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#321 : Le cirque des merveilles

Le cirque des merveilles n'est pas, comme on le croit, un refuge pour les mutants. Son directeur, Delvin, est le digne successeur d'Eckhart. Il traque les mutants pour les enfermer dans une autre dimension grâce à Diane, une mutante psionique. Brennan et Shalimar en sont les victimes avant que Lexa désobéisse aux Dominions et retrouve ses amis.


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Nicolas Van Burek ... Mike Robson
George Buza ... Lexa's Contact
Jinny Jessica Jacinto ... The Contortionist
Jason Jazwary ... Tony LaPorta
Kathleen Le Roux ... The Clown
Allison Lynn ... Donna
Jeff Roop ... Deklin Charvet
Janaya Stephens ... Diane Taylor

                           Cirque Des Merveilles

[Opening scene: Drums roll inside a gigantic circus building labeled with the large sign "Cirque des Merveilles." A muscular man painted with yellow and red swirls kneels on the ground with his arms outstretched, gripping two chains which hang from the ceiling. Smiling dancers in colorful feathery costumes reel around him as he is hoisted into the air by the chains. Diane Taylor, the head performer in a gold leotard, holds a bow and arrow in the wings, awaiting her cue. Dressed in a black cape, the mutant Tony LaPorta is also waiting his cue, perched on a hidden platform high in the air. The circus owner, Deklin Charvet, walks slowly into the center ring.]

Deklin (speaking solemnly into his microphone): Someone is going to die tonight. [Looking up, he points at a pair of performers working silently on the trapeze. Diane fits an arrow into her bow.] Will it be you? [Deklin turns, pointing up at the muscular man suspended by his chains. Diane draws the bow back, waiting.] Will it be you? [Deklin spins around again.] Or is it gonna be.... You! [He points to the pair on the trapeze again, and Diane lets the arrow fly. Just before it hits the woman, Tony drops down in front of her, creating a force-field which stops the arrow in mid-air. The arrow clatters to the ground in the midst of a dead silence. Then the audience rouses itself, clapping and cheering. The music starts up again, and the dancers resume their circuit around the ring. In the wings, Diane works her way through the crowd to follow Tony, who is hurrying away down the hallway.]
Diane: Tony, where are you going?
Tony: I'm out of here tonight, Diane.
Diane (taking his arm): You don't have to run. I told you, you're safe here.
Tony: No, I don't have time to explain. I've gotta go.
Diane: Then let me go with you.
Tony: Diane, I don't--
Diane: Just let me get my things together, and I'll meet you at the Chamber of Souls, okay?
Tony: All right. [He heads off. Diane looks after him, considering.]

[Scene: Sanctuary, late at night. Lexa's sitting at a computer, paging through classified Dominion documents. Jesse, awakened by the computer's beeping, sleepily emerges half-dressed from his room to join her.]
Jesse: Lexa. It's three o'clock in the morning.
Lexa: Still haven't gone to sleep.
Jesse: What gives?
Lexa: Something real heavy's going on with The Dominion. Adam warned us there would be a war. [Jesse yawns.] Sorry if I'm boring you.
Jesse: Oh, come on, give me a break. I just woke up. [He slaps himself.] Okay. What have you got?
Lexa: One of The Dominion's top agents is on the run. This guy, Tony LaPorta. [She pulls up a picture.]
Jesse: Well, I thought the only way out of that place was in a pine box.
Lexa: I guess something big must have inspired him to take the risk. By now, they must have every agent after him.
Jesse: Why didn't they call us?
Lexa: I'm guessing Tony must know something The Dominion doesn't want us to find out.
Jesse: Hm.

[Meanwhile, at Cirque des Merveilles, Tony's distorted image is reflected in dozens of mirrors as he anxiously paces around the Chamber of Souls, waiting for Diane.]
Tony: Diane? Diane! [He sees Diane in one of the mirrors, walking towards him, but spins around when it's Deklin's voice he hears behind him.]
Deklin: Leaving so soon, Mr. LaPorta?
Tony: Yeah. Sorry, I should have told you I never intended for this to be a long-term gig.
Deklin: What a pity. I must have neglected to tell you that in my circus, nobody leaves. [Tony watches as one of the mirrors begins to bulge outwards. He screams as the glass reaches out with finger-like tendrils, closes around him and yanks him inside. The mirror then becomes smooth again. Deklin approaches the mirror and puts his hand on the glass, which clears to show an image of Tony floating in space along with several other people, screaming in terror. Deklin smiles and walks away.]

Opening Credits. "Cirque des Merveilles."

[Scene: Sanctuary, the next morning. Lexa and Brennan are walking down the steps towards Jesse and Shalimar on the first floor.]
Brennan: Wait, wait. Let me get this straight. You actually want us to run away and join the circus?
Lexa: Look, if Adam was right about The Dominion, we have to find LaPorta, find out what he knows. We can't afford to let him slip away.
Brennan: Well, what makes you actually think he's there in the first place?
Lexa: Because Cirque des Merveilles is a traveling underground. It's a refuge for new mutants. Jesse: The place is run by a Deklin Charvet. He's managed to keep the place under the radar so far.
Shalimar: Well, it makes sense. I mean, where else can mutants like us blend in and actually make a living at the same time, right?
Brennan: You actually sound like you're gonna enjoy this.
Shalimar: So what if I am? We might actually be able to have some fun this time.
Lexa: The point is, you both have the perfect in. I mean, ferals do make natural born acrobats.
Brennan: And elementals...[He lights up a genometric display of electricity.] Never cease to amaze. [Shalimar and Jesse laugh at him.] I'm only having a little fun, come on. [He and Shalimar walk off together.]
Jesse (to Lexa): Lucky for Tony he found this place, huh?
Lexa: Tell me about it. It may be the only thing that's keeping him alive.

[At Cirque des Merveilles, a contortionist practices her moves as Shalimar auditions for Deklin and Diane. Deklin claps when Shalimar finishes a round of back flips with a round off.]
Deklin: Very nice. It seems you were less than honest with me calling yourself a beginner.
Shalimar: Well, I guess I've just always kept it to myself.
Deklin: Well, that's why I created Cirque des Merveilles in the first place. Gives people like us a safe retreat where we can be ourselves. Free to be whatever we wanna be.
Shalimar (opening the curtain to look out on the performers practicing in the bigtop): I can feel it.
Deklin: I'm sure in time you'll consider this your home.
Brennan (walking in): Well, I guess it's my turn.
Shalimar: Deklin Charvet, this is Brennan-
Brennan: Brennan Mulwray.
Shalimar (smiling to herself): ...Mulwray.
Deklin: I see. And what's your area of expertise?
Brennan (playing with a tesla coil): Electricity.
Deklin: That's truly remarkable.
Brennan: What can I say? It's a gift.
Deklin: Yes, it is. Diane, would you be so kind as to help them get settled in?
Diane: Of course.
Deklin (holding Shalimar's arm): Then I'd like you to start rehearsing for the show tonight.
Shalimar: Do you really think I'm ready for that?
Deklin: Are you kidding? You're a natural.
Diane: Come. [Shalimar follows her towards the dressing rooms, stopping when she reaches Brennan.]
Shalimar: You hear that? Nat-u-ral. [Giving a last warning look at Deklin, Brennan follows the women.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Jesse runs down the steps to join Lexa.]
Jesse: Hey! Shal and Brennan are in. Sounds like Shal is having a blast.
Lexa: Oh, that's great.
Jesse: Yeah.
Lexa: Tony's in serious danger here. The sooner we get him out, the better.
Jesse: Well, why? I thought this place was like the mutant equivalent of a mutant witness relocation program.
Lexa: It is. For now. Until The Dominion finds out about it.
Jesse: How much do we know about the circus?
Lexa: All I know is, Tony's in there; we've got to get him out.
Jesse: Okay, yeah, I heard that. But don't you think it'd be a good idea to know a little bit more about what it is we're getting into?
Lexa: Oh. Knock yourself out. [She shoos him off towards the computers and walks off. Jesse looks after her frowning.]

[In the dressing room, Shalimar and Brennan come upon a couple of female clowns. Shalimar laughs as one of them mimes flirting with Brennan.]
Brennan: I thought everyone in this circus was supposed to be a mutant. [Hearing this, the clown snaps her fingers and disappears. She reappears behind Brennan and boinks him on the back of the head with a huge plastic hammer. Shalimar laughs her ass off.]
Brennan: What, you thought that was funny?
Shalimar (giggling): Yeah.
Brennan: Bonk you.
Shalimar: Don't you think it's amazing Deklin managed to create a place like this?
Brennan: I guess it was only a matter of time until somebody thought of a way to exploit our mutancies for a buck.
Shalimar: C'mon, he's not exploiting us. He actually created a place where it's okay to be us.
Brennan: Uh-huh. Yeah, sure.
Shalimar: Brennan? Are you jealous of Deklin?
Brennan: No. Nah, I just think the guy's full of himself is all. Why? What do you think?
Shalimar (laughing): You don't wanna know what I think.
Brennan: You know, how about we just find Tony and get outta here. How's that sound?
Shalimar: Sounds like a plan.
Brennan: Fine.
Shalimar: Fine.
Diane (walking in): Ahem. I'm here for Shalimar. Hey, Deklin's ready for rehearsal, so...
Brennan: You know what? Maybe you can help me out. I'm looking for a friend of ours, the guy that turned us on to this place. Tony LaPorta. Have you seen him?
Diane (caught by surprise): Oh. Well. I haven't seen him today, but I'm sure he's around somewhere.
Shalimar: So how long have you been with the circus, Diane?
Diane: Well, from the beginning. Deklin and I go way back. Incredible man.
Brennan (looking at Shalimar): Yeah, so I've heard.
Diane: I don't know what I'd do without him.
Brennan: Great! So you two are together, then?
Shalimar (laughing): Well, I don't want to keep Deklin waiting. [She goes to Diane, turning to give Brennan one last parting shot.] Now that we both know you're not jealous. [Diane grins at him, and the two walk off together.]

[Back in Sanctuary, Lexa's taking a shower when Jesse barges into the bathroom.]
Jesse: Lexa, we gotta talk- [He stops short, embarrassed, when he realizes where she is.]
Lexa (sticking her head out of the stall): Is there anywhere in this rock where a girl can get a little privacy?! This had better be good! [Shutting off the water and wrapping herself in a towel, she comes out to talk to him.] What?
Jesse (shading his eyes until he sees that she's wearing a towel): I started tracing all the cities that the circus has passed through, anywhere from Bridgeport to La Jolla.
Lexa: Okay, and?
Jesse (trying to avoid staring at her chest): And-uh, well-mutants have disappeared from almost every town that they've been to.
Lexa: Well, isn't this what the circus is all about? Offering protection for mutants on the run, no?
Jesse: Yeah, but these people were people already in the new mutant underground. [He's distracted as Lexa fiddles with the towel.] I mean, they were-uh-they had families, they were established. They had nothing to run from. And the thing is that-um-once they join up, their families never hear from them again. It's as if they vanished off the face of the earth.
Lexa: So, what are you telling me, these people never left this place?
Jesse: All except for one. Mike Robson. He's a canine feral. He disappeared six months ago, turned up again a month later. He's the one mutant who somehow decided to leave the happiest place on earth.
Lexa: Huh. So what do you say we take little dog boy here for a walk, then?
Jesse: Yeah. [She starts to walk out of the room.] Thank you.
Lexa (looking back at him): I'm gonna go put some clothes on.
Jesse (smiling after her): Yeah.

[Brennan's exploring the rest of Cirque des Merveilles. He's watching the contortionist practicing her moves when he spots Deklin heading towards the Chamber of Souls. He follows him, but soon loses track of him in the hall of mirrors. ]
Brennan: Hey, Deklin, where you at? Deklin! [As he searches, Diane's image appears in one of the mirrors behind him, following him. Looking at his image in one of the mirrors, he starts checking himself out.] Yeah... [He touches the mirror, then immediately flinches away when he sees the floating image of Tony LaPorta screaming.] Tony? Oh, my God. [He touches other mirrors and sees dozens of others screaming.]
Deklin (coming up behind him): Find what you were looking for? [The mirror in front of Brennan starts to bulge. Brennan fights as the tendrils envelope him and suck him in. As Deklin walks away, Brennan's floating image appears in the mirror, trying to get out.]

********Commercial Break*********

[Jesse and Lexa are walk into a cave in an empty dog park at night under a full moon, searching for Mike Robson.]
Jesse: Had a tough time tracking Robson after he left the circus. But I figured, since he's a canine feral, there's a good chance he'd come back to his old stomping grounds.
Lexa: You're out of your mind.
Jesse: Really? There's an urban myth in these parts about a guy who creeps around the dog parks late at night. They call him The Werewolf.
Lexa: Okay, you know I'm not crazy about dogs to begin with, right?
Jesse: Yeah.
Lexa: This full moon outside isn't exactly helping.
Jesse (hearing a dog snarling): Wait, hold up.
Lexa: What? [Two luminous eyes appear in front of them. A large black dog emerges from the shadows, growling.]
Jesse: Good boy. Take it easy. It's okay. Down boy. Good boy, it's okay. Stay down. Easy! [Jesse phases as the dog leaps at him; the dog passes through him and lands behind him and Lexa.]
Mike (standing up in front of them): Don't hurt him. He's just protecting me. What are you doing?
Lexa: Call off your dogs and we just might tell you. [Mike signals the dog, who immediately stops growling and obediently paces back to him.]
Jesse: So. You spent some time at the circus.
Mike: Yeah, so? You're looking for somebody, is that it?
Lexa: Something like that.
Mike: I can't help you.
Jesse: Why not?
Mike: Did it ever occur to you that whoever you might be looking for just doesn't want to be found? For many of us, that circus offers the only way out.
Jesse: If that circus is as good as you say, how come you only lasted a month?
Mike: I guess it wasn't for me.
Jesse: What's that supposed to mean?
Mike: Like I said, it just wasn't for me.
Lexa: Look, Jess, I think we might be barking up the wrong tree here. [To Mike.] Um, I'm sorry to have disturbed you. We're gonna go. [She starts to leave.]
Jesse: Um, one more question. Why'd you join the circus?
Mike: Seemed like a good idea at the time. [Lexa and Jesse walk out of the cave.]

[Under the bigtop at Cirque des Merveilles, Shalimar performs somersaults merrily on the big trampoline under Deklin and Diane's eyes.]
Deklin: She moves exquisitely. Don't you think?
Diane: I suppose. The real test will be to see how she fares on the trapeze.
Deklin: She'll be splendid.
Shalimar (bouncing down in front of them): That was amazing!
Deklin: Well, perhaps you're ready for something a little more challenging. [Diane indicates the trapeze; Shalimar gasps in delight and runs over. Diane hooks her up to the harness.]
Deklin: Don't be nervous. You'll be fine. [He takes hold of the harness.] You ready?
Shalimar (grinning at him): I was born ready. [He releases the safety lines and Shalimar laughs as she soars up and down, performing flips in the air. Deklin smiles; Diane looks terribly disappointed. Shalimar hears Jesse's voice call her name over her comlink. She bounces up to perch on the trapeze.]
Deklin: Diane, why don't you check on Shalimar's costume and make sure it's ready for tonight.
Diane: Of course.
Shalimar (sitting on the trapeze): What's up, Jess?
Jesse (at the computer): How are things going under the bigtop?
Shalimar (grinning): Well, if I ever get tired of saving the world, I always have a job as an acrobat.
Lexa (walking up): Any sign of Tony?
Shalimar: Uh, not yet. Brennan went off to look for him, though.
Lexa: Well, when you're done playing Lady on the Flying Trapeze, you might want to go give him a hand. Things have turned up a notch I need you to find Tony and get out of there, okay?
Shalimar: Okay. [Dismounting, she drops back to the ground and releases the harness.]
Deklin (coming over): Must feel nice to do what comes naturally.
Shalimar: Oh, you have no idea.
Deklin: Can I, um...can I take you on a little private tour?
Shalimar: I feel like I need to get ready for the show tonight.
Deklin: Oh, please, please. I want to show you the real magic that lies within our tents. I promise, I promise it will take your breath away.
Shalimar: Okay.
Deklin: All right? [Hidden in the wings, Diane sadly watches them walk out. A large ledger lies on the table in front of her with slightly out-of-focus columns of writing on it.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Jesse's at the computer tracking Shalimar and Brennan's signals when he notices that Brennan's has disappeared.]
Jesse: Uh-oh. Brennan's comlink is off the grid. It's like he's fallen off the face of the earth.
Lexa (coming over to look): Maybe he took it off.
Jesse: No, no. I mean, deactivated, it still sends off a signal. I'm getting nothing.
Lexa (pushing in front of him): Must be a computer glitch. I'm sure we'll be able to track it somehow.
Jesse: I'm gonna go contact Shalimar.
Lexa: Man, what for?
Jesse: To make sure that he's okay.
Lexa: Brennan's fine. He's probably off making out with the bearded lady or something.
Jesse: Lexa, what's going on with you? Since we started this thing, you've been walking around with your blinders on.
Lexa: No, it's just if we don't find Tony soon, we're screwed, that's why.
Jesse: Well, what if we're too late? Look, what if the Dominion's already found him? Where are you going?
Lexa (heading to her office): To find out.

[On their private tour of Cirque des Merveilles, Deklin brings Shalimar into the Chamber of Souls.]
Shalimar: It's a house of mirrors.
Deklin: It's so much more than that.
Shalimar: Really?
Deklin (touching the mirror): Witness those sinners lost forever between heaven and hell.
Shalimar (staring at the images of people screaming inside): Oh my God.
Deklin: It's quite the illusion, isn't it?Shalimar: So real.
Deklin (closing in for a kiss) Not half as real as you.
Shalimar (pushing him away): I can't do this.
Diane (walking in on them): I'm sorry. [To Shalimar.] They need to fit you with your costume for the show, so...
Shalimar (escaping): Sure.
Diane: Why are you getting involved? You can't trust her.
Deklin: What are you talking about?Diane: She's working with others on the outside. They're looking for Tony.
Deklin: I don't believe you.
Diane (touching his arm): Deklin, I'm just trying to look out for us.
Deklin (grabbing her by the wrists): I don't need your help. Okay?
Diane: Deklin, please. [He walks off. Diane touches the mirror Brennan's trapped it, watching him screaming.]

[Lexa sits in her office, waiting for her Dominion contact to come online.]
The Contact: What is it, Lexa?
Lexa: Hey. Did you find Tony LaPorta yet?
The Contact: How did you know about that?
Lexa: I keep my ear to the ground. Listen, I'm calling to offer up our help. You've stuck your neck out for me in the past...
The Contact: That won't be necessary. We have the situation under control.
Lexa: Really? Well, good, I'm glad to hear that. So the...uh...renegade agent has already been neutralized?
The Contact: As I said, the situation is under control. Lexa, you are to stay away. Am I clear?
Lexa: Crystal. [He ends the connection.]
Jesse (walking in): Well, that was swift.
Lexa: I got what I needed to hear. They don't have Tony. Hey, did you figure out what's wrong with Brennan's comlink?
Jesse: No, not yet. But I did find out why dog boy joined the circus. He got married.
Lexa: Hm. How romantic.
Jesse: Lexa, he lied to us. Two of them went in, one came out, and that's a pretty big detail to leave out. I'm telling you, I can feel it. He's covering something up.
Lexa: So what do you suppose we do? Hope he tells us the whole story if we scratch him in his sweet spot?
Jesse: I'm going back there. [He walks away.]
Lexa: Jess, wait. I'm coming with you.

[The night's show has begun at Cirque des Merveilles. The dancers circle the ring and acrobats do flips on the ground. Shalimar, dressed in a shiny blue leotard, soars back and forth over the heads of the audience. Diane and Diane watch from the wings.]
Deklin (watching Diane's jealous reaction): She's beautiful. She's magical. And she's been given wings. An angel in motion. [Shalimar's twirling streamers through the air when one strap on her harness suddenly breaks. The crowd gasps. Holding onto the one that's left, she manages to grab one of the curtains hanging by the side of the arena and slide down it to the ground. The crows applauds and she bows, looking frightened. Deklin grabs Diane's arm, but she shoves him off and goes to check on Shalimar.]
Diane (going up to Shalimar backstage): I don't know how this could have happened.
Shalimar (examining the harness strap): This wasn't an accident. Someone tampered with this. [Diane looks at the floor.] Look, Diane, do you know what's going on here? Don't be afraid. I can protect you.
Diane: You can't. [She starts to cry.] There's nothing you or anybody else can do.
Shalimar: Diane, tell me what's going on!
Diane: It's Deklin. He's got Tony and the others.
Shalimar: The others, what do you mean? You mean Brennan?
Diane: Yeah.
Shalimar: Where are they?
Diane: They're trapped in the Chamber of Souls.
Shalimar: Oh my God. They're real. [Diane nods. Disturbed, Shalimar pulls back the curtain to look out again at the circus arena, which no longer seems like a safe haven.]

******Commercial Break**********

[Deklin sits alone in his desk, watching a video recording of Mason Eckhart. In front of him is the large roster, which we can now see holds a column after column of name, mutant type, city, and date, after each of which is written "Expired." The last three names on the list are Tony LaPorta, Brennan Mulwray, and Shalimar Fox.]
Mason (on the recording): Deklin. I am entrusting you with the future of mankind. This is your task, your reason for being. If I don't survive to carry out my plan, then you must purge the world of mutant abominations. You must not fail.

[Meanwhile, Lexa and Jesse return to the dog park to find Mike. Walking up to his campfire, Lexa grabs Jesse's arm as two large dogs start to bark at them. Mike turns around.]
Mike: Can't you people just leave me alone?
Jesse (pulling out a picture of Mike's wife): She's the reason you joined the circus. [Mike grabs the picture away from him.]
Lexa: My friend here can be a real pit bull. You might want to answer his question.
Mike: Look, whoever you're looking for, if you haven't heard from them by now, they're gone.
Jesse: Mike, what happened to your wife?
Mike: We were trying to start a life together. At first, everything was great, then Deklin started hitting on her. He wouldn't let up. The more she turned him down, the more he went after her.
Lexa: What did you do?
Mike: I couldn't take it. I wanted out and I started packing. Donna said she wanted to go meet him. Thought she could work it out. I followed her to The Chamber of Souls. Freak show exhibit. You come in, but you don't come out. [Flashback: Donna fights to fend Deklin off as he tries to grab her.] I tried to keep it from happening, but I was too late.
Lexa: What do you mean you were too late?
Mike: There was no bringing her back. [Flashback: Donna's face as she floats, trapped in the mirror dimension.] Something happened with the mirror. It just swallowed her up. I knew I was next. [Flashback: Deklin turns and sees Mike standing there. A large black dog attacks Deklin, leaving gashes in Deklin's face.] I tore the bastard up pretty good. I only wish I'd killed him. [Mike looks down at the picture of his wife.] Have you ever come fact to face with pure evil?

[Cut back to: Mason Eckhart's image on the screen as Deklin replays the video.]
Mason: Deklin. I am entrusting you with the future of mankind. You must not fail. The mission must not end until all mutants are wiped from the face of the Earth.

[Having changed out of her costume, Shalimar rushes to the Chamber of Souls to find Brennan.]
Shalimar (touching one of the mirrors): Brennan? [The glass remains blank. Across the hall, one of the mirrors sways and begins whispering to her. When she goes over and touches it, Brennan's face is revealed. She pounds on the glass, trying to find a way to reach him. Diane enters behind her.] Diane, you have to help me! [Diane opens a hand in front of the mirror. Her hand begins to glow orange, and the mirror bulges in response.] Diane? [Diane smiles smugly at Shalimar as the mirror's tendrils reach out and pull Shalimar inside. Now Shalimar's among the floating screaming lost souls. Smiling, Diane runs a finger along the glass as she walks out of the room.]

********Commercial Break*********

[Standing side by side at two computers in Sanctuary, Lexa and Jesse try to locate Shalimar and Brennan's comlink signals.]
Jesse: Shalimar, can you hear me?
Lexa: Why isn't she responding?
Jesse: Well, because now her comlink's gone off the grid just like Brennan's.
Lexa: Well, that's got to be a mistake. [She pulls up a grid.] See, look. Scan ID shows faint signals coming from the circus.
Jesse: Nope, those are just echoes from the comlinks that were active. [Beside them, a third computer terminal blinks on, and Lexa's Dominion Contact's face appears.] Oh, look at that. Dominion, line two.
The Contact: Lexa, have you any idea what you've done?
Lexa: I'm sorry?
The Contact: You sent in Fox and Mulwray after I deliberately warned you not to.
Lexa: Well, they were in the area.
The Contact: I advise you to pull them out immediately.
Lexa: Why? What's the rush?
The Contact: Cirque des Merveilles is a traveling death camp.
Lexa: What are you talking about?
The Contact: Deklin Charvet was the last of Genomex's sleeper agents. Eckhart brainwashed him into being his failsafe method for extinguishing mutants in case of his demise.
Lexa: What?!
The Contact: Take a look. [He sends them a clip of Mason's video.]
Mason Eckhart (on the computer screen): Upon my last breath, Operation Apocalypse will take effect. If I can no longer control the mutant population, then they can simply no longer exist. They must be exterminated, one by one.
Jesse: It's Eckhart's final revenge.
Lexa (to her Contact): So you knew this circus existed, but let Deklin continue his plans for mutant genocide?
The Contact: We simply took what was there and used it to our advantage.
Lexa: By luring Tony in, by making him believe this was a safe haven. My God, that's why you wanted us to stay out. This was a self-cleansing mission from the start. You wanted LaPorta dead, didn't you?
The Contact: Precisely. So if you have any love for your teammates, you'll pull them out now. [He cuts the connection.]
Lexa (in shock, to Jesse): We're too late.
[At the Cirque des Merveilles, Deklin enters the Chamber of Souls and touches a mirror. He sees Shalimar and Brennan floating inside. Unclipping her costume top, Diane walks up to him.]
Diane: Are you pleased with what you see?
Deklin: You know I am.
Diane: I'm glad. You know I always wanted to make you happy.
Deklin: You know you do. [He kisses her, then pulls away.] But we have much work to do.
Diane: Yes.
Deklin: Yes. [He walks off. Diane touches the mirror to see the faces of those she's imprisoned, then follows him to his office.]

[Back in Sanctuary, Jesse's stalking angrily down the hallway away from Lexa.]
Jesse: I hope this is worth it. Because I am not gonna let Brennan and Shalimar pay the price of your arrogance.
Lexa: I should've known better.
Jesse (spinning around to yell at her): Yeah, you should have!
Lexa (starting to cry): It's over, Jess! Why can't you see that? It's all my fault. I didn't listen to the warnings, I should've.
Jesse (walking back to her): Stop it. Stop it.
Lexa: Well, you know what? I quit. Just quit.
Jesse (taking her in his arms): No, you don't. No you don't, okay? I'm not gonna let you. Okay? We're gonna get them back.
Lexa: Yeah?
Jesse (stroking her hair): We're gonna get them back.
Lexa: I wish I could believe you, Jess.

[In his darkened office, Deklin's watching Mason's tape again.]
Mason: Deklin, I am entrusting you with the future of mankind. This is your task. Your reason for being. If I don't survive to carry out my plan, you must purge the world of mutant abominations. You must not fail. The mission must not end until all- [Hearing Diane walk into the room, Deklin hastily cuts the recording off. Diane comes to kneel beside him.]
Deklin: Soon we will have them all. And then my job will be done.
Diane (smiling at him): He would be so proud of you. [She gets up and leaves.]
Deklin: Yes. Yes, he would.

[Lexa and Jesse are in the Helix, headed towards the circus. As Lexa pilots the plane, Jesse looks up Diane in the database.]
Jesse: Diane is a multidimensional psionic. She has the ability to shift physical energy into alternate dimensions.
Lexa: What kind of dimensions?
Jesse: Well, it's not entirely clear, but it would seem that she can cast energy into any environment she chooses to create.
Lexa: Well, what if this dimension isn't a place that sustains life?
Jesse: You've got to learn to see the world as glass is half full, not half empty, all right?
Lexa: All right.
Jesse: All right. I've downloaded the rest of Deklin's manifesto from the Genomex database. Let's take a look.Mason Eckhart (on the recording): If I don't survive to carry out my plan, then you must purge the world of new mutant abominations. You must not fail. The mission must not end until all mutants are wiped from the face of the Earth.
Lexa: Mmm-hmm. How's that glass looking to you at the moment?
Jesse: Our cup runneth over. Think about it. When Deklin's done, where does that leave Diane?
Lexa (nodding in understanding): Last mutant standing?
Jesse: Yeah.

[Jesse and Lexa enter Cirque des Merveilles. Like Brennan before him, Jesse's attention is distracted by the contortionist until Lexa pokes his coat. He backs away to find Diane in the dressing room; she goes to look for Deklin in the Chamber of Souls.]
Jesse (walking into the dressing room): Hello, Diane.
Diane: Do I know you?
Jesse: No. But you will and I don't think you're gonna like me very much.
Diane: And why is that?
Jesse: Well, because unless you put a nix on that little house of horrors you've created, you're never gonna see Deklin again.
Diane: What have you done with him?
Jesse: Why don't we go for a little whirl in the Chamber of Souls and find out, shall we? [She pushes past him and rushes into the Chamber of Souls, looking around.]
Diane: Deklin? [Jesse walks in behind her.] Where is he? [Lexa walks in, holding Deklin hostage with two glowing fingers aimed at his neck.] Decklin!
Jesse: I want them back, Diane. All of them. One twist of her wrist, and your boyfriend's barbecued.
Deklin: Get rid of them both, Diane. You know you can. [Holding up her glowing hand in front of the mirror, Diane makes it bulge outward.]
Jesse: He doesn't care about you, Diane.
Diane: Yes, he does.
Jesse: He's been using you.
Diane: That's not true!
Jesse: It's in his manifesto.
Diane: What are you talking about?
Deklin: Don't listen to them. They're only trying to trick you.
Jesse: Eckhart's manifesto. ‘He must purge the world of mutant abominations. He must not fail...
Diane: ...the mission must not end...
Jesse::...until ALL mutants are wiped from the face of the Earth.' Diane. That includes you. [Realizing that he's right, Diane throws a horrified look at Deklin.]
Deklin: Do it. Take them out.
Lexa: It's time to decide, Diane. It's now or never! [Diane overturns her glowing hand, opening the mirror. One by one, new mutants begin to fly out and hit the ground.]
Deklin: No! No! What are you doing? Are you insane?
Jesse (spotting a familiar form shoot out): Brennan! [He runs over to Brennan.]
Diane (shutting the now empty mirror again): I never cared about them. I only care about you.
Deklin: You disgust me. [Looking at Lexa, Diane reopens the mirror.]
Lexa: You really want him? [Diane nods.] He's all yours. [She pushes Deklin towards Diane, who sucks him into the mirror dimension, then follows him inside herself. Lexa turns to see Jesse crouched over Brennan and Shalimar's lifeless bodies on the floor.]

*******Commercial Break*********

[Lexa kneels beside Brennan on the floor, shaking him.]
Lexa: Brennan? [He finally coughs and opens his eyes.] Oh, thank God. Hey.
Jesse (next to them, shaking Shalimar): Shalimar? Shalimar?
Brennan: Oh. Where are we?
Lexa: In the land of the living.
Jesse (waking Shalimar up): It's all right.
Shalimar (sitting up, looking around): Where's Diane?
Lexa (standing, touching the mirror): Take a look. [The mirror clears under her touch, Diane and Deklin floating in the mirror dimension, holding hands. Deklin is screaming; Diane's beaming, blissfully happy.] Looks like she got her guy after all.
Shalimar (looking around at the mutants lying around them): Looks like so did we. [On the floor at the other end of the room, Tony LaPorta lies on the floor alone, coughing.]
Lexa (smiling, going over to help him up): Hey. Hey, are you all right?
Tony: Who are you?
Lexa: We're from Mutant X. You were dead from the start, you know that? The Dominion set you up.
Tony: I had to take a chance. That place has gone bad. I knew they'd come after me. [As they head back towards the rest of the group, a shot rings out. The mirror behind Tony shatters, and Tony collapses. Lexa eases him onto the ground.]
Lexa: Oh, my God. Who did this?
Tony (blood tricking from his mouth): It's The Creator. You have to stop him. [He dies.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar and Brennan are laughing together while Jesse and Lexa work at separate computers.]
Jesse (walking over to the group): Okay. Whoever this Creator is, he is deep. I've called every database and contact I've got. I got nothing. It's like he never even existed.
Shalimar (leaning back into Brennan's arms): So the mystery continues.
Brennan: What, so this whole thing was for nothing?
Lexa (turning in her chair to face them): Well, not necessarily. I mean, at least now we know who our enemy is, right? [Glancing at Jesse, she stands up.] Guys, there's something I want to say.
Jesse (stopping her): No-no, Lexa, it's all right. I already told them. You know, about the other mutants in the circus? [She frowns at him, confused.]
Brennan: Oh, yeah, we think it's great you managed to hide them all in the mutant underground.
Lexa: Yeah...yeah, hopefully they'll be able to start a new life.
Shalimar: Just can't believe that circus was too good to be true.
Brennan: You really had a thing for that Deklin guy, didn't you?
Jesse: No, numbnuts, she's talking about all the other new mutants like us who aren't as lucky. [Shalimar laughs at Brennan.]
Brennan: Whatever, I knew that. Come on. [Shalimar and Brennan go off together.]
Lexa: Okay, why'd you do that? I was actually just about to try to apologize.
Jesse: Trust me, the last thing they want to hear right now is how you almost got them killed. They barely like you as it is. [She stares at him.] Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say that out loud?
Lexa (smiling at him): Good one.
Jesse: Okay, who are you and what have you done with Lexa?
Lexa: Thanks, Jesse.
Jesse: For what? [She kisses him on the lips.]
Lexa: For giving me faith. [She walks away. He smiles after her.]

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