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#304 : Les yeux du monstre

Une série de meurtres a lieu. Ils comportent les mêmes caractéristiques que ceux réalisés par un serial killer, qui est emprisonné. Andréa, l'inspectrice chargée de l'enquête, une psionic, demande de l'aide à l'une de ses amies : Shalimar.


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Pragna Desai ... Andrea Marshall
Joseph Scoren ... Lee Marker
Christina Winkel ... Victime #1
Jennifer Winkels ... Victime #2
Laryssa Yanchak ... Victime #3

                                 Where Evil Dwells

[Opening scene: Dark Waters psychiatric prison at dusk. The squeak of a marker on glass sounds overhead as one of the inmates carefully writes "A STITCH IN TIME" in capital letters on the glass wall of his cell. Cut to - A paper bag atop a dead woman's body, with the words "A STITCH IN TIME" written in the same black marker. A camera flashes, we see that the photographer is a cop, standing inside an area cordoned off by police tape. Other cops mill about the crime scene, and Shalimar is standing nearby with a woman in a red coat.]

The Woman: Shal, this is the fifth one. I'm worried. I want to get this guy.
Shalimar: Yeah. [Brennan emerges from the building, looking for Shalimar.]
Brennan: Excuse me. Hey.
Shalimar: Hey.
Brennan: I got here as fast as I could. What's going on?
Shalimar: Brennan, this is Andrea Marshall. She's a friend of mine.
Andrea (shaking his hand): I'm a profiler with the Justice Department.
Shalimar: She's also a psionic. She was in the mind of one of her subjects and saw this happen.
Brennan: So then we know who did it.
Andrea (shaking her head): This looks like the work of the Puzzle Killer, but it's not possible.
Brennan: Why not?
Andrea: He's been in a psychiatric prison for the past two years.
Brennan: Ah, so it's a copy cat.
Andrea: No, no. The details of the murder spree were never released to the press. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but I have to stop this guy, and at this point, I'm up against a wall.
Shalimar: Give us a sec?
Andrea: Yeah.
Shalimar (taking him a short distance away): Hey, Bren, I think we should take her back to Sanctuary and see if we can help her.
Brennan: I don't know about that, Shal.
Shalimar: I trust her, okay? She has saved so many people, taken so many killers off the streets.
Brennan: Aren't we in over our head here? I mean, c'mon, shouldn't we let the cops handle this?
Shalimar: And tell them what? She's a mutant? She can see through the eyes of a killer? Look, she's one of us, and that makes it our problem too.

[Cut back to the Dark Waters psychiatric prison. The inmate finishes his message and steps back, smiling creepily.]

Opening credits. "Where Evil Dwells."

[Scene: Sanctuary's main room. Andrea is briefing Shalimar and Lexa on her subject, Lee Marker. On the screen is video footage of the inmate we saw in the teaser.]
Andrea: Lee Marker is a monster. You don't need to be inside his head to see that.
Lexa: He's the one they call the Puzzle Killer, right?
Andrea: He murdered over 30 women. He left the location of his next murder pinned to his victim. It was always in the form of a puzzle, taunting the police to stop him. I was part of the team that took him down two years ago.
Shalimar: She's being modest. She actually led the police right to him. Almost became one of his victims, though.
Andrea: Probably not one of my smarter moves.
Lexa: Okay, well if this Marker's in lockdown, how is he behind these current murders, then?
Andrea: Marker has no contact with the outside world. No radio, newspapers, mail. But these new killings are identical to his, even down to the puzzles.
Lexa: Well, how does that work?
Andrea: I'm afraid the killer's tuning into Marker's mind, the way someone listens in to a radio signal.
Shalimar: You don't think we're dealing with another psionic, do you? [Andrea shrugs.]
Lexa: Okay. The puzzle he left on the body read, "A Stitch in Time." Does that mean anything to you?
Andrea: No, but I'm sure it does to Marker.
Lexa: Okay, well, I'll get Jesse to run the new mutant database, see if it kicks up anyone who fits that profile.
Shalimar: And if someone is feeding off this Marker, we're gonna find him. You know, ever since Adam introduced us, you've always been kind of an inspiration to me. I don't know, I guess I never really thought it was possible for one of us to lead a normal life, you know.
Andrea: Shalimar, finding a place in society is more about accepting yourself than looking for them to accept us. I'd better get back to Marker, see if there's anything I can find out.
Shalimar: I'll come with.
Andrea: Sure.

[Shalimar and Andrea enter the psychiatric prison, and sign in at the desk.]
Guard: Hey.
Andrea: Hey. I brought company this time. This is Shalimar Fox. She's on your cleared list.
Guard: Okay.
Andrea: Thank you. [The Guard buzzes them in.]
Shalimar: This is heavy security. Must be one bad boy.
Andrea: Wait till you meet him. All I get are fractured images, but the horrors I've seen? Tip of the iceberg of what's really in there. [They enter the cell, Marker stands within his glass cage, back turned to them.]
Marker: Andrea. I could feel you from outside the building. [He turns and sees Shalimar.] Don't be rude. Introduce me to your friend.
Shalimar: Shalimar.
Marker: Shalimar. Sham Liar.
Shalimar: What?
Marker: An anagram. There's often truth to the puzzles. Are you like her? The others talk and talk, but she gets inside you. It's... [He wriggles.]... intimate.
Andrea: She's here to observe.
Marker: I'm sure. There was another one, wasn't there? If you only knew.
Andrea: Who's his next victim? [When he doesn't answer, Andrea connects to his mind with a psionic blast.]
Marker: You're doing it, aren't you? I can feel it.
Andrea (gasping in pain): Yes. [As she pulls images from his mind, the connection grows too much for her, and she collapses.]
Shalimar (hugging her): Andrea! Are you okay? Andrea!
Marker (running up to the glass, excited): Did you see? [Disgusted, the two women leave the cell.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Jesse prepares to put the neural imager on Andrea's head while Shalimar and Lexa watch.]
Shalimar: Are you sure you're okay to do this?
Andrea: Someone is going to die in the next few hours if we don't stop him. I don't have a choice.
Jesse (placing the headset on her head): Okay. Just try to relax and visualize what you saw when you were inside his mind, okay? [She nods.] All right. [He goes to the computer.] We're good to go here. You wanna talk her through it?
Shalimar: Yeah. Okay. I want you to think about the location that he showed you. Where is the next killing going to take place? [Andrea concentrates; a series of blurry images appears on the computer screen: a knife, a sidewalk where people are walking, a dead girl on the ground, and a building with a blue circular insignia.]
Lexa: Hey, I know that. It's the Parrington Bank Tower.
Shalimar: Can you see anything else?
Andrea (concentrating): I saw... [She sees a tall blonde walking, then images of her dead body, bruised and bloody] ...her.
Lexa: Jess, you've got this logged?
Jesse: Oh yeah.
Shalimar: Okay, we've got enough. Andrea, come out. Andrea! [Andrea wakes up.] Okay? Okay. [Shalimar removes the headset.]
Jesse: Okay, so the killer's last clue read "A Stitch in Time," so the clock's gotta be the time; it read one o'clock.
Andrea (holding her head): Parrington Bank Tower fits the killer's geographic profile. All his kills have been within a 6 mile radius.
Shalimar: Guys, if he's going to make his move at one...
Lexa: We've got less than two hours to stop him.
Jesse: Okay, I'm going to get this to Brennan.
Andrea: I'm going back to the hospital.
Shalimar: No.
Andrea: I just want to take another look at the surveillance tapes from Marker's cell. See if there's anything I missed. I'll be okay. [She leaves.]
Shalimar (to Lexa): Let's go.

[Three-way split screen: Outside Parrington Bank Tower, Brennan, Lexa, and Shalimar have taken up positions in different quadrants around the tower. They communicate over comlink.]
Brennan: All right, it's five minutes to one, guys, and I haven't seen any woman who matches the description of the woman in Andrea's vision.
Lexa: Yeah, neither have I. Clock's got four faces; we've got a big area to cover.
Shalimar: There's got to be more to it, guys. He wouldn't be planning on doing it out here in the open.
Brennan: All right. Any luck on the images, Jess?
Jesse (back at Sanctuary): Uh, no, not yet. But it looks like it's from the south side. Brennan, that's your quadrant.
Brennan: Wait, I think I got something. [He spots a van in the parking lot with the logo "Allen Sewing."] All right, I got our stitch in time, people. It's a mobile sewing van in the west parking lot.
Lexa: We're on our way. [Shalimar and Lexa join Brennan at the van.]
Shalimar: We're too late. [Brennan opens the van's back doors and sees the body of the woman in Andrea's vision. Shalimar reaches in and touches the woman's leg.] We just missed him.

********Commercial Break*********

[Mutant X reconvenes at Stormking Mountain. Sitting on Shalimar's bed, Andrea takes some pain pills; Shalimar brings her a glass of water.]
Andrea: Oh! Thanks.
Shalimar: Here you go.
Andrea: They're for the headaches.
Shalimar: Is that part of the price you pay for your mutant ability?
Andrea: Hmmm. I always felt that the fact that I got to use my gift to save lives made it worthwhile. But now I feel I'm not even able to do that.
Shalimar: Can't feel that way. You're doing everything you can, and we're gonna find him. I promise.
Andrea: But Jesse didn't find anyone on Adam's new mutant database. How do you track down someone as smart and powerful as Marker?
Shalimar: By being smarter and more powerful.
Andrea: I can't help but feel we're right back where we started.
Shalimar: Well, it's gonna be different this time, because we're going to catch him.
Andrea: I can't sit around waiting for that to happen. I'm going to see Marker again.
Shaliamr: What and connect with him? Andrea, look at what it's doing to you!
Andrea: It's not about me, Shalimar.
Shalimar: You know, I've learned a few things about psionics. When you spend enough time in other people's heads, you start to take on the problems of the whole world. You feel everybody's pain and you feel responsible for everything.
Andrea: I don't have a martyr complex.
Shalimar: I didn't say you did. I'm just saying it's an occupational hazard. Okay? Let us find him. Take care of yourself for a change.

[At the computer, Jesse and Brennan are trying to decipher the next clue.]
Jesse (reading from the screen): 42168258.
Brennan: Now what does it mean? What does it mean, what does it mean? Um...locker combination? Security code?
Jesse: It could be anything.
Brennan: I know. We're running around in circles here! [Lexa walks in.]
Lexa: I contacted my sources for more background on Marker. His clues always referred to the location of the next murder. He used everything from crossword puzzles to Biblical passages.
Brennan: That could be an address?
Jesse: No, I tried that. I came up with nothing. You know, there doesn't even seem to be any pattern to the numbers. [Shalimar and Andrea walk in.]
Shalimar: Andrea wants to go question Marker again, so I'm going to go with her.
Andrea: You found something?
Brennan: No. We've been working the clue from the last killing six ways from Sunday. Haven't been able to come up with much.
Jesse: Maybe it's a code, like a cryptogram.
Lexa: Or an anagram, or a palindrome.
Jesse: The only way to figure it out is to play all the possible games.
Brennan: Yeah, but by that point it will be too late.
Andrea: We can't even think that.
Brennan: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. All right Jess, come on, man. Let's figure out what this means. Come on.
Jesse: Okay. Maybe if I transpose the numbers into letters.

[Shalimar and Andrea enter Dark Waters Psychiatric Prison again. Before they even reach the outer door to his cell, Lee Marker senses that they are coming.]
Marker (calling out): A wonderful day for mind games, Andrea.
Shalimar: Are you sure he's not psionic?
Andrea: I'd know.
Shalimar (taking her arm): Listen. If you need to do this to clear your conscience, I understand, and I'll be there for you. But you just get what you need and get out, okay?
Andrea: Okay. [She swipes her ID card, and the two enter the cell.]
Marker: Tell me, did you see her? How was it? Did you find her waiting for you, quiet, lifeless?
Andrea (pushing her face up to the glass): You already know! You seem to know everything!
Marker (superimposing his hand over hers on the other side of the glass): Not everything. Not yet.
Andrea (angrily): Enough! This is our final session.
Marker: Well, in that case, why don't we pull out all the stops.
Andrea: Fine with me. [She sends out a psionic blast.] How is he doing it, Lee. Tell me. You know; you can see it! [Images flow faster and faster from Marker's head into Andrea's. She moans in pain.]
Shalimar: Andrea! Andrea, let him go! [Shalimar catches Andrea as the connection breaks and she collapses, unconscious.]
Marker (laughing): Well, wasn't that refreshing? Shalimar, you're just my type, you know. We could have so much fun together.
Shalimar (pissed off): I don't think you'd like my kind of fun. [She picks up Andrea and carries her out.]
Marker: See you again, Shalimar. [He waves slowly.]

[Shalimar brings Andrea back to Sanctuary. As they walk into the lab, Shalimar supports her friend as she drags along, doubled over.]
Andrea: I'm okay, I'm okay.
Brennan (helping her into a chair): What happened?
Shalimar: He did something to her. I-
Andrea (holding her head): I opened up part of his mind. He took me back.
Jesse: What did you see?
Andrea: His previous kills. The thrill he got from their pain.
Brennan: And what about the next one?
Andrea (frustrated): Pieces! But I think I got something. (She turns to Jesse) Hook me up?
Jesse: Okay. [He hands the neural imager to Brennan.] Now look. Once I switch this on, I want you to separate the images. Just give us the ones that are associated with the next murder, okay?
Andrea: Okay.
Jesse: Okay, here we go. [He switches on the computer.] All right. Okay. Andrea, where's the next killing gonna take place? [They all look at the screen, but there's only static.]
Shalimar: Come on, Andrea. Concentrate. Anything. Anything at all.
Jesse: Come on! Okay, 42168258. What do those numbers mean? [Blurred images appear on the screen: A knife, several women fending off attackers, a supply closet, and surgical instruments. Andrea suddenly opens her eyes.]
Andrea: That's it! That's the location. [Jesse rewinds the images.]
Shalimar: That looks like some kind of chemical warehouse.
Andrea: Medical supplies. Those green tags are oxygen.
Shalimar: And in a city this size, there could be dozens of medical supply places.
Jesse: Oh, my God, of course. The number in the killer's last clue, they're coordinates.
Brennan: I thought you ran an address check already.
Jesse: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, look. Longitude and latitude, degrees and minutes. [He pulls up a location on the computer.]
Andrea: Wait, wait. I know that name, A&S Medical Supplies. Before Marker was arrested, he used to work there.
Brennan: Well, maybe our new killer's feeling nostalgic.
Jesse: Brennan, how long will it take you and Lexa to get down there?
Brennan: 20 minutes, tops. [Grabs Andrea's arm.] You feeling up to coming with us?
Shalimar: No, she's not.
Brennan: Shalimar, it would really help if we had a visual ID, all right? Don't worry, I promise we'll take care of her.
Andrea: I'll be okay. Shalimar, I have to see this thing finished. [She follows them out.]

[Brennan and Lexa emerge from their sleek black ground vehicle in front of the medical supply building. Andrea stands a minute, looking the building over.]
Andrea: I remember the windows. The smell of ammonia. This is it. [She starts to walk inside, but Brennan stops her.]
Brennan: Hey, you did your job. Now let us do ours.
Lexa: Yeah, stay in the car. Now if you see anything, use this. [She hands her a small device.] It's keyed to our signal. We'll be back before you know it. [Lexa and Brennan go inside.]
Brennan: Looks pretty empty.
Lexa: What do we do, wait?
Brennan: No, let's keep looking.
Lexa: For what? In order to have a murder, you need a victim. [Andrea's voice comes over their comlinks.]
Andrea: Brennan. Brennan, he's close.
Brennan: All right. Keep the doors locked and let us know if you see anything. [Suddenly, behind Brennan and Lexa, two bottles crash to the floor. Gas begins to fill the room.]
Lexa: We were set up.
Brennan: Don't breathe. [He grabs an oxygen tank and uses it to smash the valves off of four other oxygen tanks. He ignites the gas with an electrical arc, causing a huge explosion in the warehouse. After the fireball rips a hole in the front wall, Brennan and Lexa emerge in a cloud of black smoke, coughing.]

********Commercial Break*********

[Back at Sanctuary, Brennan sits Lexa down on the couch, but she shrugs off his hand.]
Lexa: I told you, I'm fine.
Jesse: Yeah? Well, take a deep breath and blow. [He holds up a breathalizer. She rolls her eyes.] Do it. [She humors him by blowing into it.] So, what happened in there, anyway?
Brennan: He played us.
Andrea: No, that's not possible.
Brennan: Listen, he knows that you dig around in his head, okay? All he did was plant the location and then give his partner the heads-up.
Andrea: It doesn't work that way!
Lexa: Tell that to my black lung.
Andrea: It doesn't make sense. The images I get are from the subconscious. Marker couldn't possibly control them.
Lexa: Look, I hate to break it to you, but at this point, I doubt you have a grip on what he's capable of or what he's doing.
Jesse: So what does that leave us with?
Shalimar: Me. After all, I am his type, remember?
Brennan: What's that supposed to mean?
Shalimar: I wanna go back to the hospital. And this time, I wanna talk to Marker alone.
Jesse: You crazy? He's a homicidal maniac.
Brennan: Yeah, Jesse's right. I want this guy as bad as you do, but not like this.
Shalimar: Listen. We need to turn the tables on this guy. I know how to get under his skin.
Lexa: Yeah. Once he lets his guard down, Andrea can get deeper into his subconscious.
Jesse: Yeah, but to do that, you're gonna have to get up close and personal.
Shalimar: I'm going to need to get into the cell with him. [She hugs Jesse.]
Andrea: No, that's not possible. The warden will never give permission.
Brennan: Yeah, well who says we're gonna ask him? [As they all walk out of the main room, Andrea grabs Shalimar's arm.]
Andrea: You sure you're up for this?
Shalimar: I'm not afraid of him. I wouldn't give him the pleasure.

[Entering the Dark Waters Psychiatric Prison, Brennan's dressed as a security guard with "R. O'Connell" on his nametag; Jesse's dressed as a prisoner in a bright orange jump suit and chains from wrists to heels. Brennan hands Jesse to the guard outside.]
Brennan: Watch this guy for me? [He hands a package to the guard at the desk and checks his watch.] How're you doing today? Whoo, time flies, hm? [Lexa enters the room too, invisible.]
The guard: All there.
Brennan (signing in his "prisoner"): Another psycho. Have a good day. [The guard buzzes Brennan and Jesse in through the doors; the invisible Lexa follows them. Brennan and Jesse continue towards the cells, and Lexa enters a supply closet. Once out of sight, Brennan goes to unlock Jesse's handcuffs, but Jesse phases his wrists and the cuffs fall to the floor.]
Jesse: Save you the trouble. [Brennan laughs. They head inside.]

[In the supply closet, Lexa's setting up a device to control the security cameras. The screen splits to show Shalimar and Andrea being buzzed in by the guard at the desk. They join Brennan and Jesse outside Marker's cell.]
Lexa: Everyone in position?
Shalimar: Heading there now.
Lexa: I need you to stay clear of Marker's cell for thirty more seconds, all right? [Lexa records Marker meditating alone in his cell and puts the cameras on repeat loop.] The video loop's almost in place. I can buy you about four minutes. Starting....now.
Shalimar (to Jesse): Let's go.
Jesse: All right.
Brennan (walking with Andrea to the front of Marker's cell): I'll be watching, Andrea. If Marker tries anything...
Shalimar (walking with Jesse to the back of Marker's cell): Let him try. He'll be dead before he hits the ground.
Jesse: Clock is ticking. [Jesse phases the wall to Marker's cell, and Marker opens his eyes to see Shalimar appear out of the wall.]
Marker: Now that is a nice trick. It's like fast food delivery.
Shalimar: I thought it was time we had a talk. Just the two of us.
Marker: Shall we pretend it's just you and me?
Brennan (watching): Every part of me wants a piece of this guy.
Lexa: Get in line.
Marker: I knew you'd come back.
Shalimar: You don't know anything about me.
Marker: Girls like you, you think you're strong. But all flesh cuts.
Shalimar: Including yours. Enough games. You wanna impress me? [Outside the cell, Andrea connects with Marker.] Tell me who's the next victim.
Marker: Why not ask your dirty little friend? The one who keeps playing Peeping Tom in my brain. Hm. I can feel her in me right now.
Brennan: Andrea, anything?
Andrea: He's fighting me, but I'm close.
Lexa: Shalimar, we're losing time. Ask him about the partner.
Shalimar: Your partner tried ambushing us at the warehouse. He failed. Who is he?
Marker: If you don't have the right question, why should I give you the right answer?
Shalimar: If you weren't such a coward, maybe you'd tell me.
Marker: You'd scream like the rest of them. [Shalimar shoves him up against the wall, and the rate of image transfer to Andrea speeds up.]
Shalimar: This whole game would end, wouldn't it?
Marker: I am death. I don't fear it.
Shalimar: How about pain? [She begins choking him, and the images fly out so fast that Andrea can't process them. Andrea screams, alarming Brennan.]
Brennan: Jess, get Shaliamar out of there now!
Jesse (phasing into Marker's cell): Shalimar! [Shalimar throws Marker down and phases out of the cell with Jesse. At the front of the cell, Brennan picks up Andrea, who is crying.]
Brennan: Andrea, did it work? What did you see?
Andrea: His next victim.
Brennan: Who?
Andrea: It's me. [Hearing her words, Marker stands, clapping his hands slowly.]
Marker: Clever girl.
Brennan (to Andrea): Come on. [Marker watches them as they leave. He massages his chest.]

[In the lab at Sanctuary, Andrea's wearing the neural imager again, straining to piece together what she got from Marker.]
Andrea: It's not working! [Shalimar and Jesse watch the blurred images on the screen: A saw, a bowie knife, stairs, and finally a porthole. At the final image, Andrea yells in pain and rips off the headset. Jesse and Shalimar rush over.]
Shalimar: Hey, you okay?
Andrea: I'm sorry. That's where it broke off. Maybe we can try again.
Shalimar (sharing a look with Jesse): No, I think maybe you need to rest. Okay, why don't you go lie down in my room for a bit?
Jesse: Yeah.
Andrea: Okay. [Andrea limps off, holding her head.]
Shalimar: This is really starting to take a toll on her.
Jesse: You're the one who knows Andrea best. You think she's strong enough to continue?
Shalimar: Trust me. She's not gonna stop until we find this killer.

[Brennan sees Lexa on the second floor and runs up to join her.]
Brennan: So did Jess find anything on those last images?
Lexa: He's still trying to figure out which building it is. You know what? I'm getting really tired of being one step behind this killer. We have a golden opportunity staring us right in the face.
Brennan: What's that?
Lexa: The killer chose her. I say we use Andrea as a decoy to draw him out. [Brennan shakes his head.] Hey, if you've got a better idea, I'd love to hear it. [Shalimar runs up to them.]
Shalimar: Guys, she's gone! Andrea took off.
Brennan: Why would she do that? She knows she's the next tune on Marker's hit parade.
Shalimar: Well, she thinks she's the only one who can stop him. Look, can you guys check out her place? I'm gonna start checking out the streets.
Lexa: Well, that's a big job. Where do you want to start?
Shalimar: Well, I'm thinking if Andrea's trying to draw out the killer, then she'll be checking out the same geographic profile as Marker.

[Driving around in the Jeep, Shalimar rounds an old abandoned building, The Elm Abattoir. She almost runs over Andrea, who's walking around the place.]
Shalimar (getting out of the car): Andrea, what do you think you're doing?
Andrea: I couldn't just sit around. This is my fight. For some reason, I was drawn to this place.
Shalimar: You think he's in here?
Andrea (leaning against the car): I'm not sure of anything anymore. I know I'm getting something. I think it's coming from the top floor. Might be another clue.
Shalimar (handing her the keys): Well, I'm gonna go check it out. And you, just get away from here, okay? Just go. [Andrea takes the keys and drives off. Shalimar enters the building. Hearing a metallic sound, her feral eyes flash, and she goes upstairs. She walks into a room, and immediately recognizes the saws and knives from Andrea's vision hanging from the ceiling on hooks. She notices Andrea's name tag lying on the ground and goes to pick it up. Suddenly, the old wooden floor beneath her caves in, and she tumbles down a deep cylindrical shaft to land, unconscious, on a grille.]

********Commercial Break********

[Shalimar awakens, finding herself trapped in the tower with no way up or down. Seeing the small door with the portal from Andrea's vision, she bangs on it, but it's locked.]
Shalimar (searching for another door): Where are you? If you want me, come and get me! (Then, trying to contact her teammates) Guys, I... [She stops, realizing her comlink has fallen off. She frantically hurls herself at the small door repeatedly, trying to open it.]

[Meanwhile, Andrea has taken the Jeep back to Dark Waters Psychiatric Prison for one last confrontation with Lee Marker. She angrily throws open the door to his cell.]
Marker (sitting on his bed): You've seen better days. But then again, so have I.
Andrea: What have you done with Shalimar?
Marker: Why ask me, when you have all the answers?
Andrea: Quit playing with me! How are you doing it? Tell me what I want to know!
Marker: Then come on in. [Andrea sends a psionic blast to Marker. After the first few images, she gasps in realization and falls against the wall.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Jesse's working at the computer when Lexa and Brennan walk in.]
Jesse: Did you find Andrea?
Brennan: Nah, she wasn't at her place. Any word from Shalimar?
Jesse: Nothing yet.
Lexa: What are you doing here?
Jesse: Well, these are the last images that Andrea gave us. She, uh, cut off the connection because it was causing her pain. But I think I can raise the detail. See, these images are through the eyes of the killer. If I can get the resolution high enough, I'm pretty sure I can get his reflection off of that piece of glass there. [He points to the portal.]

[Back in Dark Waters Psychiatric Prison, Andrea's still slumped against the wall.]
Andrea (voice shaking): I understand now.
Marker: Yes, I believe you do. Too bad. I was enjoying our little game.
Andrea: Time to end it.
Marker: You know what you have to do. What you must do.

[Cut to Sanctuary: Jesse's still working on the image in the portal glass.]
Jesse: Let's raise the resolution a little bit.
Brennan: Well, it definitely looks like a face.
Lexa: Can you clean it up a little? [Shaking his head, Jesse continues to try to raise the resolution.]

[In the prison, Andrea slides her ID card in the lock of Marker's inner cell and walks in. They're face to face for the first time. Andrea touches her forehead to his and caresses his cheek. With her other hand, she slides a knife into his stomach.]
Marker (holding his abdomen, gasping): Very good.
Andrea (whispering): I had an excellent teacher. [Marker slides to the ground, dead. Andrea smiles.]

[Jesse's computer image in the portal finally clears, revealing...Andrea.]
Lexa: It's Andrea.
Brennan: She's the killer? Doesn't make any sense.
Lexa: Yes it does. She spent all that time connected to Marker, inside his mind. He infected her somehow.
Jesse (suddenly realizing): Shalimar. [The three rush to the Helix.]

[Up in the Helix, Lexa's searching for Shalimar's signal on the computer.]
Lexa: Still nothing from Shalimar's comlink.
Brennan: I hope she's still alive.
Lexa: She's a feral. I have to think she's strong enough to defend herself against Andrea.
Brennan: Yeah, but she doesn't know what to expect.
Jesse: You guys aren't going to believe what I just got off the video feed from Marker's cell. He's dead.
Lexa: What? How?
Jesse (rewinding the tape): Andrea. Looks like she stabbed him. Oh, and this is freaky. She wrote down the next clue in Marker's own handwriting.
Lexa: What's it say?
Jesse (enlarging the image): "Marie Talbot." That's gotta be the clue to the next location.
Brennan: That's where she's gonna kill Shalimar.

[Meanwhile, Shalimar is still trying to find a way out of her cylindrical prison. She hears a door open on the floor beneath her and watches Andrea walk in. Andrea looks up and sees her through the grille.]
Shalimar: Oh, thank God! Andrea, you have to get out of here. Just go, call the guys, tell them where I am.
Andrea: We won't need them. I'll take care of you.
Shalimar: Andrea, what-
Andrea (in a southern drawl): I've had another vision. I know who's going to die. (She reaches up, playfully swinging on the rungs of the grille.) You! (She begins to laugh.)

********Commercial Break*********

Shalimar: What are you talking about, Andrea?
Andrea (tapping her temple with her knife): Andrea? Doesn't live here anymore.
Shalimar (shaking her head): I don't believe it. You have to fight him.
Andrea: I tried. I refused to believe it. [Shalimar jumps up as Andrea runs the knife near her.] I closed my mind to it. That was foolish.
Shalimar: You can beat him.
Andrea: Too late.
Shalimar: I'm not that easy to kill.
Andrea: Of course you are. You won't fight me. You won't even try. I can be in your mind. [Andrea sends a psionic blast at Shalimar's head, and Shalimar drops to her knees, then onto her face.] See? [Andrea points the knife at Shalimar's neck.] Helpless.

[Up in the Helix, the rest of the team's desperately trying to decipher the last clue. Jesse looks up Marie Talbot on the computer database.]
Jesse: Lots of Talbots. No Marie.
Brennan: Guys, we don't have time for this. We need to find a location
Lexa: Wait. What if Marie Talbot is our location. An anagram.
Jesse: Running the possibilities. Okay. I've got "Boat Air Motel."
Lexa: No, that doesn't make sense.
Jesse: Uh, "A Tribal Tome." "A Meat Rib Lot." "Elm Abattoir."
Lexa: Abattoir?
Brennan: Wait, wait. There's a slaughterhouse on Elm Street. It's been abandoned for a couple years.
Jesse (clapping his hands): Let's go.

[Shalimar's face presses against the grille as she pleads with Andrea.]
Shalimar: You don't want to do this. I know you're in there somewhere. [Andrea's knife hand begins to shake.] The Andrea I know is strong. She would never let her mind be poisoned like this.
Andrea (looking down a moment, then speaking in her regular voice): Shalimar? Help me!

[Jesse, Lexa, and Brennan race down the street towards the Elm Abattoir. Jesse looks around and points.]
Jesse: It's this way. I recognize this wall from the image.

[In the cylinder, Shalimar's trying to comfort the frightened Andrea, who's still holding her an knifepoint.]
Shalimar: It wasn't your fault. You didn't know what you were doing.
Andrea: But I do now. [She looks down. When she looks back up, Marker's voice is back.] And you wanna know something? I like it! [Just as she pulls the knife back to plunge it into Shalimar, Brennan opens the small door from the outside and sticks his head in.]
Brennan: Shalimar! [Seeing Andrea below them, he forms a tesla coil to shoot at her.]
Shalimar (still pinned to the ground): No, no, no! [Brennan stops. Andrea flees the building.]
Brennan (helping Shalimar up): Are you okay? We need to get to Andrea. [Not waiting to listen, Shalimar rushes headlong out the small door after her friend. Brennan runs after her. When Shalimar reaches the roof, Andrea lunges at her from behind with the knife.]
Andrea (laughing): See, I told you we could have fun.
Shalimar: Andrea! No.
Andrea (switching back to herself): Shalimar? Get out of here. Please.
Shalimar: Andrea, it's over. Just give me the knife. Get him out of your head, you can do it! Give me the knife. [Andrea battles against her own mind, a series of flashbacks of the murders she's committed playing through her mind. Screaming in torment, she lunges past Shalimar and flies over the edge of the rooftop, landing on the ground far below. Shalimar quickly climbs down the wall, dropping down beside her friend. But Andrea is already dead. Lexa, Brennan, and Jesse watch sadly from the rooftop.]

[Back Sanctuary, Brennan knocks on Shalimar's door and enters her room to find her lying in bed.]
Brennan: Are you okay?
Shalimar (not looking at him): She spent her whole life trying to save people from monsters like Marker. She ends up becoming one.
Brennan: Andrea, she just opened up the door. Marker walked right through it.
Shalimar: I never suspected her for a minute.
Brennan: Think about it, Shal. She called you because she knew that you were the only one who could make it stop.
Shalimar: Yeah, well, at the moment, that doesn't make me feel a whole lot better.
Brennan: She was an amazing woman and she did a lot of good. That's gonna be her legacy.
Shalimar: Yeah. [He caresses her shoulder and leaves.]

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