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#310 : Les jumeaux

L'équipe de Mutant X découvre que Lexa a un frère jumeau, Leo. Elle part à sa recherche car il est devenu la principale cible d'une organisation souterraine de trafic d'organes de mutants.



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Pedro Miguel Arce ... Troy Pierce
Tom Barnett ... Charles Carter
Steve Byers ... Leo Pierce
Alex Karzis ... William Bain
Kerry Laifatt ... Carter's Acupuncturist
Mica Le John ... Mary Kate Pierce
Heinar Piller ... Businessman
Christian Potenza ... Hotel clerk
Nobby Suzuki ... Asian Man
Paul Tedeschini ... Man
Jennifer Vey ... Candace Rockwell

                                    Brother's Keeper

[Opening Scene: On the outskirts of the city one night, Lexa's standing beneath an overpass, questioning a trio of bedraggled homeless men by their trashcan fire. They refer her to two men leaning on a wall, to whom she shows a photograph of a man and a woman.]

Lexa: Hey. I'm looking for the guy. His name is Leo.
The Man (checking her out): Uh...I don't know him, but if you're looking for a guy...
Lexa (grabbing him by the collar): Trust me. I'm more than you could handle. [His frightened friend backs away, and Lexa releases him.] Wanna try this again? [She holds up the photograph.] He may be staying nearby, with the girl. Wanna take another look?
The Man (pointing behind her): He's staying in that hotel over there.
Lexa (nodding): Thank you. [Cut to: Inside the hotel, the girl from Lexa's photograph, Candace, is being viciously attacked. Terrified, she's unable to protect herself with her electrical mutant abilities; her attacker shoves her onto the couch and covers her face with a towel. Cut back to: Lexa, on her way towards the hotel, stops when she senses someone tracking her.]
Lexa (talking into the air): You're persistent, I'll give you that. [Shalimar leaps out of the darkness to stand in front of her.] Annoying, but persistent.
Shalimar: Trust me, I've got better things to do with my Friday night.
Lexa: Oh, good. Go do them.
Shalimar (blocking her path): As soon as you tell me where you keep going on these secret little side missions.
Lexa: Well, then, they wouldn't be very secret now, would they? I don't have to explain myself to you.
Shalimar (not budging): Yeah, you do. If you expect to lose me as your shadow. [She nods at Lexa's photograph.] Who's the guy?
Lexa: Someone I've been searching for for nearly 5 years. Don't worry, it's not Mutant X business, okay? [Shalimar's feral eyes glow when she hears the fight inside the hotel.] What is it?
Shalimar: Screaming. [They both dash into the hotel. Halfway up the stairs, Shalimar slows.]
Lexa: Can you still hear it?
Shalimar: No.
Lexa: Then what are we following?
Shalimar: Blood.
Lexa: Okay, I can handle it from here.
Shalimar: I don't think so. [Passing an Asian man in the hallway, they reach Candace's door.]
Lexa: Hey, I'm serious.
Shalimar (pointing to the bloody doorknob): So am I. Look. [Lexa kicks open the door and sends a flash of light into the room. When noone emerges, Lexa and Shalimar enter to find Candace's blood-soaked body on the floor. Shalimar uncovers her face and takes her pulse.] Oh my God. It's the girl from your photo. She's dead. [Lexa picks up a necklace from the floor and starts towards the door.] Hey Lex! If the guy you're after is a part of this, we need to find him.
Lexa: Listen, you stay away from him. I'm not gonna warn you again! [She leaves.]

Opening Credits. "Brother's Keeper"

[The next morning, Shalimar returns to Sanctuary, where Brennan's waiting for her on the second floor. They walk together downstairs, where Jesse's working on the computer.]
Brennan: So what did Lexa say?
Shalimar: She didn't say anything. That's the problem. She keeps shutting me out.
Brennan: Well, there's a surprise.
Shalimar: She took something from the murder scene, some kind of necklace. I think she's in over her head this time. Whatever she's hiding, it scares her.
Jesse (leaving his computer): Lexa?
Shalimar: Yeah. And the guy she's following, I don't know if she's trying to protect him or just wants to get to him first.
Jesse: Well, either way, I don't like it. Look, if he scares her this bad, we can't let her go after him alone.
Shalimar: Well, what choice do we have? She won't even talk to us about it.
Brennan: Stop asking. [He heads down to Lexa's room. Inside, Lexa pulls a metal box from under her bed and removes a gun. She's tucking it into her belt when Brennan knocks on her door. Receiving no response, he barges in.]
Lexa (quickly shutting the box): Is a closed door too hard a concept for you?
Brennan: You're handling this all wrong.
Lexa (donning her coat): Really? Enlighten me.
Brennan: Well, normally you just would've lied to Shalimar. But now she and Jess are all over this. You're off your game, Lex, and that's dangerous for all of us.
Lexa: Look, I've got bigger problems right now than your control issues.
Brennan: Yeah, Shal told me. You're looking for this guy that killed some girl?
Lexa: Woah, I never said Leo killed her!
Brennan (noticing the necklace dangling from her pocket): Leo, that's his name? You know, keep your secrets, Lex. I've got enough of my own, all right? But whoever this guy is, two people are gonna find him faster than one. I've got a feeling you could use some backup.
Lexa (considering): Fine. But no more questions.
Brennan (picking her pocket as she passes him): No more questions. [He follows her out of the room, silently handing the necklace to Shalimar before leaving Sanctuary with Lexa.]

[Back at the hotel, Lexa and Brennan find the clerk behind the front desk glass, engrossed in a Reiko comic book. Brennan rings the bell three times before he acknowledges them.]
The Clerk: Rooms are sixty an hour, a hundred for the day. If you can afford it, bro, I'd take the day. [A couple leans in to drop off their key.] Thanks, hon! Thank you, sir, come again!
Lexa (sliding her photo through the window): His name's Leo. Have you seen him?
The Clerk: Sure. He stays with her sometimes. He was here last night, third floor.
Brennan (noticing a security camera above his head): Do you have cameras like that up there too?
The Clerk: Well, yeah. Cop just came in to watch last night's tape. You just missed him.
Lexa: Well, we need to see it.
The Clerk: And I need a night with Angelina Jolie. [Lexa smirks.] Yeah, you know, I don't have to show you sh--.
Lexa (yanking him up against the glass by his headphones): And you don't need to keep breathing either. But if you start helping us, I just might let you.
The Clerk (face squished against the glass): Okay, well, come on in. [He buzzes them in, but Brennan hangs back, quietly calling Sanctuary over his comlink. The screen splits in two to show Shalimar and Jesse at the computer.]
Brennan: You guys got any leads yet?
Shalimar: No leads on the medallion yet; it's just a common symbol. But we did manage to find an I.D. on the dead girl.
Jesse: Her name is Candace Rockwell. She's a mutant. We're checking out her preliminary autopsy now.
Brennan: All right, keep me posted. [He enters the room to watch the tape with Lexa.]
Shalimar: You've got it.
Jesse: Hey Shalimar, for the record, it doesn't feel right doing this behind Lexa's back.
Shalimar: Look, Jess, she's the one that shut us out, okay? Besides, I think it's time we remind her, we're Mutant X, not Mutant Lex.
Jesse: Still. It feels like we're going through her diary here. I just think she deserves better from us. [Shalimar shrugs.] All right. [Jesse pulls up Candace's autopsy report by district seven medical examiner Jae H. Pak M.D., authorized by John Blackie.] How good a look did you get at Candace's wounds?
Shalimar: Not very, too much blood. I could tell she was butchered, though, why?
Jesse: Well, she wasn't butchered. She was dissected. They took her liver.
Shalimar (coming over to him): Took it? Like a trophy? What kind of freak are we dealing with here?

[Speaking of the devil.... In his ornate mansion across town, the mutant Charles Carter and his assistant William Bain are meeting with a wealthy wheelchair-bound German and his doctor. William opens a metal case on the table in front of the patient, revealing Candace's liver on dry ice.]
Charles: Well, I trust you'll be very happy with the material. Any fresher, it'd still be attached. [He chuckles. Satisfied, the doctor hands William a briefcase of money, then wheels his patient out of the room, hugging the case tightly.] Auf Wiedersehen, danke! [Charles turns back to William.] What are you smiling at? It's just a fraction of what we could net from Leo.
William: He disappeared before we could take him. He's a hard man to track. [Charles telekinetically lifts a scalpel from the table and directs it towards William's face, stopping it just before it hits his nose.] He's our top priority.
William (gulping): I'll find him.
Charles: I know. [He draws the scalpel back into his hand. Sighing in relief, William leaves the office.]

[Watching the security tape footage, Lexa and Brennan see Leo back out of Candace's room at 20:08:51, staring at his bloody hands.]
Brennan: It's not looking good, Lex.
Lexa (shaking her head): No, rewind it. He's only violent under extreme physical threat. I mean, this girl, she's a lightweight, and she's his girlfriend? I'm sorry, it just doesn't fit. Wait, stop here. [They watch as William leaves the room at 20:03:14, removes his bloody gloves, and walks down the hall with a silver suitcase.] There's our killer. [Three minutes later, Leo comes up to the door.]
Brennan: Yeah, and there's your guy, late for the party. You were right. Now you wanna tell me why you're after him? [Lexa rolls her eyes. Brennan, watching as Leo walks down the hallway, sees him suddenly shrink in size.] What was that? [He rewinds to watch it again. Leo comes out of the room, stares at his bloody hands, and starts down the hallway. He shrinks into the form of an Asian man just as Lexa and Shalimar rush up to the door.]
Lexa: The Asian man. My God, he passed right by me! [Getting up, she grabs the hotel owner by the collar.]
The Owner: Hey!
Brennan (getting up): Hey, calm down, Lexa!
Lexa: That cop you showed the tape to, what did he look like?
The Owner: Uh...blonde, he had a scar on his cheek...he left about fifteen minutes ago. [Startled, Lexa lets him go.]

[Jesse's working in Sanctuary's lab when Shalimar joins him.]
Shalimar: Whatcha got for us, handsome?
Jesse: Well, Lexa wanted this medallion bad enough to steal it, so I figured it must belong to the guy she's after, huh?
Shalimar: I agree. What'd that get us?
Jesse (looking through the microscope): Well, it got me skin cells, which Ta-Da! Got me his DNA. [They check the genetic profile.] Look.
Shalimar: He's a mutant.
Jesse: Lucky us. I'm gonna run him through Adam's database. [He searches, and Leo's picture pops up on the screen.]
Shalimar: There he is. [Then, one after another, the profiles of a black-haired girl, an Asian man, an elderly woman, a blond cop with a scar on his face, a teenaged boy, and a little black girl pop up on top of Leo's profile.]
Jesse: Woah. Okay, that can't be right.
Shalimar: Well, maybe the sample's contaminated.
Jesse (typing): Yeah... No. All these samples belong to the same DNA. They're all the same person.
Shalimar (frowning): That's not possible.
Jesse (gaping at the screen): Oh, my God. I heard theoretical discussions about this, but I never knew that one existed.
Shalimar: What are you talking about?
Jesse: He's a multiple. He's a mutant with the ability to change his physiology to be separate people, with separate identities but the same DNA.
Shalimar: So he's the mutant version of a multiple personality.
Jesse: Yeah.
Shalimar: Well, if he is all these people, how the hell are we gonna find him...her...them?
Jesse (laughing): Um...okay, well, they all seem to stem from one original mutant, so say we start with him. [He deletes all the other profiles until he returns to Leo's.] Leo Pierce.
Shalimar: Pierce? As in Lexa Pierce?
Jesse (picking up the medallion): Listen, I think we just found her little secret.
Shalimar: Leo is Lexa's twin brother.
Jesse: No wonder she was so protective.

[Lexa's hurrying down the street with Brennan, searching for Leo.]
Lexa: You take the east side, I'll go west.
Brennan: Lex...
Lexa: I don't have time to explain, just keep your eyes open for that cop--
Brennan (interrupting her): Lexa, we know Leo's your brother!
Lexa (stopping mid-stride): How?
Brennan: I took the medallion and Jesse ran the DNA.
Lexa (glaring): You played me?
Brennan (grabbing her arm): Hey, look, if you're gonna act like an outsider, you're gonna get treated like one, all right? Why didn't you just tell us you were looking for your twin? Why do you have to be so damned secretive?
Lexa: Because he's sick, all right? Leo isn't stable! Sometimes he loses himself and he becomes dangerous to other people!
Brennan: We could have helped you find him.
Lexa: I don't need your help; I can handle this!
Brennan: If he's so dangerous, maybe you shouldn't be doing this alone.
Lexa: Trust me, I know how to handle my own brother. [Down the street, Lexa hears Leo's voice as he struggles against two goons dragging him towards a black van. She and Brennan run to help him.]
Leo: Let me go! Get off of me!
Lexa: Hey! [She takes out the first goon with a laser.]
Brennan: Let him go! [He zaps the second goon with an electrical arc. Freed, Leo trots across the street.]
Lexa: Leo, wait! [He turns to face her.] You can't keep running like this.
Leo: I'm not going back, Lexa. Just stay away!
Lexa: I'm sorry, I can't do that. [She draws her gun and shoots Leo in the shoulder. Brennan grabs her arm.]
Brennan: What are you doing?! [The recovered goons jump back into their van, aiming some parting shots at Leo. Brennan zaps the shooter as the van careens down the street. The commotion over, Lexa and Brennan looks around frantically, but Leo's nowhere to be seen.]
Lexa (distressed): He's gone!

*******Commercial Break**********

[Returning to Sanctuary, Lexa's fuming at Brennan.]
Lexa: That's the closest I've been to Leo in four years! You screwed it up, end of story!
Brennan: How was I supposed to know you were shooting him with a tracker?
Lexa: You'd better hope like hell Jess can expand the search field on this thing.
Brennan: Hey, I don't even know why you're chasing your brother in the first place!
Lexa (whirling around): His mutation's too powerful! He can't handle it. When we were kids, he started switching personalities just to get through the day. Then he lost control and...he ended up in an institution run by Eckhart. [Brennan's eyes widen.] Yeah. Whatever they did to him there made him worse. He escaped and I've been searching ever since.
Brennan (walking up to Shalimar at the computer): That still doesn't explain why these guys are after him.
Shalimar: I think we've found out that piece of the puzzle. Candace wasn't killed, she was harvested. And she's not the first. Five mutants have gone missing over the last three months, all of them minus at least one organ.
Brennan: They're stripping us for parts?
Lexa: Wait, how could we not know about this?
Shalimar: They were all listed as John Does. No IDs, no next of kin.
Brennan: That makes a sick sort of sense. An underground market for human organs, why not mutants? More efficient hearts, stronger lungs.
Lexa: Like my brother. His whole mutation is about adapting into new people. He'd be a universal donor. He's worth a mint to these people.
Brennan: Listen, don't worry. We still have the tracker. Which means we're three steps ahead of whoever's after him.
Lexa: You'd better pray it stays that way. [She stalks off to find Jesse.]

[Charles is lying on a massage table in his office as his masseuse pokes acupuncture needles into his cheek. William comes in to report on what happened, but looks a little squeamish.]
Charles (waving a hand at him): Report!
William: We got close to Pierce again, but the sister intervened.
Charles (starting to sit up): Lexa?
Masseuse (pushing him back down): Shhh. Down, boy. [She removes the needles; William winces as each comes out.]
Charles (chuckling): Yeah, I've intervened with Lexa a few times myself. Highly recommend it. [His masseuse helps him off the table as he begins to cough. William hands him his pills and a glass of water.] Go on.
William (handing him a sketch): She hit him with something. It came from a gun, looked something like this.
Charles (dismissing his masseuse): All right. [She kisses his cheek and leaves the room. Charles unfolds the paper and smiles.] Clever, Lexa. [He pulls out the tracker's receiving device from his drawer.] Eckhart had this made special. I always wondered what happened to it. Smile, Bain. Lexa just handed us her brother on a platter. [He throws the receiver to Bain, who smiles.] Get your men out there. Find him.

[In the lab at Sanctuary, Lexa's pacing behind Jesse as he rewires Lexa's tracker receiving device to expand its range.]
Lexa: Anything?
Jesse: No, I'm still trying to link the chip up to our computers. You know, this tracker's freaking genius, by the way. It should be able to stick to Leo through all his alters.
Lexa: Yeah, it's an old GSA prototype built for moleculars. [He looks up at her.] I figured Eckhart owed me a retirement gift when I left. [She winks at him; Jesse laughs.]
Jesse: How did you know how to find Leo tonight anyway?
Lexa: The Dominion. It's part of the arrangement.
Jesse: The arrangement. What, you come back to Mutant X and clean up after Adam and The Dominion helps you find your brother?
Lexa: Yeah. You think it's wrong what I'm doing? Chasing him like this?
Jesse: I think that you love him. I think that nothing wrong can come of that. [She nods.] Just hang in there. We'll get a lock on him soon. [He gets back to work. Lexa picks up the medallion, looking at the symbol of the two twins on it. Flashback: A younger Lexa and Leo stand in a park, watching the pigeons.]
Lexa: Are you avoiding me?
Leo: If I say yes, will you go away?
Lexa: Smartass. [He smiles at her. She hands him a clipboard.] Here. The hospital wants you to sign these.
Leo: I don't know...
Lexa: Hey, I checked this Eckhart guy out. He runs the company that created us. He swears his doctors can help you.
Leo (sitting on a bench): There's nothing wrong with me!
Lexa: Last month, you disappeared for three weeks; you still can't remember where! We can't live like this!
Leo: We can barely afford to eat. How are we supposed to afford doctors?
Lexa (sitting next to him): Eckhart says he'll do it for free, if I agree to work for him.
Leo: I don't know, Lex. You know how freaked out I get when I'm alone too long.
Lexa: I know. So, then, just remember what Mom used to say when you used to have your nightmares. Focus on one good thing. You know, a favorite memory or place.
Leo: What if all I want to focus on is getting out?
Lexa (taking his face in her hands): Do this for me. I would never let anybody hurt you. [She hits his nose with her finger.] You know that.
Leo: Promise?
Lexa: Promise. [Leo signs the paper. Cut back to: The Present. Lexa's gazing sadly at the medallion when she hears a beep from the tracking receiver. She touches Jesse's shoulder.] Tell me you've got him.
Jesse (pulling up Leo's signal): I got him.
Brennan (coming in): Let's go. [He and Lexa rush out of the lab.

[Leo speeds up when he spots two of William's goons tailing him. He changes into the Asian man to try to lose them, but they're able to keep track of him with the receiver. Meanwhile, in Sancutary's lab, Shalimar's leaning on the wall behind Jesse, drinking a bottle of water.]
Jesse (sighing): I can almost hear the wheels in your head turning. What's up?
Shalimar: I just can't shake the feeling that Lexa's hiding something from us.
Jesse: Too hard on her.
Shalimar (smiling): Well, good. 'Cause you're too soft. [Jesse rolls his eyes. A warning comes up on his screen, "Signal Dropped."]
Jesse: Uh-oh. Come on, come on. Where'd you go?
Brennan (searching the streets with Lexa): All right, we're at the last coordinates, Jess. There's no sign of Leo.
Jesse: Yeah, I've got some bad news. He's off the grid. He was reading one minute, disappeared the next.
Lexa: Well, it couldn't have just vanished.
Jesse: No, he couldn't have. Uh...he's gotta be somewhere where his signal can't be read: deep underground, surrounded by steel, uh...
Lexa (nodding to a manhole cover in the road): How about both? [She and Brennan descend into the sewer with the flashlight.]
Brennan: So what makes you think Leo's down here in the first place?
Lexa: This is where he used to hide as a kid. When he wanted to be alone.
Brennan: What about your parents? You never mentioned them.
Lexa: They don't deserve to be mentioned. That sounded bitter didn't it?
Brennan: Just a little.
Lexa: They were army intelligence, they volunteered for a military fertility project.
Brennan: Let me guess, run by Genomex.
Lexa: You got it. We were a normal little family as far as I knew, then Leo and I showed our mutations, and wham! The brass ordered my parents to hand us over.
Brennan: And they did?
Lexa: Sweet, huh? Until we were 14 we were raised in a military facility. Then Leo started to lose control and I had to leave to find help.
Brennan (stopping): So then why doesn't Leo trust you?
Lexa (facing him): I told you he was trapped in Eckhart's hospital, right?
Brennan: Yeah.
Lexa: Well, I'm the one who put him in there. [She shakes her head.] He swore he'd help Leo. That was back when I used to trust people. [She walks away.]
Brennan (following her): I'm sorry, Lexa.
Lexa: Not as sorry as I am. [Her cellphone rings.] Hello?
Leo (calling from a payphone in the sewer): What did you do to me?
Lexa: Leo, where are you?
Brennan (over his comlink): Hey, Jess, we've made contact. Can you track us from down here?
Jesse: I'll see what I can do.
Leo: Call them off, Lexa.
Lexa: Who?
Leo: Come on, the men that killed Candace! They're following me somehow, even through my shifts. What did you do?
Lexa (closing her eyes): I hit you with a tracker.
Leo (looking at the mark in his shoulder): What?
Lexa: Leo, I had no choice. Look, stay underground, okay? They can't find you that way. Tell me where you are, and I'll...Leo? [The phone on the other end goes dead.] Le-- Oh God, he hung up.
Jesse (finding Leo's signal): Okay, guys, I've got a fix on him. He's in the sewers. He's...west of you. [They run west until Lexa spies the telephone Leo used.]
Lexa: Wait a minute. [She picks up the phone and looks around.]
Brennan: Where did he go?
Lexa (running to a small tunnel leading to the surface): Here. [Leo, having changed into the little black girl Mary-Kate to fit through the tunnel, crawls out of a manhole into the street. She looks mournfully down at the tracker in her shoulder and starts running again.]

*******Commercial Break********

[In Sanctuary's main room, Jesse and Shalimar are talking by the computers.]Jesse: I figured if these guys can track Leo's signal, then they must be ex-GSA.
Shalimar: Makes sense.
Jesse: Mm-hmm. And there's something about that motel tape that's bugging me. I mean, there's no clear shot of the killer's face, but there is this. [He freezes the tape as William's taking off his gloves, displaying a tattoo on his wrist.]
Shalimar: Nice tat.
Jesse: Yeah. It's even nicer when we can trace it. Watch. [He runs the tattoo through the database until the computer pulls up a matching profile.]
Shalimar: William Bain. Arrest for assault, attempted murder, human trafficking.
Jesse: Hm.
Shalimar: Sweet guy.
Jesse: Yeah.
Shalimar: Where's the GSA connection?
Jesse: Well, Bain was last released 6 months ago, before the first killing. Check out who posted his bail.
Shalimar: Charles Carter. Telekinetic. Ex-GSA, led one of Eckhart's mutant apprehension teams. [Walking down the street with Brennan, Lexa hears the name over her comlink and closes her eyes.]
Brennan: Sounds like he added a new twist to his old job.
Lexa: Are you sure he's behind these organ thefts?
Jesse: I wish he wasn't. A guy like this isn't gonna stop.
Brennan: Listen, I'm gonna score some transportation, so if you get a lead on Leo or this Carter guy, let us know.
Jesse: Will do. [Walking up to a Jaguar that's parked on the side of the road, Brennan starts to zap the lock to open the door when Lexa sees the owner approaching.]
Lexa (grabbing Brennan's hand to alert him): Hey. [Brennan backs away and they go to the next van instead.]
Brennan: Listen, you're ex-GSA, you must have worked with this Carter guy. Have any idea where he could be?
Lexa: Not anymore. He was useful to me, once. [She leans against the van to hide Brennan's hand as he zaps the lock.]
Brennan: Ugh. Look, I know this looks bad, all right? But we'll find your brother before he does.
Lexa: Carter's not our biggest problem right now. Leo sounded really scared.
Brennan (opening the car door): Yeah, of course he's scared.
Lexa: No, you don't understand. Stress brings out the worst in my brother. Literally.

[At Sanctuary's lab computer again, Shalimar shows Jesse the image of a huge Asian man heave a chair at the camera.]
Shalimar: I checked out some of Leo's other personalities. Meet Troy, Leo's nastiest alter. It was Troy that broke out of Eckhart's institution, not Leo. Put three guys in a coma and nearly leveled the building.
Jesse: Oh, man. Imagine being related to that guy. When Lexa said her brother was dangerous, she wasn't kidding, huh?
Shalimar (sitting next to him): Yeah, well if you went through what Leo did after his own sister locked him in that hell hole, you might have come out wrong too.
Jesse: What do you mean?
Shalimar: Well, the only reason Leo created Troy was to deal with the stuff that Eckhart's doctors were doing to him. Sensory deprivation, electroshock, slow stage drowning.
Jesse: Oh, man. So they figured if they subjected Leo to enough torture...
Shalimar: He'd shift into something extra dangerous out of sheer self-defense.
Jesse: Well, looks like it worked.
Shalimar: Unfortunately, once Troy's out of the box, he doesn't want to go back in.
Jesse: Ah.
Shalimar (smugly): I knew Lexa was keeping something from us.
Jesse: Can you blame her?

[In Charles's office, a very-pissed off Charles telekinetically hurls acupuncture needles into William's cheek.]
William (clenching his teeth): I can't explain it. The tracker lost him.
Charles (picking up a ceremonial sword): Oh, so you're telling me that you and your team lost him? Again?
William (enunciating carefully): No. The tracker... [He stops as Charles approaches him, drawing the sword from its scabbard.]
Charles: Relax. It's not as if I'm completely heartless. Of course, it's not exactly my heart anymore, is it? [He stops short when the receiver suddenly begins to beep again. William cries out when Charles roughly yanks all the needles out at once.] Helloooo? Go! [William hurries towards the door, shouting to his goons.]
Willaim: He's west on Dewey!
Charles: Bain! Lose him this time, and the next heart I take is yours.
William (to his goons): Move! Move!

[In Sanctuary's lab, Jesse's gazing at Leo's medallion when his computer beeps.]
Jesse: Shal, come here! Okay, we've got ignition, people. Leo's signal is live and online. He's heading west on Dewey.
Lexa (fastening her seatbelt) We're on it. [Brennan drives off.]

[Mary-Kate flees into an abandoned warehouse, the goons in hot pursuit. Finding the back door locked, she crouches in a corner and pokes at her skin with a jagged shard of glass from the floor, trying to remove the tracker. The goon follows her signal down the hallway, only to find himself face-to-face, not with a tiny helpless girl, but with the mountainous Troy. Troy gouges the tracker from his shoulder, then grabs the goon's arm and jams the glass into his chest. Jesse calls Lexa and Brennan as their van speeds towards the warehouse.]
Jesse: All right, he's definitely stopped. I'm still reading him at 44 Richmond.
Brennan: Almost there. [William and his goons, having arrived just ahead of Lexa and Brennan, race into the warehouse.]
William: This way! [Brennan pulls up beside William's black van. Lexa gets out and peers into the empty van.]
Lexa: We're heading inside now. Carter's team is already here.
Shalimar (at the lab computer): I'm calling up the building plans. He's ahead on the right. [Lexa and Brennan run down the corridor after the three goons, who begin shooting.]
Lexa: No! [Brennan takes out two with electrical arcs and Lexa fells William with a laser. Reaching the room at the end of the hallway, Brennan and Lexa see a man slumped in a chair atop a pool of blood.]
Brennan (holding Lexa back): Lex, don't.
Lexa (pushing him away): No, Leo! [She slowly turns the chair around, revealing that it's not Leo, but the first goon. The piece of glass is still buried in his chest, the tracker stuffed into his mouth. The words "Hi Lexa" have been written in his blood on his forehead.] Oh my God.
Brennan: We found your tracker. I thought you said your brother wasn't violent.
Lexa: He isn't. [Her cellphone rings, and she pulls it out of her pocket.]
Troy (calling from a pay phone): Hello, Lexa. I've missed you.

*******Commercial Break**********

[Brennan watches as Lexa talks to Troy on her cellphone.]
Troy: Did you like my present? You're such a hard girl to shop for.
Lexa: I don't want to talk to you. I want to talk to Leo.
Troy: Sorry. Can't happen unless I let him. You know that.
Lexa: What do you want from me?
Troy: I don't need anything from you. That little meat puppet in the chair gave me everything I needed.
Troy: I wish Leo could see you as I do. You've got him convinced you're so strong, but who have you ever protected him from? Not mom or dad. Not the doctors!
Lexa: I protect him from you.
Troy: If you hadn't let him down, I wouldn't even exist! Enough. If you're not willing to do what it takes to end this Carter, than I will.
Lexa: No. No, you're right. We need to stop him. Let me help.
Troy (laughing): Nice try, Lexa. But I'm not the fool in this family! [He hangs up.]
Lexa: Troy, don't do this. Troy? Troy? [She shatters the phone against the wall in frustration]
Brennan: What's wrong?
Lexa: He's going after Carter. [Seeing William slumped on the floor against the wall, she goes to him and grabs his collar.] All right. Where is he?
William: Why should I tell you?
Lexa: I can think of one good reason. [She forms a laser with her fingertips and slowly brings it towards his neck. William howls in agony. Once he's given her Charles's location, she starts back down the hallway towards the door.]
Brennan (following her, concerned): You're losing it.
Lexa: No, I'm losing Leo!
Brennan: What are you talking about?
Lexa: The longer I let Troy control him, the more dominant he becomes. Now I only have a small window to try and reach my brother.
Brennan: Okay. Tell me what you need.
Lexa (whirling on him): No, I need you to back off! If you come after Troy, he'll consider you a threat. I can't handle that complication!
Brennan: I'm not letting you go in there alone.
Lexa: You know you can't stop me. [Brennan grabs her wrists as she raises her arms.]
Brennan: Not gonna happen.
Lexa: Yeah? How about this? [She knees him in the groin. Brennan sags to the ground, and Lexa runs down the corridor the warehouse, turning invisible.]

[Charles is meditating on a pile of cushions on the floor of his office when the doors bursts open and one of his goons is tossed in. Lexa strides in after him.]
Lexa: Hi, honey! I'm home. [Peering up at her, Charles smiles.]

[Meanwhile, Jesse and Shalimar are in the Double Helix, flying towards Brennan in the warehouse.]
Jesse: We reach Brennan in five, with another ten to get to Lexa.
Shalimar: Jess, you know how protective Lex is over Leo.
Jesse: Yeah, I got that.
Shalimar: Well, Troy is Leo. At least part of him, anyway. If he attacks her, how hard do you think she's gonna fight back?

[In Charles's office, Lexa tackles Charles, pinning him to the ground.]
Charles (smiling up at her): Well, this brings back good memories. But I preferred it the other way around. [He puts his arms around her and tries to roll on top of her. Lexa slams him back down, then stands up. He crawls to her, pawing at her legs.] Come on. Since when are you so vanilla?
Lexa (batting his hands away): Organ dealing is low, Carter. Even for you.
Charles (standing up): What can I say? People pay big money for baboon parts. You'd be amazed at what they'd pay for something more evolved. [He reaches out to stroke her hair.]
Lexa (shoving his arm away): I guess you're safe, then.
Charles: Relax. It's not like I have no loyalty to our people. I pick from the dregs. Cull the herd. The weak, the freaks, you know, like your brother. [She glares at him.] Oh, you still blame me for him?
Lexa: You were Eckhart's head of security. You knew what he was doing to him the whole time we were together. You lied to me! [As she talks, Carter telekinetically reaches across the room with his mind and pulls the sword from its sheath.]
Charles: Well, I had to, baby. It's the only way you could keep lying to yourself. [He sends the sword flying at her back, but Lexa hears it coming and spins around, pushing him directly into the sword's path. He stops it just before it pierces his back. Chuckling, he drops it on his desk.] How hard did you really look into what Eckhart was doing to your brother? And how much of you was glad he was finally somebody else's problem? [Lexa throws him down on the desk.]
Lexa: Here's the deal. Leave with me now, stop pursuing my brother, and I promise I'll only damage your non-vital organs. [He groans as she grabs his crotch.]
Charles: Well, that could be a problem. [He moves her hand from his throat so he can show her the bloody surgical scar on his chest.] I took some bullets a while ago. My body's already rejected the second transplant. [Lexa stands back, and he sits up.] I need your brother's heart. It's almost poetic. The one donor that's a guaranteed match is your twin brother. So after the operation, I'll always have a piece of you right here. [He points to his chest. Lexa draws back her fist to punch him in the face, just as Troy enters the room.]
Troy: You want a piece, Carter? Come and get it.

*******Commercial Break*********

[Lexa and Charles look up as Troy walks menacingly into the room.]
Troy: I was hoping to warm up on your man first, but it looks like Lexa beat me to it. How very rude of her.
Charles (hiding behind Lexa): Well, you know Lexa. Always was headstrong. [He telekinetically hurls a glass vase at Troy's chest, but it doesn't phase him. Lexa glares at Charles, who shrugs.]
Lexa: Come on, give this up, Troy. I don't wanna hurt you. [Behind her, Charles flees out the back door.]
Troy: Shame I can't say the same. [Jesse, Shalimar, and Brennan enter the mansion just as Carter's sneaking down the hallway.]
Shalimar: Carter! [Stopping short, Carter turns and dashes down another corridor.]
Brennan: You get him; I'll find Lex! [In Carter's office, Troy knocks Lexa down. As he looms over her, Brennan appears in the doorway behind him.] Hey, ugly! What, your mother didn't tell you not to pick on your sister?
Lexa (sitting up): Brennan, get out of here! [Brennan shoots an electrical arc at Troy, but Troy withstands the electricity, plodding persistently towards Brennan until he falls to his knees in front of him. When Brennan reaches down to grab his arm, Troy punches him in the stomach and hurls him across the room. Brennan's head smashes against the desk, and he lies still. Troy picks up a chair to hit Brennan, but Lexa runs over and stands protectively in front of Brennan's body.]
Lexa: No.
Troy: You honestly think I won't kill you?
Lexa: Those doctors lied to me, Leo. They were supposed to help!
Troy: By torturing him? By teaching him new levels of pain?
Lexa: What was I supposed to do? You were falling apart, Leo!
Troy: Stop calling me that! [He snatches her by the arms and throws her to the floor.]
Lexa (getting up): You're the only thing that's ever mattered to me. Somewhere inside you still know that.
Troy: Touching. But he can't hear you. [When he reaches down to grab her again, Lexa turns invisible, trying to back away. Troy searches blindly until he finds her body, and picks her up by the neck. Gasping for breath, Lexa turns visible again, dangling in the air. Across the mansion, Shalimar catches up to Carter and shoves him against the wall, knocking his medicine bottle from his hand.]
Shalimar: Going somewhere? [She looks down at him as he clutches his chest, writhing on the floor.] Maybe we should take you apart, piece by piece.
Jesse (picking up the pill bottle): You wouldn't get much for him. Anti-rejection pills, huh. Without these, that stolen heart of yours would just stop, wouldn't it? [Charles reaches for the pills, but Shalimar grinds her foot into the scar on his chest.]
Charles (panting, grinning up at her): I'm dying already. What's the worst you can do?
Shalimar (kneeling next to him): We can let you die slow and alone. Just like your victims. [She punches him in the chest, and Charles falls back against the wall, eyes widening in death.]

[Meanwhile, Troy is tossing Lexa around the office like a rag doll. As she painfully climbs out from under the table he's thrown her against, Troy taunts her.]
Troy: Would you like to play a game, Lexa? They used to play games with Leo inside that hospital. They gave him kittens, two of them. Then they'd kill them in front of him and make him watch.
Lexa (following him across the room): I don't know what more you want from me!
Troy: Right now? I want it to be your turn to watch. [He picks up Charles's sword from the table and raises it over Brennan's head.]
Lexa: No, Troy, don't do this. No! [She unleashes two lasers into Troy's back as he starts to bring the sword down on Brennan's neck. Troy yells in pain and drops the sword. Lexa watches in horror as Troy morphs through all of Leo's personalities before turning into Leo, who collapses to the ground, holding his chest. Rushing to his side, Lexa cradles his head in her hands.] Oh my God. Leo, Leo. No, don't move, don't move.
Leo (reaching up to touch her bruised cheek): You look like hell. Did I hurt you?
Lexa (grasping his hand): No, I'm fine, I'm fine. It doesn't matter. [Jesse and Shalimar run into the room. Jesse starts towards Lexa, but Shalimar holds him back.]
Leo (gasping in pain): Lex, listen. I never blamed you, okay? I was running to protect you.
Lexa (starting to cry): From what?
Leo: This.
Lexa: When you were in the hospital, I visited you every week. Why didn't you say anything?
Leo: Because they told me if I did, they'd do the same things to you. [She shakes her head.] Stay with me, okay? I don't want to die alone.
Lexa: No, no, don't you talk like that! I'm not going anywhere, okay? Just...just do like we did as kids, okay? Just think of one good--one good thing.
Leo (into her ear): Lex. My one good thing...is you. [Sobbing, she looks into his eyes as he stops breathing.]
Lexa (gripping his hand): No... no. No! No! [Shalimar and Jesse watch sorrowfully as Lexa bends over Leo's body, weeping.]

[That night in Sanctuary, Lexa's sitting on her bed crying silently into her hands. She immediately straightens when she hears a knock on her door.]
Lexa: What?
Brennan (walking in): Shal thought you'd want this back. She had it fixed. [He hands her the medallion. She smiles and he starts to leave.]
Lexa (whispering): Castor and Pollux.
Brennan (turning around): What?
Lexa: On the necklace. It's a Greek myth. Castor gave up immortality to save his twin. He spent the rest of eternity between heaven and hell as part of the bargain. I gave this to him when he started losing control. Said if he wore it, I'd always be able to find him. [She starts to cry.]
Brennan: Kinda what happened.
Lexa: There's two things you and I need to be clear on, Brennan. One, I appreciate everything you did to try to help me with my brother.
Brennan: And two?
Lexa: I told you not to come after me. And part of me knows it would have ended the same even if you would've done what I'd asked.
Brennan: And the rest of you?
Lexa: The rest of me knows it's because of you I had to make a choice and now my brother is dead! And I don't really want to be in the same room with you right now, okay? [Turning away, Brennan walks out of the room, leaving Lexa alone to grieve.]

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