa (into her comlink): Business as usual. I've been hit on more times than Oscar de la Hoya. What's up?
Brennan: Well, looks like Narrow's is a front for the white slavery trade.
Lexa: These girls are for sale? They sure don't look like they're being held against their will.
Brennan: Well, maybe they don't know they are. All we know is something happens to them when they get invited to the Platinum Lounge.
Lexa (looking back at the Platinum Lounge): What do you mean?
Jesse: We don't know, but until we do, stick together.
Lexa (watching Sebastian walk up to Shalimar): That could be a problem.
Sebastian (to Shalimar): Would you mind coming with me for a sec? I'd like you to meet somebody. [He brings her to the man who pointed to her earlier.] Our guest here would like to get to know you a little better, so I'll leave you two alone, all right?
Shalimar (shaking hands): Hi.
The Guy: Hi.
Shalimar: So, you having fun tonight?
The Guy: Oh, yeah. You're really looking sexy.
Shalimar: Thanks.
Lexa (walking up behind her): Now why settle for just one, when you could have the two of us? Think of all the fun we could have. [She hooks a finger into Shalimar's bodice and pulls her close, kissing her cheek. They giggle together, vamping it up for him, until Sebastian intervenes.]
Sebastian (to Lexa): For now, the blondes get to have a bit more fun.
Shalimar (taking Lexa a short distance away): I'll be okay. [She glances at the Platinum Lounge.] I have to go in there. I'll call you if I need you.
Lexa: Okay.
Sebastian (to Shalimar): Why don't you take our guest to the Platinum Lounge? [He puts an arm around Lexa.] And why don't you come with me? [Shalimar heads to the Lounge with The Guy; Sebastian sits Lexa down at the bar and hovers over her, smiling.]

[Monitoring the situation from Sanctuary, Brennan's getting antsy.]
Brennan: All right, that's it. I'm going in. Can you get me an invite to this place?
Jesse: Yeah, sure. What do you want to be? An oil tycoon? A pop star? Ooo, a captain of industry?
Brennan: Captain of industry sounds good.
Jesse: All right, you got it.
Brennan: Just give me enough money to make this guy Sebastian my new best friend, huh?
Jesse: Sure.
Brennan: Oh, hey, did you manage to find out anything else on this guy?
Jesse: No, not really, except that the place is really owned by a Nolan Blackledge.
Brennan: Who's he?
Jesse: I don't know. I'm working on it.
Brennan: All right, let me know.
Jesse: Yeah.

[Shalimar walks into the Platinum Lounge only to find two guards waiting for her.]
Shalimar: What's going on?
Sebastian (walking in): You really shouldn't have stuck your pretty little nose in where it doesn't belong. [The two guards attack her. Shalimar fights back, but Nolan drops her with a taser.] Looks like we've caught another one, boys.

*******Commercial Break*********

[In the lab under the club, Shalimar's lying on one of the tables in the replication chamber while Sebastian and Nolan talk about what to do with her.]
Sebastian: I want to clone her body and her brain. Personality, memory, everything.
Nolan: Uh...I've never attempted an entire replication.
Sebastian: Well, it's obvious she's not working alone. We need to know what she knows in order to turn it to our advantage.
Nolan: Memories-memories are nothing more than electronic impulses, so we should be able to reproduce them organically. I mean, there's gonna be holes, you know, I can't replicate everything.
Sebastian: That's fine. There's no reason it shouldn't work like the others. The key is to maintain control of her mind. Then we send her back to where she came from as a Trojan horse. Problem solved.
Nolan: You realize she's a mutant?
Sebastian: Of course I do. How many of those freaks did you people make, anyway?
Nolan: Well, not as many as I would have liked. Look at them; they're extraordinary.
Sebastian (smiling): We label her as one of the exotics. Can you imagine the price her kind will fetch when all this is over? [Nolan presses some buttons; A second Shalimar appears on the next table.]

[Upstairs in Narrow's Wake, Lexa slowly makes her way over to the Platinum Lounge, but the guards bar her way.]
Guard #1: Sorry.
Lexa: Relax, boys. Just working the room. [They don't budge, so she walks away.]
Jesse (into his comlink): Hello, angels.
Lexa: Sorry, Charlie, make that one angel. [The screen splits two ways to show Jesse at Sanctuary and Lexa at the club.]
Jesse: Why? What's going on?
Lexa: Well, Shal took one of our clients back in the Platinum Lounge. Said she'd give me a head's-up if things got dicey.
Jesse: Okay, well, Brennan's on his way over there now to start rubbing elbows with Sebastian.
Lexa: What else you got?
Jesse: Well, the guy who's really behind Nero's is a guy named Nolan Blackledge. He's a Genomex alumni.
Lexa: Of course. Damn, I'd love to know what evil juice they put in that water cooler.
Jesse: Yeah, tell me about it. This guy specialized in organic nanotechnology. When Genomex folded, he disappeared.
Lexa: To what? Open up a high-class gentlemen's club? Talk about a change of careers.
Jesse: Well, you never know with these guys. Maybe he did.
Lexa (seeing Shalimar emerge from the Lounge): Oh. Hold that thought. Here comes Shal. Hey, what happened?
Clone!Shalimar: Oh, not much. He gave me the once-over and the big ol' Pasedena. Apparently I'm not his type. I think he's hotter for you.
Lexa: Oh. Lucky me. Don't take it personally. [She walks away towards The Lounge.]
Clone!Shalimar (eyes flashing silver): Oh, I won't.

[Brennan enters Narrow's Wake, giving his ID card to the bouncer. Clone!Shalimar, flirting with a client, notices his entrance.]
Sebastian (walking up to Brennan): Mr. McAllister. Sebastian Conway.
Brennan (shaking hands): Hey.
Sebastian: Welcome to Narrow's Wake.
Brennan (looking around appreciatively): It's nice to finally be here. Very impressive.
Sebastian: Thank you. [One of the call girls slides up against Brennan, smiles, and walks away.] Lovely, isn't she?
Brennan: Yeah. Yeah, but unfortunately, my tastes tend to lean a little more towards the wild side.
Sebastian: Oh, really?
Brennan: Yeah.
Sebastian: Well, then, maybe I could interest you in one of our more exotic acquisitions.
Brennan: I'd like. [Sebastian takes him in Clone!Shalimar's direction, and he stops in front of her.] Here we go.
Sebastian: Yours for the asking.
Brennan (sitting down next to her): Hi.
Clone!Shalimar: Hi.
Brennan: How're you doing?
Clone!Shalimar: I'm good. [Unbuttoning his shirt, she whispers to him.] Just play along, ‘cause I have a lot to fill you in on.
Brennan: Really? [She nuzzles his ear and he laughs. He calls over to Sebastian.] I'm asking!
Sebastian: Why don't you take him to the Lounge?
Brennan (following her): Nice work.
Sebastian: Have fun.

[Meanwhile, the real Shalimar awakens to find herself in a wheelchair in a darkened room with other girls in wheelchairs. A sedative drips into a needle in her arm. She notices Gia next to her.]
Shalimar: Gia! Gia, wake up.
Gia (waking up, smiling at her): Shalimar? I'm so sorry. I screwed up again, didn't I?
Shalimar: No.
Nurse (walking in): Just relax, sugar. Everything's going to be all right. [She adds more sedative to Shaliamar's IV.] Sweet dreams. [When she's gone, Shalimar opens the valve on the IV tube, letting the sedative drip out onto the floor.]

[Up in Narrow's Wake, Sebastian's talking with a call-girl when Nolan comes up to him.]
Nolan: Ahem. We've got a problem. Listen, I've got a bad feeling about this.
Sebastian: Nolan, will you please relax? Rome is not burning. Excuse us. [The call girl leaves.] Besides, come here. Once we're done with this, we're going to be able to make as many copies of those freaks as we want.
Nolan: Too many loose ends.
Sebastian: Which we are sewing up as we speak.
Nolan: How can you just-how can you just sit there like you haven't a care in the world?
Sebastian: What can I tell you, Nolan? It's good to be me. You oughta learn by my example. [Nolan's cell phone rings.]
Nolan (answering it): Nolan. What? Yeah. Yeah. [He hangs up.] See? We have a problem. We have a problem with one of your mutants. Accidental overdose.
Sebastian: Well then what are you doing up here? Go protect our investment! Go! [Nolan runs off.]

[Nolan rushes into the darkened room with the nurse to find Shalimar lying on the floor next to her wheelchair.]
Nolan: How could you let this happen?
Nurse: I put her on the drip you prescribed.
Nolan: All right. Get her up. I'll take her back to the lab and I'll check her out. [As they talk, Shalimar opens her eyes.]

[Upstairs in The Platinum Lounge, Clone!Shalimar brings two glasses of wine over to Brennan, sitting naked in the hot tub.]
Clone!Shalimar: They've got cameras all over the place, so do your best to keep up appearances. [Brennan stares at her as she takes off her shoes.] What's wrong?
Brennan: Why don't you tell me?
Clone!Shalimar: I think they've taken Lexa.
Brennan: When was the last time you saw her?
Clone!Shalimar: Just before you got here. She was nosing around in the back.

[Cut to: The Double Helix flying back to Sanctuary. Clone!Lexa walks in to join Jesse, who's sitting at the computer.]
Jesse: What are you doing here?
Clone!Lexa: It's okay, Shal and Brennan have got things covered. What have you got?
Jesse: Well, I've been poring over Nolan's research. He's a genius.
Clone!Lexa: How so?
Jesse: He's figured out how to create synthetic clones by combining genetics with nanotechnology. These synthetic clones are virtually indistinguishable from their human counterparts... [He trails off, realizing she's staring at him.] What?
Clone!Lexa: Nothing. It's just...I never realized how good looking you are.
Jesse (smiling): Shut up.Clone!Lexa: I'm serious. [She pulls his chair around to face her.]
Jesse: You just love messing with me, don't you?
Clone!Lexa (playing with his lips): No, but I'd like to. [She lets her coat drop to the floor. Placing his arms around her waist, she kisses him on the lips until he pulls away.]
Jesse: Hey.
Clone!Lexa: It's okay. [Kissing some more, they back towards the couch.] Now you know why I really came back here. [She pushes him down onto the couch, pulls open his shirt, and lies down on top of him. He closes his eyes, so he doesn't notice that when she starts to kiss his neck, her eyes flash silver.]

********Commercial Break**********

[Back in The Platinum Lounge, Brennan's questioning Clone!Shalimar about Lexa.]
Brennan: Do you have any idea where they may have taken Lexa?
Clone!Shalimar: I don't know. I only left her alone for a minute. This place goes on forever. She could be in any one of these rooms. Why are you looking at me like that?
Brennan: Like what?
Clone!Shalimar: Like you don't even know me. Brennan, I'm not the enemy here! [He just stares at her.] There's one more thing I have to tell you. [She reaches out and dunks his head under water.] You're about to die!

[On the couch in Sanctuary, Clone!Lexa stops kissing Jesse and stand up. He bites his lip in anticipation, then frowns when lasers appear at her fingertips.]
Jesse: Lexa, what are you...? [She shoots the lasers at him, and he hastily masses to protect himself.]
Clone!Lexa: Come on, Jess. You don't really want to play it like this, do you? [He kicks her away and runs up the stairs, calling Brennan on his comlink. Turning invisible, she follows.] Brennan! Brennan! [Cut to: Brennan struggling as Clone!Shalimar holds him underwater, then Cut back to Jesse.] They're on to us! Sebastian's been popping off clones of the girls: Gia, Lexa, they're all synthetics! I have no idea how to pull the plug on them! Wait... Nanotechnology's based on bioelectronics. Which means that--[Turning visible in front of him, Clone!Lexa slaps him across the face, then zaps his arm with a laser. Jesse phases, dropping back down to the first floor and running towards the lab. Lexa runs down the stairs after him. By the time she reaches the ground, he turns off all the lights.]

[Meanwhile, Nolan wheels the real Shalimar down to his lab. He goes to turn on his computer, but when he turns back, the wheelchair is empty.]
Shalimar (standing behind him): Looking for someone?
Nolan (spinning around): Uh...Shalimar. You-you should sit down and relax. Eveything will be fine.
Shalimar (smiling): Damn straight it will.
Nolan: Please don't hurt me. Sebastian, he's the one that you want! You have to believe me I never, I never intended to hurt anyone.
Shalimar: Where is he?
Nolan: Uh, he's up in the club. Right now, he's up in the club. And you know what, I didn't have-I didn't have a choice.
Shalimar (slapping him): We all have choices. [She punches him and heads out of the lab.]

[Back in Sanctuary, Clone!Lexa's searching for Jesse in the dark.]
Clone!Lexa: Come out, come out, wherever you are. [Noticing a trail of his blood on the floor, she follows it to the lab.]

[Cut to: Brennan, still being held underwater in the Lounge hot tub by Clone!Shalimar. The real Shalimar enters.]
Shalimar: Let him go! [Her clone lets Brennan go and stands up to face her.] It'd be a shame to mess up that pretty face.
Clone!Shalimar: What's a girl to do? [They start to fight.]

[Cut to: Jesse, watching from his hiding place behind a wall, as Clone!Lexa enters the lab. She's about to fire her lasers when he leaps out behind her, shocking her with paddles. She explodes into a rain of silver particles and vanishes.]
Jesse (in his socks, trying to avoid stepping on the particles): Oh, man. That's just nasty.

[The screen splits in two to show Jesse in the Helix and Brennan wiping his face after emerging from the hot tub.]
Jesse: Brennan?
Brennan: Jess?
Jesse: I finally figured out the off switch. Since these guys are based in nanotechnology the only way to dis--
Brennan: Just cut to it!
Jesse: E-lec-tricity. You could be the key, Sparky.
Brennan (frantically drying himself with the towel): I'm soaking wet!
Jesse: Well, you'd better dry your ass off fast.
[Brennan watches the two Shalimars fighting. Finally dry enough to start a tesla coil, he calls out Shalimar's to get her attention, and they both stop, looking up at him. He hesitates, uncertain of which is the real one.]

******Commercial Break*********

[In the Platinum Lounge. The two Shalimars hold each other in choke holds as Brennan tries to distinguish between them, holding a tesla coil.]
Clone!Shalimar: Brennan, get her! It's me!
Shalimar: She's lying!
Clone!Shalimar: Brennan, do it now! [Making his choice, Brennan zaps Clone!Shalimar as she's in mid-air, leaping at Shalimar.]
Shalimar (relaxing): How'd you know it was me?
Brennan: I figured I had a 50-50 chance. [She stares at him.] Oh come on, I'm not going to get you confused with some cheap imitation. What're you talking about? Come on. [Smiling at each other, they're about to leave the room, when Shalimar hears Sebastian and two guards coming. She pushes Brennan away to go hide.]
Sebastian: Where is he?
Shalimar: He's in the hot tub. [She knocks out one of the guards as he goes to check, and Brennan zaps the other one. Sebastian, who got caught in the cross fire, disintegrates into silver particles.]
Brennan: Damn, he's one of them too?
Shalimar: I think it's time we pulled the plug on the real ringleader.
Brennan: Yeah.

[In the darkened room, The Nurse is walking around, adjusting the sedative drips on the girls in their wheelchairs. Jesse enters the room behind her, grabs her, and pushes a needle into her neck. He lays her gently on the ground, unconscious, then rushes over to Lexa's wheelchair.]
Jesse: Okay. Lexa? Lexa, are you all right?
Lexa (waking up): Jess.
Jessse: Yeah, okay, just stay with me, all right? We're gonna get you out of here. [He's removing her IV when Nolan comes in.]
Nolan (pointing a gun): Move-move and she's dead.
Jesse (turning): Ah. You must be the brains of the operation. Nolan Blackledge.
Nolan: That's right, yeah. Yeah.
Shalimar (coming in): So, who's Sebastian? Your alter ego?
Nolan: S-Sebastian? He's just part of the whole Narrow's mystique.
Jesse: You created him. As your front man. I mean he's everything you're not, right? Confident, charismatic.
Nolan: Sebastian serves his purpose!
Shalimar: Well, you won't have him to hide behind any longer.
Brennan: Yeah. He done blowed up. [Brennan starts a tesla coil and zaps Nolan with it.]
Shalimar (going to Gia's side): Hey Gia? Gia.
Gia (waking up, smiling): Shalimar.
Shalimar: Hey, it's over.
Gia: I didn't know what I was getting into.
Shalimar: I know. It's gonna be okay. I promise.

[Scene: Sanctuary, the next morning. Lexa comes out of her room and runs into Jesse.]
Jesse: Hey there, sunshine. You feeling any better?
Lexa: Yeah. You'd be amazed how refreshed you feel after 20 hours of sleep.
Jesse: Yeah, well it's a pretty strong sedative they gave you, so...
Lexa: Yeah. Just my luck I got to sleep through all the fun.
Jesse: Ah, you didn't miss much.
Lexa: So, did I behave myself?
Jesse (grinning): Oh, yeah, you were good. You were...really good.
Lexa: Yeah right, you wish!
Jesse (pointing at her waistline): That's a nice, uh, tattoo you have.
Lexa (shocked, glancing down below her navel): Jesse. [Smirking, he trots away; she hurries after him.] Get back here. You're gonna tell me everything that went on. Jesse! Everything, do you hear me?

[Sitting at the computers, Brennan laughs as Lexa passes him, searching for Jesse. Shalimar comes down the stairs to join him.]
Shalimar: Hey there.
Brennan: Hey! Where you been?
Shalimar: I set Gia up with a place to stay and gave her some cash to tide her over till she found a job.
Brennan: Shal--
Shalimar: Look, I know what you're going to say. I know I'm not a superhero. I can't save everyone.
Brennan: No, no. Actually, I was gonna say that I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed anything about your friend. People can change. And I just hope that she keeps her act together.
Shalimar: Yeah, me too. God, it just makes me sick a place like Narrow's even exists today.
Brennan: Yeah, well it's man's pursuit of the perfect woman. It's been going on since the beginning of time.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, man should get over his damn self. Women are perfect just the way they are. [She stalks off.]
Brennan (looking after her): Yeah.

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