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#111 : Mutants furtifs

Le séquenseur génétique d'Adam a été dérobé par un nouveau mutant furtif invisible. Il met son équipe sur le coup pour le récupérer avant Eghart. Emma découvre qu'Adam connaît le mutant, ou plutôt la mutante, qui n'est autre que Danielle Hartman, son ex-fiancée disparue il y a 16 ans. Méfiantes, Emma et Shalimar mènent l'enquête et tentent de savoir qui est réellement Danielle.


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Titre VO
Whiter shade of pale

Titre VF
Mutants furtifs

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Christopher Bolton ... Aldous Burkley
Xuan Fraser ... Neil
Sarah Gadon ... Catherine Hartman
Guylaine St-Onge ... Danielle Hartman

                                                      Whiter Shade Of Pale   

[Opening Scene: Neil is rolling a cart of supplies through his empty mutant safehouse near the subway when he hears a metal clang. Looking around, he sees nothing and shakes his head and continues on his way.]

Neil: Nah. [The door above him opens and Brennan and Jesse come down the stairs to meet him, carrying mugs of coffee.]
Jesse: Hey, Neil!
Brennan: Hey, what's up, brother?
Neil (looking up at them): Hey, guys!
Brennan: Sorry we're late, man.
Neil: Everything okay?
Jesse: Yeah, everything except the line at the Java Hut.
Brennan: Oh, that's my fault. I don't get a double latte before noon, I'm toast the rest of the day.
Neil: Wouldn't have been a problem for me.
Jesse: Yeah, not with your new mutancy. How much sleep do you need, anyway?
Neil (shaking Brennan's hand): About half an hour mostly.
Brennan: I'd save 50 bucks a week on coffee alone if I had your mutant powers.
Neil: Only problem is finding stuff to do to fill the time. Sure does help driving cross-country.
Jesse: Yeah, but that makes you the perfect currier for the new mutant underground.
Neil: Still means I gotta watch a lot of other people snooze while I'm wide awake. [He nods to a corner of the room.] The citer filter Adam requested from Doc Hollis is over there.
Jesse (holding up a silver case): And this goes back with you to Doctor Hollis. It's Adam's new prototype for a genetic sequencer. [He places it on the desk near the computer.]
Brennan: If Doctor Hollis can replicate the technology, then we can stick them in safehouses across the country, help restore the DNA of alien new mutants.
Neil: Not to worry. You can tell Adam it will ride up front with me.
Jesse: Great.
Neil (going to another cart near the wall): You wanna give me a hand over here? Adam's gear is on the bottom. [Jesse follows Neil while Brennan leans back, relaxed, on the stairs.]
Brennan: Yeah, I'll be right there. [As he watches, the genetic sequencer case levitates from the table and disappears.] What the hell? [Jesse and Neil look up at him.] Hey, guys, where did it go? [Neil and Jesse head towards the table, but Neil's cart is suddenly pushed in their direction. Jesse masses in front of Neil before the cart can hit him. Brennan ducks as a heavy suitcase on top of the cart flies off the cart at his head. He aims an electrical arc at his invisible assailant, who crashes into the van across the room, shattering the glass window before running off. Jesse, Brennan, and Neil run towards the van following the sound of footsteps, but the thief reaches the second floor and leaves the safehouse before they can catch up. Jesse starts up the stairs, but Brennan stops him.]
Brennan: Ah, forget it!
Neil: I thought I heard someone in here before you guys came in.
Brennan: Yeah, well, whoever or whatever it is is long gone.
Jesse (to Brennan): Who's gonna tell Adam?
Brennan and Jesse together (pointing at Neil): He is.

Opening credits "Whiter Shade of Pale"

[At Sanctuary, Adam and Emma walk down the hallway towards the main room, talking about what happened at the safehouse.]
Adam: I knew the minute that word about the sequencer got out there that something like this might happen, so I installed a built-in tracking device in the control panel so that the minute it's activated, it can be tracked.
Emma: Right in the heart of Genomex I'll bet.
Adam: Well, not necessarily. It's not really of use to Eckhart or the GSA, but for any new mutant whose DNA is mutating right out of control, it could really be useful.
Emma: You know, I have to say, you seem to be taking this very calmly.
Adam (heading up the stairs with her): Well, what do you suggest? I don't see how anger is gonna bring it back.
Emma: Yeah, but we're talking about a one-of-a-kind prototype you spent a year of your life working on. I don't know, I just figured you'd be a little more upset about it.
Adam: You seem upset enough for both of us. Look, there are very few mutants with this stealth gift out there, right? So if one of them is desperate enough to steal it, then they probably really need our help.
Emma (stopping): You keep saying stealth instead of invisible.
Adam: Yeah, 'cause they're not like H. G. Wells's invisible man. They emit an aura that serves as a kind of light-reflecting shield, and then they remain invisible within the shield. Now the problem is that if this shield begins to break down, it can be extremely debilitating. Why don't you and Shalimar go over to the safehouse and see what you can find out for me.
Emma: Okay, but...
Adam: Okay, thanks. [He walks away.]
Emma (confused): Okay.

[Inside his office at Genomex, Mason looks up from his desk when Aldous Berkley walks in.]
Mason: Ah, the informant Aldous Berkley.
Aldous: It's Ald[b]ous[/b]! Come on, man. I've been feeding you tons of dope on these new mutants for a while now.
Mason (turning back to his computer): You've been well compensated for it, I might add. What do you want now?
Aldous: I'm sick of being on the outside looking in! Seems to me I deserve a steady gig.
Mason: Do you expect me to provide this 'steady gig'?
Aldous: Well, I've...uh....I've got some information on the disappearance of a very valuable piece of Mutant X hardware.
Mason (concentrating on his computer): Mild interest at best.
Aldous: Ripped off from Mutant X by an invisible thief?
Mason (looking up): Invisible?
Aldous: According to my sources, this thief had stealth abilities.
Mason (sitting back): And where is this stealth mutant now?
Aldous: That I couldn't tell you. But man, you give me a shot, and I'll find out.
Mason: Your information has always been dependable, Mr. Berkley. Talk to Mr. Kellans in personell about getting you outfitted.
Aldous (giving him a thumbs up): Okay. [He leaves.]

[Shalimar and Emma enter the safehouse and start looking around.]
Emma: Is it just me, or is Adam acting a little weird about this?
Shalimar (kneeling by a table): What do you mean?
Emma: I don't know. Wouldn't you expect him to be really pissed off that the sequencer was stolen?
Shalimar (thinking it over): Yeah, but he wasn't really angry, was he? [Emma shakes her head.] More like he was excited about the thought of an invisible thief. [She stands up.] You know, he didn't really come right out and say it, but I kind of think he knows who did this.
Emma: A stealth mutant who's got some history with him. [Shalimar looks at the van's shattered window.] What have you got?
Shalimar: Blood. [She picks out a piece of the glass.] Not much.
Emma: Enough to run a DNA test.

[Back at Sanctuary, Adam's in the lab running a microscopic analysis of the blood as Shalimar watches.]
Adam: All right, so there's no doubt about it. This blood sample is definitely a new mutant, and thanks to you, now I know it's a woman. But beyond that, I am clueless. No idea who it could be.
Shalimar: Why? I mean, I figured you'd be able to get a precise DNA signature and match it against the database.
Adam: Well, ordinarily, yeah, but this DNA is so deteriorated, I can barely identify it as human.
Shalimar: Well, I guess now we know why our thief was so desperate to get her hands on the sequencer.
Adam: Exactly. However, using the sequencer on DNA this deteriorated is like using a band-aid on a broken neck.

[Meanwhile, in the main room, Jesse and Brennan are waiting at the main computer, when it begins to beep, signaling that the sequencer was in use.]
Jesse: Adam?
Adam: Yeah?
Jesse: We got a hit. [Adam comes running in.]
Adam: You got a location?
Jesse (amused): And a new record for the Sanctuary dash.
Brennan (grinning): It's a house at....uh...2459 6th Street, just off Fairway.

[Adam drives up the leaf-covered driveway to the house in the silver Audi.]
Jesse (calling him over his comlink): Adam, we should've gone with you.
Adam (getting out): Not this time. This is something I've got to do alone.
Brennan: You sure?
Adam (heading towards the house): You guys stay put. I've got it covered. [Just as he raises his hand to knock, the door opens from the inside and he's knocked backwards as an invisible form dashes out of the house. Adam follows the footprints in the leaves and watches carefully until he smells a familiar scent.] Danielle? [Seeing a wind-blown leaf stop mid-air, he reaches out and grabs the invisible woman's arm. As she becomes visible, he wraps her in his arms.]
Danielle (laughing): It was the wind that did me in?
Adam (hugging her close): Hm. Twice. When it blew the leaves that revealed your arm, and when it carried your... [He kisses her neck.] fragrance to me.
Danielle (smiling): Hm. You always knew how to touch me, Adam. [He kisses her lips.]

Adam (holding up the sequencer): So why'd you steal this?
Danielle: I'd heard it could help me.
Adam (taking her arm): All right, come with me. [They head towards the car, but Danielle pulls away when they see Aldous and a GS agent appear in front of them.]
Danielle (running away): Gotta go.
Adam (reaching out for her): No, no, wait!
Danielle (calling back to him): Meet me tonight! You know exactly where! [She turns invisible again, leaving Adam alone with Aldous and the GS agent.]
Aldous (sending the agent after Danielle): Go get her. [Adam tosses the sequencer on the ground, advancing towards Aldous, whose feral eyes flash. Adam kicks Aldous in the stomach, but Aldous flips behind him and blinds him by kicking leaves into his face before knocking him to the ground. Grabbing the sequenceer, Aldous leaps up to the roof of the house. Adam stands, but soon doubles over in pain. Aldous smiles, waves goodbye, and leaps down behind the house. Shortly thereafter, a disconsolate Adam returns to Sanctuary.]
Brennan (running up to him): How did it go?
Adam: Didn't.
Shalimar (coming down the stairs): Hey, did you find the sequencer?
Adam: No.
Jesse (looking up from the main computer): Hey, I've been trying to reach you--
Adam: Turned off my comlink.
Emma (coming out of her room): Is everything okay?
Adam: Got my ass kicked. [The team stares as Adam stomps up the dojo stairs, throws off his coat and plops down on the steps, head in his hands. Realizing he needs a moment alone, Jesse turns back towards the lab.]
Jesse: I'm gonna--uh--
Shalimar (following him): Mmm. Yeah, I'll help you. [Emma and Brennan follow them out of the room. Later on, Emma comes in as Adam's examining Danielle's DNA structure on the lab computer again.]
Emma: What are you looking at?
Adam (sighing): It's the DNA from that blood sample.
Emma: The chromosomes look splintered.
Adam: Yeah.
Emma: This woman that stole the sequencer, she wasn't just a Child of Genomex. She meant a lot to you, huh?
Adam (frowning at her): Are you scanning me?
Emma (smiling): There's no need. You're an open book.
Adam (nodding): Yeah. Her name is Danielle Hartman. I met her, I don't know, 16 years ago at Genomex. She was still struggling with her....gift. I fell in love with her.
Emma: So what happened?
Adam: I think she knew her life span was going to be limited. I guess she just didn't want to get tied down.
Emma: You guess? You never talked to her about it?
Adam: No, never had the chance. She just...disappeared.

[In Mason's office, Aldous lays the genetic sequencer on Mason's desk.]
Mason (turning it on): I thought I made myself clear. The device is of secondary interest to me.
Aldous: You want the stealth mutant, right? This is phase one.
Mason: And when can I expect phase two?
Aldous: She slipped by us. But we'll get her.
Mason: A woman?
Aldous: Yeah. Named Danielle Hartman.
Mason (visibly reacting to the name): You failed to detect her presence even equipped with infra-red goggles?
Aldous (sighing): We didn't have goggles that time.
Mason: I think it's timeto reassign this case to a more experienced squad leader.
Aldous: You need somebody as connected as me on your team!
Mason (backing him against the wall): It appears to me your connections only get you so far. After that, competence--or lack of it-- comes into play.
Aldous: Just please, Mr. Eckhart, just give me a shot. I'll bring her in!
Mason: You're aware of the consequences if you don't?
Aldous: I hear it all out on the street.
Mason: Just don't harm her in any way. Am I clear Mr. Berkley?
Aldous: As a bell. [Mason leaves the room. Aldous grabs the sequencer and follows him out.]

[That evening, Adam waits at a table in a posh restaurant, sipping his water, when he sees Danielle enter the room. Standing, he goes to her and kisses both of her cheeks.]
Adam: Hey.
Danielle: Hey. I knew you'd remember.
Adam (pulling out her chair for her): I wasn't sure you'd show up.
Danielle (sitting down): I wasn't all that sure myself.
Adam (going back to his seat): So, have I changed as much as this place has?
Danielle: You haven't changed a bit.
Adam: That's my line.
Danielle (chuckling): Then we'd both be lying.
Adam (pouring her wine): Cheers.
Danielle (holding up her glass): Cheers. [They both drink.]
Adam: You're still very beautiful. You know what's happening?
Danielle (nodding): Exactly as you predicted.
Adam: So why haven't you come to see me?
Danielle: The way I left, I thought you'd hate me.
Adam: Well, I did. For a while. So why'd you just leave like that?
Danielle: After what Mason told me I didn't have much choice.
Adam: What'd he tell you?
Danielle: That Genomex was everything to you. If I stayed, I'd spend my life as your lab experiment.
Adam (scoffing): And you believed him? You didn't see that that was his jealousy talking?
Danielle: I trusted Mason. And so did you.
Adam (nodding): Once upon a time.
Danielle: I knew you'd never accept the inevitable. I wanted to enjoy the time I had, not pine away for some miracle cure that wasn't going to happen.
Adam: Yeah. So you made the decision for both of us. [Danielle sighs in pain; Adam takes her hand, concerned.] Danielle? You okay? [In his grip, her hand turns invisible, then turns visible again.]
Danielle: I'm beginning to lose control.

[Emma and Shalimar stand outside Danielle's house.]
Emma: You know, I'm not comfortable with this.
Shalimar: What? I mean, if Adam finds out, we'll just...you know...tell him that we were looking for...evidence.
Emma: Yeah, well, let's hope Adam doesn't find out. [She looks at Shal's puppy dog eyes and gives in.] Okay. [She follows Shalimar into the house.] This is breaking and entering, you know.
Shalimar (leading her into the kitchen): It's all for a good cause.
Emma: Snooping into Adam's private life?
Shalimar: Look. He hasn't seen or heard from this woman in 16 years. We don't know what she's after.
Emma: Ah, right, right. So we're doing this for his protection.
Shalimar: Yes.
Emma (looking at Shalimar's puppy dog eyes): Okay. [She points to a card on the table.] What's that?
Shalimar (leaning on the table to read): "Catherine, having dinner with an old friend. Back before you know it."
Emma: Who do you think Catherine is? [They look up as they hear the front door open.]
Shalimar (grabbing Emma's arm): I think we're about to find out. [She tugs Emma out of the room. A teenaged girl walks into the kitchen.]
Catherine: Mom? [Putting her bag on the table, she reads the note, then startles when she hears a creak down the hallway.] Who's there? [Down the hall, Emma stands pressed against the wall at the foot of the stairs, and Shalimar balances on the railings. Shalimar gasps when the invisible Catherine suddenly appears in between them.]
Catherine (to Shalimar): Who the hell are you?
Emma: We're...
Shalimar: Uh...friends of your mother.
Emma: Yeah.
Catherine: Cut the crap. We just moved here; my mom doesn't have any friends.
Emma: We're new mutants, like you and your mother.
Shalimar (getting down): Has your mom ever talked about a guy named Adam?
Catherine: You know Adam?
Shalimar (hearing a noise outside): I think the GSA's back.
Emma: We'd better get out of here.
Catherine: I can go stealth.
Shalimar (leading them upstairs): That's not gonna help you. [Outside, Aldous and two GS agents wearing infra-red goggles break into the front door and enter the house. Shalimar and Emma stand with Catherine on the roof.]
Catherine (looking down): You're gonna jump?
Shalimar: Yeah, and so are you. [She takes Catherine's waist and leaps down to the ground. Emma jumps down onto the roof of the minivan in the driveway and they all run off together.]

[Back at the restaurant, Adam's trying to convince Danielle to come back with him.]
Adam: I want you to come back to the Sanctuary with me; I want to run some new tests.
Danielle: Adam, don't play with me. It's too late for that. What about Ephenol?
Adam: Ephenol? No. Does more damage than good.
Danielle: Mason thought it had a lot of promise.
Adam: Well, Mason doesn't know what he's talking about. Ephenol has never been successfully administered.
Danielle: But it's proven to halt DNA mutation.
Adam: Yeah, it's also proven to have serious side effects.
Danielle: Fine. The right dosage on the right subject.
Adam: Danielle, it's too risky.
Danielle: I'm willing to take the risk.
Adam: All right, look. There's got to be another way.
Danielle: I don't have time to find another way. I've gotta do this for Catherine.
Adam: Catherine?
Danielle: My...daughter.
Adam (in shock): How old is she?
Danielle: She just turned 15. I passed my mutancy on to her. I don't want her to go through this. [She pales as her entire body turns invisible.]
Adam: Wait. Danielle, don't.
Danielle (turning visible again): I can't stop it, Adam.
Adam: I'm taking you back to Sanctuary.

[In the lab at Sanctuary, Jesse watches from the computer as Adam draws up a dose of Ephenol for the completely invisible Danielle, lying on the biobed under a sheet.]
Jesse: You're using the Ephanol?
Adam: Yeah. Just half the recommended dosage. Maybe it'll buy us some more time. [He walks to Jesse's side and hands him the syringe.] See, the real problems with Ephanol are the wild card side effects it has on DNA, so I need to monitor this thing very closely. Otherwise, we're not going to know the impact the drug has on her strand until it's almost too late to do anything about it. [He and Jesse go to Danielle's side; Adam sprays an orange dye on her skin to see where her arm is, then injects her.] All right, good. [They wait until Danielle begins to appear.]
Jesse: It seems to be working.
Adam: Like I said, we need to monitor her system really closely. [Jesse nods, and they head back to the computer.]

[In the main room, Shalimar and Emma stand with Catherine, who is wearing optic blinders.]
Catherine: This really sucks. [Shalimar removes the blinders, and she looks around, spellbound.] What's this place supposed to be?
Shalimar (smiling at Emma): Well, we call it Sanctuary.
Emma: You ever hear of Mutant X?
Catherine: Come on. You two? And Adam? [Shalimar and Emma laugh.]
Shalimar: Well, you're looking at the Mutant X secret headquarters.
Brennan (trotting downstairs to stand by Catherine): Yeah. And now that I'm here, three fifths of the Mutant X team. [He bows.]
Emma (pointing): Brennan, this is Catherine, Danielle's daughter.
Brennan: Hi.
Catherine: Where's my mother?
Brennan (looking to Emma and Shalimar for help): Um...
Catherine: What happened?
Brennan: She's here, but...
Catherine: I wanna see her. Now.
Brennan: Well, Adam thinks it's better that she doesn't have any visitors right now.
Catherine (to Emma): Is she getting worse?
Emma (glancing back at the lab): It's okay. Adam's treating her now. [Catherine, spying her mother through the glass doors, turns invisible.]
Shalimar: Catherine!
Brennan (looking around in vain): Been here before. [They head towards the lab to find Catherine. Inside, Danielle is just waking up.]
Adam: Hey.
Danielle (starting to sit up): Hey. Hmm.
Adam (stopping her): No, no. Lie back. You need to rest.
Danielle: So you tried the Ephanol.
Adam: Just half a dose. [She smiles.] Welcome back. [Catherine suddenly appears at Danielle's side.]
Catherine (touching her arm): You okay?
Danielle: I'll be fine. How did you get here?
Shalimar (entering with Brennan and Emma): We brought her in.
Adam: Thanks.
Catherine: These guys are Mutant X?
Danielle (nodding): There's someone I want you to meet.
Catherine (to Adam): You're Adam?
Adam (shaking her hand): Hello Catherine.
Catherine (smiling): My mom's told me all about you.

[Back at Genomex, Aldous and Mason walk down the hallway as Aldous tries to convince Mason that he has the situation under control.]
Aldous: Come on, man. We staked out her place in case she comes back.
Mason: The clock is ticking, Mr. Berkley.
Aldous: Yeah, yeah. There's a new development. She's got a daughter.
Mason (stopping): Does the daughter have stealth abilities?
Aldous: It's possible. We didn't see her. Heh-heh. [When Mason doesn't crack a smile, Aldous hands her Catherine's student ID card.] Okay. We did find this in her backpack with some text books. She's fifteen, man.
Mason: Danielle is nearing the end of her short but unhappy life. But her daughter...this girl could be the key to the kingdom. Make her your priority. [He hands the card back and walks away.]
Aldous: Okay.

[In Sanctuary, Catherine and Emma watch the sleeping Danielle through the observation window above the lab.]
Emma: Adam's doing everything he can to help your mom.
Catherine: There's nothing he can do. My mother knows she's dying and she's trying to help me.
Emma: Do you have any other family?
Catherine: We're it.
Emma: What about your father?
Catherine (shaking her head): Not in the picture. Never was.
Emma: Did your mother ever tell you anything about him?
Catherine: All she ever said was that he was smart. And for a little while, they really loved each other. [Downstairs in the lab, Danielle wakes up again and sits up, rejuvenated. Adam, at the computer, turns and walks to her.]
Adam: Hey. Take it easy.
Danielle (standing): The Ephanol's working. I can feel it.
Adam (taking her arm): No, no, no. What you're feeling are the euphoric side effects.
Danielle: I'm healing! I know it. I haven't felt this good in months.
Adam (ushering her to a chair): No, here, come on. I want you to sit down. You shouldn't be on your feet.
Danielle: Why not? You've done it. You're as brilliant as ever. [She hugs him.]
Adam: No. Listen, listen, thanks. But hey, there's something you've gotta know. The dose that I gave you has bought you some time, but your bloodwork shows that's all it is, time.
Danielle: I know I can handle a full dosage.
Adam: No. Until I've run more tests, there's no way to tell how much your system can take.
Danielle: I know how I feel!
Adam: Well, I wish it were that simple, but it's not. I mean, look, it's already affecting your judgement.
Danielle: If you don't give it to me, I know someone who will.
Adam: Don't do that. Eckhart can not be trusted. Hey, what about Catherine. If something goes wrong, what about her?
Danielle: All right. We'll do it your way. [Jesse calls Adam from the main room over his comlink.]
Jesse: Adam.
Adam: Yeah?
Jesse (at the computer with Brennan): The sequencer's been activated again.
Adam: They must be testing it. I'll be right there.
Danielle: Go do what you have to. I'm fine. [She hugs him again.]
Adam: All right. Now I want you to lie down. Get some rest. Okay. [She lies down obediently, and he goes into the next room to join Brennan and Jesse.] So it's still operating.
Jesse: Yeah. But if they're testing it, why is it moving?
Adam: That's a good question. I don't have the faintest idea.
Brennan: Well, that's refreshing. At least it reminds us that you're still human.
Adam (chuckling): So why don't you guys take off for a while, all right? I'll have Shalimar do the tracking from here. But hey, guys, don't worry. You're not gonna miss a thing. I'm sure she'll give you regular updates on what's going on between Danielle and I. [He leaves Jesse and Brennan looking at each other, bewildered. He enters the lab, but Danielle's gone.] Danielle? [He spots message on the wall in lipstick: "Adam. Sorry, I had no choice."]

[Mason receives a call from Danielle in his office.]
Mason: Danielle, lovely to hear your voice. It's been too long.
Danielle (in her car on her cellphone): Hello, Mason.
Mason: To what do I owe the pleasure?
Danielle: When I left Genomex, Adam was still working on my problem.
Mason: Yes, something about your premature mortality, wasn't it?
Danielle: Yes. He never solved it.
Mason: And now you're feeling the effects of his failure.
Danielle: And I was hoping you could help me.
Mason: Well, why don't you and your daughter come in and we'll see what we can do to help you out?
Danielle: How'd you know about my daughter?
Mason (smoothly): Simple background check. When can we expect you?
Danielle: Why don't we...uh...get together for dinner and talk this over?
Mason: Lovely idea. I remember you were always fond of Gaytano's, wasn't it? Let's say...eight o'clock? [She hangs up.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Catherine's sitting quietly by the reflecting pool when Adam comes up to sit beside her.]
Adam: Hey. We'll find her. Catherine, I promise.
Catherine: Whatever my mother's done, she did it for me. So I guess that makes this my fault as much as hers.
Adam: That's not true. If anyone's responsible for what's happened to her, it's me.
Catherine: You?
Adam: Going back to when she first came to me for treatment.
Catherine (smiling): You mean...if you hadn't gotten together back then, I wouldn't be here?
Adam (smiling back): No...no. The work I did at Genomex saved her life, but it also gave her these stealth abilities, right?
Catherine (disappointed): Right.
Adam: And now it's these stealth abilities that are causing her the pain.
Catherine: Look. If you are as smart as she says you are, why can't you help her?
Adam: Well, there's a chance that I can. I'm gonna need your help.
Catherine: I'll do anything.
Adam: Okay, good. It hit me that if I recombine your DNA with hers, there's a chance that I can reverse her breakdown and maybe prevent you from having the same thing.
Catherine: And how do we do that?
Adam: Well, by using the genetic sequencer that she stole from the safehouse.
Catherine: But those guys that broke in took it.
Adam: I know, but I sent Emma back to try to find it.

[Tracking the sequencer's motions, Shalimar calls Emma as Emma flies over the city in the Double Helix.]
Shalimar: Hey, Emma. The sequencer's come to a stop. It's at the Hotel Infantimo on Carmine Street.
Emma: What about Danielle?
Shalimar: Well, she just pulled into the parking lot at Gaytano's, and the guys are already on their way.
Emma (viewing the map on her computer): Got it. Wish me luck. [Emma enters the hotel bar to find Aldous drinking.] Hey. Is this seat taken?
Aldous (to himself): Woah. [He turns back to Emma as she slides into the seat next to him.] Only by you, gorgeous. You and you alone. Can I buy you a drink?
Emma: Amaretto Sour.
Aldous: Okay. [He signals the bartender.] Amaretto sour.
Emma: Thank you.
Aldous: You're welcome.

[Meanwhile, Danielle walks unsteadily into the empty Gaytano's restaurant on Mason's arm.]
Mason: I sent the kitchen staff home and brought my own personal chef in for the evening. My dear, I hate to say this, but on closer examination, you don't look well at all.
Danielle: We...uh...always knew this stealth thing would someday catch up with me.
Mason (pulling out her chair): I'm here to help, Danielle. All of Genomex is at your disposal.

[In the bar, Emma notices the genetic sequencer lying on the table in front of them.]
Emma (smiling): You...uh...catching up on some work?
Aldous (sliding it towards him protectively): No. No. It's just a little thing I'm playing with.
Emma: Can I take a look at it? [He slides it towards her.]
Aldous: Be careful with it. It's one of a kind.
Emma (opening the case): I'll bet it is. [Emma reaches out with her mind, projecting an image of Aldous engulfed in flames. As he suddenly starts to yell, warding off the invisible fire, Emma takes the case and stands up, laughing.] You really shouldn't drink in public. [She walks out of the room. As the illusion fades, Aldous looks around for her in vain.]

[Danielle and Mason talk as they wait for their food.]
Danielle: I moved upstate and got a job at a small shipping company. Kept my new mutancy a secret until I couldn't control it anymore.
Mason: And you came looking for help.
Danielle: I still had a few contacts in the underground. That's how I found out about the genetic sequencer. I figured if I could get my hands on it...
Mason: A stop-gap measure at best.
Danielle: But it might keep me around a little bit longer. For Catherine.
Mason: You're her only family? Well, then, by all means, we'll bring her to Genomex too.
Danielle: Right now, I need to take care of me, Mason.
Mason: We'll take care of you, Danielle. But it's important that you have the emotional support...
Danielle: Just me.
Mason: Now, I'm torn, Danielle, between the feelings we once shared and the exigencies of the work that has been thrust upon me. Unfortunately, today's realities preclude yesterday's romances.
Danielle: Adam was right. [Mason sips his wine as four GS agents emerge from behind the curtain and come up to the table.]
Mason: Whatever you do, don't let go of her. [Two agents grab Danielle's arms and haul her up. As they leave, Aldous comes up to the table.]
Aldous: Sorry I'm late, Mr. Eckhart.
Mason: About time you got here.
Aldous: What about the daughter?
Mason: Where the mother goes, the daughter follows.
Aldous (nodding): Okay. [Mason inclines his head, dismissing him.] Oh, okay.
Mason: Gently, Mr. Berkley. We need her in the best of condition to serve as bait. [As soon as Aldous disappears behind the curtain, Mason hears Brennan's voice.]
Brennan: Wow, hand delivery. I'll take it from here. [Aldous comes running back into the room, towing Danielle by the arm. One of the GS agents comes flying out from the curtain, covered in electrical impulses and lands at Jesse and Adam's feet as the two walk in through the front entrance. While Brennan battles the second GS agent, Adam looks at Mason.]
Adam (pointing at Danielle): She's coming with me. [He shoves Aldous away from Danielle. While Adam, Jesse, and Brennan fight his GS agents, Mason straightens his jacket and quietly walks from the room. Seeing Aldous knock Adam to the ground, Brennan yells to him.]
Brennan: Adam, stay down! [Brennan shoots an electrical arc at Aldous over Adam's head, but Aldous leaps out of the way, and the arc hits Jesse, who quickly masses to avoid being hurt. The three take out all the GS agents except Aldous, who is using his feral abilibies to leap from one side of the room to the next. Finally, Brennan aims an arc at the metal ring he's hanging from, and he falls the othe ground, unconscious. Adam takes Danielle's hand, and the four cockily walk out of the restaurant together.]

[Flying back to Sanctuary in the Double Helix, Adam calls ahead to Shalimar and Emma.]
Adam: We're on our way in. Emma, I need you to download the data into the sequencer. Shalimar, I need you to prepare Catherine's blood sample.

[In the lab, Shalimar draws Catherine's blood as she sits on the biobed. Emma's working on the computer behind them.]
Shalimar: Have a little faith, Catherine. You're mom's gonna be fine. [Adam enters, followed by Brennan and Jesse, carrying Danielle to the biobed.]
Adam: Okay, where do we stand?
Emma: I followed your instructions to the letter, but you should really check this out.
Adam (making some adjustments at the computer): Good.
Shalimar (handing him the vial): Catherine's blood.
Adam: Perfect. [He places the sample into his scanner. Catherine goes to Danielle's side.]
Danielle: Catherine.
Catherine: Mom.
Danielle: Don't worry, honey. Everything's gonna be okay.
Catherine (nodding): Yeah. You're right, Mom. The sequencer...it's....it's gonna make everything better.
Danielle (smiling): That's just another way you're like me. You're a lousy liar. [Catherine smiles.]
Adam: All right. Everybody stand by. [He turns on the EDD scanner.]
Catherine (taking Danielle's hand): I love you, Mom.
Danielle: I love you too.
Adam: All right. We're ready. [Catherine goes to stand with the rest of the team by the computers as Adam begins scanning Danielle. Brennan rubs Catherine's shoulder as they all wait tensely.]

[Meanwhile, back in Gaytano's restaurant, Mason and Aldous sit opposite one another at the table, before large plates of pasta.]
Mason (taking a bite): Eggs, bacon, cheese and cream. Satan's four major food groups. Mmmm. I don't know what's going to kill me first: the nitrates in the bacon, the fat in cheese and cream, or the cholesterol in the eggs. But we only live once, don't we? [He looks up.] You haven't even touched your dinner, Mr. Berkley.
Aldous: Actually not that hungry.
Mason: One thing you should know about me. I don't like to eat alone. [Sighing in defeat, Aldous picks up his fork and takes a mouthful of his pasta. Mason watches intently as Aldous begins to choke and falls backwards from his chair, dead.]
Mason: My compliments to the chef.

[Back at the mutant safehouse, Brennan comes downstairs to join Adam, Catherine, and a fully recovered Danielle.]
Brennan: Well, Neil's all set whenever you are, to take you to your new home on the coast.
Adam (handing Brennan the sequencer): And to finally deliver the sequencer to Dr. Hollis.
Brennan: Ah-hah!
Catherine: Mom?
Danielle: I'll be right there.
Catherine (hugging Adam): Thanks so much for everything.
Adam: Thank you. You're great. We'll see you soon.
Catherine: Yeah.
Brennan (picking up her bag): I'll get that for you.
Catherine (leading him up the stairs): How long is it gonna take us to get there?
Brennan: Hm, a couple of days.
Catherine: You ever get a chance to visit the coast?
Brennan (laughing): No.
Adam (watching them go): Oh, she's great.
Danielle: You don't have to tell me that.
Adam: You've done a wonderful job raising her.
Danielle: Hasn't always been easy.
Adam: You know I have to ask you, right?
Danielle: She's not your daughter. [Adam nods sadly.] I can see how disappointed you are. I'm sorry for that.
Adam: Well, I was wondering where she got those blue eyes anyway.
Danielle (hugging him): Thank you.
Adam (releasing her): I know you have to go.
Danielle: Yeah. I've got a daughter to finish raising. But you know where I am.
Adam: That I do. [He kisses her cheek.]
Danielle: I'll see you.
Adam: Soon. [She heads up the stairs. Adam smiles after her.]

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