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#311 : Allers-retours

Brennan rencontre Samantha, une mutante qui peut remonter le temps. Elle demande l'aide de l'équipe via les Dominions pour empêcher l'explosion d'une bombe et sauver des centaines de personnes. Mais chaque voyage dans le temps efface la mémoire de tous, sauf celle de Brennan, et la mission doit se faire dans une totale confiance.



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Alan Blenkinsopp ... Lawrence Bosch
George Buza ... Lexa's Contact
Rachael Crawford ... Samantha Bennett 
Jamaal Grant ... Security Guard
Lisa Marcos ... Lab technician
Jeff Teravainen ... Jason Arnold 
George Tchortov ... Elemental mutant
Paul Wu ... Molecular mutant


[Opening Scene: Sanctuary's interior. A giggling Shalimar dashes out of Brennan's room, holding up his little black book. Brennan chases after her, less than amused.]

Brennan: Come back! Come on, it's not funny, Shal. [She leaps up to the second floor, then swings upside down to dangle the book in his face.]
Shalimar: This what you're looking for? Too fast for you, babe. [He reaches for the book, but she swings out of his reach.]
Brennan: Yeah, you wanna bet? [Shalimar jumps back down in front of him.]
Shalimar (laughing): How many girls you got in this thing?
Brennan: Not enough. [He reaches for the book again, but Shalimar shoves him to the floor, straddling him and playfully slapping his butt.]
Shalimar (paging through the book): Am I in here? How many stars did I get?
Brennan (getting up): None. Now give it back. [She jumps onto the stairs again, just out of his reach.]
Shalimar: Had enough?
Brennan (chuckling): Oh, I'm just getting started.
Shalimar: I like the sound of that. [Climbing the stairs, he wrestles with her, pinning her against the wall.]
Brennan: Yeah? Now who's too slow?
Shalimar (reversing their positions, holding the book over her head): You are! [Lexa suddenly leans over the balcony and grabs the book from Shalimar's hand.]
Lexa (coming downstairs): Playtime's over, kids. I just got a tip something big's going down. Gotta go to a place called Broder Biochem. [In passing, she hands Brennan the book, and they follow her into the main room.]
Brennan: Could you be any more vague?
Lexa: We have to find a woman named Samantha Bennett there. She has information that could save hundreds of lives. [Jesse comes in to join them, drinking a carton of milk. Making a face, he quickly spits it out onto the floor.]
Jesse: Ugh! Bad milk.
Shalimar: Well, next time, why don't you check the expiration date, Einstein?
Lexa (to Jesse): Look, we're going to need a floor plan of Broder Biochem ASAP. [She glances at the mess on the floor.] After you clean that up. [She walks off, leaving Shalimar and Brennan laughing at Jesse before they follow her up the stairs. On the way up, Brennan swats Shalimar's butt with his black book.]

[Later on, Lexa, Shalimar and Brennan walk through the spotless halls of the huge Broder Biochem building, searching for Samantha Bennett.]
Shalimar (pointing down the hallway): We should split up. [Brennan goes in the direction she's indicated, and she and Lexa go the other way.]
Brennan (over his comlink): She could be anywhere in here.
Lexa: Well, let's keep moving. We've got to find her before people start dying.
Brennan: Any luck?
Shalimar: She's not down here. [Turning the corner of an empty corridor, Brennan finally spies Samantha crouched on the floor, waiting.]
Samantha (getting up): Brennan! Thank God. [She offers her hand.] I'm Samantha.
Brennan (frowning): How do you know my name?
Samantha (tugging him down the hallway): No, we've gotta move.
Brennan (stopping): Wait, I need my team!
Samantha: No, no, no time! Just do what I say. It's our only hope. [She stops beside a doorway.]
Brennan: You mind telling me what's going on here?
Samantha (handing him a doorstop): You're gonna need this.
Brennan: What's this? [Just then, a secretary emerges from the locked door, and Samantha deliberately bumps into her, knocking her papers to the floor.]
Samantha: Oh, I'm sorry!
Secretary (angrily gathering the scattered papers): Oh, I'm late already! [Stepping behind them, Brennan quietly slides the doorstop underneath the door to hold it open. After the secretary leaves, he follows Samantha into the room, then sneaks down the hallway past a lab.]
Brennan (finally stopping Samantha): All right, enough. What the hell is going on here?
Samantha (shaking her head): No time!
Brennan: No time? No, you kept us waiting for an hour.
Samantha: Security was holding me at Loire Industries. I could only get away a little while ago. I know where the bomb is.
Brennan (taking her arm): What bomb?
Samantha: It's being guarded by two powerful mutants. We don't take them out fast, they'll detonate the bomb, and everyone in the building will die.
Brennan: How can you know that?
Samantha (sighing): Because it's already happened. [She slides open a second door, and an unconscious man's body falls out. Frowning, Brennan steps over him and follows her inside the boardroom. She points to two men leaning over a copy machine-like device.] That's them! [Brennan protects Samantha as the first mutant hurls an energy beam at them. Brennan zaps him with an electrical arc, then ducks as the second mutant releases sharp daggers from his fingertips. Brennan zaps him too, but as he falls, he flips the switch on the bomb, activating the countdown. Brennan lies on top of Samantha, protecting her head.]
Samantha (looking up in distress): No! [As the bomb explodes, taking out the entire top floor of the building with the blast, time rapidly rewinds, and Brennan suddenly finds himself back on the stairs of Sanctuary with Shalimar.]
Lexa (coming downstairs): Playtime's over, kids. I just got a tip something big's going down. We've gotta go to a place called Broder Biochem. [Laughing, Shalimar hands Brennan his little black book and follows Lexa downstairs. Brennan stares after them in utter confusion.]

Opening Credits. "Possibilities."

[Staring at the book in his hand, Brennan finally starts downstairs after Shalimar and Lexa.]
Brennan: Okay, you know what? If this is some kind of joke, it's not funny, guys. We were just at Broder.
Lexa (laughing, pointing at Shalimar): Okay, you have got to stop kicking his head.
Brennan: No! We met Samantha Bennett.
Shalimar (grinning): I think we'd remember that, Brennan. [Jesse comes in, drinking his carton of milk.]
Brennan (to Jesse): Hey, don't drink that.
Jesse (spitting out the milk): Ugh! Bad milk! [He frowns up at Brennan.] How'd you know that?
Brennan: Because this has happened. All of it. We were at Broder. There was a bomb in the board room. Samantha and I were standing right beside it when it went off! [His puzzled teammates just stare at him.]
Shalimar (touching his shoulder in concern): Okay, now you're starting to scare me.
Brennan (brushing her off): Okay, you guys just stay here. I'll be back.
Lexa: Forget it. Brennan, we have a mission.
Brennan: Yeah, a mission where hundreds of people are gonna die! [He stops, thinking back.] Samantha was late. She said she was being held by security at the Loire Industries. Look, I'm going to go over there, see if I can get her to tell me what the hell is going on. [He starts up the stairs.]
Lexa: Brennan! [Sighing, she turns to Jesse.] Okay. Fire up the Helix. See if you can get us a floor plan of Broder Biochem.
Jesse: Hm. Anything else?
Lexa (glancing at the mess on the floor): Yeah. Clean that up.
Shalimar: You know, Brennan wants us to wait.
Lexa: Yeah, and he's out of his mind. We're going to Broder.
Jesse: Maybe he knows something we don't.
Lexa: What? And how?
Shalimar: I don't know, but don't you think we should give him the benefit of the doubt? [Lexa looks to Jesse for support, but he just grins and nods at Shalimar.]
Jesse: I agree with her.
Lexa (throwing up her hands in defeat): Suit yourselves. [She stalks out.]
Shalimar: I'll get her the floor plan. Why don't you see what you can find out on Loire Industries? [She wrinkles her nose as she smells his breath.] God, that smells.

[Downtown, Brennan walks into Loire Industries carrying a file and goes up to the front desk where a man is checking in with the receptionist.]
The Man: Jason Arnold to see Andrew Getties.
Receptionist: Go ahead. [Spotting Brennan headed into the building, he yells after him.] Excuse me, sir?
Brennan (holding up the file): Oh, I've just got a delivery for security.
Receptionist: Oh, leave it with me.
Brennan: I can take it.
Receptionist (getting up): No way, buddy.
Brennan (coming back): All right, but I'm sorry
Receptionist (reaching for the file): Sorry for what?
Brennan (zapping him until he falls behind the desk, unconscious): About the headache you're gonna have when you wake up. [He hurries down the corridor.]

[In a room upstairs, Samantha's chained to a chair. As she works her wrists out of her restraints, she calls to the guard sitting across the room.]
Samantha: Think I could get a drink of water? [The guard gets up to pour her a glass when Brennan appears at the doorway and throws an electrical arc at him. Samantha, looking shocked to see him, shouts a warning when a second guard enters the room.] Behind you! [The guard manages to shoot Brennan in the arm before Brennan can retaliate with an electrical arc. Grabbing the first guard's keys, Brennan unlocks her chains.]
Brennan: Samantha, you okay?
Samantha: Brennan, you know me? You remember?
Brennan: Yeah. We were at Broder. There was an explosion.
Samantha (staring at him): Oh my God.
Brennan: What?
Samantha (standing): I'll explain on the way. We've gotta stop that bleeding.
Brennan: Yeah, later. [They leave together.]

[Back at Sanctuary, Shalimar watches as Jesse looks up details onBroder Biochem on his computer and feeds them via comlink to Lexa, who is at Broder Biochem searching for Samantha.]
Jesse: Broder Biochem is owned by a man named Lawrence Bosch.
Lexa (rolling her eyes): Oh, Bosch. Maybe Brennan isn't so crazy.
Jesse: Why? Who's Bosch?
Lexa: He develops genetically based drugs. He's killed hundreds of people in the course of his research.
Jesse: So I guess blowing up a building wouldn't bug him much, huh?
Lexa: You two need to get here fast.
Shalimar: We still haven't been able to get a hold of Brennan.
Lexa: Look, do what you want, all right? Let's hope nobody dies while you're waiting around for him. [Shalimar and Jesse exchange bemused looks.]
Jesse: We're on our way. [He and Shalimar leave.]

[Samantha and Brennan sit in his car as Samantha bandages his wounded arm.]
Samantha: Almost done.
Brennan: So...you're a mutant with the ability to travel back in time, huh?
Samantha: Only a short distance.
Brennan: Somehow you brought me back with you?
Samantha: Never happened before. Must be something to do with your mutant molecular structure.
Brennan (suggestively): So I'm your first? [Glaring at him, she pulls the bandage a little too tightly.] Ow!
Samantha: Yes. Strange to share this with someone. I'm usually all alone.
Brennan: So did we die back there?
Samantha: For a second, yes.
Brennan: Have you done that before?
Samantha (nodding): Yeah.
Brennan: Wow, that's gotta be tough. I mean, being by yourself and doing that over and over again?
Samantha: Maybe you can help me. It's just so hard to control everything. There's just too many variables. I've been trying to stop the bomb from exploding, but I can't seem to do it. There.
Brennan: Oh, thanks. Look, why don't you just call the cops? They'll bring a bomb squad in and they'll evacuate the building.
Samantha (shaking her head): I tried that. Everybody dies. That's why I contacted The Dominion.
Brennan: They called my team. Well, I think we should bring them in on this.
Samantha: No, no, no. More people mean more possibilities. It's that much harder to control.
Brennan: No. The more people on our side, the greater the odds.
Samantha: No, please. I've been through this dozens of times. I know what I'm doing.
Brennan: Okay. Let's go. [They drive towards Broder.]

[Jesse and Shalimar meet Lexa on the top floor of Broder Biochem. Jesse phases all three of them through the wall, and they begin searching for Samantha, unaware that she and Brennan are already in the building on a lower level.]
Lexa: I've checked all the rooms, and nothing. [They look at Shalimar when she stops dead in the middle of the hallway.]
Jesse: What is it?
Shalimar: Blood. [She tries her comlink.] Brennan? We're at Broder. Why aren't you answering?
Brennan: I told you guys to stay away! You're all gonna die.
Lexa (heading down the hallway with Jesse and Shalimar): No, we're gonna stop the bomb.
Brennan (to Samantha): Okay, we have to get to the boardroom before they do. [She nods. Meanwhile, Jesse phases Lexa and Shalimar into the boardroom. The two mutants attack them, but Lexa blinds the molecular with a huge flash of light, and Jesse masses to protect Shalimar from the elemental's metal daggers. When the molecular sends a third energy beam at Jesse, Lexa drops him with a laser. Brennan shows up at the doorway just in time to zap the elemental with an electrical arc. Just as before, he slumps to the floor, switching on the bomb.
Samantha: The bomb!
Brennan (looking at the timer): It's gonna blow!
Samantha: Brennan! [He runs into Samantha's arms, and Lexa grabs Shalimar just as the bomb explodes again. Time rewinds, and he finds himself back on the steps of Sanctuary with Shalimar, holding his book.]

****Commercial Break****

[Shalimar giggles as Brennan holds his book to his chest, a little disoriented.]
Lexa (coming downstairs): Playtime's over, kids.
Brennan (irritated): Oh, let me guess. The Dominion just called you. They want you to go to a company called Broder Biochem to meet Samantha Bennett.
Lexa: Wait a minute, how could you know that? I just got the call.
Brennan: Because it's the third time you've told me. We've been through all of this already.
Lexa (exchanging odd looks with Shalimar): What? [They follow him downstairs.] Wait, where are you going?
Brennan: I'm going to see Samantha.
Lexa: At Broder?
Brennan: No. [He hurries over to Jesse as he walks in, grabbing the milk out of his hands before he can drink it.] Bad milk. Baaad milk. [Turning to Shalimar, he pulls her aside.] Shalimar, come here.
Shalimar: Brennan, what is going on with you?
Brennan: Shal, listen. Just listen. Lexa's gonna wanna go to Broder. If you do, you're all gonna die. Everyone needs to stay here, okay? Look, just give me a little bit of time. I promise you you will understand. I know this sounds crazy, but you trust me, right?
Shalimar: Of course I do.
Brennan: Okay. [He runs up the stairs towards the garage.]

[Entering Loire Industries, Brennan strolls right up to the front desk.]
Brennan: Hello. Jason Arnold to see Andrew Getties, please.
Receptionist: Go ahead. [Brennan hurries down the hall before the real Jason Arnold steps up to the desk. Upstairs, Samantha is loosening her bonds.]
Samantha (to the guard): Think I can get a drink of water? [As he gets up, Brennan zaps him, then remembers to turn around before the second guard enters to shoot him.]
Samantha: What took you so long?
Brennan: You know, I've already died twice today. It kinda slows you down a little.
Samantha: Welcome to my world.
Brennan (unlocking her): Now come on, I'm gonna introduce you to the rest of the team.
Samantha (shaking her head): Brennan-
Brennan: Listen, we tried it your way once already, now we'll try it mine.
Samantha: You expect your friends to believe our story?
Brennan: Well, we've been through too much already for them not to believe anything's possible.

[Cut to: Sanctuary. The team is gathered around Samantha as she finishes her story.]
Shalimar: That's impossible.
Lexa: Wait, you tried to defuse the bomb twice?
Brennan: Yes.
Shalimar: If we were there, how come we don't remember any of this?
Samantha: Because I can only bring Brennan's and my consciousness and memories back.
Jesse: So none of this has actually happened to the rest of us? [Samantha shakes her head.]
Lexa: How hard can it be to stop the bomb if you know what's going to happen next?
Samantha (rolling her eyes): You don't know Lawrence Bosch. He has backups for his backup.
Lexa (visibly reacting to the name): Lawrence Bosch is behind this?
Samantha: Yes. The people at Broder developed a new genetic technology that will make one of Bosch's most profitable drugs obselete.
Lexa: Yeah, and he doesn't mind killing a few hundred people to keep his profit margin.
Samantha: Exactly.
Brennan: So we stop him. Look, guys, there are two mutants that are putting the bomb in the room. One is an elemental, one is a molecular. First thing we do is we stop them, give Jess a chance to disarm the bomb.
Jesse: Did you get a look at it.
Brennan: A quick one.
Jesse: Is it powerful?
Brennan: Brought down a building.
Jesse: Trigger mechanism?
Brennan: Countdown timer.
Jesse: Did you see the wiring?
Brennan: Mostly I just saw it exploding.
Jesse: Yeah, that's not a lot to go on. I'll see what I can get.
Lexa: Yeah, I'll go get the floor plans. [She follows Jesse out of the room. Coming back to the lab, Jesse finds Lexa gazing at Bosch's profile on the computer.]
Jesse (leaning on the wall behind her): So what's your connection to Bosch?
Lexa: He's crossed my path before. This will be the last time. Jesse (crossing to her): And what's that supposed to mean?
Lexa: It means I have a little list of people I promised myself I wouldn't leave breathing if I ever saw them again.
Jesse: Isn't that a little grim?
Lexa: Just my way of making the world a nicer place. Bosch is one of the top 10. If he is behind this explosion, he'll be there just to enjoy watching people die. It's the perfect chance to take him down.
Jesse: This isn't getting a little too personal, is it?
Lexa: It's personal enough. I was on a mission to shut down one of his research stations in South America. There were 40 dead research subjects found in his lab. He got away, killed a couple of guys on my team doing it. I'm not letting him get away with that. [She starts towards the door.]
Jesse: Yeah, but Lexa--
Lexa: Don't worry, Jess. I'd do the same for you. [She smiles at him and walks out.]

[Brennan finds Samantha upstairs, waiting for the team.]
Brennan: Hey. You okay?
Samantha: Not looking forward to going back to Broder.
Brennan: Yeah. Things are gonna be different this time.
Samantha (sitting on the bench): That's what I keep telling myself. But it's getting harder to believe.
Brennan (joining her): Yeah, don't worry. My friends know what they're doing, so...
Samantha: Sorry I got you into this.
Brennan: How'd you get into this?
Samantha: I was working for Bosch. He was testing some very powerful genetically engineered drugs. He'd give them to test subjects, I'd watch the results, throw my consciousness back in time--
Brennan: And then you would give him the results before the experiments took place.
Samantha: He'd alter the drug and then try again. He didn't have to worry about the consequences, but I had to watch it all. Some of the side effects were terrible and I had to see these people suffer hundreds of times. It was horrible.
Brennan (getting up): C'mon. Why didn't you leave?
Samantha: Because he would've done the same experiments anyway. At least this way I kept those people from dying.
Brennan: That's a lot to carry.
Samantha: Then I overheard Bosch planning the bomb and I've seen so many terrible things already. I knew I had to stop this one.
Brennan (taking her arm): Listen. We will.
Samantha: Promise me. [He puts his arms around her. They're about to kiss just as Shalimar comes upstairs.]
Shalimar: Helix is all fired up... [She stops, seeing what's going on.]
Brennan (letting Samantha go): Let's go.
Shalimar (to Brennan): 20 minutes. That's a new record for ya. [She rolls her eyes and follows Samantha out.]
[Back at Broder, Samantha leads Brennan and Jesse down the hallway towards the first door. She hands Brennan the doorstop, then bumps into the secretary on her way out.]
Samantha: Oh, sorry!
The Secretary: Oh, I'm late already! [Brennan slides the doorstop under the door and Samantha leads them inside.]
Jesse: Impressive!
Brennan: Bomb's through here. [They crouch down to pass the lab.]
Jesse (whispering): Very impressive. [Reaching the board room, Brennan calls Shalimar and Lexa over his comlink.]
Brennan: Okay, we've all gotta go in at once. Shalimar, are you in position?
Shalimar (waiting outside the other side of the room): Ready.
Brennan: Lexa. [She doesn't answer.] Lexa? [Cut to: Lexa's invisible form heading back down the hallway and out the door. Cut back to: Brennan, who looks at Jesse.] Where is she?
Jesse: Oh, damn. She's probably gone after Bosch.
Shalimar: Why?
Jesse: Um...it's a personal thing. Vendetta?
Brennan: Okay, why didn't you tell me? [He tries his comlink again.] Lexa, we need you here! [Cut to: Lexa, as she leaves the building and goes into the parking lot, looking for Bosch. Cut back to: Brennan, who sighs in defeat.] All right, we've gotta go in now. On three. One, two, three. [He opens the door, and the unconscious man falls out. Brennan zaps the elemental, and Shalimar takes out the molecular.]
Jesse (crossing to the bomb): Woah, woah. Okay. The good news is, it's not armed.
Brennan: And the bad news?
Jesse (kneeling): Everything else. It's got heat sensors and motion detectors all over it. One wrong breath and this thing will blow. Okay, that's the beginning. You see all these wires? It's a multiple routed detonator. It's gotta have at least one, two, let's say ten. Ten live connections that have all gotta be cut in order to disarm it. We cut the wrong one, and boom, we're dead.
Shalimar: Can you do it?
Jesse: I don't know. Look you guys have done everything you can. Just get outta here, okay?

[Outside, Lexa becomes visible again in front of Bosch's Mercedes. As she walks towards the door, Bosch rolls down the window and grins at her, holding up a controller. He presses a red button, activating the bomb inside.]
Jesse: It's armed! Bosch must have remote detonated it!
Samantha (reaching for Brennan): Brennan! [Outside, Lexa gasps as she watches the building go up in the explosion.]

****Commercial Break*****

[As Lexa watches the explosion in horror, time rewinds once again. Instead of winding up on the stairs with Shalimar again, though, this time Brennan finds himself sittting with Samantha and his teammates just after they've heard the story for the first time.]
Shalimar: That's impossible.
Lexa: Wait, you've tried to diffuse the bomb twice?
Brennan (angry, standing up): No, three times, okay? We just died!
Lexa: What are you talking about?
Brennan: The bomb went off! [Shalimar, Jesse, and Lexa look at each other in confusion. Brennan turns to Samantha.] Why'd we come back so much later this time?
Samantha (holding her head): I just feel so tired. I... [She trails off, slumping over in her seat, unconscious.]
Brennan (raising her head): Samantha? Samantha! Jess, come here. Let's get her to the lab.
Jesse (helping him carry her into the lab): Yeah. [In the lab, Samantha sleeps on the biobed as Jesse runs a medical scan at the computer.]
Brennan (stroking Samantha's hair): How is she?
Jesse (pulling him aside): She's very weak. Whatever it is that she does to throw her consciousness back in time takes a heavy toll on her. Brennan, she can't keep going like this.
Brennan: You know, this is all Lexa's fault. She turned this whole mission into a personal vendetta. All she can think about is Bosch.
Jesse: This is getting a little heady. You're saying you're upset at Lexa about something that hasn't even happened yet?
Brennan: Oh, no, no, it happened. Look, she got us killed! Look, she's gonna want Bosch's name and Samantha's connection to Loire Industries. You can't give her any of that.
Jesse: Have you tried telling her the truth?
Brennan: Well, she can't be trusted!
Jesse: She's a member of the team.
Brennan: Jess! No, we can't take that risk.
Jesse: I think you're making a mistake.
Brennan: Well, I'll wear that, okay?
Jesse (shaking his head): Okay.
Brennan: All right. Okay, look, this bomb, it has motion detectors. It has heat sensors everywhere. It's got multi-routed...detonating system and at least ten live connections. Oh, and it can be remotely detonated.
Jesse: Since when do you know about bombs?
Brennan: I don't! You told me. Right before the bomb exploded.
Jesse: I'll pull up everything I can on multi routed detonators. [He pauses.] I died?
Brennan: Oh, yeah.
Jesse: I'll need you to check it out and let me know if you recognize any of the details. [He runs back to the computer.]
Brennan: Okay. [He goes back to Samantha, just as she wakes up.]
Samantha (sitting up): Time is running out, Brennan, we have to go!
Brennan (holding her down): No, you have to rest!
Samantha: But the bomb, all those people.
Brennan: Stop. We have more information on the bomb this time; it's gonna work. What's up with you?
Samantha: It always tires me out. Only this time it's getting harder. [Walking by the lab, Shalimar glimpses Brennan holding Samantha through the glass and stops to see what's going on.] No matter how hard I try, I can't take us back as far.
Brennan: Okay.
Samantha: I don't think this is gonna work. Maybe I should go alone.
Brennan: Listen, you wouldn't stand a chance.
Samantha (smiling): But if you stay here, you'll be safe. You could go on with your life. It would be like it never happened.
Brennan: No, no, you're not getting rid of me that easy. [Disturbed, Shalimar steps away from the window.] Now we're gonna finish this together. [Samantha nods.] Now rest. Rest. [She lies down uneasily.] I'll be back. [He leaves to find Shalimar and Lexa looking up Samantha's profile at the computers in the main room.]
Shalimar: Samantha Bennett. Works at a company named Loire Industries.
Lexa: That doesn't ring a bell. Who runs it?
Shalimar: Most of the information's encrypted. But you know what? Jesse can hack into it and find out more.
Brennan (coming up to them): No, he can't. We need to concentrate on the bomb.
Lexa: Right, well, if we can find out who's behind the bomb, then maybe we can take them down first.
Brennan: Lexa, I've been through this three times already!
Lexa: Yeah, and you screwed up every time.
Brennan: No, YOU screwed it up!
Lexa: Excuse me?
Brennan: Look, you're gonna do what I say, or you're gonna stay here.
Lexa: It doesn't work that way.
Shalimar: C'mon, Brennan. We go in as a team.
Brennan: Yeah, then why don't you tell her that? [He stalks off. Shalimar and Lexa exchange looks, then Shalimar goes after him.]
Shalimar: Brennan, wait up.
Brennan (not slowing down): Shal, forget it. I'm not apologizing.
Shalimar: I'm not asking you to. If you say we need to concentrate on the bomb, I believe you. [He turns to face her.] But if we're gonna stop this thing, we need to go in as a team. Just wanna make sure you're good with that too.
Brennan (frowning): So what are you trying to say?
Shalimar: You're the only one here with any memory of what's happened to us; we have to trust you.
Brennan: So you're saying that you can't trust me now?
Shalimar: I'm saying you have feelings for Samantha, and I'm afraid it might color the way you call the shots if we do this thing.
Brennan: No, no, I am absolutely clear on what it is that I'm doing here. As for Samantha, yeah, I do feel for her, but that's because she's died 20 times already trying to save these people's lives.
Shalimar: That's it? Pity?
Brennan: What I feel for Samantha is not gonna cloud my judgement.
Shalimar: Fine.
Brennan: Shal, this isn't about Samantha.
Shalimar: Isn't it?
Brennan: I'm not blind. I mean, are you jealous?
Shalimar: No. Why would I be jealous of her? That's ridiculous.
Brennan: Well, you shouldn't be threatened by Samantha because whatever I feel for her has nothing to do with you and me.
Shalimar: I didn't realize there was a you and me. [She starts back towards Lexa.]
Brennan: Shal--
Shalimar (calling over her shoulder): Just try not to get us killed.
Brennan (muttering to himself): I didn't deserve that. [Returning to the lab, he stands over the sleeping Samantha, concerned. Jesse's still looking up bomb diagrams on the computer.]
Jesse: Is this what the bomb looked like? [Brennan doesn't answer.] Bren!
Brennan (snapping at him): What?
Jesse (taken aback): Is this what the bomb looked like?
Brennan (quieter): Yeah, yeah. There was more wires coming out of the detonator, though.
Jesse: More wires? And I said that it was covered with motion detectors and heat sensors everywhere?
Brennan: Yes.
Jesse: Ahh. Okay. Well, I can't touch it. I can phase through it, but I can't cut any of the wires without setting it off. Look, it may take hundreds of tries, but at least I get, you know, multiple attempts with Samantha, right?
Brennan: Oh, no, no, no. She can't take that. Look, pull up the floor plan at Broder. [Jesse shows him the diagram.] All right. Now this is the board room, right here, which means they're probably gonna bring the bomb up this bank of elevators.
Jesse: Elevators. [As he enlarges that part of the diagram, Lexa comes in to join them.] The elevator shaft is reinforced concrete. It should contain the blast if the bomb goes off.
Lexa: So we hit them at the elevator. I like your plan. [She nods at Brennan.]
Brennan (giving in): Good. [He looks at Jesse.] Look, you two take the elevators, all right? I want you to take out the mutants, see if you can defuse the bomb in there.
Jesse: All right, if I can defuse the bomb, then great. If not, I mass out and try to contain the blast in the elevator shaft, hopefully I survive, and everybody's happy.
Brennan: Yeah. Then Shalimar and I are gonna go with Samantha to the board room, just in case they get by you at the elevator for some reason.
Jesse: Okay.
Lexa: All right, the only problem is, the bomb is already in the board room by the time we get there.
Brennan: Maybe not, if we hurry.
Lexa: Maybe your friend can buy us some time.
Brennan: No. It's too hard on her.
Lexa: Hey, there are lives at stake here.
Brennan: Yeah, including hers, she's not doing it.
Samantha (wearily sitting up): Yes, I am. [She puts her arms around him to take him back in time with her.] You know she's right, Brennan. [Concentrating, she rewinds time again. Brennan finds himself alone in the hallway of Sanctuary. He looks around until Shalimar dangles down in front of him, upside down and holding his little black book.]
Shalimar (grinning): Is this what you're looking for?
Brennan: Look. In a minute, Lexa's gonna come in with a mission. Tell her I'll meet her at Broder Biochem in an hour. [He starts down the hallway.]
Shalimar (still upside down): Where're you going?
Brennan: I'm going to meet Samantha at Loire Industries. I've got a plan; I'll fill you in via comlink on the way. Oh, and tell Jess the bomb that he's diffusing, okay? It has a multi-routed detonator.
Shalimar (coming downstairs, hurrying after him): What? [Without answering, Brennan runs upstairs to the garage just as Lexa's starting down the steps. Shalimar turns to her in confusion.] Brennan wants us to meet him at Broder in half an hour.
Lexa: How'd he know about Broder?
Shalimar: I don't know. He said he was meeting Samantha at Loire Industries. He'll fill us in on the way.
Lexa: Not without some information. [She goes back to her office to call her Dominion Contact in private.]
The Contact: Lexa.
Lexa: What can you tell me about Loire Industries?
The Contact: Why do you need to know?
Lexa: Well, the contact who warned us about Broder is there. They may be behind whatever's about to happen.
The Contact: It's possible. Lawrence Bosch is certainly capable of anything.
Lexa (sitting up in surprise): Lawrence Bosch is involved?
The Contact: He controls Loire Industries.
Lexa: Oh. Well this just keeps getting better and better.
The Contact: As I recall, you have a special interest in Bosch. He's been troublesome lately.
Lexa (nodding slowly): So you don't mind if I cross him off my list, do you?
The Contact: On the contrary. We'd be quite pleased. [She smiles.]

[At Broder later on, Jesse phases Brennan, Lexa, Shalimar, and Samantha in through the second floor wall.]
Brennan: The elevators are at the other end of the building.
Jesse: We'll take a shortcut. [He glances at Lexa.] Are you all right?
Lexa (stony-faced): Never better. [As she and Samantha continue down the corridor, Brennan pulls Jesse aside.]
Brennan: Don't let her out of your sight, okay?
Jesse: Yeah. [While Brennan, Shalimar and Samantha crouch down in order to pass the lab, Jesse and Lexa phase into the corridor by the elevators and wait for the signal.]
Samantha: Here we go. [Brennan slides open the boardroom door, but the only occupants are two men signing papers.]
Shalimar: Sorry, wrong room. [Brennan shuts the door.]
Brennan (over his comlink): All right, Jess. They're not here yet.
Jesse: Okay. Uh...I guess we'll just wait.
Brennan: I've really got a good feeling about this one.
Samantha: I'm glad one of us is optimistic.
Brennan: Well, I never give up.
Samantha: You're lucky. Your mutation has made you stronger. I don't know, with me, it's always seemed like more of a curse.
Brennan: Yeah? Why?
Samantha: Maybe it was the way I learned to use it. Bosch found me young, before I really knew what I could do. He developed my gift--I learned through his horrible experiments. I wanted to go back and make things better. Make them perfect. But they always seemed to get worse. I guess this is my way of making up for what I did then.
Brennan (rubbing her shoulder): Well, you know you're not responsible for this.
Samantha: But I feel responsible. I wish I'd had someone to talk about it with before. I've been alone most of my life. I could never share my experiences. Nobody could understand. It's good to have you with me. [Brennan smiles at her. Downstairs, Jesse and Lexa stiffen when the elevator dings.]
Jesse: Ready? [Lexa nods. The doors open, and Jesse covers his eyes while Lexa blinds the mutants inside with a flash of light before killing both with two lasers. Jesse peers inside for signs of life, but there aren't any.] Okay, we've got the bomb on the elevator.
Brennan: We're on our way. [As Jesse kneels by the bomb to look inside, Lexa quietly turns invisible and walks out the door. Turning, Jesse discovers that she's missing.]
Jesse: Lexa's gone.
Brennan (stopping mid-stride): Damn! [He turns to Shalimar.] She's gonna be on the street, trying to take out Bosch. You need to stop her before she gets us all killed, okay? Find her. [He and Samantha continue towards the elevators, where Jesse's taking off his jacket to get to work.]
Jesse (as Samantha and Brennan join him): Well, you were right, Brennan. Multi-routed detonator, motion detectors, everything. Disarming it's gonna be killer.
Brennan: I hope not. [Jesse phases his hands, placing them around the detonator.]

[Meanwhile, outside, Shalimar races towards the alleyway where the invisible Lexa's waiting for Bosch's car to turn the corner. Using her feral vision, Shalimar tracks Lexa and snatches at her arm.]
Shalimar: Lexa!
Lexa (turning visible): Let go! [Seeing the two standing in front of his car, Bosch leans forward to speak with his driver.]
Bosch: Kill them both.
Shalimar: We have a job to do in there, and you're not doing your part.
Lexa: No, I'm doing what I have to do! [Bosch's car comes speeding towards them.]
Shalimar (pushing Lexa out of the way): Watch out! [Lexa watches in horror as Bosch's car smashes directly into Shalimar, who bounces over the roof and lands on the pavement.]

****Commercial Break****

[Bosch's car speeds off. Lexa picks herself up off the ground and runs to Shalimar's side, but she's not moving.]
Lexa: Shal? Shal? Shal!

[Kneeling inside the elevator, Jesse removes his phased hands from the bomb's detonator as Samantha and Brennan look on.]
Jesse: Okay. If this doesn't work, just remember this. I think I can get my hands into all the wires at the same time.
Brennan: What?
Jesse: Just remember it.

[Outside, Lexa strokes Shalimar's hair, crying.]
Lexa (over her comlink): Guys, we have to go back.
Jesse: No, I think I can do this.
Lexa: Doesn't matter. Shalimar's dead.
Brennan (taking Samantha's arm): You have to take us back, now.
Samantha: But...if he can disarm it...
Brennan: Look, Shalimar just died! Okay. [He puts his arms around Samantha, who rewinds time a short distance back to when Jesse phased the entire team into Broder. Brennan catches Samantha as she stumbles.] Okay? Guys, hold on a sec. Hold on.
Samantha (weakly): I don't think I can do it anymore.
Brennan (helping her towards the team): Not gonna happen again. We're running out of time. [He goes straight to Lexa.] Lex. Bosch is waiting outside in a limosine. Every time you've gone after him, and every time someone's gotten killed.
Lexa: He's part of the mission.
Brennan: Shalimar just died because of you! [Taken aback, Lexa looks at Shalimar.] Right now, our mission is the bomb.
Lexa: All right. But once that bomb is diffused, Bosch is mine.
Brennan (nodding): Okay. Go to the Helix. Bosch has detonated the bomb remotely before. Jam the signal.
Lexa (nodding): Okay. [She heads off.]
Brennan: Now we know that they're coming up in the elevator. That's where we'll stop them.
Jesse: All right.
Brennan: All right, you said you could put your hand through all the detonator wires.
Jesse: Really?
Brennan: Yeah.
Jesse: Well, good.
Brennan: What's it mean? [They stop outside the elevator doors and wait.]
Jesse: Well, theoretically, if you could cut all the wires simultaneously, it would disarm the bomb. I mean, practically speaking, that's impossible, cutting all the wires. But if I can phase my hand through all the wires and then mass out, it will cut the connections.
Shalimar: Think it'll really work?
Brennan: Has to.
Lexa (in the Helix): Okay, I'm starting the jamming sequence now. It's working.
Samantha (smiling at Brennan): I've got a good feeling about this one.
Brennan: Hey, now you're stealing my lines.
Samantha: I really want it to work. I'm tired of living in the past. I want us to have some time together in the future. [She takes his hand; he smiles.]
Brennan: Don't worry, we will, okay?
Shalimar (eyeing them suspiciously): Elevator's coming.
Brennan: All right. Make sure she's safe. [Shalimar takes Samantha back down the hallway. When the elevator doors open, Brennan takes out both mutants with electrical arcs, but not before the molecular manages to shoot him in the chest with his handful of knifes. Shalimar and Samantha rush to his side as Brennan slumps to the ground.] Jess, keep going!
Samantha: No, no, no, it's okay, it's okay. I'm going to take us back now. I have to.
Brennan (shaking his head): Jess is almost there. [He looks over at Jesse, who's opening the bomb container.]
Samantha: You'll die.
Brennan: So will hundreds of other people if you don't stop it.
Shalimar: We've gotta go back.
Brenann (gasping) : This is the closest we've been. We can't take that chance.

*****Commercial Break****

[Jesse works on the bomb as Shalimar and Samantha kneel beside the dying Brennan.]
Shalimar (taking Brennan's hand): No.
Brennan: It'll be fine.
Samantha (taking his head in her hands): I won't. [She presses their foreheads together and rewinds time a short distance, just as the elevator doors are about to open. When the doors open, Brennan zaps the elemental, and just as the molecular shoots his knives at Brennan, Samantha rushes in front of him, catching the sharp darts in her back. Brennan catches her as she collapses. Jesse and Shalimar run into the elevator to take care of the bomb.]
Brennan: Samantha? No! [He brushes her hair out of her eyes.] Take us back.
Samantha (eyes closing): I can't.
Brennan: You have to try this for me. Try it. Samantha!
Samantha: I've never felt closer to anyone. [She dies.]
Brennan (cradling Samantha's body): No!
Jesse (phasing his hands around the bomb): All right, now for the interesting part. [He masses both hands, simultaneously severing all the connections.] We're clear! There's no guarantees, guys. We have to get out of here. [Shalimar touches Brennan's shoulder as he sobs into Samantha's hair.]
Shalimar: We have to go.
Jesse: Come on, Brennan. Go. [Brennan reluctantly lies Samantha carefully on the floor and leaves with Jesse and Shalimar. Downstairs, an alarm sounds overhead, signalling the employees to evacuate the building. Jesse calls Lexa over his comlink.] Lexa, it's done. Let's move.

[Outside, Bosch's car is heading down the alleyway towards the Broder building when it's suddenly stopped short by a light burst from an invisible Lexa. Lexa appears beside the car and pulls the back door open to reveal a laughing Lawrence Bosch with his hand on the detonator's trigger. His grin quickly fades when he pushes the button to no avail.]
Lexa: You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this. [She kills him with a laser, then shuts the door and walks off to join her teammates.]

[Later, back at Sanctuary, Lexa's in her office working on the computer when Jesse walks in to talk to her.]
Jesse: Another one off your list, huh?
Lexa (not looking up): Getting shorter all the time.
Jesse: What happens when you're out of bodies?
Lexa (smiling sardonically): Make a new list.
Jesse (seriously): You know, there's more to life than revenge, Lexa.
Lexa: Maybe for you.
Jesse: Wouldn't want to piss you off. [He leaves her alone.]

[In the main room, Brennan's bouncing the basketball, halfheartedly playing by himself.]
Shalimar (coming in): Wanna play a game? I'll spot you five.
Brennan (smiling sadly): Maybe some other time. You know, I just...I just keep thinking that maybe there was something else that I could've done. If I'd thought about it soon enough, that maybe she'd still be alive. [He throws the ball to her.]
Shalimar: You know, I think sometimes things are just meant to be.
Brennan: What, she was meant to die?
Shalimar: Maybe she was meant to save you.
Brennan: You know, I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like I've known her for years.
Shalimar (coming over to him): Time has nothing to do with it.
Brennan (taking the ball from her): Yeah. Well, then why do I wish she'd given us more? [He drops the ball to the floor and goes into his room. Shalimar gazes after him sadly.]

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