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#305 : L'antidote

A la recherche de son frère, Lexa rencontre Milo pour tenter d'obtenir des informations. Mais ce dernier la drogue à son insu. L'équipe doit trouver un antidote avant qu'il ne soit trop tard.



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Salvatore Antonio ... Milo Dinovi
Carl Barlow ... Prison Guard
Suzanne Coy ... Ruth Martinez
Gary Farmer ... Dr. Marcus
David Hewlett ... Hector Freimark
Kathryn Haggis ... Prison Matron
Jessica Steen ... Dr. Sara Stanton
Hayley Verlyn ... Blonde at the bar

                           The Taking Of Crows

[Opening Scene: Nightime. Loud techno music can be heard pumping out of the crowded Italian nightclub, Ceci Luca. We pan over groups of men and women laughing and dancing to find the owner of the club, Milo Dinovi, sitting at the bar with the drug dealer Hector Friemark.]

Hector (handing Milo a small vial): This is just a sample. It hasn't even hit the street yet.
Milo: Is it as good as they say?
Hector: It's better, trust me. There's more where that came from. A lot more. We'll talk? [He gets up. Walking out, Hector passes Lexa on her way in, dressed in a short low-cut dress and black boots. She's stopped at the bottom of the stairwell by a bouncer with a clipboard.]

Bouncer: Hey, what's your name? [Lexa just looks at him dismissively. The camera pans over to Jesse, who's watching Lexa's entrance from the bar. A blonde woman comes to sit next to Jesse; she gives him the once-over and smiles to herself. Cut back to Lexa, as Milo comes over to greet her personally.]
Milo (to the bouncer): She's my guest. (Turning to Lexa.) Ciao, bella.
Lexa: Ciao, Milo.
Milo (kissing her cheeks): Where have you been hiding?

[At the bar, the blonde decides to make her move on Jesse.]
The Blonde (indicating his empty glass): You look like you could use another one.
Jesse (surprised, smiling): Yeah, thanks.

[Milo and Lexa sit down at a table.]
Milo: I remember the nights when you used to close this place.
Lexa: Ah. Yeah, that was before you started watering down the drinks.
Milo (laughing, he turns to signal a waitress): Hey!
Lexa: Crowd looks pretty hot tonight.
Milo: Always.

[Back at the bar, the blonde tries to get Jesse's attention back.]
Girl: So, what do you do?
Jesse (grinning): I...uh...tend to...phase from one thing to the next.

[Milo sees the waitress coming with their drinks, and he gets up to meet her.]
Milo (to Lexa): Excuse a moment. [Taking out the vial Hector gave him, he pours some powder into his and Lexa's drinks, then brings them back to the table. Lexa's looking at a photograph.]
Milo: Something to put you in the mood.
Lexa (smiling, pushing the drink aside): Actually, I was looking for someone. I was wondering if you might have seen him around. [She hands him the picture.]
Milo (annoyed): Boyfriend?
Lexa: No, he's my brother. His name is Luke. Does he look familiar?
Milo: Si, si, I have seen him before. Been a while. Couple of months ago maybe. He was in every night for a week and then never came back.
Lexa: Well, how-how was he? How did he look?
Milo: Like he knew how to have a good time. How about you? You still know how to have a good time?
Lexa: Not like I used to.
Milo (holding up his glass): Here's to good times.
Lexa (clinking her glass to his): To good times. [They drink; Milo sits back to enjoy the drug's effects.]
Lexa (seeing her hand begin to shake): Oh my God. [The convulsions spread through her body and she jerks out of her chair. Screaming people run for their lives when laser flashes shoot uncontrollably from her hands. As she beats up two bouncers who try to suppress her, Jesse finds Milo and grabs him by the collar.]
Jesse: What did you give her? What?
Milo: Nothing! [Jesse lets him go and masses in front of Lexa as she lets off another steady laser beam into his body. She falls to the floor, convulsing.]
Jesse (holding her head): Lexa!

Opening Credits. "The Taking of Crows."

[Scene: Jesse's carrying an unconscious Lexa down the street. He pushes into the front door of a doctor's office. The nurse behind the desk gets up to meet him.]
Jesse: She's been in and out of it the whole way here. Gave me this address, told me to ask for a Doctor Marcus. [A man appears in the hallway.]
Dr. Marcus: I'm Dr. Marcus. Please, take her right into the examination room. [Jesse carries Lexa into the exam room and lays her down on the table. Dr. Marcus picks up a small device and presses a button. The back brick wall of the exam room slides up, revealing a small hidden lab. Dr. Marcus walks into the lab, then looks back at Jesse.]
Jesse (shocked): What the hell is that?
Dr. Marcus: This is my lab. Safe from prying eyes. Please, bring her in. [Shaking his head, Jesse picks Lexa up and places her on the biochair in the lab. He looks around in amazement as Dr. Marcus begins to examine Lexa.]
Jesse: This is an advanced genetics lab. We've got one of these in--
Dr. Marcus: Sanctuary. Yes, I know.
Jesse: How?
Dr. Marcus: Adam Kane gave me the money for this lab. [Jesse stares at him in disbelief.] I think because I acted as his conscience all these years.
Jesse (doubtfully): I don't know....you must be good.
Dr. Marcus: Yes. Of good mind.

[Shalimar's voice sounds over Jesse's comlink.]
Shalimar: Jess, what's going on? How is she? [The screen splits two ways, revealing Brennan and Shalimar waiting at Sanctuary for news on Lexa's condition.]
Jesse (walking a couple of feet away): The doctor's checking her out, Shal.
Brennan: What happened?
Jesse: Um...I wanted to find out where was sneaking out to at night, so I followed her down to a club, Ceci Luca. The guy she met up with put something in her drink, and all of a sudden, she just-she went postal. [Brennan mouths to Shalimar that he's going to check out the club. He leaves.]
Shalimar: Anybody else hurt?
Jesse: No. Let's just say it's a good thing I was there.
Dr. Marcus: Right now, she's stable.
Jesse (to Shalimar): Did you hear that?
Shalimar: Yeah. Thank God.
Dr. Marcus: But I won't know more until I identify the substance she ingested.
Jesse: Well, maybe it's time I narrowed that down for you, huh?
Shalimar: Hey Jess, why don't you stay with her? Brennan's got it covered.
Jesse: No way. Doc, keep an eye on her. I'll be back.

[At Ceci Luca, Milo is trying to get the scorched ruins of his club cleaned up. He calls out some orders in Italian to his janitor, but gets no response.]
Milo (walking into the main room): Dmitri!
Brennan (sitting on the couch): Dmitri took the night off.
Milo (startled): Who are you?
Brennan: A friend of a friend.
Jesse (walking in): Hey! You remember me?
Milo (sarcastically): So how is she?
Jesse (pointing to his heart): Your concern is hitting me right here.
Milo: Well, what do you expect? Look what she did to my place!
Brennan: Oh, trust me, you're gonna look a lot worse than this unless you tell us what you slipped in her drink.
Milo: I don't know what you're talking about.
Jesse (shoving Milo up against the wall, cursing in Italian): Tre secondi per dirmi che cosa era. One. Two!
Milo: It was DXL! [Jesse lets him go.]
Brennan: What the hell is DXL?
Milo: You mix it with alcohol. One hit and you feel delicious.
Jesse: She didn't look so delicious!
Milo: Look, I don't know why she flipped out, okay?
Brennan: Where do we score this DXL?
Milo: I just got it. It's not even on the market. I just met the guy. He gave me some samples; he told me to start spreading the good word. He said there will be a lot more soon. [Jesse motions for him to hand it over.] No, it's gone. I don't have any more.
Jesse (searching Milo's shirt pocket and picking out the vial): I hate it when people lie to me. [He slaps Milo in the face and walks off. Brennan, looking surprised, follows.]
Brennan: Where'd you learn to speak Italian?
Jesse: There's a lot of things you don't know about me, Brennan.

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar's looked up DXL in the computer database. She's explaining the results to Brennan.]
Shalimar: It's called dexenfluramine, or an adulterated form of it anyway. It was developed in the early days of Genomex by a Dr. Sara Stanton. [She pulls up a picture of Sara.] So what the drug does is create a highly potent synthetic form of serotonin in the body.
Brennan: So what? Genomex was in the business of experimenting with better ways to get high?
Shalimar: Actually, the project was supposed to be about controlling mutant aggression and the narcotic effects on humans was just a side effect. A highly addictive side effect.
Brennan: So the good doctor developed a taste for her own medicine, huh? [Hearing them talking, Lexa starts to come out of her room, but she stops when she notices her hand shaking.]
Shalimar: Started getting sloppy, making mistakes. She even started a relationship with one of her mutant subjects. But the kicker came when one of her patients actually died under her care.
Lexa (entering the room): Yeah. She was a real cup of sunshine.
Brennan: You're back on your feet pretty quick.
Shalimar: Something tells me you wouldn't have it any other way.
Lexa: You're right. See, before Adam could have Dr. Sara arrested, her lab mysteriously exploded and she vanished. Until two weeks ago when she was arrested for drug trafficking across the border.
Shalimar: Do you know where she's being held?
Lexa: A place called Crowter's Prison. I've got my contacts lining me up for the next prison transfer.
Brennan: What? So what, we're DEA now?
Lexa: Brennan, I could've killed someone last night. If this drug goes wide, there's not telling how many innocent lives are at stake.
Brennan: Is that it? Or are you just, uh, looking to get your hands on her for revenge?
Lexa: Whether you like it or not, I'm going in.
Shalimar: I'm going with you.
Lexa: That's okay, I've got it covered.
Shalimar: I wasn't asking. See the point is, we can't let this happen again, so I'm going in with you.
Brennan: But ladies? Listen, this ain't Mayberry. These backwoods lockups? They tend to be some pretty serious kickass places.
Lexa: Don't you worry, then. 'Cause I'm good and ready to kick some ass.

[Meanwhile, Jesse's in Dr. Marcus's lab, talking about Lexa's condition.]
Dr. Marcus: I got the results of Lexa's bloodwork back.
Jesse: And?
Dr. Marcus: The drug is still active in her system.
Jesse: I don't understand. How is that possible?
Dr. Marcus: I'm not entirely certain. But for some reason, in mutants, DXL slowly paralyzes the nervous centers.
Jesse: I hope this is the part when you tell me this isn't as bad as it sounds.
Dr. Marcus: She's dying, Jesse. Total paralysis is inevitable.
Jesse: Well, there's gotta be something you can do.
Dr. Marcus: Well, theoretically. But in order to create an antidote, I'd need to know exactly how the drug was modified. Otherwise, it would take months. But we don't have that long.
Jesse: How much time do we have?
Dr. Marcus: 72 hours. Maybe less. [Jesse hurries out of the lab.]

[Cut to: Crowter's Prison, where two guards escort Lexa and Shalimar in orange jump suits toward the desk of The Prison Matron, R. Broer.]
The Matron: Well, aren't you a couple of beauty queens? Its time for the swimsuit competition. [She motions the two guards out of the room.] Strip down. [Looking at each other, the two girls take off their clothes.] We'll start with you first, Kitten. [She bends Shalimar over the desk. Shalimar looks at Lexa, who shrugs.]
Lexa: You're the one who wanted to come out and play.
The Matron: You're next, Princess. [Lexa waits her turn, trying to conceal the shaking of her hands.]

*****Commercial Break********

[We return to Crowter's Prison, where The Matron's examining the metal studs in Lexa's neck.]
The Matron: What the hell is that?
Lexa: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
The Matron: Try me.
Lexa: Okay. I spent some time in a genetic laboratory where an egomaniacal freak tried to rewire my nervous system to turn me into a robot killer.
The Matron (exchanging an odd look with the guard): I'm watching you, Sweet Pea. Now finish getting dressed.
Lexa (to Shalimar): See, people say they want the truth, but they never really mean it, do they?
The Matron (to the guard): Take them to their cell. [The guards escort Lexa and Shalimar out of the room.]

[Cut to: The Double Helix flying into Sanctuary. Jesse rushes into the second floor entrance, shouting for Brennan.]
Jesse: Brennan?
Brennan (sitting on the couch downstairs): Yeah?
Jesse: Lexa's dying. We've got to get her out of that prison. Now. [He strides towards the computers.]
Brennan (sitting up): What, like that's even possible.
Jesse: Why?
Brennan: We couldn't get to her to leave even if we wanted to.
Jesse: Brennan, she needs to know what's happening to her.
Brennan: No, that's a bad idea. [He gets up.] If Lexa knows she's dying, then she's gonna go after Sara something fierce.
Jesse: And why exactly is that a bad thing?
Brennan: She went to go see the nightclub owner after we left last night.
Jesse: How do you know that?
Brennan: He's dead! We need to keep Lexa in the dark if we have any hopes of finding Sara and getting her to play ball.
Jesse: Okay. Okay, fine. We tell Shalimar. We tell Shalimar, and she doesn't let Lexa out of her sight. [He sits on the couch, staring at his hands.]
Brennan (sitting across from Jesse): You're really worried about her, aren't you?
Jesse: Of course. She's dying, Brennan. What, aren't you?
Brennan: Yeah. It's just that.... You know, I've never seen you act this way before. Are you sure you don't have a thing for her?
Jesse: Brennan, take a little look around you. We haven't exactly had the greatest track record recently. It'd be really nice to go just a couple of days without one of us dying, you know?
Brennan: Yeah. [Jesse walks away. Brennan mutters] Still didn't answer the question.

[In Crowter's Prison, on of the guards, Ed Graydon, pushes Lexa and Shalimar down the corridor as the inmates catcall and try to grab at them. Ed shuts Shalimar into a cell, but holds Lexa back.]
Ed: ‘Fraid, little darlin'. You're comin' with me. [As Ed takes Lexa down the corridor, she notices Dr. Sara Stanton in the next cell, sitting quietly on the floor.]
Ruth Martinez (watching from her cell): You're in for a real ride.
Ed: Shut your face, Martinez!
Shalimar (yelling after them): Leave her alone!
Ed (pushing Lexa into a solitary confinement cell): You and me, we're gonna have a real good time. [As soon as his back is turned to lock the door, Lexa turns invisible. He turns to find her gone. Panicking, Ed runs out of the room and hits the alarm. Two other guards come running.] I've got a runner in solitary! I don't know what happened! She slipped away!
Female guard (looking into the cell): Ed? [Ed walks back to the cell and looks in. There's Lexa, visible again, innocently sitting on the bench. The two other guards smirk.]
Ed: What's so funny?! [The other guards walk off, laughing, leaving a very confused Ed facing Lexa.]
Lexa (smiling): Maybe next time, Ed. [He shuts the door on her, leaving her in solitary alone.]

[The next morning, the women are in the prison farm during work detail, planting some crops. Armed with shotguns, two guards on horses oversee their work. Shalimar, carrying a hoe, walks over to join Lexa.]
Shalimar: How're you doing?
Lexa (leaning on her hoe): Well, it ain't my idea of a weekend in the Hamptons, but... [pointing to Dr. Stanton sitting in the back of a truck, in charge of handing the women their tools.] There she is. Dr. Sara.
Shalimar: Looks like she had a rough night.
Lexa: Yeah, she's probably been going cold turkey.
Shalimar: Wonder how she got such a sweet gig.
Lexa: Think I'll find out. [She breaks off the end of her hoe and heads over to Dr. Stanton for a new one. She's stopped in mid-step by Ruth Martinez.]
Ruth: I'll get it.
Lexa: Oh! I didn't know she had a little assistant.
Ruth: Well now you do, so back off.
Lexa (laughing): That's funny. I was just about to tell you the same thing. [She pushes past Ruth, who grabs her arm. Shalimar quickly grabs Ruth's wrist as she's about to punch Lexa. The guards ride over.]
Guard: Hey, hey. Settle.
Shalimar (to Ruth): Chill out. We don't want trouble. [She pulls Lexa away.]
Lexa: Okay, what are you doing? A fight's exactly what I need to open up my profile.
Shalimar (indicating the guards): Okay well, look around. I don't think now's the time. We'll find another way to get to her.
Lexa: All right.

[That afternoon, The Matron brings Shalimar into the prison's visitation room. One guard is watching from the wall.]
The Matron: You've got five minutes.
Shalimar: Thanks. [She walks to the glass and sees Jesse on the other side. They pick up two phones to talk.]
Shalimar: What's going on?
Jesse: It's Lexa. The drug is still in her system. It's killing her. And she's gonna die unless we get an antidote.
Shalimar (shocked): Well, can't Dr. Marcus find-
Jesse: No. There's only one person who can help her. It's Dr. Sara. Just proceed as planned. You understand?
Shalimar: Yeah. But... We have to tell her.
Jesse: No. It'll make matters worse. But you've got to get to Sara. It's Lexa's only chance.
Shalimar: Okay.
Jesse: Shalimar, keep your eyes on her. And keep in touch.
Shalimar (holding up her bare hand): How? [Jesse taps his finger on the table in front of him, showing her that he's got a vial of DXL and a comlink ring hidden under his palm. Glancing back at the guard, Shalimar stand and pretends to kiss Jesse through the glass.] I miss you, baby. [Under the pretense of the kiss, Jesse stands and phases his hand through the glass, transferring the vial and ring to Shalimar. They sit back down.]
Jesse (about the comlink): It's keyed into both yours and Lexa's DNA. (About the DXL.) I thought Sara could use a little incentive. Be careful with it. It could kill you too.
Shalimar: Okay.
Jesse: Okay. Good luck. [They hang up.]

[Jesse returns to Sanctuary. Brennan's on the computer.]
Jesse: All right. I brought Shalimar up to speed.
Brennan: So, I think I've found Sara's partner. I hacked into the prison's visitation records. Hector Friemark. He's also the mutant she was hanging around with in her Genomex days.
Jesse (surprised): Wow.
Brennan: What? You think you're the only one that knows how to work a computer?
Jesse: No, no, I'm impressed. Go on.
Brennan: Well, I also cross-referenced him in the new mutant database. He's a molecular with the ability to create explosions.
Jesse: Hm...Like the explosions at Dr. Sara's lab, huh?
Brennan: Exactly. The thing that I don't understand though, is if this drug is as deadly to mutants as Dr. Marcus says it is, then what the hell is what's he doing hanging out with an addict who can turn it out by the ton?

[Back at Crowter's Prison, The Matron brings Dr. Stanton into the visitation room, where Hector Friemark's waiting for her. They kiss, then Dr. Stanton starts rifling through his pockets.]
Dr. Stanton (giggling): Where is it? Where is it? I really need it.
Hector: You know I couldn't risk bringing it. Not now.
Dr. Stanton (smiling): You did too.
Hector (pulling away): Hey! You've just gotta stay cool a little longer.
Dr. Stanton (realizing he's not kidding): That's not good enough any more. I want outta here.
Hector: Sara, I know you're hurting, but we are so close. Now, I'm out there trying to run a business. Now, you give me the formula, and I'll have the money get you out of this place.
Dr. Stanton: Don't give me that. If you wanted me out of this place, you could've blown up half the prison by now.
Hector: And that would be throwing away everything we've worked for, you know that.
Dr. Stanton: All I know is I'm getting really tired of hearing your excuses. Get me out of here, now!
Hector: I told you. I can't.
Dr. Stanton: You'd better. You know, I'm really starting to wonder how the cops knew where I was in the first place.
Hector: You think I had something to do with that, you're paranoid.
Dr. Stanton: Really? I'm starting to see things the way they really are. You get me out of here by tomorrow morning, or I'm going to start making friends with the DA. Now who's paranoid? [She walks away.]

[Scene: Jesse goes to visit Dr. Marcus in his lab.]
Jesse: Doctor? Tell me you've made some headway on the antidote.
Dr. Marcus: I wish. But without knowing how the drug has been modified, I'm simply throwing darts. How is she?
Jesse: Uh, so far, no change.
Dr. Marcus: The tremors will get worse. Soon she won't be able to control them. I hope you realize the epidemic this could cause if DXL gets out. It could be the end of all mutants.
Jesse: I hadn't even thought of that.
Dr. Marcus: I don't mean to sound harsh, but you might have to consider that there's something greater at stake than saving Lexa.

[That night at Crowter's Prison, Lexa and Shalimar approach Dr. Stanton in the washroom.]
Lexa: Hey.
Dr. Stanton: Hey.
Lexa: Listen, I know who you are and what you're about. I want to be a part of it.
Dr. Stanton: Oh yeah? What are you going to do for me?
Lexa: Ah. [She nods to Shalimar, who hands Dr. Stanton the vial of DXL.]
Dr. Stanton: Where'd you get that?
Lexa: Around a few clubs. The stuff's not easy to come by, you know.
Dr. Stanton (taking the drug): That's gonna change in a few days.
Shalimar: That's what we hear.
Lexa: Listen, my buyers are itching to get in on some of the action. Think you can hook us up?
Dr. Stanton: You never know. [She looks up as Ruth walks in, holding a knife. When she lunges at Dr. Stanton, Shalimar tackles her and pins her down.]
Lexa (grabbing Dr. Stanton's arm): Come on, let's get out of here. Come on! [Shalimar drops the knife beside Ruth on the ground and follows them.]

*********Commercial Break**********

[Lexa and Dr. Stanton walk down the prison corridor, talking about Ruth.]
Dr. Stanton: She was hired to protect me.
Lexa: Well, she's got a hell of a way to ask for a raise.
Dr. Stanton: More like she got other orders from my boyfriend. We're in business together. [They stop at her cell.]
Lexa: Then it must be a good business. Good enough for him to try to double his profit. You know, if I were you, I'd start thinking about taking on a new partner. I've got friends on the outside who are desperate to get in.
Dr. Stanton: No, it's okay. I'll figure out something for myself.
Lexa (glancing around the prison): Take a look around, Sara. I'm the only friend you've got.
Dr. Stanton (shaking her head): The only way I would cut you or anyone else in is if you get me on the outside of these bars.
Lexa: Yeah? What if I could arrange that?
Dr. Stanton: Oh yeah? An escape? By tomorrow? No, forget it. I'll figure something out. [She closes her cell door, shutting Lexa out.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Brennan and Jesse are studying at a schematic of Crowter's Prison on the computer.]
Brennan: Okay, so I talked to Shalimar. She figures the best time for an escape is during work detail.
Jesse: In broad daylight.
Brennan: Yeah. That way all we have to do is deal with the guards. A lot less to try to control that way.
Jesse: Only the guards. Brennan, guards with guns. Guards with-guards with guns, waiting for them to make a move, come on! Even with Lexa's ability, three girls vanishing is gonna be a little hard to miss.
Brennan: Yeah. That's why we're going in with a two-pronged approach. Shalimar's gonna create a diversion, give the girls a chance to slip away and find a way back to the Helix
Jesse: And what about Shalimar?
Brennan: Well, once they find out what's going on, they're gonna gather up all the inmates. They're gonna send them into lockdown. That's when we have an easier chance of getting her.
Jesse: It could work.
Brennan: It will work.

[Back in the prison, the women wait to go back to their cells. Shalimar finds Lexa.]
Shalimar: How'd it go with Sara?
Lexa: The harder I push, the more she runs away.
Ed: Okay, open the gate!
Shalimar: The guys have a way to break us out during work detail, but we need Sara on board.
Lexa: Maybe it's time I put my cards on the table. [Invisible, she walks into Dr. Stanton's cell; the doctor is resting on the bed. Reappearing behind her back, she whispers to her.] Last chance, Sara.
Dr. Stanton (sitting up): For what?
Lexa: We've got a plan to break you out during work detail.
Dr. Stanton: What are you, nuts? They'll shoot us on sight.
Lexa: Not if they don't know what they're shooting at. [She turns invisible to show Sara, but she can't maintain it. She becomes visible again, trembling.]
Dr. Stanton: You're a mutant! [She gets up and walks to Lexa.] Listen to me; take a breath. Deep breath. Just let it pass. Here, sit down. [They sit on the bed] Who sent you? Adam Kane?
Lexa (surprised): He's dead.
Dr. Stanton: Oh, well, that's good to hear. He completely ruined my career.
Lexa: Yeah, I met him a few times. But I knew he couldn't be trusted. He always seemed to have a hidden agenda of some sort.
Dr. Stanton: Yeah, that's Adam.
Lexa (looking at her trembling hand): Yeah.
Dr. Stanton: Genomex had me develop this drug to eliminate mutants in case it got to the point that they couldn't contain them.
Lexa: Wait a minute. Adam knew about this?
Dr. Stanton: He was deep in the company. Yeah, he knew. I assume you're here for the antidote. Your tremors, the blackouts. You're dying.
Lexa: What?
Dr. Stanton: Didn't you know that? What did you think was happening to you?
Lexa: You're lying.
Dr. Stanton: No, I developed the drug, sweetheart. I promise you, it's a medical certainty. By tomorrow, you'll be lucky if you can even draw a breath. Are you asking yourself if I can help? I'll save you the suspense. Yeah, I can.
Lexa: What do you want?
Dr. Stanton: Take a wild guess.
Lexa: Oh.

[Later that night, Shalimar holds a mirror out of her cell to look into Lexa's.]
Shalimar (whispering): Lexa? Are you there?
Lexa (reluctantly getting up and holding out her own mirror): Yeah. Sara's on board.
Shalimar: Good.
Lexa: So...when were you guys planning on telling me I was dying? [Shalimar looks down guiltily. Lexa smiles bitterly.] Guess it kind of slipped your mind, huh?
Shalimar: It's not like that, Lexa. This has always been about saving your life.
Lexa (closing her mirror): Well, relax. Sara's got an antidote.
Shalimar (closing her mirror too): That's great.
Lexa: Yep. So, it looks like I'm dodging one hell of a bullet.
Shalimar (taking off the band-aid on her finger and rolling the comlink over to Lexa's cell): Look. Take this. You're gonna need it tomorrow more than I am.
Lexa: Thanks.

[The next morning, the women are farming again during work detail. Shalimar holds out her hoe in front of Ruth, tripping her. One of the guards looks up, but Ed stops him.]
Ed: Let ‘em play!
Shalimar (laughing): Hope you didn't dirty your outfit.
Ruth: That's it, bitch! You're mine. I'm gonna tear you apart!
Shalimar (dropping her hoe): What're you waiting for, Martinez? [Ruth charges her, and they fight. Lexa grabs Sara's hand and pulls her away.]

[Cut to: The boys in the Double Helix. Jesse's pacing, impatiently.]
Jesse: Maybe I should go looking for her.
Brennan (calmly): If there was any kind of a problem, Lexa would have given us a head's up.
Jesse: How?
Brennan: With the comlink. Shalimar gave it to her last night.
Jesse (sitting down): All right.
Brennan: I know you're nervous, all right? Everything is going according to plan.
Jesse: The plans. Brennan, again, she's dying.
Brennan: Yeah, I know. Okay? We just have to give her some time.
Jesse: Time is the one thing she doesn't have right now, Brennan.

[In the prison yard, a crowd of enthusiastic inmates has gathered around the catfight, to the amusement of the guards.]
Shalimar (clearly enjoying herself): Is that all you got, Martinez?
Ruth: Oh, I'm not done with you by a long shot. [They fight some more.]

[Back in the Helix, Jesse's getting nervous again.]
Jesse: Okay, something's wrong, I can feel it.
Brennan: All right, try her again.
Jesse: Lexa, what's going on? Where are ya?

[Cut back to the prison yard. Lexa, watching for a good time to leave, doesn't answer Jesse's call. With the guards distracted by the fight, Lexa and Sara drop their hoes and Lexa turns them invisible. Soon, Ed notices their absence.]
Ed: Parker, There's been an escape! Grab those two! Ladies, fall in line! All right, come on. Let's move.

[A short distance away, Lexa and Sara are walking away from the prison, visible again. Jesse's voice sounds over Lexa's comlink again.]
Jesse: Lexa, I know you can hear me. Are you hurt?
Lexa (stopping): It's over, Jess. [The screen splits in two, showing Jesse in the Helix.]
Jesse: What do you mean? What's going on?
Lexa: Let's just say there's been a change of plans.
Jesse (looking at Brennan, who shakes his head): Change how? We can help you.
Lexa: We're way past that, dontcha think?
Jesse: Lexa, give us your location. We'll come pick you up.
Lexa: Don't sweat it. I'm not your problem anymore. [Taking the comlink off her finger, she throws it on the ground and walks after Sara.]
Jesse: Lexa, no, you gotta listen to me. Lexa! Damn it! (To Brennan) So much for things going according to plans, huh?
Brennan: Come on, Jess. There's no way we could have predicted this.
Jesse: Maybe you're right. But the one thing I do know is if we don't find her soon, she's gonna die.

*******Commercial Break**********

[Lexa and Sara are running through the fields, just ahead of the guards. Cut to: The Helix, where Jesse and Brennan are trying to figure out Lexa's decision.]
Brennan: I don't get it. Why would Lexa blow us off?
Jesse: Maybe Sara knows the DXL's poisoning her system.
Brennan: Yeah, and used that to manipulate her. Used that time bomb inside of her as a one-way ticket out of prison.
Jesse: This would not be happening if we'd leveled with her to begin with.
Brennan: You know what, Jess? Please. Don't go there. [Jesse throws up his hands.] There's gotta be a way to find Lexa.
Jesse: How? If Sara's the one calling the shots now, then there's no telling where they're at. [He thinks.] Wait a minute! If the deal's going down today, then the DXL lab has gotta be close.
Brennan: So what do we do, just go knocking door to door?
Jesse: I might have a way to narrow that down.
Brennan: All right, get on it, then. I'll see if I can break Shalimar out of Crowter's.
Jesse: Okay, can you cover that on your own?
Brennan: Are you kidding me? Women in prison? My specialty. [He walks out of the Helix.]
Jesse (laughing): What a guy. [Jesse calls Dr. Marcus via video link.] Dr. Marcus. You said you couldn't tell how DXL was genetically modified because of the processing procedure, right?
Dr. Marcus: Yes.
Jesse: Okay, could you at least tell me what chemicals are used in that process?
Dr. Marcus: Well, lithium aluminum hydride. But I don't see how that would help.
Jesse: Lithium aluminum hydride. Thank you.

[Back at Crowter's Prison, The Matron has chained Shalimar to the ceiling. Ed is torturing her with a taser in order to find out where Lexa and Sara have gone.]The Matron: What happened to your friends?
Shalimar: I don't know. Maybe they slipped through the cracks of your system. [Ed tases her.]
The Matron: We saw you together. You just started that fight so you could buy them some time.
Shalimar: I wanna talk to my lawyer.
The Matron: Honey, you're gonna be talking to a coroner soon if you don't tell me where they are. One last time. Where are they?
Shalimar (smiling): Well, you could try Riker's Island. I hear the food is better. [Ed tases her again.]

[Meanwhile, Hector's walking around in a barn filled with scientists in safe suits busily manufacturing DXL.]
Hector (on his cellphone): We're right on schedule. I think you'll be very happy with the quality of the material we're dealing with here. [One of the scientists drops a block of DXL right in front of him.] Hey! Easy with that!

[Cut to Crowter's Prison, where The Matron's still questioning Shalimar.]
The Matron: I'll say this for you, Kitten. You're either stupid, or a glutton for punishment.
Shalimar: How many times do I have to tell you I don't know anything?
The Matron: We'll see about that. (To Ed.) Dial it up a few notches. Don't say I didn't warn you. [She walks to the cell door, about to leave.]
Shalimar: I won't. [Using her feral strength, she pulls her arms out of the chains, grabs the taser from Ed and knocks him down.]
The Matron (calling out the cell door): Guard! Somebody help me! Guard!
Shalimar (pushing her up against the wall and tasing her): Let's see how much you like it. [The Matron collapses. A second guard runs up and opens the door to the cell, pointing his gun at Shaliamar.]
The Guard: Back. [Shalimar holds up her hands and drops the taser.] Against the wall. [Suddenly, Brennan appears behind him. Knocking the gun out of his hand, Brennan struggles with him, then throws him to the floor, unconscious.]
Brennan (going to Shalimar): You okay?
Shalimar: Yeah. Brennan! [Yet another armed guard has appeared behind Brennan. Brennan forms a tesla coil and shocks him senseless.]
Shalimar: What took you so long?
Brennan: Don't ask. Lexa ditched us. [They leave the cell together and run to the Double Helix, where Jesse's searching for lithium aluminum hydride on the computer. Going to the pilot's seat, Brennan asks him about his progress.] Any luck?
Jesse: Yeah. I traced the chemical required to process DXL, it's called lithium aluminum hydride. It's quite rare and highly explosive. A large shipment was recently delivered to a farm not far from the prison.
Brennan: Well, nice work.
Shalimar: Looks like our day is getting better after all.
Jesse: Our day ain't over yet.

[Lexa and Dr. Stanton reach the farm and hide behind the outer fence, looking for guards.]
Dr. Stanton: I'm sure Hector's got his minions scouting the perimeters.
Lexa: Well, don't worry. Out of sight, out of mind. Give me your hand. [She turns them invisible, walks up to the man standing guard, and punches his lights out. Turning visible again, Lexa falls to the ground, convulsing. She appeals to Dr. Stanton, who is standing over her.] Help me!

Dr. Stanton: I don't think so.
Lexa (gasping): We had a deal!
Dr. Stanton: So what? I'm sick of people taking advantage of me. You, Hector, Adam? I'm looking out for myself for a change. You say hi to Adam for me when you see him. [She runs off, abandoning Lexa shaking on the grass.]

*******Commercial Break*******

[Inside the farm, Hector's concentrating on pouring DXL into a small vial when Dr. Stanton walks in, holding a gun.]
Dr. Stanton: Well. It looks like you have everything sewn up. You forgot one little detail. [She raises her hand.] Me!
Hector: Sara...
Dr. Stanton: Everybody out. (To the guard.) Put your gun down. Put it down. Now!
Hector: Go! I got this under control. [Everyone else leaves. Hector begins creating sparks with his fingertips.] Baby. Put down the gun.
Dr. Stanton (watching his hands): Oh, I wouldn't do that, Hector. You create so much as a spark here and we're all gonna be toast.
Hector: Listen. Baby, we'll play this any way you want. You're in charge. [He pulls out a knife and cuts open a block of DXL.] So. Why don't you come over here, have a little taste...and we'll discuss this.

[Outside the farm, Lexa's lying unconscious next to the guard she knocked out. The Double Helix lands nearby and Jesse, Brennan and Shalimar run over to her.]
Jesse (shaking her): Lexa! (To Brennan.) Get her out of here. I'll get the antidote. [He runs toward the farm.]
Shalimar (to Brennan): You got her?
Brennan: Yeah. [Shalimar runs after Jesse.]
Shalimar (seeing a guard pointing his rifle at Jesse): Jess, look out! [Brennan shoots the guard with an electrical arc. He falls out of the loft. Shalimar and Jesse enter the barn, and Brennan picks Lexa up.]

[Meanwhile, Dr. Stanton's still holding Hector at gunpoint. He holds up the brick of DXL, offering her a taste.]
Dr. Stanton (slowly walking towards him): Okay. Why not?
Jesse (rushing in behind her): Where is it? [Dr. Stanton whirls around, pointing the gun at him.] Where's the antidote? [Hector uses the distraction to grab her wrist, trying to wrest the gun away from her. The gun goes off, shooting a hole in a gas main. Dr. Stanton hits Hector in the face with the brick of DXL. Hector punches her out, then rushes to get to the antidote. Seeing what he's doing, Jesse runs through the cloud of DXL to grab the antidote from him.]
Shalimar: Jesse, don't!
Jesse (covered in DXL dust): Come on, let's get out of here! [Shalimar and Jesse run past the unconscious Dr. Stanton and Hector, who's convulsing on the floor, sparks uncontrollably beginning to form from his hands. As Shalimar and Jesse leap out of the barn, an enormous explosion blows past them. Ducking under flying debris, they run to Brennan and Lexa.]
Brennan (hunched over Lexa to protect her from debris): She's not breathing.
Jesse (gasping): Hold on. [Jesse injects Lexa with the antidote, then, as his own arm begins to mass, quickly injects himself. Shalimar rubs his shoulder; he gives her a thumbs up when the massing stops. They all look at Lexa, who still isn't breathing.]
Jesse: Come on.
Brennan (shaking his head): Nothing.
Shalimar (reaching out to Jesse): I'm sorry, Jess.
Jesse (shrugging off her hand): No! [He begins mouth to mouth on Lexa.] Come on! [When she still doesn't breathe, he tries again.]
Brennan: I got a pulse! [Lexa finally starts breathing and opens her eyes.]
Brennan (smiling): Hey!
Shalimar (smiling): Hey!
Jesse (smiling): Hey. [Lexa smiles back at them.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Brennan's sitting by the computer when Shalimar enters in a bathrobe carrying a towel.]
Brennan: Hey, feeling any better?
Shalimar: It's amazing how you take for granted the little things. You know, like showering alone?
Brennan: Well, you know, if you...uh.. miss the company... [She leans towards him as if for a kiss, then pulls back at the last moment.]
Shalimar (laughing): You wish. So, what's the word?
Brennan (wrapping her towel around his neck and smelling it): Well, the good news is, uh, the entire shipment of DXL went up in flames. The bad news is, so did the inventor.
Shalimar: Well, at least we know what happened to Lexa won't happen to anybody else.
Lexa (walking in): Amen to that.
Shalimar: Good to see you.
Lexa: Well, it's good to be seen.
Brennan: I hope you understand why we chose to keep you in the dark as far as your health was concerned.
Lexa: Yeah, I figured you were the one who spearheaded that decision. It's okay. I would have done the same thing in your shoes.
Shalimar: So, Dr. Marcus give you a clean bill of health?
Lexa: Next best thing. There isn't a trace of DXL left in my system.
Brennan: Well, you have Jess to thank for that.
Lexa: Yeah, I know. You guys know where he is?
Shalimar: In the lab, I think.
Lexa: Thanks. [She heads towards the lab. Shalimar and Brennan smile at each other.]

[Lexa finds Jesse in the lab, working.]
Jesse: Hey, heard the good news.
Lexa: Yeah, thanks to you. You took quite the risk.
Jesse: Goes with the territory.
Lexa: For you, maybe. I guess I'm wired differently. I suppose that's why I've learned to keep people at an arm's length.
Jesse (turning to face her): That sounds like a really sad way to go through life.
Lexa: Yeah, well personal feelings tend to get in the way. It's all about survival.
Jesse: If it wasn't for personal feelings, you wouldn't be standing here right now. You know that.
Lexa: Yeah.
Jesse: And how does that factor into your equation?
Lexa: I don't know. I guess I'm still trying to figure that one out.
Jesse: Yeah. [He walks out. Lexa goes to the computer and pulls up the photo of her and her brother. She stands, staring at it.]

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